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This will be one of my last warnings for spoilers.
If you haven’t seen Rise of Skywalker yet, don’t go any further.






So, Chris Terrio, who wrote the screenplay for The Rise of Skywalker, recently stated in an interview that…..

‘Adam Driver sprinkled various Harrison Ford elements throughout his own performance in the film, from the way he points in the face of General Hux, to the way he fires a blaster over his shoulder without looking, and finally, the little open-handed shrug he gives the Knights of Ren before their last battle.’

Let’s break that down…..

Han’s open handed shrug
Ben’s open handed shrug
Han’s over the shoulder blaster shot
Ben’s over the shoulder blaster shot
Han’s finger pointing a Leia

Adam Driver added all these little nods to Harrison Ford and, in doing so, has made ‘Kylux’ Canon.

Convince me otherwise!!


OK, I have to get this down in writing because I’m absolutely buzzing, but I can’t do it without giving away some major spoilers.
So if you haven’t seen it and don’t want spoilers, then now is your chance to scroll past or leave the site.








I went to see Rise of Skywalker at midnight last night.
The whole thing is now a blur of emotions and I am going to have to see it again, and soon!!
This is now going to be me completely rambling about the bits that resonated with me the most as I remember them, and I will say one last time, it is going to be filled with spoilers.

Overall, I absolutely loved the film.
It was action from start to finish, it was funny and it was very emotional.

I only had 2 niggles, and the first one was that General Hux really wasn’t used. He had a few funny moments with Kylo who had obviously whipped him into submission since the last film and I understand that making him a mole played quite a crucial part of the story, but the flippant way that General Pryde shot him, did not sit well with me.
The only other niggle was that Ben was not seen as a force ghost with his Mother and Luke when they appeared at the end of the movie.
Other than those two little moments, the rest of the film was amazing.

The ships!!
There are more ships in this film than ANY of the others.
Palpatines ‘Final Order’ destroyers are really pretty and the fact that each and every one of the them is a planet killer was quite frightening.
I’ve always loved Star Destroyers and these were particularly ominous.
The turn out of rebels is monstrous, and no doubt, there will be fans (like my husband) who will be ship spotting from now on and will be pausing the DVD when it comes out to try and identify them.

Lando and Wedge were both thrown into the mix for good measure, although it almost felt like JJ trying to appease the die hard fans.

Daisy did a great job of struggling with her emotions when she found out who she was and her fights with Kylo are going to be legendary.
The fight on the downed Death Star in the middle of raging seas is STUNNING!!

Speaking of Kylo…. OMG!!
Adam delivered yet another astounding performance.
He started the movie looking really broody and angry and taking no shit from anyone and as the film progressed, he slowly changed until he became Ben Solo again, and he was smoking hot and very Gucci!!
OH the angst!!
When Leia called to him through the force and gave up the last of her power to pull him back to the light before she died, Adam just runs with his emotions. The anguish is palpable…… and just when you think it couldn’t get any more angsty….


Hey kid!
The words are heard as Ben stares helplessly across the raging seas after the experience with his Mother.
As Ben turns around, he is once again confronted by his Father.
This scene is almost a mirror of the bridge scene in Force Awakens, only this time, Ben listens. When Adam delivers a line calling Han Dad…. he is practically sobbing, and so was I!!

Carrie Fisher was stealthily made to play a major part throughout the film, and the moment she laid down her life to pull Ben back to the light really shatters your heart.

Ben Solo running to rescue Rey, sans lightsabre and with blaster in hand, is a site to behold.
The double showdown with Rey against the Sith Troopers and Ben against the Knights of Ren is really well done, and I love the nifty new trick of Kylo/Ben being able to take things from Rey over distances via the force.


Now, the finale.
I have always known, deep down, that Kylo/Ben was never going to survive this movie. Ben would never have been able to forgive himself for the things that he’d done, so I think it was absolutely fitting that he gave up his life to save Rey.
Not only did he save her, but he conquered the ULTIMATE Jedi/Sith power and brought Rey back from the dead, but it comes at a cost.
There is one fleetingly beautiful moment when she kisses him and he gives her the happiest smile I have ever seen delivered by Adam, before he falls back to ground and dies.

Both Leia and Ben then fade away into the force which is why I am a little annoyed that Adam wasn’t seen as a force ghost when Leia and Luke showed up at the end. It would have been nice to know that Ben was with his Mother.

This film is going to be loved by some and hated by others.
It has something for everyone.
It panders to the lifelong fans but also to the new fans, it will be interesting to see what kind of reactions it gets after it opens in the US today.

As for me…. the plan is to go and see it again today!!
Time to take in everything I missed the first time and time to see the gorgeous Ben Solo and his blaster heroics!


Ok, Ok, so I may be a little bit excited!! Just look at that frickin’ countdown!!!

Let’s see, it’s Monday morning and I have the day off.

I am working a long day Tuesday so I won’t be home until after 20:30 in the evening and will need to eat and then go to bed for work the next day.

I am working another long day on Wednesday but when I get home, again around 20:30 in the evening, I will be eating and then attempting a power nap until about 23:00.

Then we are heading to our local cinema for a midnight showing of Rise of Skywalker!!!

When I think about it, I can barely contain myself.
I apologise now, to anyone I am working with on Wednesday.
My brain will be mush and you won’t hear the end of it.

Anyway, I decided to try and do a quick run through of every Star Wars film in preparation and so far I have managed all 3 prequels, I popped in ‘Rogue One’ because it is just soooooo damned good and leads beautifully into the original ‘New Hope’ which I finished last night.
This leaves me with 4 movies and only one day to do it.

I know what I’m doing today.


Thanks and credit to kylos.tumblr.com


What a week.

I turned 50 this week.
I am now ‘officially’ in mid life crisis mode and it is totally depressing!!
I have reached the pinnacle of my life and everything is downhill from here.
If I’m lucky and take after my Nan, I’ve got another 45 years to go. On the one hand, I’m unfit, over weight and my hips and knees are on the way out. I’m also pre-menopausal, just to rub that half century right into my nose.
On the other hand, I’m finally more relaxed about who I am and I like to go out and enjoy myself occasionally, even though there are people in my life who frown upon it.

Well, they had better get used to it because I’m not stopping now and I intend to enjoy myself for as long as I can. I am going to grow old disgracefully.

I’ve had a quiet week as I had annual leave.
The aim of the week was to let the event go by quietly, but with that said, I did go out for a few drinks with a friend at our local.
Earlier in the day, I went to Milton Keynes to do a little shopping with two of my daughters and one of them treated me to dinner.
I found myself a new Star Wars themed t-shirt in Primark and I couldn’t resist buying myself a new Rise of Skywalker backpack at Disney. (Yeah, I really am 50!!)

Speaking of Star Wars, this week saw the release of the final trailer for The Rise of Skywalker, the last in the current trilogy and the end of the Skywalker saga.

So we are now heading into the final weeks. 54 days to be precise, before the Skywalker saga ends. A saga I’ve been watching since I was almost 8 years old. I’ve grown up with it and loved every minute of it. It has been a big part of my half century.

The original 3 movies were amazing and I never dreamt that we’d get any more, so when the prequels came along, I was excited, just like everyone else. The prequels were OK but a little disappointing. They simply tried a little too hard, especially with the special effects. The current 3 have been amazing but have split the fandom. I have personally LOVED the current movies. They have given me Adam Driver and Domhnall Gleeson and this in turn, sent me down a rat hole of fan fiction known as Kylux and I’ve even written a few short stories myself for this fandom.

Anyway, back to the current trilogy.

Looking through all the merchandise that’s gone on sale, there is a lot of Kylo Ren based stuff. This gives me the hope that Kylo gets his redemption and we see Ben Solo return. Whether or not he survives that redemption is another matter!

However, there is no sign of General Hux in the trailer! There’s a lot of First Order ships however. A LOT! We’ve also been lacking in any official photo’s of Hux. Apart from a new cardboard standee, I believe this picture of Hux with Allegiant General Pryde is the one and only official photo released so far.

Richard E. Grant and Domhnall Gleeson in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019)

Now, he’s either going to be glossed over in The Rise of Skywalker, which will make me very upset, or, they are going to give him one last hurrah and hopefully give him his dignity back after he was made the laughing stock in the last film. That said, I have absolutely no doubt that Hux is going to die in this one. I just want it to be glorious and worthy of his character. For anyone who reads the books, Hux has a history. Like Kylo, he even killed his own father….ok he got Phasma to do it, but he did it none the less. He’s ruthless, and I want to see that in this film.

The press tour will be starting soon and how much of it Adam will attend is anyone’s guess. This will mean lots of interviews and new photos to collect.

I know it won’t be the end of Star Wars. I know there are plans for a new trilogy and stand alone movies, but this is the last of the Skywalker saga.
Han Solo is gone, Princess/General Leia will be gone after this film, Luke Skywalker is gone (although no-one’s ever really gone!). The Franchise just won’t quite be the same and I’m really going to miss it.

I have my ticket for the first of the showings here in the UK at midnight on the 18th December.
I have no doubt it’s going to be an emotional roller coaster and the next few weeks are going to be exciting as we see more and more of the press tour and all the speculation that will be flying around the internet.

Right, one more day before I’m back at work.
Might just have a Star Wars binge!


So, this is where my brain is at in the mornings at the moment.
Pondering over a cup of milky coffee I have images and ideas popping into my head. All backed up with people on social media having similar ideas or fuelling new ones.

Since the release of the beautiful Vanity Fair official images for Star Wars Ep IX, I am now, even more convinced that the guy being slammed into the deck by Kylo in the first trailer……..

Is actually one of these guys……

One of his own Knights of Ren!

I am all kinds of giddy trying to figure out exactly what would make Kylo turn against his own Knights OR have his Knights turned against HIM!?

And then there was this image.

Specifically a very stern looking General Hux and Allegiant General Pryde.
That incredibly sexy Allegiant General uniform, filled out quite nicely by Richard E. Grant, and now that his character has a name, Tumblr has gone crazy!
Fan fiction is already being written that is definitely NSFW and taking the opportunity to create stories before we find out exactly who, exactly, this character is, or what he’s going to be like.
I just keep thinking about Richard’s perfect English accent and it gives me goose bumps! I cannot wait to see him brought to life in the film.

From my own perspective and particular interest in the Kylux (Kylo and Hux) fandom, General Pryde has put a bit of a spanner in the Kylo and Hux relationship! It’s all rather interesting and more than a little bit naughty!

Right, suppose I had better stop drooling and go and do some work.


Vanity fair and Annie Liebowitz, have just released the first images and some more behind the scenes photos for Star Wars Episode IX, in an article titled ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, The Ultimate Preview’.
The full article can be read HERE

A few of the images really caught my attention and I just needed to get this off my chest…….

OMG!!! Adam is smoking!

The article goes on to reveal… FINALLY… our first good look at the Knights of Ren, on set with Director JJ Abrams. Mentioned and seen fleetingly in The Force Awakens, and then completely glossed over in The Last Jedi, these guys finally see the big screen proper in The Rise of Skywalker.

But there was one image that REALLY caught my attention.
I have always loved the look and uniforms of the Imperials in the original movies and the subsequent First Order look and uniforms in the current trilogy.

The bonus in the current trilogy is General Hux.
Not only is the uniform hot, he is played by one of my favourite actors, Domhnall Gleeson.

And then today, just when I thought that uniform couldn’t get any hotter, Vanity Fair go and release an image of General Hux and new character, Allegiant General Pryde, played by Richard E. Grant, and OMG!! The First Order uniform went from smoking hot to completely on fire.

Then I saw this and I really can’t wait to see this showdown.

7 months to go.
Absolute torture!

Go and give the article a read. Obviously there’s no real information about the film itself, but there are quite a few more images to look at.