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It’s a day off.
The house is pretty tidy.
I’ve already done my Tesco run.
I’ve got a new film to watch later.
Ian has a playmate round (cousin Lee) playing X-Wing together.

I just can’t get motivated for anything.

My computer needs a good tidy up so I think I may just do that for a while.
Have my music playing and just play around on the computer.

Sounds good.

So, who’s flavour of the month at the moment?
I have to say, it’s still Jake Gyllenhaal.

Yes, my current obsession has truly taken hold.
In the past few weeks I have seen Southpaw twice and caught Everest last Friday.

Southpaw 5


My DVD and Bluray collection has expanded by another 6 Jake Films, bearing in mind I already had 8 So, all the following films, in alphabetical order, have been watched over the last few weeks.

Accidental Love

Accidental Love
This has so far, been the only disappointing Jake film.
It is truly bad.

Brokeback Mountain

Brokeback Mountain
I’ve had this one for a few years.
I wanted to see what all the hype was about and I agree it’s a lovely film and beautifully shot but it’s not on my favourites list.


Lovely drama with a bit of a flat ending.

Day After Tomorrow

Day after tomorrow
Again, I’ve had this one a couple of years now.
I always enjoy a good disaster movie and baby Jake is a bonus.

Donnie Darko

donnie darko
I can’t believe it took so long for me to see this one.
Brilliant film made extra special by a creepy performance from a very baby Jake aided by big Sis Maggie.

End of Watch

End of Watch
Good film but a little bit too violent for my usual viewing.


Great film seen from one man’s viewpoint going to war.

Love and Other Drugs

Love and other drugs
This film will make you laugh but ultimately make you cry.
Great film. Great acting.


This is the film that kick started the obsession with Jake which is strange considering he looks so thin and creepy in it!
Amazing performance from Jake.

Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia
This is the film that put Jake on my Radar.
I love this film.
I’m not a Gamer but I love the visuals created for games and this was right up my street.
I’m now really looking forward to Assassins Creed!!


Good film if a little depressing.


Very serious Jake.
He doesn’t crack a smile through the entire film but considering the theme of the film it’s not surprising.
It’s a good film and makes you think what our Governments actually get up to without us knowing.

Source Code

Source Code
Rock solid Sci Fi movie. Enough said!


Took a couple of watches to get into but is an amzing film based on actual events.

So now I’m waiting for the Bluray releases of both Southpaw and Everest but I’m also waiting for the cinema release of Demolition.

This film looks like it’s going to be really good.
Another stand alone Jake performance.
It’s set for release in April 2016 in the US but I can’t find a release date for the UK.
Hopefully it will be around the same time.

So, I think that’s enough time wasted on the computer for now.


I’ve just spent a rainy afternoon sat in the cinema all on my own.
I wanted to see ‘Southpaw’ and nobody was interested in seeing it with me.
I ended up being wedged in between two blondes (I hate to use the word dumb) but they had both obviously been dragged along by their boyfriends and didn’t really want to be there.
I very nearly planted my face in my palm when I heard one of them say ‘how did they come up with the title for this film anyway, it makes no sense!!’
The other one very nearly got her bag of popcorn stuffed over her head as she persisted in shaking it to ‘get the coating all over it’.
But even these two were on the edge of their seats by the end and I think they really enjoyed it.

I felt like Billy no mates, much like Jake Gyllenhaal in this movie as he played Billy Hope, a world champion boxer who loses everything… literally…. and fights to get it all back in more ways than one.

Southpaw 6

Southpaw 5

Apart from being one of the most predictable storylines in history, it was actually a lot better than I expected it to be.
Jake Gyllenhaal transforms himself completely yet again and pulls off an astounding performance.

Southpaw 7
Oona Laurence, who plays Billy’s daughter Hope, gives a heart wrenching performance and was perfectly cast to play opposite Jake as together they have an amazing on screen chemistry.

Southpaw 1

The film itself takes the audience through a barrage of emotions from extreme highs of happiness to rock bottom, gut wrenching sadness.
At one point, shortly after Billy’s daughter slaps him repeated and screams ‘I hate you’ at him while being dragged out of the room, I actually just wanted to give Billy the biggest hug.
There are also moments of humour, most notably with Forest Whitaker who plays ‘Tick’, a boxing trainer who helps Billy get back on top again.

Southpaw 8

Basically, if you like roller coasters, you’ll love Southpaw.