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Half way through a bottle of wine.
Working my way through tumblr.
Taking a peak at some Kylux fiction over at archiveofourown.

Brilcrist your artwork is amazing!!!

Just realised I have leftover chinese in the fridge!


Do I really have to go to work tomorrow?


Rain stops play……

Never in the history of language has a saying been so completely out of place.

The ‘plan’ for today was gardening (urgh!) but the rain has put paid to that.
So this morning will be spent doing a spot of housework and a quick trip to Tesco which will then be followed by as much playing as I can squeeze into a lazy Sunday afternoon.

No doubt much of what I get up to will involve my two favourite men of the moment.

Kylo and Hux
Art by schaloime.tumblr.com I believe.

So maybe the phrase should be…. rain starts play!

Leather gloves, kneehigh boots, angst, fluff and a whole lot more.
Bring it on!


I finally got to read chapter 15 of ‘Under the Ruins of a Walled City’ last night and it did not disappoint!!
OMG, how bittersweet the all too brief and longed for physical connection was for Ren and Hux.
10 more chapters of actual torture are surely to follow.
Will Ren get his connection back to the force?
Will Hux ever get out of that prison……alive?
Will they ever get the life they’ve dreamed for themselves?

Best not to think about it. I’ve got at least another week and a half to wait for chapter 16!!

At least I can concentrate today.