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I can’t believe I’m about to say this but…..

I’m feeling just a bit too chilled!!
Physically and mentally.

I need to do something and the idea of popping a movie on or reading another piece of fiction is just not going to cut it!

I woke up cold, I spent the morning FREEZING before caving and switching the heating back on.

I read an amazing piece of Kylux fiction. Screaming Colour by Solohux.
Had my heart ripped to pieces. Can’t wait for the final chapter.

Got out of the house for a little food shopping at Tesco as I’m at work for the next two days. Suppose I’d better feed the kids!!
2 x 12.5 hour shifts. Not much chance of any fan fiction or movies.

It’s now mid afternoon and I’m sat here blasting some Panic at the Disco and feeling completely chilled and ‘needing’ to do something.
I can’t believe I’m thinking it but a power walk may be in order.
Got to find some ear buds first.

Then the evening is mine before I have the think about the next two days.