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Not good.

Not good at all!!

I have a ridiculous amount of Uni work to do at the moment, so now is not the time for distraction.

I have 2 fully referenced papers to write and a pretty in depth anatomy and physiology exam to study for before the end of October as well as work and homelife to take care of.
To say I’m feeling a little snowed under and about two weeks behind because of my holiday, is an understatement.

So what happened this past weekend?
A new Star Wars book came out and has sent the Kylux fandom into a tizzy.

Phasma by Delilah S. Dawson explores Captain Phasma’s past and how she got to where she is beside General Hux.

There are, however, just a few short passages in the book that can be taken in two ways.
Chapters 32 and 33 see the General have an unexpected meeting in his quarters.
Kylux fandom has gone mental as it would now appear that General Hux is canonically a bit of a slut!

1 = “He’s not in his crisp uniform but instead wears a robe, black and composed of sharp lines and pleats.”

2 = “Armitage drapes himself across a low, ice-blue sofa…”

3 = “Phasma is good at making problems disappear. For now, Armitage has to get ready. Kylo Ren doesn’t like to wait”

Mmm, “Kylo Ren doesn’t like to wait”
The robe and that last line has sent a fresh wave of extremely naughty ideas to the fic writers and artists in the Kylux community and it has been continuously appearing on my Tumblr dash ever since!!

It is not very conducive to study!!
In fact it’s totally thrown me off my game.

But I’m loving every second of it!!


That’s it then, 2 weeks of annual leave over with.

Good news though, it’s only 4 weeks until I have 2 more. Frightening thing is that that will be for Xmas preparations and that in turn means it’s not long until Rogue One!!

As I write this post the counter to the left informs me that it’s only 47 days.
I’m an itsy bitsy bit excited.

I’m sorry, but why do the bad guys always look soooo good!!

So what have I done in the last 2 weeks?

I went out for a meal and a movie for my birthday.

I’ve seen three films in total.
Miss Perigrine’s Home for Peculiar Children which was nothing special.
Inferno which was just as good as it’s predecessors and showcases Florence amazingly.
And Dr Strange which was surprisingly better than I thought it was going to be. I’d actually go and see it again.

The house has been given a bit of a deeper clean than normal and the gardens have had a tidy up.

I went out with Murron again!
Halloween night at Esquires.

Me scar.jpg

As she worked on one of the gig doors, I went to the main stage, on my own, and saw CC Smugglers!! AMAZING!! Even if I did feel like a bit of a loner.

Apart from all that, I have spent an unhealthy amount of time on my computer, Tumbling, Tweeting, Youtubing and reading fan-fiction and I have managed to write another short piece of my own.
No, I will not be posting a link here as I will admit, it’s an extremely naughty piece of writing but anyone who’s desperate enough to want to give it a go should be able to figure out where I post if they get a bit creative!! or if you message me nicely I may just let you know.

So, back to work bright and early tomorrow. Up before 6am but I’ll be home by 4pm as I’m still on short shifts for a while due to my knee problem.
That’s good news because my 3D Star Wars Force Awakens with more extras should be arriving tomorrow!
So 3D glasses and wine glasses will be out tomorrow night!

I seriously need to think about more Dish and Dishettes of the week. It’s been a while since I blogged about any as I have been totally smitten by my evil space boyfriends down in the Kylux trash can!


OK, so life keeps on going.

Sleep, work, bills, appointments.
Most of the time it’s pretty monotonous and normal and for want of a better word… boring!!


I like to escape occasionally and that’s where movies step in followed by fandoms and obsessions.
For the most part, the hubby feels the same way.
We would never have met without Fandoms and obsessions.
We pretty much have the same taste in movies with few exceptions.

Every week in films, fandoms and fiction brings something new and this week I was given a particularly exciting thing to obsess about and it had an immediate knock on effect.

Recently I have become part of a fandom my husband does not share and cannot understand and I totally understand why.
It just makes my personal hobby a little lonely as, apart from my ‘online’ friends’, I have no-one to share this hobby with.

My husband has been reading fan-fiction for years and I used to laugh at him for it but then something happened last Xmas that changed my perspective.

Disney delivered a film fanboys had been dreaming of for years.
When Star Wars The Force Awakens hit our screens I was a little dubious because of the vain attempt at the prequels.
I was soon well and truly back into Star Wars fandom.
Where George Lucas misjudged what fans wanted…. Disney delivered…. and then some!!

Then around April/May I got fed up with the hubby telling me I really should try some fan-fiction. So I did a little digging.

I was blessed.

The first piece I had ever read in my entire life was called ‘Devour’ by ‘Solohux’ on a site called AO3.

It was Star Wars Force Awakens fan-fiction BUT with a little twist.
The wonderful thing about fan-fic is that existing places and characters and stories can be taken in totally different directions.
Questions can be asked like what if that event hadn’t happened? How would the story have diverted from what we know?
What if characters ended up in different relationships?
What if we dropped the characters we know into completely different universes?
What if?

Well, I found myself neck deep in what is affectionately known as ‘The Kylux Trash Compactor’.

Stories relating to the relationship between Kylo Ren and General Hux.
Now, given that General Hux only had about 3 or 4 minutes of screen time in the movie, the seemingly ‘seething’ hate and animosity he feels for Kylo Ren has been snatched by fandom and taken to the nth degree.

I cannot get enough.

Love/hate, hate/hate, slow burn to full on relationship, alternate universes, force sensitive Hux, Alpha/Omega, dom and sub – either way.

I have been completely anamoured by the Kylo/Hux relationship to the point where I actually started to write my own fan-fiction, encouraged by Solohux who is now one of the aforementioned ‘online’ friends on a site called Tumblr.

Then this week, something came across my dashboard on Tumblr that completely took my breath away.

This is absolutely stunning and I was completely mezmerised by it. I don’t think I have ever seen anything so sensual in my entire life.

Shortly after seeing this my mind started to wander and I had a thought.
I wanted Kylo belly dancing for Hux.
So I took a look on AO3 for any existing fiction and I found some!!
They were fun to read but they all had Kylo as a slave or working as a belly dancer and I had envisioned something a little different.

So I sat down one morning and wrote my own ficlet. I couldn’t stop!
2000 words later I had it and I absolutely love it!!

I can’t believe I’m actually going to do this but for any friends or family that may be interested in my writing, here is a link to my fic on AO3.
Please please please remember that this is based on a male/male relationship and if you are not open to that then please don’t read.
It’s safe, there’s no physical intimacy in this fic but the relationship is well established and physicality is heavily implied.

It’s called ‘The Gift’ Click HERE to follow the link.

If you read it, I would love to know what you think.
I have really enjoyed writing in the last few months and I’m seriously thinking about writing something original. Coming away from fandom and writing something of my own.
The only issue is coming up with an idea.
At least with fandom you have a baseline to start from!

Right, time to chillax and binge watch some ‘Queer as Folk’



Absolute silence.

Everyone is out to work or at college/school.
Even my Mum has said she won’t be round today.

All I can hear is the hum of my computer….. and it’s calling!!!

I do have to gut the kitchen at some point today but for now……
I’m enjoying the quiet and I’m going to read/edit a 4 chapter fic I’ve just written and then post it.

I think I’ve learnt a lot with this one.
I need to work on story development and fleshing out details.
I think I get from place to place too quickly and I think that stems from having no idea where the story is going to start with!
I’ll just have to see what kind of response it gets when I post it.

Anyway, I’m in the middles of 4 days off. I’ve been loving my shifts just lately.
I actually got to the cinema twice over the weekend.

We finally went to see ‘Pete’s Dragon’


I’ve been wanting to see it for a while as one of my celebrity obsessions is in it.
Karl Urban.


The highlight was seeing him sneezed on by a fluffy green dragon!
I enjoyed the film a lot more than I thought I would and it will definately be getting added to my Karl collection when it arrives on Bluray.

The second film was ‘Ben Hur’
I have to be honest from the start. It doesn’t hold a candle to William Wylers astounding Epic from 1959 starring Charlton Heston and I didn’t expect it to.
Hollywood seems to have lost the ability to make epics quite like that anymore without succumbing to masses of CGI and foregoing a script and story.

With that said I found myself really enjoying it.
It felt a little rushed because apart from a few minor scenarios from the 1959 version, they kept to the same story, tweaking it here and there. This meant cramming a 3.5 hour story into 2 hours!
The acting was OK but could have done with a better script in places.
I felt that Morgan Freeman was actually the disappointment. Unusually wooden and he felt out of place.
The sea battle was amazing. Love the addition of the poor sucker strapped to the front of a ship as it rams another one.

The scene I was waiting for was the chariot race! It did not disappoint.
The 1959 films chariot race is something to behold. No CGI, just man and beast and practical stunts.
Horses died making that film and it actually helped to get laws changed to protect animals being used for film and TV.
That said, that scene is cinematic history and will never be achieved again.

The new Ben Hur also has an amazing chariot race.
Beautiful horses, actors and stunt men actually racing around an arena. It was exhilarating. The only noticeable differences were with the use of CGI for crash scenes and horses escaping into the crowds in the arena.
They could do much more with the devastation of a crash than they could in 1959.


I’m a bit of a sucker for Roman/Gladiatorial dramas. Could be something to do with the costumes and muscles but when one of your favourite actors is fleshing them out it’s irresistable!!
Toby Kebbell played Messala. Mmm Mmm Mmmmm.

While I won’t rush to the cinema to see it again (I would actually kill to see the 1959 one in the cinema!!) I will be adding it to my collection when it arrives on Bluray.

So, fiction, kitchen, and?…….
We’ll have to see what I’m in the mood for later!!


Oh heaven!!

Ian at work.
Murron at work.
Marjorie gone for induction day at college.
Dharma at school.
Mum has already been and gone.


I literally cannot remember the last time that happened.


Music on as loud as I want while doing some cleaning.
I can even watch a naughty film without worrying about kids walking in!

What I’ll probably end up doing is continue writing a fiction I’m part way through.
It’s a little bit angsty and emotional at the moment and I have absolutely no idea where it’s going or how it’s going to end.
But hey! It’s fun writing it.

Here’s a taster from chapter one…..

Kylo himself looked like he’d been to hell and back but he was used to this kind of treatment from his Master. He’d learnt to protect himself from Snoke’s onslaughts long ago but they still took an awful toll on him both physically and mentally. Snoke was not averse to snapping the odd bone to make a point and this time it had been a few ribs.

Kylo was beginning to feel something he had never felt before. Hatred. A deep enmity directed solely at Snoke. This kind of treatment he was used to personally. He’d been told time and time again it would make him stronger but Hux wasn’t force sensitive. To treat Hux this way was beyond barbaric and had almost killed the one good thing in Kylo’s life.

Dun dun dun!!!!
Yeah, I like to put my boys through the wringer.

Deep breath…… time to chill!!!



OK, so I’ve just completed 37.5 hours in 3 days. A normal working week for some and I’m going to do it all again on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday!!

What am I going to do with my day off tomorrow?

My diet has got off to a good start but I will be treating myself to a bottle of wine. I think I’ve earnt it. I’ve had nothing but salad for three bloody days now.

Anyway, I woke up this morning to this!!………

A new Rogue One trailer.
It still looks awesome. Still not enough Krennic info. Can’t wait till Xmas.

I had a delivery while I was at work and my husband took great delight in sending me a text photo of it.

Ian Hux t

I think he knows my current obsession very well!

I am currently running on adrenaline. I’m not tired yet and all I want to do is write!!
I just need a new story idea.
My Tumblr colleagues are always coming up with great ideas and little drabbles.
My ideas are few and far between.

No doubt I will blog a little more tomorrow, but for now that’s it.
I think that once I settle down for the night, I will simply crash.

I think the hubby deserves to be punished a little first though!!!!!


Back to reality tomorrow with a bang.
After 18 days off it’s back to work but I’ve just had a look at my rota for the next two weeks and only just realised I’m going to be doing 7 x 12.5 hour shifts in the next 9 days!! 87.5 hours total and virtually all of it on my feet.
On the up side, I get 6 days off at the end of it….. if I survive.

There’s no more alcohol in the house and won’t be for a while.
I had my last milky coffee this morning. I’m going cold turkey tomorrow so watch out!!
I will be denying myself savoury snacks and going healthy.
When I’m not doing rediculous hours at work I will be starting my walking again.
My aim is to lose 2 – 3 stone (28 – 42 pounds) by Xmas.

I know that sounds like a lot but the last time I did this I managed to lose 3 stone in 3 months. So doing the same over the next 4 months is doable.
I’ve just got to stay focussed and not give in this time.
I want to be able to wear a nice dress to my brother’s wedding in August next year and I am seriously considering getting a cosplay costume tailored for me but I need to be a little slimmer first.

It’s going to be a bit of a wrench over the next week not being able to spend as much time on my PC.
I’m going to miss Tumblr and I’m really going to miss AO3. I just won’t have time to read a lot of fan-fiction for a while. I’ll just keep my eyes open for any updates on the pieces I’ve already started and that will be it.

I’ve watched 16 films over the last couple of weeks.
I actually only got to the cinema 4 times which is a little disappointing.

We saw ‘Star Trek Beyond’ which was good. I don’t think It quite had the flair of ‘Into Darkness’ but I still enjoyed it and the Spock/McCoy interaction was brilliant!

Star Trek beyond

We saw ‘Jason Bourne’ which was also good but that’s just it, it was your typical Jason Bourne outing and nothing special.

jason bourne

Then we saw ‘Suicide Squad’ twice!
We went to a 2d midnight showing on 4th August and then we went to an IMAX presentation on our anniversary on the 6th August.
I loved it. My Husband loved it. The kids loved it but apparantly the critics hate it!

Harley Quinn 2

Other films I watched via Bluray or streaming services like Netflix and Prime included…..

‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’. This was a must watch after I took two of my girls to see the stage show early in my annual leave.

Rocky Horror 4

‘True Grit’. The 2010 re-make with Jeff Bridges.
It’s good but doesn’t quite get the feel of the original. My hidden agenda for watching it was an early performance by Domhnall Gleeson who played ‘Moon (The Kid)’. Scared whitless and panicking. Something Domhnall does very well.

true grit

‘We Need to Talk About Kevin’.
A film I’ve been meaning to watch for a while and just a little disturbing.
Starring Tilda Swinton and Ezra Miller.

We need to talk about Kevin

IMDB states ‘Kevin’s mother struggles to love her strange child, despite the increasingly vicious things he says and does as he grows up. But Kevin is just getting started, and his final act will be beyond anything anyone imagined’

Kevin is the personification of evil literally from birth but he’s only like it around his mother and no-one else believes her. Very creepy.

and then ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’. Just because……

Star Trek Into Darkness International Trailer

‘Batman v Superman’. Released onto Bluray it would’ve been rude not to.

batman v superman

‘Non-Stop’ because I wanted to snuggle and watch something with the husband so I picked something a bit manly and not containing any of my current obsessions. Then the hubby fell asleep and left me to it anyway. Sod!


‘The Revenant’. Sod Leonardo DiCaprio, I watch this for Captain Henry played by Domhnall Gleeson!

revenant 3

‘Midnight Special’!!! Yay. Finally out on Bluray and the ONLY Adam Driver film I’ve watched in weeks (shock horror!!)

midnight special

‘Eddie the Eagle’ also just released onto DVD and one of the best films of the year so far.

Eddie the Eagle

An then there are 4 films I watched because of another current obsession.
My fan-fiction. Both reading and writing has got me a little hooked on gay male relationships.
I started with going back to a film I haven’t watched in years, ‘Brokeback Mountain’
Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger. What more needs to be said?


Then I discovered a wonderful film called ‘A Single Man’
As I said in a previous post (HERE)

A Single Man 1

Starring Colin Firth, Matthew Goode, Nicholas Hoult and Julianne Moore, it tells the story of an English Professor (Firth) in the 1960’s. One year after the sudden death of his boyfriend of 16 years (Goode)
It is set during one single day as he is obviously preparing himself for suicide as he struggles to cope and the events throughout the day that bring memories and realisations to the ultimate and achingly heartbreaking conclusion.
It’s a beautiful film.

Then I watched a film on Netflix called ‘Holding the Man’
IMDB states ‘Tim and John fell in love while teenagers at their all-boys’ high school. John was captain of the football team, Tim an aspiring actor playing a minor part in Romeo and Juliet. Their romance endured for 15 years to laugh in the face of everything life threw at it – the separations, the discriminations, the temptations, the jealousies and the losses – until the only problem that love can’t solve, tried to destroy them.
Based on Timothy Conigrave’s cult-classic and hilarious memoir, and the inspiration for the award winning stage play, HOLDING THE MAN is the remarkable true-life love story that speaks across generations, sexualities and cultures’.

holding the Man

I ended up LOVING this film.
My only issue was that the 30 something year old actors playing John and Tim, also played John and Tim as high school students and that looked and felt a little strange but once you get past that, this story is amazing and had me blubbering at the end.

And then I found ‘4th Man Out’ on Netflix.

4th man out

About Adam, a car mechanic in a small, working class town who comes out of the closet to his unsuspecting, blue-collar best friends. The results are touching, hilarious and endearing and I’ve watched it twice already! It’s just a lovely gentle comedy.

On top of all those films I’ve also managed to write 2 pieces of fan fiction.
The pair of them totalling around 9000 words.
I’ve really surprised myself at how much I’ve been enjoying the writing.

Apart from the usual housework and gardening in between all that, that’s it!!
Today I have to do a tidy and clean from top to bottom this afternoon and then I think I will have an early night to try and charge my batteries for the next 9 days slog.
You never know, I may get to squeeze in another film.



I had a long lay in this morning after getting in at nearly 3am because of a midnight showing of Suicide Squad.

It was AMAZING!!
I can see why the critics don’t like it.
This was made by a fan, for the fans.
I seriously hope it does well, especially for Joel’s sake. He really deserves to be a leading man!

So! We have decided to take a trip down to Stevenage tomorrow and watch it in IMAX!!
It’s our 22nd anniversary tomorrow (how scary is that) and we can go for dinner at one of the restaurants in the vacinity when it’s finished.

My annual leave is now dwindling fast. Back to work on Wednesday.
I still have tomorrow to look forward to and on Monday I get a new Adam Driver film to add to my collection as Midnight Special is released on Bluray along with the wonderful Eddie the Eagle!!

I haven’t got very far with my two new Star Wars novels though.
I’ve been too preocupied with all the fabulous Kylux fanfiction that has completely captivated me and I can’t get enough of!!
Believe it or not, I’ve even written 2 more pieces of my own during my annual leave.
One very fluffy hurt/comfort piece called ‘Angel on my Shoulder‘ and one…. well… one quite pornographic piece if I’m being honest called ‘Dead of Night
I never knew I had it in me!!

I have found writing to be quite cathartic and I’m seriously thinking about trying to write something original once I’ve got my mind out of the Kylux Trashcan!

We’ll see.


So what’s been happening over the last week?

Aside from relaxing, nothing much!!

We went to see Star Trek Beyond last weekend and it was AMAZING!!
I wouldn’t have expected anything less. I think another showing during this annual leave is a must.
I loved the fact that Sabotage by the Beastie Boys is used in one of the key scenes!
Not just as music for the scene but as a track that is specifically picked  by the team to achieve a certain objective!! Classic!

I managed to get out into the back garden before the weather got a little too wet. I can now sit in it and not fret about it.
It’s never going to be great. I simply don’t have the time to look after it enough but at least it’s now tidy again.
I now have to tackle the 10 foot hedge in the front garden when the weather dries up!

Anyway, with the rain over the last few days, it gave me a great excuse to sit at my computer and chill a little.
I’ve been getting into a series on Netflix called Bloodline. Here’s a first. I got into this because of an actor in a film I haven’t even seen yet!!
Ben Mendelsohn, who happens to be this cool looking dude in Rogue One this Xmas.

Krennic 2

Bloodline is a steady paced show with a big dark secret that I’m desperate to find out about!!

All this time on my hands gave me a great excuse to write another fic!!
My husband came up with a bit of an idea and I ran with it.
Angel on my Shoulder.
3 chapters this time.
Another Kylux fic but no smut this time. Just lots of fluff and angst and mutual worry and a decidedly big decision to make on Kylo’s part.
I loved writing it.
If you’re interested you can read it HERE.

Tonight I may curl up with a book. A real book.
Star Wars: Aftermath, Life Debt.
Set immediately after Return of the Jedi.
Interesting start. I want to see where it goes.

What have I still to look forward to?
Batman vs Superman on Bluray on Monday
Suicide Squad – midnight showing on Thursday
Anniversary – 22 years on Saturday
Midnight Special – Bluray on  the 8th – ADAM DRIVER!!!
Tons more time on the PC chilling. Might just have time for another fic if I can come up with another story idea.

OK, time to get back to this bottle of wine and some more Bloodline.