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So today has been a good day.
It started off with a well earned little lay in before a planned weekly meet up with an old friend to watch the first three episodes of the new season of The Boys.

These episodes were officially released onto Prime on 4th Sept, but I resisted the urge to watch them until today.

I was not disappointed.
The set up story line for season 2 is looking really good and it is still packed with bad language, guts and gore, a corrupt business, superheroes who are not actually superheroes, superheroes who ARE superheroes, superheroes who were bad but could be turning to the light, and normal every day humans who just want to get to the bottom of it all….. and Karl Urban as Billy Butcher!!

After that, a few little chores were done as I eagerly awaited the long anticipated trailer for the new ‘Dune’ movie.

Again, I was not disappointed. This looks amazing!!

However, what I didn’t expect today was the presentation Q+A as a build up to the trailer reveal.
All the major characters/actors, lots of behind the scenes footage and just mouthwatering moments to keep us entertained until the film arrives in December.

So now I can go to bed happy.
I even get another lay in tomorrow as my Paediatric Life Support recertification course doesn’t start until 10am!

Happy days.


So how is everyone doing during this unprecedented period in history.
How is your lockdown going?

Personally, my lockdown is going OK.
As a Paediatric Nurse, I still go to work, however, there have been BIG changes to the ‘norm’.
The feeling on a day to day basis is ‘ominous’ rather than scary and I really feel for my colleagues who work on the adult side.

My family have ‘so far’ been relatively unaffected.
My parents live just around the corner and apart from dropping something on their doorstep and then stepping to the end of the garden for a quick chat with Mum at the door, I haven’t had any contact with them for over three weeks now.

The extended family appear OK, I keep up with what’s happening over Facebook and Whatsapp.

I had a brilliant evening on Sunday as me and two of my girls joined my Brother, his wife and their kids, my Dad, and few of my Brother’s friends, for an online pub quiz via Zoom that my Brother had arranged.
It turned out to be a good laugh and we won! which was a bonus.

I have been doing a weekly, rather than every other day, shop at the local superstore and we are lucky enough to have a mini market and butcher right over the road, so basics like milk, bread and eggs are readily available when we run out, unfortunately they are also licensed and the household alcohol consumption has gone through the roof!!

The kids continue with their evening walks for exercise and I really need to think about ramping up my own exercise as I am not up to my usual level of mobility. Sitting at home on days off, drinking and snacking, has seen my weight creeping up rather quickly and Ian has literally spent three weeks locked in our bedroom and only comes down for food.

Anyway, we haven’t got away from the Coronavirus completely unscathed.
There have been several losses from the local music community, one of which hit home pretty hard as my daughter lost one of her band mates last week. He was a much loved and highly respected member of the local music community and is going to leave a very large hole in the music scene when it gets back together after the lockdown.

One good thing on my days off, is that I now have the perfect excuse to binge my movies!!
I have been keeping a record of what I watch for a few years, particularly cinema trips, so that we make the most of our Cineworld cards, but last year got completely forgotten about as I came to the end of my University course and getting registered and starting my new job as a Nurse Associate. There just wasn’t time to think about films.

So in January, I decided to start fresh. I did not consider the lockdown that was to come, and although going to the cinema is only a dream at the moment, it has meant that I get to binge to my hearts content at home.
I’ve just done a bit of a tally and, considering we are only 106 days into the year, I have watched 131 movies!!

With the world shut down at the moment, and all movie filming and releases put on hold, I am getting no news or updates about any projects I’m interested in or indeed my favourite actors.

One actor in particular has done exactly what I expected him to do.
Adam Driver, is a fiercely private man at the best of times. Let’s face it, keeping the fact that you became a Daddy secret for two whole years is pretty good going!
After filming for ‘The Last Duel’ was put on Hiatus because of the Coronavirus, there has been no news about Adam. Nothing. Not even a notification to say he’d even made it home safely.
Anyway, I have no doubt he has locked himself away with his wife and son and their dog, Moose, and is enjoying his family before everything goes back to normal.

Until last night, things had been pretty dull when it came to anything to do with future movie releases and then BAM! we get a whole slew of new images from the new production of ‘Dune’, due for release in December.

Now Timothee Chalamet is playing Paul Atreides.
Anyone who reads my blog regularly will know that I have a soft spot for this young man and the first look at him as Paul is very promising.


The picture of Oscar Isaac who plays Paul’s father, Duke Leto, is something else!! Oh Daddy!

Now they’ve dangled these images at us, I hope they will be followed up by a first look trailer.
Then we only have to hope that this whole shit storm is over, and life is going back to normal by December so that it actually gets it’s release date on the 18th December.

Think I have just found a new countdown to add to my blog page.

Right, Keep that social distancing going. Stay safe. XX


So, a 12.5 hour shift on my feet on Saturday followed by non stop walking around the Comic Con on Sunday followed by another 12.5 hour shift on my feet today does not make for a happy knee!!

I have a day off to recover tomorrow and apart from a little housework in the morning and a quick trip to Tesco, I plan to put my feet up and watch movies all day.


Just can’t make my mind up as to what or who I’m in the mood for!!

Maybe do a little blogging.
Maybe spend some time….. ok quite a bit of time on Tumblr.


Maybe spend some time reading Kylux fics.

Brilcrist 1
Amazing artwork by brilcrist.tumblr.com!!
Highly recommend checking them out on devianart.com.
This piece though!! Oh I may just have to go and read Ceasefire again.

Sounds like a perfect day.


Right, I’ve been saying for years that I’ll do a Dishette of the Week to accompany my Dish of the Weeks.
I have made a half hearted start with one in March 2013 and one in April 2014.
I completely missed 2015!!

It’s time to put things right.

So Dishette of the Week is shifting into a new gear to keep up with guys.
Dishette of the Week number three can only be Daisy Ridley!!
To go alongside her Dish of the Week Star Wars colleagues, Adam Driver, Domhnall Gleeson and Oscar Isaac.

Daisy Ridley 1

Born in London in April 1992 and a relative newcomer to the world of acting that started in 2013.
She is extremely pretty, vibrant and bubbly in personality.
She has had various small roles on UK TV, most notably in Casualty, Silent Witness and Mr Selfridge.

Star Wars is her first big movie! And what a movie to start your career in.
She is absolutely kick ass as Rey who discovers her force sensitivity and clashes with Kylo Ren and completely knocks him on his ass!

Big things will be happening for both Rey and Kylo in Episode VIII and I can’t wait to find out what.

I just hope that Daisy doesn’t get stuck in a rut with Star Wars.
She’s so young and talented and it will be interesting to see how her career progresses.


The thing about obsessing is the wonderful things that are discovered because of it.

I believe I’ve mentioned before about the knock on effect that obsessing can have.
You’ll start to like an actor, for whatever reason, and then you just have to see more and more of their work.
You end up watching some out of this world films you may have passed on when they went through the cinema simply because something about them didn’t ‘click’ with you enough to make you want to see it or you simply didn’t even know the film existed.

Some of my favourite films of the last couple of years have come from digging into an actors back catalogue of films.

Before Karl Urban became known for Lord of the Rings, Star Trek and Dredd, he made some wonderful New Zealand movies.
The Price of Milk is a beautiful, if a little strange, movie that really tickles me.


Without my initial interest in Karl Urban I would never have know about this film.

Joel Kinnaman was a difficult one as his back catalogue of work is predominantly in Swedish!!
Finding his films with subtitles that are well translated was a bit of a challenge.
Even so, ‘In Your Veins’ has become one of my favourite films.


Jake Gyllenhaal is more of a case of finding a film I didn’t like!!
Bubble Boy springs to mind…. what a piece of shit. I couldn’t even get half way through the film before giving up.
Anyway, as much as I love him doing his action movies like Prince of Persia and Source Code, I also love his recent serious films, Nightcrawler, Southpaw and Demolition.
But after all that it still falls to the obligatory chick flick, rom com to become my favourite.
Love and Other Drugs is a beautiful film that has a bit of everything and one that I missed in the cinema because it didn’t catch my attention at the time.
Romance, comedy, drama and an absolutely adorable Jake.

Love and other drugs 2

Oscar Isaac, what can I say?
After Ex-Machina and Star Wars TFA, I dipped into his back catalogue too.
Revenge for Jolly has become a firm favourite. What an absolutely INSANE film!

Revenge for Jolly

But again, this is a film I’d never even heard of and would never have seen had I not been looking into Oscar’s back catalogue.

So now we get onto to the current KINGS!
My absolute number one Prince is of course Adam Driver.
It’s difficult to pinpoint my favourite film from his back catalogue because there are quite a few but if I was pressed I would have to go with Hungry Hearts which is an incredibly heart wrenching film and This is Where I Leave you, another rom com and family drama.

hungry hearts

this is where i leave you

And of course, my prince has a ‘would be’ Emperor in Domhnall Gleeson.
I am currently working my way through his back catalogue of work and as it stands, About Time is fast becoming a favourite!!
I seem to be a bit of a sucker for rom coms!!

About time

What I have noticed about Domhnall is that he’s at his best playing the awkward, gangly, bumbling type and he has the most incredible smile!
None of which comes into play as Emperor…. oops sorry… General Hux!!

It is my current batch of Domhnall movies that brings me onto old memories.
While watching Unbroken, set in a Japanese prisoner of war camp, I was reminded of an old movie I haven’t even thought about in years. Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence!!

Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence

What an amazing film with a stunning soundtrack. It’s one film that has never made it to my DVD collection after the move from VHS tapes….. until now. I think it is now even more poignant as it stars the ‘all too missed’ David Bowie.
It will be arriving in the post tomorrow!

So, now onto the naughty secret.
Go on, admit it, you read through this post just to get to the ‘Naughty Secret’!!

Anyway, I don’t shy away from my obsessions when it comes to my blogging but recent obsessions have taken me into a world I never thought I’d venture into.

Fan fiction.
The thing about fan fiction is that it can take you anywhere.
You start with the foundations from a film. The characters, the places, the feel of the universe they are set in and then you can literally write what you want.
You can take stories in any direction. You can ask the ‘what if’ question all the time and completely re-write what we already know into something completely different.

The last couple of weeks have seen my falling into an abyss of naughtyness.

I have always seen myself as a very open minded person when it comes to different kinds of relationships and this is something I hope I’m passing onto my kids.
However, when it comes to relationships I have always stayed with the ‘boy meets girl’ scenario.
Just look at the rom com movies I love. They make me feel all squishy and lovely.

So when I started looking at some fan fiction a few weeks ago, I kind of fell into a well and couldn’t get out.
I found myself reading about ‘boy meets boy’. Kylo Ren and General Hux to be precise and I found it incredibly…… erotic!
It certainly didn’t leave me feeling squishy and lovely. In fact I can’t tell you how it left me feeling but I’m sure you can imagine.
Forget 50 Shades of Grey!! This stuff is amazing and I am completely smitten with the idea of Kylo Ren and General Hux falling in love.

Then this morning I stumbled across this absolutely stunning piece of artwork by a fellow Tumblr.


It sums up the Kylux fandom in one, sweet, kiss.
I can’t stop reading the stuff and I’m not ashamed to admit it!

I must sincerely thank solohux and hollycomb for introducing me to this world and Holly…… I await your updates on ‘Under the Ruins of a Walled City’ with baited breath.


So I’m sitting here with my morning cuppa with not much to do, as the house is tidier than it’s been in weeks due to our inspection today. I can’t go anywhere because I’m expecting a delivery (more about that one in a minute) and the rental agency could turn up at anytime over the next 3 hours.

So, I’ve been thinking about what to do in the meantime and it has literally just hit me.
I suppose it was inevitable really, especially after all the major feels I’ve been having over one of his characters in a fan-fiction this past week.

Time for another Dish of the Week.
Domhnall Gleeson – The General himself!


Another slow burner that’s been on the radar for a few years.
Looking at his filmography, it’s surprising the amount of things I’ve seen him in already.

Let’s start off with the man himself.
Born in Dublin, Ireland on May 12th 1983 -HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR TOMORROW!!!
So, 33 years old and 13 years my junior, how depressing.

At 6’1, he’s still 2 inches shorter than his Star Wars counterpart Adam Driver.
His father is the wonderful actor Brendan Gleeson who was also in the Harry Potter movies as Mad Eye Moody.

Brendan Gleeson 2

So, let’s see, on the radar in the following movies…..

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows parts 1 + 2


Dredd alongside another Dish, Karl Urban but in this one, his beautiful green eyes had been removed and replaced with tech ones.


About Time, a comedy romance that I will be seeing again today when my delivery arrives.


This is a very strange one! I couldn’t really get my head around it although it does showcase Domhnall’s acting really well.


Unbroken – which I haven’t seen yet but will be watching later when my delivery arrives along with About Time!!!


Then things started to become a little more interesting.
I was noticing this man and his talent a bit more than I had done previously and these next three movies slapped me in the face and woke me up to his potential.

Ex-Machina alongside Oscar Isaac who is Poe Dameron in Star Wars VII
This is a favourite of mine at the moment. One of the best films of the last couple of years.


Star Wars VII
No need to tell you how I feel about this one!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it to pieces.
Love the animosity between Kylo and Hux. Can’t wait to see how it plays out in VIII
Obviously my current fan-fiction fettish has helped this one along just a tad but I think it’s safe to say that the relationship I’m reading about will definately NOT be making it anywhere near the big screen.


Finally, The Revenant
Major Oscar winning movie and Domhnall was amazing in it.


The thing about Domhnall that always catches me out is the accent.
In everything I’ve seen him in he’s either got an American accent or a very British accent.
Like this….

Then when you go and look at interviews and behind the scenes stuff he has a thick Irish accent. It’s lovely!! I wish he could get to use it more.
Like this!!……

One thing I’ve really come to notice about him more than anything is that he has very soulful looking eyes.
He conveys concern, empathy, panic, and longing incredibly well just through his eyes.


I look forward to seeing where his career takes him.
For now, I’m just getting exceptionally excited about Star Wars VIII.
Not one, not two, but three Dish of the Weeks all in one movie!!! with one of them being my absolute number one obsession.

1 2 3

I don’t think I’m going to be able to contain myself when I finally get to see it.

Finally, I just have to end this post with this little beauty I discovered through Tumblr.
One of my favourite songs at the moment and then I discovered someone had made a General Hux compilation to it and it’s perfect!!!
My General has just become an Emperor!


So I haven’t done a Dish of the Week since mid March.
To tell the truth I’ve been too pre-occupied with Adam Driver who has already been Dish of the Week Twice since Xmas and bubbling just beneath the surface of Adam would appear to be Oscar Isaac.

I say “would appear to be” because he’s kind of taken me by surprise.
I did make him Dish of the Week #65 in between Adam at #64 and #66 but it’s been pointed out to me this weekend that I have watched 7 films with Oscar in over the last week or so alone!
Robin Hood, Two Faces of January, Mojave, W.E., Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Revenge for Jolly and In Secret.

Add to that list, previous viewings of Ex-Machina and Inside Llewyn Davis and I can safely say I have a good understanding of Oscar’s work and acting style. Oh! not forgetting Ticky Tacky. A short film he made that’s a little strange but has a wonderful reaction to eating donuts that makes me giggle every time!!

Anyway, I couldn’t decide who to make Dish of the Week #68 so I decided to look at the obsessions that have cropped up after re-kindling my love of movies.
A mashup of 5 actors I would go and see at the movies any time!!
Considering my age I suppose you could also call it a mid-life crisis!
Whatever you want to call it, it started when the youngest of the kids was old enough to be left with a big sister for a few hours back in around 2012 and has since blossomed after investing in Unlimited Cinema cards just over two years ago.

If I include Oscar, which I think I’m going to have to, there have been 5 obsessions.
Karl Urban, Joel Kinnaman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Adam Driver and Oscar Isaac.

DOTW 68 - 1

DOTW 68 - 2

I think that’s quite an eclectic bunch!

King of the pile has got to be Adam Driver.

DOTW 68 - 8

As much as I say I obsess about him, I think it now goes a lot deeper. I have found out about the man and his life and he has completely surprised me.
A fellow blogger came to my defence after I blogged about being angry with my family for making fun of me at Adam’s expence and I think they summed up my feelings perfectly.

They stated…..
The admiration that you have is for a really great human with a lot of deep and interesting layers, on TOP of finding him handsome. So although you don’t know him in person, you actually know him PERSONALLY cause you’ve dug deep into who he is under the exterior. So, you have a passion for him.

There you have it. Admiration and passion.
Sums it up beautifully and I look forward to where it will take us over the next few years and ‘hopefully’ beyond Star Wars.

Adam has had an amazing start to his acting career.
‘Star Wars’ may have thrown him into the limelight but I believe that ‘Hungry Hearts’ has probably showcased his acting ability more than anything else he’s done so far and ‘This is Where I Leave you’ shows his lighter, more mischievious side.

He’s currently filming Episode 8 of ‘Star Wars’ and will be filming the last ever season of ‘Girls’ later this year. After that there may be some room for a film or two before Episode 9 of ‘Star Wars’.
Until then however, he has two films in post production. ‘Paterson’ is to be showcased in Cannes in May but beyond that I don’t know what kind of a release it will get and in it Adam plays Paterson and it’s the tale of a bus driver and poet.
The other one is ‘Silence’ with Liam Neeson and Andrew Garfield. Adam plays Father Francisco Garrpe. It’s set in the seventeenth century where two Jesuit priests face violence and persecution when they travel to Japan to locate their mentor and propagate Christianity.

I think one of the things that endears me the most to Adam is his complete lack of the need for celebrity.
He’s happiest when he’s doing charity work and I think that says a lot about a person.
Unlike a lot of actors who can be very narcissistic, Adam actually finds the limelight very difficult. He loves his work but ultimately shies away from adulation and compliments.

OK, back to the rest of the pack.

Karl has had a rough couple of years personally with the separation from his wife of 11 years and he seems to have taken a bit of a time out because of it.

DOTW 68 - 4

However, he has two films due out later this year.
The third installment of the Star Trek re-boot franchise ‘Star Trek: Beyond’

And a re-make of the Disney classic ‘Pete’s Dragon’ in August.

Joel Kinnaman has been enjoying life taking time with his girlfriend and family.

DOTW 68 - 5

After Child 44 and Run All Night last year he’s landed a recurring role in ‘House of Cards’ and has one movie in pre-production and two in post production, one of which is ‘hopefully’ going to be one of this summer’s blockbusters, ‘Suicide Squad’. (See previous post HERE)

Jake Gyllenhaal just keeps going from strength to strength.

DOTW 68 - 6

After ‘Everest’ and the incredible ‘Southpaw’ last year, he has one film due for release at the end of the month here in the UK. ‘Demolition’ about a man who struggles to come to terms with the death of his wife in a car crash.

He has a film called ‘Nocturnal Animals’ in post production, ‘Life’ and ‘Okja’ in pre-production and ‘The Man Who Made it Snow’ just announced.
He is currently filming ‘Stronger’where he plays Jeff Bauman, a victim of the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013 who helped the police track down the killers while struggling to recover from devastating trauma.

Finally we have Oscar Isaac.

DOTW 68 - 7

Oscar has two films in post production, ‘The Promise’ but I don’t know when it will be released and ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ due for release next month.

He also has two films in pre-production, ‘Suburbicon’.  A crime mystery set in the quiet family town of Suburbicon during the 1950s, where the best and worst of humanity is hilariously reflected through the deeds of seemingly ordinary people. When a home invasion turns deadly, a picture-perfect family turns to blackmail, revenge and betrayal.
Directed by George Clooney and written by the Coen brothers.
And ‘Annihilation’ about a biologist who signs up for a dangerous, secret expedition where the laws of nature don’t apply.

Of course Oscar is also currently filming for ‘Star Wars Episode 8’ as he reprises his role of Poe Dameron. Hopefully we will aslo be seeing Poe Dameron in Episode 9.

So for now, I will leave you with one of my favourite photos of Adam and Oscar together.

DOTW 68 - 3

Heaven on a stick!! My ovaries have just exploded!


So, over the last few days I’ve been having a bit of an Oscar Isaac binge.

One of the best things about movie watching is the knock on effect it can sometimes have.
You’ll pick out interesting characters, find out who plays them and then go looking for some of their previous work.
It’s a great way of seeing films that you may not have chosen to see in the cinema.

One such actor is Oscar Isaac.
He peaked my attention playing Poe Dameron in Star Wars: The Force Awakens although I had see him before in Ex-Machina.
I actually made him Dish of the Week number 65 which you can read HERE.

Over the last few days I’ve seen him in Robin Hood, Two Faces of January and Mojave and I can safely say that he is continuing to impress me.

Robin Hood Starring Russell Crowe is a film that I have never watched.
I surprise mysef saying that because the Robin Hood story is one of my favourites and I also love Russell Crowe. I have absolutely no idea why I’ve never seen this one.
So, Oscar was a push in the right direction.

Oscar played King John and I found myself chuckling at the irony that Robin and Marion were being played by Aussies and the King by a Guatamalan!
Three of the most iconic British historical figures being played by foreigners!!

Anyway, Oscar was brilliant and his English accent was impecable!

robin hood 1

robin hood 2

Next came Two Faces of January.
IMDB states…
A thriller centered on a con artist, his wife, and a stranger who flee Athens after one of them is caught up in the death of a private detective.

Set in the 60’s, Oscar was the stranger who befriends a couple and acts as their tour guide while scamming money from them. A scammer scamming a con artist!
It’s a good film but for me it was a once only deal. I don’t think I could sit through it again.
It was beautifully filmed with wonderful acting all round but for me it was a little slow going and never really amounted to much.
Oscar did look pretty though!

oscar isaac 4

oscar isaac 5

Today, after the morning chores and before the kids got home from school I indulged myself with Mojave.
A movie that’s still in cinemas but available to rent on Amazon Prime.

It’s about a famous but suicidal artist who goes into the Mojave desert only to find his doppelganger, a homicidal drifter!

This was not too bad. It held my interest even with a bit of a lull.
Oscar however was something else! He was brilliant and was very creepy as the homicidal drifter.

oscar isaac 6

oscar isaac 7

Unsurprisingly, he is now pretty hot property.
I can’t wait to see him as Apocalypse in the next X-men movie. Obviously I’m really excited about seeing him in Star Wars episode VIII and on top of those, he also has another 4 films in post and pre production.
Busy man and rightly so!


Today is a bit of a mixed bag of emotions.

It’s been just over 6 weeks since I sustained a knee injury that saw me taking almost threee weeks off work followed by reduced hours at work and then some annual leave.
In the last 6 weeks I have only done one full 12.5 hour shift!

During my time off, I’ve spent loads of time with the kids and indulging in my hobby, movies.
I can’t deny it, it’s been lovely and I wish I was in the financial position to keep doing it.
Unfortunately, I’m not and tomorrow sees me returning to work full time, but I also can’t deny that I’m looking forward that.
My next shift isn’t until Tuesday so I do get three days to recover from the shock!

It’s going to be interesting to see how my knee is over the next couple of weeks.
I started physio exercises this week and going back to work full time is really going to be testing it.

I will also be throwing myself into a diet from tomorrow.
The fun is over.
Not only do I have a family wedding in September, I also have a family wedding in Italy either in May or July next year.
So I have plenty of motivation to lose wome weight.

Anyway, today I am taking Dharma to the children’s physio to get a re-fresh on her knee exercises as she too injured her right knee just a couple of days after I injured mine!
Then later this afternoon we are taking the kids out to dinner as one last treat.

Getting back to work will hopefully help me to stop obsessing Adam Driver, Star Wars, Kylo Ren and racking my brains reading through theory after theory of what could happen in Episode VIII.
Seriously, my brain is mush.

Good news is that next week I get some fresh material to drool over with the release of Adam’s new movie, Midnight Special. Also starring Michael Shannon.

The week after that we get the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Bluray with loads of extras.
There have been previews of what’s to come and my tumblr colleagues have once again done themselves proud and Gif’d it all to the enth degree so that computer illiterates like me can enjoy it all time and time again.

We can look forward to Adam behind the scenes with JJ Abrams.
Gif source: kylodelrey.tumblr.com


Adam practicing his lightsaber fight with John Boyega, without all the Kylo Robes!!.
Gif source: starworth.tumblr.com


JJ making sure Kylo stays warm. awww
Gif source: kylodelrey.tumblr.com


Adam practicing his lightsaber swings before takes.
Gif source: hardyness.tumblr.com


Lets not forget Oscar Isaac having a laugh between takes.
Gif source: oscarisaacdaily.tumblr.com


And of course, one of the things I am looking forward to the most are the deleted scenes.
One scene in particular as far as I’m concerned and that is Kylo Ren on board the Millenium Falcon.

So, as you can see I actually need work to take my mind off things.
Once I’ve seen the bluray and studied every second of it, I can get back to normality.


There’s another Star Wars movie this Xmas!!


Ok, Star Wars has a lot to answer for!
Not only did it initially give us this……

Han Solo 2 Han Solo 3

but it has just delivered my current favourite obsession……

Kylo Triple.jpg

and there along side him and being all heroic was this little fellow!!

Poe dameron 1 Poe dameron 2

I say little when in fact he’s 5 foot 8 and half inches tall which is a clear 2 and half inches taller than myself.
However, he is dwarfed by most of his current film colleagues and this actually makes him look quite endeering and dare I say… cute!!!

Oscar Isaac 1


Take a close look at this photo of the cast and director of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
Notice anything about Oscar?
He’s standing on a box!!

Poe box!

Oscar Isaac.
36 years old, born in Guatamala and raised in Florida.
I haven’t seen too much of his work yet, but what I have seen is very promising.
Inside Llewyn Davis was brilliant and made all the more enjoyable by a hilarious appearance from Adam Driver!…… Outer Space!!

I had a bit of a duh! moment the other night after realising that he stars in another one of my favourite films, Ex Machina.
His look in that was very different and I literally did a bit of a double take.

oscar isaac 2

One thing that film proves is that he certainly has some moves!

So, Oscar Isaac is one to watch out for!
He is currently filming for Star Wars Episode VIII but can be seen later this year as ‘Apocalypse’ in the new X-Men movie.

oscar isaac 3

I’d say that put him in the unrecognisable category!!!