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Right , here it is.
First ‘Dish of the Week’ for 2018.

As I have just watched him in a beautiful film that I would highly recommend watching, Call Me By Your Name, and, as this is not the first film I’ve seen and liked him in, I thought it was about time that Armie Hammer got a ‘Dish of the Week’ mention.

Armie Hammer 3

Look at those eyes!

Armie was born in 1986 (how depressing) and is a staggering 6 foot 5 inches tall.
He is a stunningly beautiful work of natural art.

He first hit my radar when he appeared in Mirror Mirror as Prince Alcott and when he took the lead role in The Lone Ranger with Johnny Depp.

Neither film left me ‘wanting’ to see them again unfortunately, but then he starred alongside ‘Henry Cavill’ (Dish of the week #20 #25 AND #39…. tough competition!!) in The Man From U.N.C.L.E!!

Armie Hammer 8

It doesn’t show in the poster but Armie is a whopping 4 inches taller than Henry!!
It certainly shows in the film.

Armie Hammer 9

I liked the original TV show and  I loved this film, I hope to see a sequel but unfortunately I’m not holding out much hope at this point.

I’ve seen him in Nocturnal Animals that he appears in alongside Jake Gyllenhaal who is Dish of the Week #62.

Armie Hammer 10

I don’t think I was in the right frame of mind however, and can barely remember anything about it. I will have to try it again.

Before ‘Call Me By Your Name’ I saw him in ‘Mine’

Armie Hammer 11

He plays a soldier who is on an assassination attempt that goes wrong.
He ends up triggering a land mine. He’s on his own, in the middle of the desert, exposed to the elements and he must survive the psychological and physical strain if he is to see his rescue!
It is literally Armie, standing on a landmine, in the middle of the desert and tackling every demon imaginable.
It is a brilliant film!!

But ‘Call Me By Your Name’ is an absolute masterpiece.
I hate to jinx it by saying ‘Oscar’ worthy as we are just a couple of weeks away from nominations, but I really think this stands a chance of a few nominations.

So there it is.
The first Dish of 2018.
What a tasty dish he is.


I took some time out this afternoon to go and see The Man From Uncle with Ian.
I’ve been wanting to see this film for weeks and simply haven’t been able to find the right time.
Either I had work commitments, or Ian had work commitments, or there was simply another movie that took priority.
Anyway, today was the day.

I went into it with some trepidation as I was never a huge fan of the original series.
I was, however, a fan of Henry Cavill. I’ve loved him ever since he was King Henry’s right hand man in the Tudors, Charles Brandon and I am so happy he is the new Superman.

Henry Cavill

At 6 foot 1 inches, he is tall and smouldering and has beautiful eyes and a wicked smile and knows how to pile on the muscle when needed.

However, watching The Man From Uncle, I found my attention being pulled away from the smouldering Henry by Armie Hammer.
I’ve never really seen him in anything.
The Lone Ranger just looked so bad I’ve never gone near it.
I may rectify that.
Armie hammer stands a clear 4 inches taller than Superman himself and this kept steeling my attention.
He’s quite a handsome man.

Armie Hammer

On closer inspection of his IMDB profile however, it turns out that I’m old enough to be his mother!!!

I’ll end this blog by saying that I thoroughly enjoyed The Man From Uncle.
I would like to see a sequel but I don’t think it’s been doing very well and may not make it to another outing.
Time will tell.