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I posted a ‘Dishette of the Week’ on 22nd April.

My Dishette was Olivia Munn.
Joel Kinnaman’s girlfriend for the past 2 years and I stated in that post that as long as she makes Joel smile, she can be one of my Dishette’s.

Well, she is still one of my Dishette’s but it would appear that for the last two months the pair have been fooling everyone.
They apparently decided to call it quits as a relationship just after Valentine’s Day and have stated that distance was the biggest factor.
She is based in L.A and Joel spends most of his time filming in Canada.
The Killing is filmed in Canada, Robocop was filmed in Canada. Chances are a sequel will also be filmed in Canada.


They were friends long before they became a couple and have remained friends since deciding to split.
So she’s lucky!! She still makes him smile. She didn’t break his heart. She can remain a Dishette of the Week.
I still want to give him a big hug though!

So! he’s back on the market.
I just need to be younger, prettier, healthier…. oh yes, and single!!
Damn, knew there’d be a catch!!



OK, here is Dishette of the Week number 2 but I suppose it’s technically a Dish of the Week by proxy!!

Dishette of the Week number two came to my attention in February.
Can you see where this is heading?

I’ve seen her in a few things like Iron Man 2, Chuck and Magic Mike.
Her new movie with Eric Bana looks quite spooky!

But she came to my attention for a very different reason.
She is very exotic looking and has great taste. Particularly in men!

Olivia Munn 01

Olivia Munn 02

Olivia Munn 03

If you Google her, she likes to flash the flesh a bit much in my opinion but otherwise, she has great dress sense.
She is only 5’4 and is dwarfed by her boyfriend at just over 6’2!
But the best thing about her is she makes him smile!
When Joel Kinnaman smiles, I’m happy!!




As long as she makes him smile, she can be one of my Dishettes of the Week!

EDIT 20/05/16

Sadly this relationship ended not long after this blog.
It looks like it was a mutual split.
Since the split he has become a married man.

Meet Mrs Joel Kinnaman, Chloe Wattenstrom.

chloe wattenstrom