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Brendan Urie is currently one of my favourite singers.
I love Panic at the Disco.
I’ve posted video after video in the past but thought I’d post something a little different.

Here’s Brendan singing Disney songs for 38 minutes.
It’s facinating watching his process as he quite literally learns to play the songs by ear.
He doesn’t have music. He listens. He learns. He messes around and has fun!! He has talent!


So, a little blogging this morning followed by some pampering at the hairdressers followed by some lunch and an overly large glass of wine.

I’ve been playing around on the internet ever since, mainly Tumblr and Youtube and in doing so I found a couple of videos i’d book marked a while ago.

Anyone who reads my blog will know I currently have quite a thing for Domhnall Gleeson (second to Adam Driver) and that General Hux gets me quite hot under the collar.

I also have a thing for Panic at the Disco. My current favourite car sounds that I loved to rock out to, especially when I’m on my own.

Now, one of my favourite Panic at the Disco tracks is Emperor’s New Clothes.
Every word uttered in this track makes me think of General Hux because you just know he has the title of ‘Emperor’ in his sights.
It has become his theme song in my head, so imagine how I felt when I discovered this on Youtube!!!

Holy shit!!
Thank you ‘All-Things-Geeky‘ on Youtube.

I also book marked this a while back which just sums up Domhnall Gleeson.

That scowel, knee high boots and leather gloves will never be boring. Unfortunately I think that the good General will be going down with his ship in the next movie. If he survives VIII he certainly won’t make it to the end of Episode IX.

Right, time for a long walk to make up for that glass of wine.

Side note…
I’ve just realised I’ve done it again…. Panic at the Disco in the same post as One Direction!!! My daughter’s are going to kill me!!


A few months ago I noticed that a production of The Rocky Horror Show was coming to the MK Theatre. So I decided to treat two of my girls.

I love Rocky Horror!!

I first saw it years ago when my boss took us out for a treat.
London, front row centre stage to see Anthony Stewart Head as Frank N Furter!

Rocky Horror Anthony Head

The next time was another production in MK.
This time Jonathan Wilkes took the role of Frank N Furter.

Rocky Horror Jonathan Wilkes

However, Liam Tamne in last nights production was amazing!!

Rocky Horror 3

Rocky Horror is not my husband’s kind of thing.
He suffered through the Jonathan Wilkes one a few years ago and I think it scarred him for life, so I knew he wouldn’t go again.

However, I absolutely knew that Murron would love it.
She’s 18 going on 19 and has loved The Rocky Horror film for years but¬†Marjorie is only 16 going on 17 and has NEVER even seen the film. So innocent. She had no idea!
She is however, taking media and film studies at college later this year and LOVES getting involved with the technical side of stage productions.
I thought this would be a great learning experience all round for her!!

Rocky Horror girls

The evening started with a drive to MK.
The weather was great so we got the top down on the car and rocked our little hearts out to Panic at the Disco all the way!
Seriously addicted to Panic at the moment!

Anyway, we had a lovely dinner before heading over to the theatre to do some people watching, which is one of the best things about Rocky Horror.
Marjorie had no idea what she was in for bless her and her eyes were wide with wonder as the people who had dressed for the occasion started arriving.
Especially the men!

Only Murron could go to a theatre 30 minutes from home and bump into a couple of guys she knows from around town!!

Rocky Horror Murron

She also knew the actress playing Roxy who showed us to our seats.

The show was amazing and Marjorie actually ended up thoroughly enjoying it.

Rocky Horror 1

I can safely say that we’ll do it again the next time it comes around!!





I have, according to my kids committed a cardinal sin!

Let me explain.

I have a pretty eclectic taste in music, I always have.
My first single was the theme music to my favourite TV show, Black Beauty!
It still gives me chills. It’s a beautiful piece of music.

My first album was given to me by my Aunty Kim and was the Bay City Rollers.
As a Teen it was Adam and the Ants and Duran Duran.
There were other interests thrown around like INXS and David Bowie, The Who.
I collected movie albums with regular trips to Tower Records in London when I was earning my own money.

With lots of family gatherings, I got to love all the golden oldies of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s
However, rock has always been my thing.

I went through years of sticking with what I know and love and then recently I started to catch the odd song on the radio or that My eldest daughter was listening to and I became intrigued. Songs from movies are now really important.
Daft Punk, Simon and Garfunkel, Coldplay, Adele.

There have been a few songs that I’ve fallen in love with like ‘House of Gold’ by Twenty One Pilots. Bit of a strange video.

‘Take Me to Church’ by Hozier. Bit of a disturbing video!!

But what has taken me completely by surprise over the last few weeks is how much I have fallen in love with Panic at the Disco!!

It’s not just the odd song either.Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die and Death of a Bachelor are two of the greatest albums I ever listened too!
It could have something to do with the fact that Brendon Urie is one of the most amazing singers I’ve ever heard. His range is amazing. A modern day crooner.

It was very hard to just post 4 video links here. I could have gone on and on and on.

If I were a teenager, I think that Panic at the Disco would be my band of choice.

However, back to the cardinal sin of the title.
I like to create CD’s to play in my car and completely rock out to.
Like I said earlier in the post, I have eclectic tastes. It really doesn’t bother me what kind of a mix I put together as long as I like the songs and I can sing along.
I was in the car with one of my daughter’s earlier rocking out to Panic at the Disco and Twenty One Pilots and then a song came on that my daughter took complete offence to.

What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction.

I’m not a One Direction fan but I LOVE this track!!
Apparantly having it on the same CD as Panic at the Disco and Twenty One Pilots is an absolute NO NO!! She freaked!

I still don’t know where I went wrong.
I only put together a CD I enjoy.
Please explain!


I can’t believe I’m about to say this but…..

I’m feeling just a bit too chilled!!
Physically and mentally.

I need to do something and the idea of popping a movie on or reading another piece of fiction is just not going to cut it!

I woke up cold, I spent the morning FREEZING before caving and switching the heating back on.

I read an amazing piece of Kylux fiction. Screaming Colour by Solohux.
Had my heart ripped to pieces. Can’t wait for the final chapter.

Got out of the house for a little food shopping at Tesco as I’m at work for the next two days. Suppose I’d better feed the kids!!
2 x 12.5 hour shifts. Not much chance of any fan fiction or movies.

It’s now mid afternoon and I’m sat here blasting some Panic at the Disco and feeling completely chilled and ‘needing’ to do something.
I can’t believe I’m thinking it but a power walk may be in order.
Got to find some ear buds first.

Then the evening is mine before I have the think about the next two days.


There are some mornings, particularly after just completing 2 x 12.5 hour shifts on my feet, that I just want a bit of quiet.
Absolute silence….. my morning coffee….. my internet….. and that is it.

Unfortunately, this morning,  it was not to be.
I did get a little lay in until around 08:30 because Ian was on a half day because of an MRI appointment so he kicked the kids out of bed for me.

One by one I heard them leaving and when it had gone completely quiet, I took my queue to get up, have a quick wash and get dressed.
Then my heart sank a little.
I heard my Mother arriving.


Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE MY MOTHER!!
She keeps me in check.
She keeps my washing going and gets my ironing done and as much as I keep telling her not to, she tackles the kids rooms too! She just can’t stop herself.
This all means that on my days off I have little to think about except a little light housework and maybe a Tesco shop to top up on the food.

Except on a day like this, when all I want is absolute silence, my Mother is banging around the house and constantly talking and asking questions.
My mind is screaming at me to tell her to SHUT THE ‘F’ UP!!!
I love my Mother.
I appreciate immensely what she does for me.
I’m lucky to still have her.

So I tell my mind to SHUT THE ‘F’ UP!!!!

I got myself ready do a Tesco shop and she finished everything she wanted to do this morning and we both left the house at the same time.
She’ll be back tomorrow.
I know this, because she left a load of washing going.
She won’t be able to resist ironing in the morning!!

Anyway, it is so sunny out there today that I put the top down on the car, pumped up the volume on the music and blasted the cobwebs away with a bit of Panic at the Disco as I did a quick Tesco run!!

I am now home to a quiet house…… finally.
A bit of lunch and a couple of hours to myself and possibly some fan fiction that has been recommended to me.

Although I’m celebrating on Revenge of the 5th with a few of Murron’s mates and Episodes 4 – 7 back to back!