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I woke up this morning to the start of my second week of annual leave.
I had a good tidy up and then relaxed a bit before the local paper’s photographer came over.
They turned up early!! just as I was getting changed and didn’t have time for any makeup and I’m pretty sure my curls were wild.

Will our photo make it to the local rag on Thursday?
Who knows, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Anyway, after that I had all good intentions of getting cracking with some ironing but after a trip to Mum’s to check on the fish I just couldn’t get going in that department and we ended up watching ‘This Means War’ with Chris Pine, Tom Hardy and Reese Witherspoon.
That film just tickles me silly. I find myself chuckling all the way through and the three alternate endings just has me in hysterics!

Anyway, after that Ian was home and it was time for dinner.
While I did that I watched ‘Lola Versus’ with Greta Gerwig and Joel Kinnaman.
I don’t know why I torture myself with this movie.
It has it’s funny moments and of course it has Joel Kinnaman but Lola just drives me to distraction.
This is a woman who is reaching 30 but has done nothing with her life.
She even manages to scare Luke (Joel Kinnaman) away and make mistake after mistake before becoming happy with herself and then…….
Then she makes the biggest mistake of her life by rejecting Luke when he realises what a mistake he’s made by letting her go.
6 foot 4 of absolute cuteness and puppy dog eyes incarnate wants you to be his for life and you say……
‘I just need to do me for a while’.


Anyway, time for some Star Trek…. Re-boot style.



I get myself dressed in scruffs and ready to do some SERIOUS gardening and then it goes and rains!!

Oh well, looks like a quick tidy up and then the afternoon on the sofa with Joel Kinnaman …… I mean me curled up on the sofa with some Joel movies!!
I couldn’t be that lucky!

What to choose?
What am I in the mood for?

Lead down the wrong path Joel in ‘Easy Money 1, 2 and 3’?

I made the wrong decision Joel in ‘Lola Versus’?

I will watch this movie just for the incredible but vicious 3 minute fight scene with Ryan Reynolds in ‘Safe House’?

or how about I’m a backstabber and a coward and deserve everything I get Joel in ‘The Darkest Hour’.

or how about my favourite one so far, naive and head over heels in love Joel in ‘In Your Veins’

Decisions, decisions.
I just wish Netflix would hurry up and air the last series of The Killing!!!

Or I could go crazy and give Joel a break and pick one of my other 1030 movies!!
It might just take the rest of the afternoon to make a decision.

Right where’s the chocolate and the beer?




I am unashamedly going to gush now.
I think you can probably guess about who.

I now have a Bluray release date for Robocop.
9th June.
83 days and counting.

83 days!!! That’s so far away.
I am just going to have to make do with Youtube for while.
Clips like this…..

Robocop…. he’s a dangerous guy, you don’t wanna mess with him.
Skinhead Joel with the wingnut ears is so cute!!!

This obsession started on February 7th.
I was blown away with the reboot of Robocop.
They haven’t re-made the original movie, they have re-told it.
They have kept the important elements of what makes Robocop.
Only this time around they have gone into the ethics of doing it.
What makes us human.
Alex Murphy struggles to keep his humanity and ultimately, his family.

I came away from that film thinking, this new guy, Joel Kinnaman, is a bit interesting.
That’s how it starts.
A bit of IMDB info and filmography and I find myself watching the TV series that got him noticed in the US.

Steven Holder
The Killing.
Steven Holder makes me laugh….
Steven Holder makes me cry…..
Steven Holder is a little boy lost but he’s good at his job.
That TV series leads to his movie roles.

Except I have a minor problem.
Joel Kinnaman is beautifully bilingual.
Swedish Mother and American Father.
He grew up in Sweden and that is where he started his acting career.

Two of his best roles so far have been in Swedish films.
Easy Money (Snabba Cash) is the film that got him noticed in Hollywood.
A film that thankfully, is available on DVD with good English subtitles.


It’s about a young man living a double life and getting caught up in events he can’t control and is totally unprepared for.

In Your Veins ( I Skuggan Av Varmen) is a very hard hitting film about a young woman, struggling to keep her life together as a heroin user.
She meets and falls in love with Eric (Joel) a police officer.
Eric is very naive and has a very shielded view of life and for a while she manages to keep her secret from him.
However, things ultimately get revealed but by that time, it’s too late. They have well and truly bonded.
Eric ultimately ends up finding things out that explain why she does what she does.

tumblr_mzsk3ocyfu1rjn473o6_250 tumblr_mzsk3ocyfu1rjn473o1_250 tumblr_n0hduy4uDj1rjn473o2_250

I think this film has been my favourite so far!
Unfortunately, the subtitles weren’t brilliant.
They were good enough to allow me to follow the film however.
I just really want to get hold of a DVD copy with properly translated Subs like Snabba Cash!!
Unfortunately that will probably never happen!!

So, since February 7th I have seen….
The entire series of The Killing so far, with the final 6 episodes due on Netflix later this year.
I’ve seen Robocop 4 times with the Bluray out in June.
I own Lola Versus, The Darkest Hour and Easy Money (Snabba Cash)
I have managed to watch, In Your Veins (I Skuggan Av Varmen), Easy Money 2 (Snabba Cash 2) and Johan Falk: Spelets Regler (Johan Falk: Rules of the Game)
And I have seen an episode of Arn The Knight Templar on American Netflix.

I have three films in post production to look out for over the next year and ‘hopefully’ after the success of Robocop, if the Bluray does as well, they may announce a Robocop 2!!
I can but hope.

There are no end of videos available on Youtube with Joel being interviewed and he is just adorable.
He is obviously very new to all the attention.
He has puppy dog eyes and an adorably sheepish smile.

Joel 04

I am well and truly smitten. Can you tell?
And now that I have got that out of my system, I can concentrate on a few chores before I relax and prepare myself for work again tomorrow.


There are spoilers, so be warned…..

I got home from work early today.
I was pleased to find the film I had been waiting for had arrived.

Lola Versus.


Dumped by her boyfriend (Luke) just three weeks before their wedding, Lola enlists her close friends for a series of adventures she hopes will help her come to terms with approaching 30 as a single woman.


It’s supposed to be a comedy but as much as I wanted to enjoy it, I found it a little lacklustre all round.
It never seemed to get anywhere and certainly didn’t have the happy ending I hoped it would.
I found myself wanting to slap Lola and tell her to wake up and smell the roses.
This is a woman who is about to turn 30 and she still doesn’t have a career!
She’s worrying about writing and presenting a dissertation and working as a waitress.
I found her whole crisis just a little….. bleh


I will admit to being very shallow and only getting it because Joel Kinnaman was in it and, not wanting to sound biased, he was pretty much the shining light of the whole film.
It was really good to see a very light hearted Joel for a change. He really does have a sheepishly cute smile.
The only laugh out loud moment in the whole film was the look on his face when Lola joked about eating for two!


The ending, when it came, felt like a real let down.
Apart from coming to terms with her life, Lola never really achieved anything and I feel she was actually in a worse place at the end of the movie than she was at the beginning.
The fact that Lola and Luke admit to each other on more than one occasion that they miss each other and have sex with each other and STILL don’t get it together by the end of the film, pretty much sums up how dissapointed I was with this movie.

I’m only giving it a 5 out fo 10.
It was an OK film. It wasn’t a bad film. It could have been so much more.


Oh dear!!

I have known for some time now that I am classed as a ‘Fangirl’
I’m not ashamed to admit it either!

The Urban Dictionary definition of a Fangirl is as follows….

A rabid breed of human female who is obesessed with either a fictional character or an actor.
Fangirls congregate at anime conventions and livejournal.
Have been known to glomp, grope, and tackle when encountering said obesessions.Well if the anime conventions are replace with multi media conventions and Livejournal is replaced with WordPress and Tumblr then that definition is spot on!
I love the use of the word ‘rabid’.
My husband has stated that we are never visiting New Zealand because I would be arrested for stalking Karl Urban!
Anyway, I suppose I have always been a Fangirl to some degree.
Starting with The Bay City Rollers in the 70’s and then Adam and the Ants and Duran Duran back in the 80’s.
All through those years however, movies played a bigger part in my life.
I lived and breathed movies.
I was the person everyone came to for answers to movie questions.
I would drag my poor old Dad out to a movie he really didn’t want to see because my friends wouldn’t go.
I even made a deal with a friend to go to a George Michael concert if she came to see Robocop with me.
I definately got the better end of the deal. George was amazing!

As I got older my tastes matured but my Fangirling was always on the back burner.
That is until the early 1990’s when my inner Geek found it’s ‘out’ in the form of Star Trek.
This was a show I had always loved and watched…. on my own.
None of my friends and family were ever into it, but as I was now earning money and it was the 25th anniversary, I decided to join a club of like minded people and go to my first convention.
This is how I met my husband and we spent the best part of 10 years going to conventions and multi media events until it was just too much with family commitments.

Now that my kids are of an age where they can be left on their own for a few hours we have decided to regain some of our shared interests.
I suppose it really started for me back on September 21st 2012.
My Fangirling really stepped up a gear when I became completely besotted with Karl Urban.
It is actually quite frightening how something so simple can completely take over your life.

For the last year and a half Karl has been my everything when it came to movies and recently TV too!!
However, he doesn’t really have anything new for me to see until ‘hopefully’ the end of August if ‘The Loft’ finally gets the release we’ve all been waiting for.
So there’s been a bit of a lull in what’s been available for Fangirling.
Just enough time for another suiter to weazle his way into my heart.

February 7th was the date to be exact.
The arrival of Robocop and subsequently Joel Kinnaman.
I can’t explain what it is that attracts me really. He’s not your usual kind of handsome.
He has a wonderful smile but trying to find a phot of him really smiling is not easy. He likes to smoulder more than smile.
I immediately started working my way through ‘The Killing’ on Netflix, the only other thing to date that I’ve seen him in.
He has a vulnerability to his acting. He doesn’t have to speak to show his anquish, you see it in his eyes and written all over his face.
The fact that he is just over 6’2″ and ‘built’ doesn’t hurt either. (6’7″ in his Robocop suit!)


He is simply amazing looking…. and as Stephen Holder (The Killing) would say ‘Oh Snap!!’

But I have a problem.
Joel Kinnaman started his acting career in Sweden.
So the bulk of his early work to date is in Swedish and totally unavailable on DVD with English subtitles.
A Fangirls nightmare!

Doesn’t mean that there’s absolutely nothing however.
I am taking a chance on ‘Easy Money’, a Swedish film with English subs that looks really good and should be arriving on my doorstep by Weds.
If it’s any good and I can deal with the subs, Easy Money 2 is out on DVD in april.
I have literally just found ‘Lola Versus’ which is thankfully an English speaking film and that should also been on my doorstep before Weds.
It’s a comedy and after the depressing seriousness of ‘The Killing’ and the mentally traumatic Robocop, it’s going to be great to see him in a comedy.
I’m going to have a great day off on Weds!