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If you read my blog regularly you will know that I love my movies.
So does my husband Ian.
We’ve never been ones to go out partying and boozing and we don’t smoke.
Our only vice is the cinema and our own movie collection at home.
A collection that recently topped 1000!

So, It comes as no surprise that when we last needed to get a new TV, we pushed the budget and got quite a high spec 50 inch model.
This was four and a half years ago so it wasn’t cheap!
We did this with Currys and we decided to take out their ‘Whatever Happens Premier Club’ maintenance contract at 8.99 a month.
This would mean that ‘whatever’ happened to the TV, even if the kids put a hammer through the screen, we would be covered for repair and if they couldn’t repair we’d get a replacement.
OH yes, we’d also get a loan TV while we wait for the repair.

So when we noticed a strip of pixels out all the way down one side of the screen last Wednesday, we decided to give the Techguys a call.
No problem they said, we can pick it up on Friday and it should be a simple repair and we’ll have it back by Xmas Eve.

The TV was indeed picked up on Friday but no Loan TV was given to us.
When Ian queried this on Saturday we were told that it was subject to availability and that there were 24 people in our area in the queue waiting for a loan TV!!
At no point in our contract does it state ‘subject to availability!!

Anyway, on Tuesday Ian decided to check the status of the repair on the online tracker to find out that ‘customer contact’ was required.
As nobody had made that effort to actually contact us, Ian called them instead only to find out that they would probably have to write off the TV because they could no longer get hold of the parts to fix it.
This couldn’t happen until the 10 day period allowed for fixes was up, even though they new it was not fixable! Then it would take a few more days to process before any kind of decision could be made on how much we would recieve in vouchers for a new TV!! Meaning that nothing would be done until the new year.
OH yes, we still didn’t have a loan TV meaning that technically we’d be without a TV over Xmas!!
I say technically because we’ve dragged the TV out of the bedroom downstairs to fill the gap.
But that’s not the point!

Anyway, Ian spent an hour on the phone this morning being shoved from pillar to post until he finally spoke to someone who listened to our complaint.
We pointed out that since buying the TV four and half years ago we’ve spent a further £500 on this maintenance contract that isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.
He saw our point of view and pushed the write off through but stated in normal circumstances is would take about 48 hours to process but as it was Xmas it may take a little longer.
What he couldn’t tell us is how much we would receive in vouchers for the new TV.
The contract states it would be like for like and looking at the Currys website, the TV with the same specs and same make is currently selling for £550 so I will be expecting ‘at least’ that much or more.

So, don’t take out one of these contracts with Currys.
They don’t contact you in any way shape or form. Every call was made by us to find out what was happening.
Nothing written in your contract will be honoured.
I would recommend simply paying £10 a month into a savings pot so that when or if your item goes faulty, you should have enough in the pot to replace or repair.
Don’t waste your time and money paying into this lemon of a maintenance contract.
You’ll regret it!

So, just waiting for a decision now.
Could be time to upgrade to a 60 inch!!