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Oh dear…. I have just discovered season 5 of Merlin on Netflix.
I feel an afternoon of binge watching coming on just to see Alexander Vlahos in something other than Versailles!

I’d better go and soak up a little sun first and tidy the patio area.
It seems to be a bit of a leaf trap over the winter. We’re up to our knees in them when we step out the back door.

I think that will be enough work for today.
I’ll put my feet up with a bottle of wine, after all, I’m not at work tomorrow!!!


It’s been a while since I did a Dish of the Week.
Now seems a good time as I have an unusually free afternoon waiting for the dinner to cook and I feel the need to blog.

This Dish of the Week is being shared as I couldn’t make up my mind and after the news I got on Thursday, this Dish of the Week seemed appropriate.

OK, so Netflix have only gone and cancelled one of the most original and diverse shows on TV and they announced it on the first day of Pride month.

Smooth move.

You will have seen me blog a few times in recent months about a show called Sense8.
What an amazing show.
Absolutely impossible to explain to anyone, but amazing. The last season ended on a cliffhanger, and now they’ve cancelled it.

I could cry.

I will never know if they save Wolfgang and he will never get to meet Kala in Paris.


We will never get to see Nomi (a trans woman) marry Amanita, her black lesbian lover!

Nomi 1

How’s that for groundbreaking diversity.

We will never see Lito become a big hollywood star and be accepted and be able to live a normal life with his boyfriend Hernando.


We will never know if Will and Riley defeat Whispers.

Will 1

We will never see Capheus get elected and make a difference.


We will never see Sun cleared and get her revenge on her Brother and live a life with her detective Mun.

sun 1

So many unanswered questions.
My heart breaks.
I’ve had fantastic shows cancelled abruptly on me in the past but this one is really hitting hard!!

I just cannot understand it.
It’s a popular show. You only have to google it to find that out.
The Twitter boards have gone ballistic since the cancellation news and an online petition to save the show has already reached nearly 500,000 signatures.
The diversity alone is something to love and cherish and nurture and Netflix has just pissed all over it.

It reminds me of the ‘Nuts’ campaign when Jericho got cancelled!!
We can only hope that it has the same effect and we get at least one more season to give us closure. We’ve invested time in all of these characters and we’ve fallen in love with them. We want to know what happens to them. Especially Wolfgang who was last seen strapped to a table being tortured for information!!!

Max 1

Anyway, this brings me nicely to this Dish of the Week post.
Two of my favourite characters from this series are Wolfgang and Lito played by Max Riemelt and Miguel Silvestre.


Max Riemelt, who plays Wolfgang, was born in 1984 in Berlin, Germany and he has that subtle German accent that is very reminicent of Hardy Kruger!! He’s lovely.

Miguel Silvestre, who plays Lito Rodrigues, was born in 1982 in Valencia, Spain and he has a beautiful smile and an incredible bod!

The fact he was one of the gay leads in Sense8 and made an amazingly sexy couple with his partner Hernando just endeared him to me from the moment I saw him.

I’ll be honest, I’ve seen nothing else with either of them in it.
It is something I aim to rectify. So watch this space, I may gush a little more about one or even both of them.

Why wouldn’t I? They are both gorgeous!!


It’s been a productive morning.
I was up bright and early because of my hip. Grrrrr
I just can’t lay in any more.

Anyway, I saw all three of the kids off to school. Yes!!
They should have all gone back after Easter on Weds but there’s been a bit of a bug in the house.
Dharma went back today and although Murron was in on Weds she wasn’t particularly well yesterday.
But they’ve all gone today!!

It’s payday today.
Simultaneously a happy and depressing day.
Happy because I know all the bills are covered but depressing because there’s nothing left.

So, I spent an hour paying bills and sorting out the bank account and filling my car up.
Then I just spent half an hour uploading three Units of college work for assessment.

Now I’m relaxing with a cuppa.
Sorting out a shopping list for the next few days and then going to Tesco before I chill for the rest of the day.

Finally found out about a release date for the Netflix final season of The Killing this morning.
August 1st!
Only problem now is that I can’t confirm whether that includes the UK Netflix or not.
Will be absolutely gutted if I have to wait longer!!

This is the Netflix promo that’s just been realeased.

Doesn’t give much away does it!!!!!!
How frustrating.


Blog number 700!!! Woohoo!!

I really wish I had something more to blog about other than, I had work today.
Just having my dinner and then going to bed before doing it all again tomorrow!!

Bit boring really.

So! To brighten it up a bit, if only for me, here’s Joel Kinnaman with Mireille Enos from ‘The Killing’.
They are into their last week of filming for the final season and I can’t wait to see how it all ends.
Just a bit sad that it ‘has’ to end.


Joel with Gregg Henry on Greg’s final day of filming.
Smiley Joel!!


Hurry up Netflix!!!
If we don’t get it on UK Netflix the same time as US Netflix I am going to cry!! Seriously, I’ll be in floods.