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OK, so with only 10 days until I’m preparing myself for a Star Wars double bill with Force Awakens followed by a midnight showing of Last Jedi, I thought I’d talk about theories, or more specifically, one theory in particular.

There are hundreds of theories flying around the internet about what people think is going to happen in the next movie.
One of the most anticipated conundrums is ‘who’ are Rey’s parents.
The discourse this question has created is a movie in it’s own right.

I am, thankfully, one of those people that can read a theory and then analyse it a little to decide whether or not it’s a possibility.

So far, in my oppinion, I do NOT believe the following three main theories…….

Rey is Kylo’s sister……. C’mon, that would be way too obvious and a little disappointing if Rian hasn’t come up with something just a little more original.

Reylo is canon…… Mmmmm….. not so sure. I certainly believe that Rey and Kylo are going to be collaborating and as much as I’d love a happy ending for them as a pair, I don’t think this will be happening either. Sorry.

Rey is a Kenobi……. wishful thinking from the fans. They are desperate to get a Kenobi in there somewhere but I just don’t think this is the way to do it. Although the following theory could prove me wrong.

I love reading theories.
The way people will latch onto tidbits of information from various sources and then come up with ideas is facinating.
A lot of the time you have a little laugh at the rediculousness of an idea, but occasionally you find yourself saying ‘actually, that’s not such a bad idea, that could actually work’.

A few weeks ago I read about a theory that I initially thought ‘really?’
But as I read more and more about why and how they came up with theory, I thought ‘actually, that’s not such a bad idea, that could actually work’.

I came across a Tumblr post by lilolgf.tumblr.com who theorised that ‘Rey is General Armitage Hux’s half sister’

That’s where I thought ‘really?’
It was so off the track of any other theory I’d read about that I decided to carry on reading.

So! I sincerely hope that lilolgf doesn’t mind me picking their post to pieces!!

They have taken into consideration the ‘Aftermath’ trilogy of books that are set between the Return of the Jedi and the Force Awakens.
These books give us a lot of information about Hux’s family and his childhood and as lilolgf points out ‘there seems to be a lot of focus on a character who had about 5 minutes of screen time’ in Force Awakens. Almost like he’ll play a bigger part than we’ve been led to believe’.

Oh I do hope so. I love Domhnall Gleeson and next to Kylo Ren, I love the character of General Hux.
Some would say a little too much!

Tattoo 2

Anyway, in the books we learn that Hux’s father is Brendol Hux. A high ranking officer who had an affair with an unnamed kitchen worker who was Hux’s mother. Yes, Hux is a bastard! He was physically and psychologically abused by his father which explains a lot about his cold character.

In the books, Hux’s home planet of Arkanis comes under attack by the New Republic and Brendol Hux and his son are evacuated but Hux’s mother is left behind. This attack was apparantly part of the civil war which ended with the battle of Jakku which is Rey’s home planet.

At this point, little bells are starting to go off in my head and then lilolgf goes on…….

Their theory is that Hux’s mother managed to escape Arkanis and went to Jakku, where she met Rey’s father and they had Rey but then had to leave her for some reason.
They go on to theorise that Rey’s father was a powerful jedi, maybe even Obiwan’s son. As neither Hux or his mother have the force, Rey’s dad would have and it makes sense if he were a Jedi.

As I started to do some math and get a little carried away with the age gap between Hux and Rey, lilolgf goes on to say…..

In TFA Rey is 19 and Hux is 34, while this gives a large 15 year age gap, in terms of time line it makes sense as Hux is 5-10 years old when he leaves Arkanis, which gives his mother 5-10 years to get to Jakku, meet Rey’s father and have Rey.

Age gap sorted!

It’s been revealed we will find out about Rey’s family in the TLJ and it makes sense for her to be related to characters we already know.
It wouldn’t make sense if she were Han and Leia’s daughter as they didn’t care much when she was kidnapped and Finn was freaking out.
For her family reveal to have an impact she needs to be related to a main character.
Her being Obiwan’s granddaughter is most likely but she could also be Hux’s half sister to have it relevant to the current plot.

OK!! I can live with that.
We know that both Kylo and Hux feel ‘entitled’ and are jossling each other for position and this could well be their catalyst.

Then lilolgf goes on to analyse the actors chosen to play the parts and draws on some interesting facts.

Rey and Hux are the only new characters with English accents so it’s plausible they’re related. Their facial structures are also kind of similar, which would have been taken into account when Daisy Ridley and Domnhall Gleeson were cast.

daisy and domhnall

lilolgf finishes off their theory by saying…..

It is stated that due to his upbringing Hux believes it’s his destiny to rule the galaxy, this could then create a parallel with Vader tempting Luke to rule the galaxy with him “as father and son”.

Hux is gonna play a bigger role in TLJ, he’s on the official posters, the cover of vanity fair and he appears in the Star Wars Tours footage.

I actually LOVE this theory!!
It will pit Hux against Kylo and it will mean that Domhnall will be seen a lot more during the next two films, although one theory I’ve read has General Hux going down in flames with his beloved Finalizer.

We know that Domhnall has signed for three films but in Hollywood this doesn’t mean anything except that they wanted to guarantee he’ll be available ‘if’ his character survives to the third movie.

Domhnall was worried about signing the contract. He has stated that ‘the fear of the fame almost stopped him from playing part of General Hux’ which is a strange thing to say about a character that had about three minutes of screen time!!

Personally I really hope this theory comes to fruition.
It will be amazing to see what Domhnall can do with General Hux if he really gets a chance to get his teeth into the part.
It would be a big enough ‘OMG’ moment to parallel ‘I am your father’

Having said all that, I know that it should all be taken with a pinch of salt because at the end of the day, we simply do NOT know how this film is going to go.


It doesn’t matter how many theories I’ve read, I will be going into this film with a clear and open mind. I can’t wait to see what ‘shock’ Rian has come up with and I can’t wait to see all the new discourse start flooding the internet as people start arguing about what Rian did right and what he did wrong.


Only 57 days to go until The Last Jedi hits the big screen.

All the new merchandise is now hitting the shops ready for Xmas and new artwork and tidbits of information weasel their way onto the internet almost on a daily basis.

Musings and theories by other fans continue to cause the occasional ruckus but Disney have done their usual incredible job of keeping the important stuff under wraps. Drip feeding the fandom with the tiniest reveals and keeping them salivating for more.

One of my favourite theories at the moment is to do with Kylo destroying the academy and killing all the students.
After The Force Awakens, everyone was quick to hate on Kylo. His reputation as ‘The Jedi Killer’ was set in stone.


In a new theory, is that reputation really set in stone?
We now know, from the new trailer, that Luke is scared of Rey’s power and stated that he’d seen it only once before. It didn’t scare him enough back then and it does now.

What if Kylo, back at the academy, lost control of his immense power and inadvertantly destroys the academy, killing all the students?
What would that do to him mentally?
Did he run, thinking his family would never accept him for what he’s done?
Did Snoke find him and manipulate him?
It could explain his struggle with the light if he’s not totally convinced by the dark.
Does Kylo struggle with forgiving himself and believe he only deserves the dark?
It would also explain why he was so quick to pick up on Rey’s ability and his offer of help.

If this is the case, it will make giving Kylo a redemption much easier to swallow for all the fans who cannot forgive him for killing Han Solo and his treatment of Rey in Force Awakens.

It’s going to take a lot for Rey to even come close to trusting Kylo again but I have no doubt that she will.
I still believe they will be joining forces (so to speak) but I do not think it will be romantically. I believe that they will need each other to bring their powers under control and I believe that we could be seeing our first ‘grey’ jedi.


I found some new artwork today.
Lightside and darkside standups for cinema foyers.

There is some amazing artwork emerging for the Last Jedi and these are no exception!!
But look closely.
What suddenly strikes you?

Luke is in both of them!! Light and Dark.
light-side 2.jpg

Dark side


And then you realise that the dark side image of Luke is also used in the glorious official poster for the film.

last jedi poster

I really have no clue what twists and turns Rian Johnson has planned for us in this movie.
It’s going to be great!!


Right, I’ve been saying for years that I’ll do a Dishette of the Week to accompany my Dish of the Weeks.
I have made a half hearted start with one in March 2013 and one in April 2014.
I completely missed 2015!!

It’s time to put things right.

So Dishette of the Week is shifting into a new gear to keep up with guys.
Dishette of the Week number three can only be Daisy Ridley!!
To go alongside her Dish of the Week Star Wars colleagues, Adam Driver, Domhnall Gleeson and Oscar Isaac.

Daisy Ridley 1

Born in London in April 1992 and a relative newcomer to the world of acting that started in 2013.
She is extremely pretty, vibrant and bubbly in personality.
She has had various small roles on UK TV, most notably in Casualty, Silent Witness and Mr Selfridge.

Star Wars is her first big movie! And what a movie to start your career in.
She is absolutely kick ass as Rey who discovers her force sensitivity and clashes with Kylo Ren and completely knocks him on his ass!

Big things will be happening for both Rey and Kylo in Episode VIII and I can’t wait to find out what.

I just hope that Daisy doesn’t get stuck in a rut with Star Wars.
She’s so young and talented and it will be interesting to see how her career progresses.


So it seems I have dodged a bullet after my encounter with a bad muscle yesterday.
No sign of any impending tummy problems at all!
I’m so relieved.

So! Lets get this day started.
Nice cup of milky coffee has already been enjoyed.
Now it’s time to play on the computer for a while and have a little fun before heading off to Stevenage to see Batman vs Superman in the IMAX!

The last few days have been very interesting.
Now that a HD copy of The Force Awakens has been leaked, my Tumblr colleagues are taking great pleasure in Gif’ing and re-analysing scenes and to be completely honest, there are moments even I missed after seeing it 9 times!!

Like this moment, in the snow fight at the end of the movie.
When Kylo is fighting Finn he is literally toying with Finn. His attitude is arrogant and very sure of himself. He casually swings and twirls his lightsabre.
It’s not until Finn gets in a lucky shot to Kylo’s shoulder that Kylo decides enough is enough and quickly disarms finn.
After disarming him he actually delivers a brutal punch before finishing him off with a swing of his lighsaber.
Why the punch?
Why not a force hold or a force push?
No, he’s so lost in his anger that he just lashes out with his fist.

finn 1
I believe this Gif was originally posted by fuckyeahreylo.tumblr.com

Then there’s the moment he realises he has serious competition.
Rey wins the call to Luke’s lighsaber and Kylo is gobsmacked.


He stands there in absolute ‘awe’ of Rey before striking up his lighsaber, resigned to the fact that he may be looking at someone with the potential to be more powerful than himself.
His whole demeanour changes.
Even then, he gets in a swirl of his lighsaber but it’s not confident or cocky, it’s apprehensive.

I believe this Gif was originally posted by super-mary83.tumblr.com

Then we have that final blow delivered by Rey.
After her ‘epiphony’ when she taps into the ‘force’ she becomes the attacker, the agressor, and literally knocks Kylo on his backside.

OK, by this point Kylo is severly weakend.
Not only has he got a gut wrenching wound from Chewie’s bowcaster but he now also has two fresh wounds delivered by both Finn and Rey.
Rey catches him in his moment of weakness to disarm him and deliver a horifying blow that flattens and finishes him.
It is clear that he receives a deep wound across his face which will undoubtedly leave him with a beautiful scar in EpVIII.
What is not so clear is the fact that her final blow also takes out his arm.

Kylo snow
I believe this Gif was originally posted by hardyness.tumblr.com

You get a fleeting look at a nasty wound across his shoulder and his arm is laying outstretched and unable to move. He tries to get up but fails.
Could we be seeing yet another Skywalker with a prosthetic in EpVIII?

Early concept art would seem to suggest this possibility.

Kylo concept

As much as I’d love to continue blogging about all these new revelations, it’s time to think about getting dressed ready to go out.
I will continue with this later.


I recently read an incredibly long theory that included lots of back up material supporting the belief that Kylo Ren and Rey are actually brother and sister.
The more I read, the more I believed, and so far this is the only theory I think I am going to actually stick with.

Although I have to say we have nearly 2 years to wait to find out so I could conceivably change my mind at some point.

However, it was an incredibly long article. It took me an hour and a half to read it and now I can’t find the link to it.
I kept a word copy of it but as it has no reference to the original author, I won’t be posting it here.

However, I have since found this article by Maura O’Malley at bustle.com that puts the same theory down in simpler terms.

Since Star Wars: The Force Awakens hit theaters, everyone has been talking about how Rey might be Luke Skywalker’s daughter. Granted, there seems to be a lot of clues supporting this theory. But I am still holding out hope that Rey could be Han Solo and Leia Organa’s daughter. Why? Simple: This would make Rey and Kylo Ren siblings, and would raise the stakes for the future Star Wars films.

It was established in The Force Awakens that Kylo Ren was born Ben Solo, the son of Leia and Han. He was raised by his parents until he was sent to train with his uncle Luke and become a Jedi. At some point, Ben was seduced by the dark side and chose to embrace the teachings of Supreme Leader Snoke. His betrayal caused Luke to go into self-imposed exile and Han and Leia to break up. What remains left unanswered is what specifically caused Kylo to switch sides, and if (and how) Rey fits in to the story.

As it stands, at the end of The Force Awakens, Rey’s lineage is unexplained. It is clear that she is important — it’s just a matter of determining whether she fits into the Skywalker family. Is she Luke’s daughter, and thus Kylo Ren’s cousin? Or is she his sister, and the key to bringing their family back together? Personally, I firmly believe in the second theory.

In my opinion, the greatest clue that Ren and Rey are siblings is the way he reacts to her. When Ren first learns that “a girl” was seen helping BB-8 and Finn escape from Jakku, he becomes enraged. Like, “destroys the room with his lightsaber” enraged. And if you pay close attention, you see that he didn’t become upset by the fact the group eluded capture (he suspected that would happen). It was the fact they escaped with a girl. Considering the mention of “a girl” is such a minute detail, his reaction seems like a little much. This hints that Ren possibly knew that Rey was the girl from Jakku, and thus knew of her significance. He also reacts to strongly when he learns that Rey has escaped the First Order — he’s far angrier than when Poe escapes.

Time and again, Kylo Ren is seen losing his cool when it comes to Rey. Why would a character he supposedly just met have such an effect on him?

Furthermore, it’s fully possible that Ren knew that Rey was the girl from Jakku because he put her there. A major arc for him in The Force Awakens is his struggle between good and evil. He is questioned about his wavering allegiance by Snoke, and he is seen confiding in Darth Vader’s helmet about his inklings for good. These scenes imply that Ren’s greatest weakness is his family, and that he’s aware of this struggle. That’s why he kills his father, after all; it further distances him from his family, making him stronger (or so he believes). But what if Kylo Ren was never able to harm his younger sister?

In Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith, Anakin Skywalker is ordered to slaughter the Jedi “younglings.” The effect of this action was twofold: It cemented his allegiance to the dark side, and it wiped out the future generation of Jedi. It would make sense that Snoke would have Kylo Ren do the same. This theory is supported by Rey’s vision, which actually shows Kylo Ren surrounded by dead Jedi. If Rey was a student of Luke’s — and it would make sense that Han and Leia would send both of their children to receive training — she would have witnessed the killings. Since it was such a traumatic event, Rey could have repressed her memories of it, or perhaps even had her mind wiped of it. Also, since it has been shown that Ren has trouble controlling his emotions around his family, it would make sense that he would spare his sister’s life. Perhaps he placed her on a faraway planet, distancing himself from her but also allowing her to remain safe. Because as Leia says, “He still has light in him.”

The idea that Rey and Kylo Ren are siblings would drastically raise the stakes for the future films. In the original trilogy, Darth Vader continually tries to convince Luke to join him on the dark side. This is echoed in The Force Awakens in the scene between Han and Ren, when they are standing on the bridge. In both instances, the bond between a father and son is not strong enough to make the son switch sides. It would make an interesting point in subsequent films if Rey’s bond with Ren can help him overcome the allure of the dark side and rejoin his family in the light. This would make sense for siblings, but a bond between first cousins having this same impact seems unlikely.

So could it be possible that the reason Rey’s family never came back for her on Jakku was that they thought she was dead? And could it be that the reason Kylo Ren reacts so strongly to her is that she is the person he fears most in the galaxy? If this theory is correct, it would seem that the Skywalker family saga is only going to become more complicated … and I couldn’t be more excited.

I couldn’t agree more!!
I think I am going to go insane waiting for the next movie!!