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HOLY S#@#!!!

The end of this month sees the release of Mission Impossible, Rogue Nation.
I, for one, can’t wait.
I’ve always loved the Mission Impossible movies and they are one of the few franchises that seem to get better and better.
I absolutely loved ‘Ghost Protocol’
The addition of Simon Pegg over the last couple of movies has been golden!

By now, we’ve all seen this juicy trailer for Rogue Nation……

By the end it’s a case of ‘WOW’ they’ve done it again and that last scene with the plane is hilarious (the other door!!!) and the effect of Tom on the side of the plane is amazing and and and….. breath……
This morning I find out that it isn’t a special effect!


They actually strapped Tom Cruise to the side of a plane.
They took off and flew around for a while with a multi million pound star strapped to the side of a plane.
Don’t believe me?
Check this out!!

I am speechless.