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This coming week cannot go quick enough!

Our heating system was condemned about a month ago after it decided not to switch on.
It’s an atiquated hot air system that just died.
Thankfully it’s not our responsibility to replace because we rent and for the first couple of weeks running on a couple of oil fired radiators wasn’t too bad.
However, since the weather has taken a cold snap the radiators just aren’t cutting it anymore.
The house is now so cold it feels damp. There’s constant condensation on the windows and we are fighting signs of mould around the frames.
We are walking around the house in layers of clothes and blankets.

Thank god for body heat at night!!
Hubby says I’m a human radiator.

Just as well really. I refuse to run anything overnight after I found out that our electricity usage went from 24 units a day to 51! just from a couple of radiators!

The landlord has done his best to get a replacement hot air system but has ultimately had to change to radiators.
Work starts tomorrow and could last most of the week.
I actually look forward to going to work just to get warm!!
Still, at least I will have a toasty warm house just in time for my two weeks of Xmas preparation annual leave next weekend.

On the bright side, Star Trek Beyond is out on DVD Tomorrow and Paterson is finally officially released on Friday.
Hopefully it will be showing at one of the bigger cinemas in the area and I can spend the day on my own, tucked up in a nice warm cinema enjoying it all over again. I really would like to see it at least once more before I have to wait for the DVD.

Right, the rest of today is going to be spent moving furniture.
It’s going to be a nightmare week.


So what’s been happening over the last week?

Aside from relaxing, nothing much!!

We went to see Star Trek Beyond last weekend and it was AMAZING!!
I wouldn’t have expected anything less. I think another showing during this annual leave is a must.
I loved the fact that Sabotage by the Beastie Boys is used in one of the key scenes!
Not just as music for the scene but as a track that is specifically picked  by the team to achieve a certain objective!! Classic!

I managed to get out into the back garden before the weather got a little too wet. I can now sit in it and not fret about it.
It’s never going to be great. I simply don’t have the time to look after it enough but at least it’s now tidy again.
I now have to tackle the 10 foot hedge in the front garden when the weather dries up!

Anyway, with the rain over the last few days, it gave me a great excuse to sit at my computer and chill a little.
I’ve been getting into a series on Netflix called Bloodline. Here’s a first. I got into this because of an actor in a film I haven’t even seen yet!!
Ben Mendelsohn, who happens to be this cool looking dude in Rogue One this Xmas.

Krennic 2

Bloodline is a steady paced show with a big dark secret that I’m desperate to find out about!!

All this time on my hands gave me a great excuse to write another fic!!
My husband came up with a bit of an idea and I ran with it.
Angel on my Shoulder.
3 chapters this time.
Another Kylux fic but no smut this time. Just lots of fluff and angst and mutual worry and a decidedly big decision to make on Kylo’s part.
I loved writing it.
If you’re interested you can read it HERE.

Tonight I may curl up with a book. A real book.
Star Wars: Aftermath, Life Debt.
Set immediately after Return of the Jedi.
Interesting start. I want to see where it goes.

What have I still to look forward to?
Batman vs Superman on Bluray on Monday
Suicide Squad – midnight showing on Thursday
Anniversary – 22 years on Saturday
Midnight Special – Bluray on  the 8th – ADAM DRIVER!!!
Tons more time on the PC chilling. Might just have time for another fic if I can come up with another story idea.

OK, time to get back to this bottle of wine and some more Bloodline.