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I’ve been thinking about writing a blog about what I think of Donald Trump.
I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not going to waste my time.
I feel sick to the stomach just thinking about him and every time I see him on TV I just want to put my fist through his face!

So when this popped up on Twitter, I thought, this… this is what the rest of the world feels. I feel so sorry for all the Americans who feel this way too and it was said by none other than Mark Hamill.

Never a truer word spoken.
It’s the mid-terms later this year. I truly hope that we see a swing back to reality and the trump administration receives a quick kick in the gut.
This dangerous, idiot of a man child can’t possibly win a second term in two years time….. can he?


Let’s start with the date…. 1st April
I guess that really should have been the clue.

The master trickster himself, Mark Hamill decided it would be a great laugh to watch thousands of Star Wars fans squirm waiting for the promise of a small spoiler for Star Wars Episode VIII with the OK coming from Rian Johnson, the Director himself.

He Tweeted….

tweet 1

He continued his teasing for the best part of the day with subsequent posts.

tweet 2

tweet 3

tweet 4

The tweets kept coming and they kept on promising.
Mark’s following on Twitter increased….. unsurprisingly by quite a few thousand.
But as the Tweets continued, each one related to his characters of The Joker and The Trickster, it became clearer and clearer.

tweet 5

tweet 6

tweet 7

We’d all been completely had!

tweet 9

Damn you Mark Hamill!!
Well Played.

We really should have known better.
There’s absolutely no way that anything is going to be leaked this early on, but it was fun while it lasted.