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Way back on February 10th, in a blog entitled ‘My New Favourite Power Couple’ (Which you can read HERE), I spoke of a TV series that I had only just discovered called ‘Versailles’ and I went on to say that I couldn’t find series three.
Well, I finally found it, and I am now on my THIRD run through of the entire series.

In an article for the Radio Times back in 2016 by Ellie Walker-Arnott, she describes Versailles as “the latest European import to land on our TV screens – and there’s no denying that it contains nudity, violence and scenes of a sexual nature.

This is a historical romp, following a young King Louis XIV as he dreams of a grand palace at Versailles, struggles to maintain his power grip on France and sleeps with most of the women in his royal court”.

It has some “highly graphic” sex scenes that could put even ‘The Tudors’ to shame and has seen Versailles being dubbed as pornography, to which I have only one thing to say…..
For anyone who doesn’t want to watch this kind of thing, CHANGE THE CHANNEL OR TURN IT OFF!! Stop trying to spoil everyone’s fun because you’re to prudish to think it shouldn’t be allowed.

Anyway, Alexander Vlahos, who plays Philippe, the flamboyant younger brother of Louis XIV, (and who will more than likely be my next Dish of the Week) is quoted in the Radio Times articles as saying “There is violence and raunchy sex scenes and nudity, that’s what’s different about this period drama. It’s not Downton Abbey. The average age of our cast is 25. It’s a bunch of cool young kids in power having amazing house parties!”

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He’s not wrong! There are nipples, orgasms, gay oral sex and an attempt on the King’s life before the opening credits of the first episode alone and much more sex, stabbings and brutal beatings after.

With all that aside, Versailles looks stunning. The costumes are absolutely sumptuous with amazing attention to detail. There is a lot more to the series than the ‘scandalous’ sex scenes. There are secrets that need covering up. A power struggle between the volatile King and his flamboyant younger brother, between the King and his court, between the King and all of France. Plus the promise of an incredible palace, because “a king without a castle is no king at all.”

If you are a historical purist, you will probably hate the show but I have done some research about the period, and yes, the scandals, the sex, the power play, was all rampant at the time and Versailles has done an incredible job in bringing it all to the screen…. with quite a bit of artistic licence. That said, it’s incredibly entertaining and I highly recommend watching it if you haven’t already. If you liked the Tudors, you are going to LOVE Versailles!

Ellie Walker-Arnott ended her article by saying….
“In fact, if you ask me, the fact that it’s inciting panic in Conservative MPs makes it more appealing, and I’m certainly going to be tuning in past episode one”

Well, I’m going back to continue my third run of the series. Philippe is about to meet his next wife, she’s hilarious!



Why haven’t I watched this before?!

IMDB states….
In 1667, 28-year-old all-powerful king of France, Louis XIV, decides to build the greatest palace in the world – Versailles. But drained budget, affairs and political intrigues complicate things.

I discovered the first two season on Prime a couple of days ago and I’ve been binge watching it as much as possible ever since. I’m almost half way through season 2.

The frustrating thing is, I know there is a season three but it’s not on Prime yet, so I’m just going to have to wait.

I love a good bodice ripper film or series and to be honest, nothing has come close to the Tudors since that series ended.
The last two years I have been a little pre-occupied with University work so binge watching anything went out the door or I was just too tired to stay awake.

As I watched, I fell in love with Philippe, the brother of King Louis XIV (The Sun King) and his drama queen of a partner, Chevalier.

They are amazing!
They are so snippy with each other. Chevalier is high maintenance but Philippe puts up with him because he quite clearly loves him, much to the annoyance of his brother Louis!
Into season 2 and Philippe is onto his second wife (as ordered by Louis) and I don’t think she’s going to be quite as accommodating as Philippe’s first wife. Chevalier is not taking things very well.

I did a little studying about Philippe and Chevalier. (I looked at Wiki)
Philippe was apparently very open about his homosexual behaviour and freely acted effeminately. He would often dress in ladies clothing. He reportedly carried on open romantic affairs with German nobles, with no regard to either of his two wives. Among Philippe’s lovers, one man stands out, Philip of Lorraine-Armagnac, or Chevalier de Lorraine, who was described as “insinuating, brutal and devoid of scruple”. As a member of the House of Guise, ranking as a prince etranger, Philippe could keep him near while at court and promote him within his own household without initially evoking scandal or offending sensibilities.

I fell in love with them even more!!

Right, time for some dinner and then onto the next episode!