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So here is my review of Run All Night.
Liam Neeson and Joel Kinnaman’s new movie.

I liked it!

As a bit of a Joel Kinnaman fangirl there’s no suprise there!

If you liked the Taken movies then you’ll like Run All Night.
It doesn’t quite have the atmosphere of the first two Taken movies but is better than the third one.
Liam Neeson is still fighting for his family in this one, namely Joel Kinnaman as his son Michael.

The difference though is that in the Taken movies he was a good guy fighting for his family.
In Run All Night he is fighting the demons of his past and is not the kind of guy you really want in your life.
Michael finds it very hard to accept him and his help and the film battles with getting that Father son connection back before it’s too late.

I have to say that I was very impressed with Joel and I’m trying desperately not to be biased here.
My reason…..
Joel hit my radar after Robocop last year.
A film I loved but Joel spent the best part of the movie in a Tin Man suit being very…. well… robotic!
I managed to see him in some of his Swedish films with subtitles.
Easy Money and In Your Veins are brilliant films!
His other English speaking films have been very small parts and didn’t really showcase his talents at all.
The only other English speaking thing I’ve seen him in was ‘The Killing’, a TV series that ran for 4 years.
His character, Stephen Holder is one of the best detectives ever brought to the small screen.
The Johan Falk series of Swedish films were good and Joel’s character, Frank Wagner, is very ‘Holder’ ish, but in Swedish!!

Now, having seen him in a meaty supporting role next to Liam Neeson and holding his own, I’m a lot happier that people will now see that he has a lot of potential as a leading man a little more often.
I’m hoping that ‘The Bends’ due out next year and starring along side Rosamund Pike, will seal the deal!!
I’m also hoping that ‘Suicide Squad’, also due out next year, will showcase him in a totally different way, as a Superhero, or to be more precise, an ex-supervillain!!

rick flag

Right, now I just have to wait for ‘Child 44’ next month!


I have a real sinking feeling today.
The sun has disappeared and I’m in my last two days of annual leave.

Last night I watched the ‘Carrie’ re-make and what a pile of crap ‘that’ was!
I then had to sit through ‘Mighty Joe Young’ because Marjorie wanted to watch it and she won’t watch it one her own because it makes her cry!!

Anyway, I’ll be watching Robocop tonight!!
It’s been on loan to a friend who’s bringing it back today and I’m getting serious withdrawal symptoms.
Got to see my man dancing to ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ again!

Fly me to the Moon

I got a serious ‘fix’ yesterday when I marathoned ‘The Killing’s’ final series.
Yet again….. something good coming to an end.

I’ve also been keeping an eye on what Joel’s been up to since he finished filming ‘The Killing’ and it’s good to see that he’s had a break and spent some time at home in Sweden.
He’s looking very relaxed and happy.
However, he’s still found some time to take on some work of a different kind.

Joel has joined ECPAT (End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes) as a Goodwill Ambassador.
He previously worked with ECPAT on a global campaign against child trafficking and is now stepping up as the organization’s Goodwill Ambassador.

There are no announcements as to what he’ll be working on next be he has stated he’s in negotiations for a few things but until contracts are signed he can’t talk about anything.
It will be interesting to see what he gets.
I’ve seen him do serious, comedy, romance and sci-fi.
I can’t wait to see what he gets his teeth into next.

One thing he’s been working on though, is the tattoo on his right arm!!
I’ve always loved the tattoo on his left arm but have been a little unsure about the design he had on his right arm.
However, he has very recently had some more work done to it and now it has a little colour and some words under it.
I just wish I could find a better image to take a closer look.

Joel Tattoo

Whatever, as long as he stays relaxed and happy and ready to give us some more of himself on film I’ll be happy.

Joel Relaxed

And now I have to go to Tescos…. excitement is NOT the word!!


The Killing Series 4
There are going to be spoilers so reading on is your own choice.
Don’t complain to me if you ignore the warning.
Scroll down.








I have just finished a marathon.
I wish I could say I had just run 26 miles but the exact opposite is the truth.
I have literally just watched the last ever 6 episodes of The Killing on Netflix.
With the exception of a small break to go and feed Mum’s fish and water her plants, I sat and watched them back to back.

Am I happy?


The series follows on from where series 3 ended.
There are 2 story lines on the go.
Holder and Linden trying to cover up what Linden did at the end of Series 3 and a new murder investigation is under way.
Unlike the first two Series and the third Series, you really should go with the obvious from the start in this one.
They try to throw you off the scent a few times but it all comes crashing back to the obvious from episode 1.
That’s not to say that it still isn’t a shock!

As for Linden and Holder, my earlier prediction about Linden throwing hersefl on the fire to protect Holder was nearly right.
I just didn’t expect the last minute appearance of Darren Richmond from the first two Series and the overall cover up to protect the department and in doing so, clearing Linden and Holder.

I did like the way they jumped about 6 years into the future at the end so that we could see Holder with his baby girl.
He’s obviously not with the Mum any more but he is none the less happy and content with his life, finally.
Just to stir things up though, Linden makes a reappearance and for one awful moment I thought he was going to get ‘friendzoned’ again.
Happily, I was wrong but we still didn’t get that kiss!!!

A good ending to a great series.
I just wish it could have gone on for a few more years.


Guardians of the Galaxy and The Killing Series 4
I tried to be spoiler free but read on at your own risk.

I did get to the cinema last night.
We went to see ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’!!

All I can say, without ruining it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet is……

It’s slick, it’s funny, the characters are spot on, it a beautiful set up for the next one!
I want a Groot!!

So, back to today and YAY!!
Got up at half 8 this morning…. that’s a good lay in for me these days.
I got my milky coffee and then sat down in front of the tv and flicked through to Netflix.
Then with baited breath I selected ‘The Killing’
There in the list of series……. after months of waiting…… was series 4!
All 6 episodes!

I’ve just watched the first 2 and it’s off to a great start.
I don’t want to give too much away but I am simultaneously really happy for Holder at this point but also really scared for him and I don’t see a happy ending for Linden.

My prediction is that Linden will throw herself onto the fire to protect Holder.
But then I could be completely wrong!!

OK, Milky coffee number two…. back to episode 3.


OK, I’m into the last 4 days of my annual leave.
The garden has been tidied.
The house is clean and I’m nearly on top of the ironing.
Time to start thinking about getting back to work on Monday.

So, today is going to be spent finishing that ironing and making sure the house stays tidy and possibly a trip to the cinema tonight!

Marjorie has an appointment at the hairdresser’s at lunchtime.
She has incredibly thick, long and wavy hair that is a beautiful blonde colour.
However, she is not a girly girl and apart from a quick brush in the mornings she does absolutely nothing with it!
It’s heavy, it’s hot, it’s rats tails!!
So she has made the decision to get it all cut off and go for a lighter, choppy bob style that she can just get up and go with.
Nanny is going to kill us!!

Tomorrow is going to be a complete chillout day.
August the 1st can only mean one thing this year.
The Killing’s final season makes it to Netflix!!
Can’t wait to see how it all ends.
If it’s not a happy ending for Holder I may just cry!!
So, got to top up the nibbles and plonk today and maybe invest in a box of tissues.

This weekend I intend to do a little top up shop on Saturday morning and then do nothing except soak up some sun.

OH yes! I made the decision to book the house for a holiday to York next year.
We are going away next year whatever!!


OK, now I’m just a little bit excited!!

I have been well and truly hooked on a TV show recently.
After my obsession with Joel Kinnaman started back in February, I caught up on a TV series he’s done called ‘The Killing’

This show just refuses to die!!
It almost got canned after it’s first series and then again after it’s second series.
Netflix came in to help out in Series 3 which has been the best one yet.

It’s a show that broke all the rules by having one long story arc instead of week by week stories but it had a select following of fans that never gave up on it.
The end of the third series was a bit of a shocker and we held our breath to wait for news of a fourth series.

Netflix came to the rescue one last time.
We now have a fourth and final series and I’ve just seen the first official trailer!

Looks like holder is going to be helping Linden cover up what she did in the finale to series 3!!
Looks like he’s looking even hotter doing it too!

Release date is 1st August exclusively on Netflix and I believe they are releasing all 6 episodes on the same day!!
I happen to be on annual leave that day so I think I’ll be stocking up on the beer and nibbles and having a Killing Marathon!!

Can’t wait.

Joel Series 4 01

The scruffiest, cockiest, streetwise Detective is back.
The weight of the world on his shoulders even more this series.
Can wait for all the new ‘Holderisms’ we’re going to get.
I just hope it has a series finale we are going to be happy with!!


I’ve been up since 07:00 again!!
Far too early for a day off.
Now that I’m up, the hip has stopped aching.

Oh well, at least it gives me a couple of hours of quiet time on the PC before the whole house wakes up.

I’m off to Milton Keynes today with two of my girls to go and see Captain America…. again!
Marjorie has seen it and wants to go again but Murron hasn’t seen it yet and really wants to.
After that I’m taking them to Wagamamas.
I think they are going to love it.
They’ve only ever been to pizza or steakhouse restaurants.
Marjorie will pretty much eat anything and Murron has some odd tastes so Wagamamas ‘should’ be perfect for them.
We’ll see.
Don’t know until they try.

What to do until then.
Maybe have a catch up snooze on the sofa.
I really need to get the back garden weeded but it’s just too wet at the moment.
It’s not going to look good for the rental agency inspection on Friday!

I’ve just had to chastise myself.
I just spent a little time scrolling through my blog to find a bit of info I had posted a few weeks ago for a friend.
It wasn’t until the blogs started flying past that I realised just HOW obsessed I had become with Joel Kinnaman.
There you go, he even gets a mention in this blog!!

Blog after blog after blog after blog.
Picture after picture, animated GIF after animated GIF

I love this GIF!!
Holder messing around. Linden’s look of death.
He’s like a 5 year old being caught with his hand in the cookie jar!!


Anyway, I apologise if it’s bored you at all but…….. It keeps me happy so I don’t really care!! Sorry!!


It’s been a productive morning.
I was up bright and early because of my hip. Grrrrr
I just can’t lay in any more.

Anyway, I saw all three of the kids off to school. Yes!!
They should have all gone back after Easter on Weds but there’s been a bit of a bug in the house.
Dharma went back today and although Murron was in on Weds she wasn’t particularly well yesterday.
But they’ve all gone today!!

It’s payday today.
Simultaneously a happy and depressing day.
Happy because I know all the bills are covered but depressing because there’s nothing left.

So, I spent an hour paying bills and sorting out the bank account and filling my car up.
Then I just spent half an hour uploading three Units of college work for assessment.

Now I’m relaxing with a cuppa.
Sorting out a shopping list for the next few days and then going to Tesco before I chill for the rest of the day.

Finally found out about a release date for the Netflix final season of The Killing this morning.
August 1st!
Only problem now is that I can’t confirm whether that includes the UK Netflix or not.
Will be absolutely gutted if I have to wait longer!!

This is the Netflix promo that’s just been realeased.

Doesn’t give much away does it!!!!!!
How frustrating.


Blog number 700!!! Woohoo!!

I really wish I had something more to blog about other than, I had work today.
Just having my dinner and then going to bed before doing it all again tomorrow!!

Bit boring really.

So! To brighten it up a bit, if only for me, here’s Joel Kinnaman with Mireille Enos from ‘The Killing’.
They are into their last week of filming for the final season and I can’t wait to see how it all ends.
Just a bit sad that it ‘has’ to end.


Joel with Gregg Henry on Greg’s final day of filming.
Smiley Joel!!


Hurry up Netflix!!!
If we don’t get it on UK Netflix the same time as US Netflix I am going to cry!! Seriously, I’ll be in floods.