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The Killing Series 4
There are going to be spoilers so reading on is your own choice.
Don’t complain to me if you ignore the warning.
Scroll down.








I have just finished a marathon.
I wish I could say I had just run 26 miles but the exact opposite is the truth.
I have literally just watched the last ever 6 episodes of The Killing on Netflix.
With the exception of a small break to go and feed Mum’s fish and water her plants, I sat and watched them back to back.

Am I happy?


The series follows on from where series 3 ended.
There are 2 story lines on the go.
Holder and Linden trying to cover up what Linden did at the end of Series 3 and a new murder investigation is under way.
Unlike the first two Series and the third Series, you really should go with the obvious from the start in this one.
They try to throw you off the scent a few times but it all comes crashing back to the obvious from episode 1.
That’s not to say that it still isn’t a shock!

As for Linden and Holder, my earlier prediction about Linden throwing hersefl on the fire to protect Holder was nearly right.
I just didn’t expect the last minute appearance of Darren Richmond from the first two Series and the overall cover up to protect the department and in doing so, clearing Linden and Holder.

I did like the way they jumped about 6 years into the future at the end so that we could see Holder with his baby girl.
He’s obviously not with the Mum any more but he is none the less happy and content with his life, finally.
Just to stir things up though, Linden makes a reappearance and for one awful moment I thought he was going to get ‘friendzoned’ again.
Happily, I was wrong but we still didn’t get that kiss!!!

A good ending to a great series.
I just wish it could have gone on for a few more years.


Guardians of the Galaxy and The Killing Series 4
I tried to be spoiler free but read on at your own risk.

I did get to the cinema last night.
We went to see ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’!!

All I can say, without ruining it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet is……

It’s slick, it’s funny, the characters are spot on, it a beautiful set up for the next one!
I want a Groot!!

So, back to today and YAY!!
Got up at half 8 this morning…. that’s a good lay in for me these days.
I got my milky coffee and then sat down in front of the tv and flicked through to Netflix.
Then with baited breath I selected ‘The Killing’
There in the list of series……. after months of waiting…… was series 4!
All 6 episodes!

I’ve just watched the first 2 and it’s off to a great start.
I don’t want to give too much away but I am simultaneously really happy for Holder at this point but also really scared for him and I don’t see a happy ending for Linden.

My prediction is that Linden will throw herself onto the fire to protect Holder.
But then I could be completely wrong!!

OK, Milky coffee number two…. back to episode 3.


I’ve been up since 07:00 again!!
Far too early for a day off.
Now that I’m up, the hip has stopped aching.

Oh well, at least it gives me a couple of hours of quiet time on the PC before the whole house wakes up.

I’m off to Milton Keynes today with two of my girls to go and see Captain America…. again!
Marjorie has seen it and wants to go again but Murron hasn’t seen it yet and really wants to.
After that I’m taking them to Wagamamas.
I think they are going to love it.
They’ve only ever been to pizza or steakhouse restaurants.
Marjorie will pretty much eat anything and Murron has some odd tastes so Wagamamas ‘should’ be perfect for them.
We’ll see.
Don’t know until they try.

What to do until then.
Maybe have a catch up snooze on the sofa.
I really need to get the back garden weeded but it’s just too wet at the moment.
It’s not going to look good for the rental agency inspection on Friday!

I’ve just had to chastise myself.
I just spent a little time scrolling through my blog to find a bit of info I had posted a few weeks ago for a friend.
It wasn’t until the blogs started flying past that I realised just HOW obsessed I had become with Joel Kinnaman.
There you go, he even gets a mention in this blog!!

Blog after blog after blog after blog.
Picture after picture, animated GIF after animated GIF

I love this GIF!!
Holder messing around. Linden’s look of death.
He’s like a 5 year old being caught with his hand in the cookie jar!!


Anyway, I apologise if it’s bored you at all but…….. It keeps me happy so I don’t really care!! Sorry!!


I’m working my way through ‘The Killing’ for the second time.
This time I’m taking my time.


The first time around I was just hungry for anything with Joel Kinnaman in it and as much as I enjoyed it, I was blinded by Joel and I missed quite a lot of the nuance of the show.
The second time around, I am taking in the whole story a lot more, all the twists and plot turns.
I am also enjoying the interaction between Holder and Linden. Joel Kinnaman and Mareille Enos.


The first two seasons are one big story arc with the third season having a single season new story arc.

Out of the two stories I think the third season story arc is my favourite, probably because you get to the ‘who done it’ a bit quicker!
However, I love the way Holder and Linden get to know each other in the first story.
I love the way that you are left to feel very unsure about Holder for the first season.
You are not quite sure where his loyalties lie and if he is in fact a good guy or not.
I love the way Linden keeps finding out snippets from his past and gets to really understand him by the end of season 2.
I love the way Holder is quite literally battling with himself to stay drug free and find it absolutely heart wrenching that he is so obviously guilt ridden about what he did to his Sister and Nephew in the past and is desperately trying to rebuild the bridge between them.
I love the way the suspect is constantly changing, right to the very end. It keeps you guessing.

Most of all….. I love the ‘Holderisms’!!
Street smart Holder comes out with some wonderful words of wisdom.
I find myself snickering quite a lot.









I particularly loved that last one.
He’s being so sarcastic but he’s also being so serious and you can just see the cogs working while he’s thinking about it.

Whoever did the casting for the show must have had a real giggle at the final choice for Linden and Holder.
Mareille Enos is a tiny framed 5’2 and is towered over by Joel who is a whopping 6’2 and half.
They look really cute together.



AMC, in it’s ultimate wisdom, decided not to continue into a fourth series, however, Netflix has realised it’s onto a good thing and has picked it up and commissioned a further 6 episodes for a fourth season to bring the series to a conclusion for the fans.
It’s currently filming in Vancouver.
Can’t wait for it to air!!