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So we made a decision today.

We’ve had tickets for the Royal Albert Hall for a while now. On Saturday we will be seeing Space Spectacular with lots of space themed classical music and fireworks with much of the music being from John Williams!! Can’t wait.

As my car, thankfully, passed it’s MOT today we decided to splurge and stay in London on Saturday evening. It will be our only chance to get away as a couple now until the end of my University studies in 2019.
With no pressure to get home, we can make an early start and enjoy the day and possibly part of Sunday too. Depends on how my knee is and how Ian’s arthritis is after Saturday around London.

We have made the decision to visit Borough Market on Saturday and support the businesses that were affected by the terrorist attacks just a few weeks ago.
Show solidarity.
Show that nothing can keep us down.
Life continues despite what those assholes think.

I’d love to go to the Picturehouse Central again and try and get a love seat.
After Paterson, and our unexpected love seat, I fell in love with the place. It just seems a bit silly going all the way to London to spend a couple of hours hidden away watching a film!!
It is a beautiful cinema though and after a long day walking around London, it could be a good idea.

Looks like the weather is going to be scorching.
It’s going to be a good weekend.


So, like I said in my blog this morning, me and the Hubby had an unexpected day out in London yesterday to see Adam Driver’s new movie ‘Paterson’, with a Q + A with the man himself afterwards.

My review with photos can be read HERE

So now, I’m home from work and I’ve had my tea,  I’m going to fill in the rest of the day.

We left Bedford at about 11:30.
We caught a fairly new train but the seats were so narrow, Ian couldn’t get comfy and he was squashing me, so I made him move!


Just look at the cheesy grin on my face!!

When we got into London we first located the Picturehouse Central so we knew where we would be going later.
It’s actually quite an unobtrusive building from the front.


What’s hidden inside is a rabbit warren of cafe’s, bars, and screens. It’s incredible!

It’s an amazing cinema and I think I can safely say, I will be keeping an eye on what’s happening there to catch other specials like the Paterson one. Just as a special treat occasionally.

As it was now lunch time, we decided to go to Jamie Oliver’s Diner just over the road from the Picturehouse.


Nice grub. Not overly pricey. The crispy spiced calamari were amazing!

After that we took a stroll down Regent Street.
Had to get a photo of the humongous poster outside Burberry of the new xmas ad campaign with Domhnall Gleeson!!
The Xmas lights are being put up already and once they are switched on they are going to look AMAZING!! We may just go back to take a look.


Then we had a little bit more of a wander before having a Costa and then wondering back to the Picturehouse. The weather was lousy so we just wanted to get into somewhere warm with booze! But at £12 a round, we weren’t going to be getting plastered.

Actually met a Tumblr colleague who was also attending the event. It was nice to actually put a face to someone, even if it was for just an hour before the film. Then at 6pm, the shit got real. I had the tickets in my hand!!!


At 6:30 we went to our seat which turned out to be a love bench!! A little sofa big enough to sit at least three people on, right at the top of an aisle so we didn’t have anyone in front of us and loads of space to stretch!
We snuggled up like we were at home to enjoy the movie.


And what a movie it was.
AMAZING!! I hope it gets noticed for Oscars.

Anyway, all too soon, the event was over and instead of heading straight back to the trains, we did a little more wandering.
You forget sometimes, what fabulous artwork is on display all around London.
I had forgotten all about this little beauty. I’ve always loved it.

Except that occasionally it’s spoiled by something hideous.
Like this which is currently on display in Trafalgor square.


Didn’t see what it was called but it’s a thumbs up with a huge elongated thumb and it just looks like a huge phallice looming into view as you get closer. IT’S AWFUL!!

After that, my knee began to complain and as I had to get to work today, we decided to call it a night and head home.

I have paid for it today.
My knee is killing me.
I’m going to have an early night because I have to do it all again tomorrow.