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I’ve been a naughty girl…. again.

Easy Money 2 (Snabba Cash 2) has just come out on DVD here in the UK.
I’ve seen this film but the subtitles I had were crap and made the film quite hard to follow so I just had to buy the DVD with properly translated subs…… didn’t I?

Easy money 2

Poor JW! Gets out after 3 years in prison with a business plan that he’s worked on day and night for those three years and wants to get his life back together¬†only to find out he’s trusted the wrong person with it.
That guy soon finds out he’s messed with the wrong person as he’s confronted by JW and then brained with a champagne bottle!!
Joel has an amazing fight face!!
This one is even more violent than the first one.

I’ve¬†tried to placate Ian by buying him the film ‘1941’ that he’s wanted for a long time but then I got a little carried away when I spotted a film that I’ve also wanted for a very long time, ‘Leon the Professional’

1941 Leon

Getting back into my old hobby is getting a tad expensive!!
Hey Ho!