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OK, so I’ve just posted about my number one obsession ‘Joel Kinnaman’ having split from his long term girlfriend, albeit amicably.
It would appear to be a bad news day because I now find out that my number two obsession ‘Karl Urban’ has just had his TV show ‘Almost Human’ cancelled after just one series.


Fox TV have struck again.
They just don’t seem to know when they are onto a good thing!!
John Doe was cancelled on a season one cliffhanger in 2003.
I will NEVER forgive them for that one.

John Doe 2

There have been many more shows cancelled after just one season airing but probably the biggest mistake they ever made was with Firefly!!
Cancelled after just 15 episodes, three of them were actually unaired and only got seen when it was released to DVD.
Fans kicked up such a stink a one off movie was made to round up the whole story.
What an incredible movie it was.


They just don’t give things a chance.
After just 13 episodes (so not even a full 24 ep season) fans are just getting to know the characters.
The actors are just getting into the feel of their characters. The show is only just starting to find it’s feet and where it’s heading.
It needs at least a second series to finally decide if it’s working or not.

Come on Fox.
When will you learn.