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Stumbled across a blog site I will be keeping an eye on today.

Today, they have a detailed description of Rick Flagg and this is the part that stood out for me.

Rick Flag is, essentially, a man of honor, a soldier born who follows the footsteps of his legendary father and who tries his best to keep the name up. Flag is extremely selfless, always ready to sacrifice himself for his teammates or for the cause they’re fighting for, but this virtuous behavior often becomes some sort of self-destructive tendency that ruined also his private life. As the on-field leader of the Suicide Squad, he’s an extremely charismatic commander, able to gain the respect of some of the most fearful and dangerous psychopaths in the world; he’s also one of the best living pilots, and an extremely well-trained armed and unarmed combatant, able to fight to a standstill even martial artists like Batman; he’s also a fine strategist and a keen investigator, able to accomplish nearly any kind of mission, from assaults to intelligence. Rick Flag is extremely loyal to his country, but he’s even more loyal to his men: he will obey any order, even the ones he doesn’t agree upon, except for the ones going against his own team.

I seriously hope this film is a success.
I would love to see Joel Kinnaman stand toe to toe with Batman in a future movie!


I told you! and I’m not apologising.

I started to have a little snoop around the internet for information on Rick Flagg, the character Joel Kinnaman is playing in the DC’s Suicide Squad.

Rick Flagg 1  Rick Flagg 2

According to Wikipedia, in the comic universe there have been three Rick Flagg’s.
Richard Montgomery Flagg who led a division in World War II called the Suicide Squad.
Rick Flagg Jr who was tapped by the government to lead the new Suicide Squad.
Rick Flagg III who doesn’t appear to have lead the team at all but was introduced in Suicide Squad #50

From what I can tell, they are going with Rick Flagg Jr for the movie.
The government want Rick Flagg to head up a team of supervillains. A task he is not overly happy with.

So there’s something I didn’t know.
Joel’s character is not one of the super villains but he is in charge of them!

Joel has been really throwing himself into the role.
He landed in hospital this week after tearing his bicep during filming.
He Instagrammed his war wound.


Poor baby, he’s looking a little pasty!!
Hopefully he’s back on his feet quickly.

So there you have it.
The first of many posts about Suicide Squad and Rick Flagg.


I am giving a warning, not an apology.
I am totally unapologetic about the fact that the next year will see my blog filling up with images and information about Suicide Squad!

It’s not due for release until August 5th 2016 but we are already being drip fed official images and on set images.
There’s a lot of expectation for this film from DC fans.
I’m just hoping it can hold it’s own against the Marvel Monster.

Yesterday we were introduced to the first official look at the squad.

Suicide Squad in costume
We’ve had an official look at Will Smith as Deadshot.
Suicide Squad Deadshot
Yes, that is Will Smith!
And we have had an image of Jared Leto as the Joker.
Jared Leto Joker

But the official image I am waiting for is Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flagg!!
For now I will just have to make do with on set snaps.
Judging by what I’ve seen so far, I am already in love with Rick Flagg.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…. I don’t read comics!
I never have.
I do however, love the films that have been inspired by them.
It’s not until I start finding out about the films that I know about the characters so I really don’t know anything about Rick Flagg…. yet.
What kind of character is he?
Is he a likeable character?
Is he an unsavoury character?
Is he tough?
Does he have a soft side?
Will I love him or hate him?

Looks like I’m going to be spending the next year finding out!