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Life is a bit of a shitstorm at the moment, with the Coronavirus in full swing, lockdowns in place, and morons like Donald F###ing Trump threatening word war three at every turn.

I mean, in the last 24 hours, and on top of all the other bollocks he’s been tweeting, Trump actually tweeted “I have instructed the United States Navy to shoot down and destroy any and all Iranian gunboats if they harass our ships at sea”.

Do gunboats actually fly now?……

That’s really helpful. Thanks Don!!

Anyway, life itself is slapping me in the face at the moment.
Nature is cruel.
I say nature, because there is no God.
If there was a God, there would be no war and suffering and there wouldn’t be any viruses threatening humanity.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand people have their own beliefs, and if those beliefs bring them comfort and a way of dealing with their lives, then who am I to argue. I’m just saying, that personally, I thinks it’s all bollocks and we are on our own.

Women in particular should be sticking their two fingers up at any notion of God. What have they ever done for us?
At puberty we are given our monthly cycle. Something which is uncomfortable and embarassing at best, and excruciatingly painful at worst, and something to ‘endure’ every month of our fertile lives.
To procreate, we are expected to give birth to something the size of a melon, through a hole the size of an apple, and that’s AFTER morning sickness and cravings and weight gain during the pregnancy in the first place.

Then, after we have endured all that, we have menopause.
Now here is where this post becomes relevant.

Over the last year I have been noticing slight symptoms of menopause.
Nothing much. Hot flushes and irregular cycles. I could live with that.
However, things have ramped up a bit.

I have been saying for months that I need to loose weight and get a bit fitter.
Well, time is now most definitely NOT on my side.
It would appear that I am going through ‘the change’.
For the last year that has meant irregular cycles and hot flushes. Things I could deal with.
But my body has decided… NOPE!!
With everything else that is going on at the moment, I’m going to make you feel like SHIT!!
I’m going to give you night sweats and difficulty sleeping, I’m going to give you palpitations, headaches, stiff joints and low mood.

Thank you nature for picking the most inopportune moment to throw this at me.

I have found over the last month, during this lockdown period, I am not getting my usual exercise. My sleep pattern is atrocious and I am constantly feeling tired and rubbish.
I have good day and bad days.
The day before yesterday I was feeling crap!
Yesterday was actually a pretty good day.
Today I just feel…Meh!

Over the last month, during this lockdown, my weight has spiralled out of control.
I’m not getting my usual exercise.
On my days off I am stuffing my face with crap and booze.

I need to set a date to get back on track.
I think I also need to go and talk to my GP when they open their doors again.

Monday 27th April.
That’s my date.
It gives me a few days to get things out of my system and then I have to think about the next year.
I need to concentrate on my diet and exercise.
If I don’t lose this weight now, I never will.

How’s your lockdown going?


So how has the first 7 days of 2019 gone so far.

I never start a diet on the first day. It never works.
There’s just too much Christmas crap still around to get rid of, so I concentrated on my exercise level for the first six days and actually started my diet yesterday.

So far, so good.
This past week I have walked 47.44 Kilometres which is already 35 Kilometres better than the same period last year.
Today I will be upping the game by adding some resistance and weight work and doing exercises for my knees.

I’ve tried weight loss classes in the past and always failed.
The only time I have successfully lost weight is when I’ve done it myself and I always do it by calorie counting and exercise. It does make you really look at the healthier options as you can actually have more of them and feel fuller!
So today I am preparing a dinner for me and my husband that consists of 1 large sea bass fillet each and a side of honey roasted veggies.
I’ve weighed out and calculated the calories in a large tray of potatoes carrots and red onions then rounded up the calories to account for the honey drizzle and olive oil and the whole lot works out at approx 550 calories each for our main meal of the day.
That’s only if we eat it all. There’s so much veg, I may not manage all of it.

One issue that I’ve been quite aware of for a while now, is the fact that I don’t drink enough fluid throughout the day, particularly when I’m working!
Yesterday I had my Milky coffee breakfast and at work I only managed one 500ml bottle of water and an ordinary cup of coffee before coming home to a 500ml bottle of water that I finished throughout the night.

My sleep pattern is shot to pieces at the moment.
It would appear that I am in perimenopause – just to rub that little nugget into my mid-life crisis.
Hot flashes are worse at night. One minute I’m freezing, then I’m too hot and I’m just not getting much more than 3 or 4 hours of unbroken sleep.
It’s not helping the health aspect of my life at the moment.
Think I may be making a visit to the GP.

Anyway, time to go do a little exercise before heading into town for my contact lens check up and then I have to do some writing.