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It has, so far, been a quiet day and I intend to keep it that way.

The morning has been spent messing around on the computer and the afternoon is being spent with some of my boys.

I have just started my fifth run of Versailles.
Any excuse to watch my favourite power couple.

Later, and to celebrate Domhnall’s 36th birthday, I am thinking about watching Ex-Machina…. or possibly Peter Rabbit. How’s that for opposite ends of the spectrum!!

After a few more glasses of wine, it will probably be Ex-Machina. I just love Domhnall’s look in that film. Oscar Isaac is just a bonus.
Happy birthday Domhnall.


OK, here is my quick review of Peter Rabbit.
I won’t deny that it’s a very biased review as one of my favourite actors is Domhnall Gleeson who plays Thomas McGregor.
The man can do no wrong in my eyes.
He’s beautiful, hilarious, can be totally serious when needed, does the doe eyes and panicked expressions perfectly.
Just look at this expression!!

Peter Rabbit 7

After the start of the all out war with the rabbits, Thomas is officially introduced to Peter by Bea and has to fain a begrudging smile and interest in the rabbits because he likes Bea and Bea likes the rabbits.

Anyway, back to Peter Rabbit (or General Hux gets a garden!!)

I have to admit, Peter Rabbit was a lot more enjoyable than I expected it to be.
I think that what made it more enjoyable was the fact that the audience consisted of lots of kids who absolutely adored the film and their giggles and laughter were infectious!
Although I was a little distraught at how many of the malicious little rug rats absolutely wet themselves when Thomas McGregor got electrocuted or hurt by the bunnies!!

When we first meet Thomas, he absolutely IS General Hux!!
Suited and not a hair out of place and is even said to be at his happiest when ‘rallying his troops’ as a manager at Harrods.

Peter Rabbit 2

Throughout the film, he is slowly reformed into a much more relaxed person who falls completely in love with the heroine of the movie, Bea and overcomes his hatred of rabbits.

Peter Rabbit 10

Ah, the rabbits, beautifully animated.

James Corden is absolutely perfect as Peter. Just the right side of confident and cocky, although Daisy Ridley’s crazy Cottontail is hilarious!!
That said, I think the rooster steals the show.
Waking every morning and shrieking his surprise at the return of the sun.

Peter Rabbit 9

He even gets his own little story arc with each morning becoming increasingly hilarious and concluding with a scene in the end titles that every parent can relate to.

I would have to conclude by saying that this film benefits from an audience of kids and that’s usually a real hate of mine.
Thoroughly enjoyable and worth a watch. Probably even better at a Saturday morning kids club showing!!


The importance of ‘chillin’ is really sinking in today.
I have vowed that, as tough as the next year is going to be, I’m going to ‘chill’ and do whatever the f##k I please, as much as possible.

My Cineworld Unlimited card is going to play a HUGE part in that.
It’s something I can do with the hubby, with my kids, or even on my own if I have to.

I will remember to take time out just for me.
Put the books down, step away from the computer, and chill.

Friday was the first such day.
Peter Rabbit finally made it to UK cinemas.

Yes, Peter actually came with us on Friday evening.

Peter Rabbit

Nobody batted an eyelid as an insane 40 (nearly 50 ) something year old woman walked into the cinema with a rabbit under her arm!!

The film was wonderful.
It was actually a lot better than I thought it would be and it was made all the more enjoyable by listening to the kids in the cinema, laughing out loud and thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Tomorrow is another Uni day. Our forst introduction to one of the Units for the year and we should also be receiving our skills logs.
So I’ll have more of an idea of the things I need to tackle at work and be able to discuss with my mentor and work colleagues about how I’m going to achieve them!!

It’s going to be a very intense year and I will apologise now for using my blog as a sounding board whenever I need to have a little scream!!!


Friday arrived and with the main event out of the way, we were free to do as we pleased.
After filling up on breakfast, we made our way to the DLR and into Central London.

The plan for today was a day and night trip up the Shard but the weather was not on our side.
We had a time slot of 11am for the day view, so we headed over to get our bearings and then popped into Leon’s for a coffee and a warm up!!

-2 degrees and bitterly cold but we still braved the first trip up to the viewing platform on level 72.
Unfortunately the view was not great because of the weather.
Ian was very uncomfortable and wouldn’t go too close to the glass but he enjoyed it.

Then we decided to have a mooch through Borough Market.
Lots of Salami, cheese, breads and world foods and drinks.
By now the snow really decided to start coming down.

Then we ended up in Covent Garden for Dinner at The Coal Hole.
Temperature still -2.
Even with gloves on, I felt like my fingers were going to drop off.

After warming up nicely, we braved the arctic weather and headed over to Leicester Square to visit the Lego store.
I wanted to cry!!
So many great Star Wars sets and no money!!

Then we braved the snow again and headed towards Picadilly to visit the Picturehouse Central.
I love this cinema but we were destined not to get to see anything on this trip.
The film I wanted to see clashed with our plans so we made a visit to the cinema’s bar to warm up before our trip back over to the Shard.

As we made our way back to the Shard for our night time viewing, we soon realised that it was going to be a waste of time. As we aproached the building we couldn’t even see the top due to the clouds so seeing anything was going to be impossible.
We managed to get extensions on our tickets and we will be going back when the weather is better.

By now, Ian was beginning to pay for all the walking we had done and my knee was beginning to complain so we headed back to the hotel and stopped off at the Asda store over the road to stock up on some nibbles before having an early night.

We had a bit of a lay in on Saturday before fuelling with breakfast again.
Then we headed into Central London and again headed for Picadilly Circus for a leisurely stroll down Regent’s Street for a visit to Hamley’s.
Tip for anyone buying Lego…. don’t do it at Hamley’s
The packs that were being sold for £130 at the Lego Store were being sold for £165 at Hamley’s!!
I dread to think what they were charging for the Millenium Falcon.

As you enter Hamley’s, you are faced with a Stormtrooper inviting you to go down the stairs the the Star Wars floor!! A WHOLE FRICKIN FLOOR!!


Anyway, after dragging ourselves up out of the Star Wars floor, I discovered Build a Bear!! and just had to get me a Peter Rabbit.
The only problem is that I ended up spending the rest of the day with a rabbit hanging off my back getting some very strange looks.

We continued wondering and went to check out Forbidden Planet. A Sci-fi shop we hadn’t been to in years.
They had loads of ‘Art Of’ and ‘Visual History’ books that I would kill for.
We seriously need to win the lottery.
Then we discovered Murron’s heaven. Denmark Street and surrounding area. Music shop after music shop with Guitars and Ukele’s galore!!

One of our plans for the weekend was to meet up with one of Ian’s cousins, Debi and her partner Greg, who he hasn’t seen in 35 years. She’s recently moved back from South Africa.
It was just after 3 and we weren’t due to meet until around 5 – 5:30 but we were both feeling the cold and the damp and Ian’s Arthritis was now becoming an issue, so we headed over to the agreed meeting spot, The Horniman Pub at the Hays Galleria opposite HMS Belfast.
The place was really busy but we managed to snap up a table big enough for 6 people!!
The difficulty was holding onto it until Debi arrived. We were asked several times how many of us there were but we managed to hang onto it and we had a lovely evening catching up and stayed there until just after 10pm!


Then it was back to the hotel for our last evening in London.
We were tired, we were sore, we had walked nearly 30 kilometers!!

Sunday morning arrived and what a difference there was in the weather.
The surrounding roads and paths that had been covered with snow for the last three days were absolutely clear!!
It had rained a little overnight and you would never have known we’d been in a blizzard for three days.

We literally couldn’t face another trip into London, so we had breakfast, packed up and headed home for a lazy day.
The temperature was nearly 15 degrees warmer on the trip home!!

It was all over too soon.
We have a quick trip into London in April to see the CC Smugglers launch their new album and that will officially be the end of trips for the next year.

Consolidation has now ended. Uni Starts again next Monday and placements continue on Tuesdays.
It’s going to be a tough year to get through.


So, I should technically be on placement today but I had arranged some annual leave before I was told that placements would be on Mondays as well as Tuesdays for a few weeks! So instead of losing it, I moved my placement to Wednesday. As long as I do the hours, it doesn’t matter when I do them.
It’s a fairly easy week anyway with just three early shifts. Two in placement and one on my own ward.

There’s only another three weeks to go before I have some more annual leave and I really can’t wait for that one.
Me and Ian are going to be spending 4 days in London and seeing Imagine Dragons at the O2. Excited is an understatement, although I’m not so sure Ian is looking forward to the show so much. Not really his cup of tea. Oh well, he can be my cameraman and get some pictures and video for me while I enjoy the show.

Speaking of Imagine Dragons, I’ve just watched the Mission: Impossible – Fallout Superbowl trailer and I have to say, I LOVE the use of Friction by Imagine Dragons and the way it’s been mixed with the Mission: Impossible theme!! Very clever.

We got another trailer release during the Superbowl last night too.
Solo: A Star Wars Story.

I have to say, my interest has piqued just a little.
I’ve been very dubious about this film from the start, from the announcement of Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo (Bad choice IMHO) right through to the last minute change in Director, which is also a bad Omen.

Anyway, judging by this teaser, the feel of the film is actually quite good. I love anything Imperial and the visual image of that Star Destroyed coming through what looks like a cloud/vortex is stunning!

Star Destroyer

I guess we’ll be finding out in May if it’s any good. I know that it’s not being well received by fans who are not happy about ‘anything’ these days tbh!

Anyway, back to today.
I think I’m going to get stuck back into my book. I started reading ‘Beautiful Boy’ yesterday and it’s really good. It really makes you think and you feel so sorry for the Dad who did everything right in his child’s life. Did everything he could to ‘prevent’ the events of the book but at the end of the day, it’s the child’s decision to do what they do.
I’ve only just got to Nic graduating from High School. I suspect the rest of the book will have me in pieces, especially as I have a clear image in my head of Timothee Chalamet playing the role in the soon to be released movie of the same name.

First, I have to do a quick trip to Tesco.
I don’t need much but it’s movie release day and I want to have a look at what’s out.

I’ve just done my morning troll through the internet with my cuppa and I just had to post this.

Collider.com have released a review of Peter Rabbit and although they don’t exactly pan the movie, they don’t really sing it’s praises either.

However, they do state the following…..

“The one shining aspect of the film is Gleeson. He basically plays Thomas McGregor like General Hux got a garden. His deadly serious tone and physical comedy are perfectly pitched, and he manages to walk the line between a guy who wants to murder our heroes (despite the rabbits not being particularly likable) and the love-interest for Bea. It’s an impressive turn in a movie that doesn’t really deserve his talents. While it’s no surprise that Gleeson is talented at comedy (he got his start on the Irish sketch comedy series Your Bad Self), the movie is at its best when the focus is on McGregor rather than Peter”

YES!! General Hux with a garden!!
General Hux Garden


OK, so here’s a bit of a gush before I get cracking on….. I can’t decide.
It’s either a book.
Some new sheet music.
Or I get my old sketchpad out.

Anyway, I’m getting a little bit excited for a movie due here in the UK on March 16th.
Frustratingly, it’s being release THIS week in the States!! NOT FAIR!!

Peter Rabbit!!

When I first heard about it I was more than a little dubious.
I’ve never been a huge Peter Rabbit fan growing up. I’d seen and read the books but it just wasn’t my cup of tea.
Then I found out that Domhnall Gleeson was playing Mr McGregor and all I could picture was this……

Mr Mcgregor

Until I saw a photo of Domhnall filming that looked like this!!!….



Funnily enough, my interest suddenly piqued.
Then the trailers started appearing and were followed by clips and interviews and now I wholehearted can’t wait to see this film.

Domhnall is at his best doing comedy anyway, but he’s never really had the chance to really show off his ‘physical’ comedy and that looks like what he’s been able to do with this film.

Here, have a couple of tasters.

Can I just say that his usually red hair (which I do love, I won’t deny it) dyed brown is actually a really sexy look on him!!



Well, what to do this afternoon really as I’ve already wasted the morning on Tumblr and Youtube.

Anyway, I’m torn between carrying on with my computer fun and starting my next essay.
I think I’m going to go for a bit of both.

Either way, it will all involve some alcohol.

So let’s make a start with……


It’s been a long and arduous wait, but the Last Jedi is virtually upon us.
We can only hope that the press tour will start very soon, so expect my blog to be filled with interview clips and ‘hopefully’ film clips.
I am really hoping we see more of Adam this time around.
I know that two years ago the need to keep the mystery of Kylo Ren coupled with Adam Driver ‘hating’ public appearances, meant that we saw very little of him during the press tour.
The appearances that he did make were like gold dust for his fans.
He appears to have loosened up a little in the last two years which bodes really well.

Anyway, on completely the other end of the movie scale, I found the International Trailer for Peter Rabbit this morning.

You may or may not have noticed, that next to Adam Driver, Domhnall Gleeson is one of my favourite actors. The fact that they are both in Star Wars together makes me extremely excited!!

This trailer shows a lot more of Domhnall’s character ‘Mr McGregor’

Domhnall is a wonderfully expressive actor.
He loves doing comedy and rom-coms and did an exceptional job recently as AA Milne in Goodbye Christopher Robin.

It still amazes me that that this man….

was subsequently cast to play this man….. the most prolific killer in the history of Star Wars.

I really wonder sometimes, what went through the casting directors head, to link such a cold character to Domhnall Gleeson, but I will forever love them for it!!

My biggest fear for the Last Jedi is that my General will not see it to Episode 9.
Seriously, if they kill Hux, I will be doing my best to sob quietly through the rest of the film.

Anyway, a decision has now been made.
I think I have messed around enough on the computer today. Time to do a little studying and then I’m off to pamper myself with a hair cut.
I keep my hair extremely short.
It’s just so liberating not to have to worry about anything except some wax in the mornings. I always know when it’s time for a cut. Usually between 4 and 6 weeks when the curls start to fight back.
Today is that day.


So, I’ve just seen the first full length trailer for Peter Rabbit.

I’ve been a little sceptical about this film while looking at production stills and the teaser.
It didn’t feel like Peter Rabbit.
Mr McGregor certainly didn’t look like the Mr McGregor from the books.


And here’s the hook for me….. Domhnall Gleeson is playing Mr McGregor!!


This is a picture of Domhnall filming Peter Rabbit in London. I never thought I would be saying that Mr McGregor is looking fine!!

Domhnall fans will know that he loves doing comedy and has a wonderfully expressive face for it.
I could sit chuckling most evenings going through the Youtube videos for ‘Immaturity for Charity’ or ‘Your Bad Self’

After seeing the trailer I’m a little more relaxed about the way this film is going.
Could be quite a laugh.