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Murron was quite chipper yesterday.
She didn’t have a temperature but as she had the fan on and the window open and was still feeling hot and clammy while I froze for the afternoon, I’m not so sure!!!

Anyway, we got through 3 chick flicks together.
Bridget Jones’s Diary, Bride Wars and Benny and Joon.

I love Benny and Joon. It’s been so long since I’ve seen it.
One of my favourite Johnny Depp movies. He’s adorable in it!

Anyway, as Murron was looking better we enquired about her chances of being moved onto oral antibiotics and sent home.
So the Doctors were called and they came to review.
We didn’t quite get the answer we were looking for.
After 48 hours of IV antibiotics her CRP (infection markers that should be under 5) had gone up from just 21 to 159!
That couple with the fact that her blood cultures hadn’t come back yet meant that they wanted her to stay on IV antibiotics until they got the culture results.
So I had to leave her for a 4th night.

At about 21:30 last night I received a text saying that she was being moved.
Being Murron, she didn’t ask where or why so I told her to find out and let me know.
She was told that when A&E get busy they move the healthier patients who are close to discharge to the ward she was moved to.
I’m hoping this means that the cultures came back negative and after a blood test this morning that should ‘hopefully’ show signs of the CRP coming down, she’ll be let home.

We’ll see.
Otherwise, it will be another movie marathon this afternoon.


Having a browse through the BBC news website today I came across the headline….


Apparantly Depp and his wife, Amber Heard, are accused of breaking import laws by not declaring Yorkshire Terriers Boo and Pistol to customs when they flew in to Queensland by private jet last month.
They have been given until Saturday to get the dogs out of the country.

Naughty naughty.

Import laws are there for a reason and they only have themselves to blame, but my issue is this…..

There is now a petition to ‘save the dogs!’


I don’t think this is necessary.
Johnny Depp is not short of a penny or two and I’m sure he’ll use his head and simply stick them on a plane back home!
Was there really a need to get all worked up and upset about something that is not going to happen?


I like actors with a bit of dedication.
Actors that pull out all the stops to play a part.
Actors like Johnny Depp who live and breath their characters, especially Jack Sparrow.
Taking time out of filming in the UK to surprise a school assembly ‘in character’! after one of the students wrote him an invitation letter.

Johnny Depp school

Chris Pratt honouring his Superbowl bet with Chris Evans when he stopped by Christopher’s Haven in Boston to visit with sick children dressed as Peter Quill from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Chris P and Chris E

And then Chris Evans returning the favour and visitng sick kids dressed as Captain America in Seattle!

Chris P and Chris E 2

Not just charitable dedication either.
Actors who go one step further to portray a role and dramatically change their look.

Charlize Theron for her Oscar winning performance in Monster.
Amazing what a little extra weight and makeup can do to a person.

Charlize 2 Charlize 1

Christian Bale who went from painfully thin in the ‘Machinist’ to Batman Buff in just 6 months.

Christian Bale


And these are just a small sample of dedicated actors who take things to the next level.

Well it looks like Jake Gyllenhaal is being added to the list of amazing actors with a bit of dedication.
He actually made it to my Dish of the Week posts back at number 2 when he grabbed my interest after he buffed up to play the Prince of Persia.

Jake 1

He’s done it again.
Last year he lost 25 pounds to play the deliciously creepy Lou Bloom in ‘Nightcrawler’

Jake G 01
Only to go straight in buffing up to play Billy Hope in the film Southpaw due out later this year and he is unrecognisable!

Jake G 02

I honestly don’t think I could have that kind of dedication!


Day two of three days off and so far I’ve got nothing done!!

After it decided to rain yesterday so I couldn’t do the gardening I did a quick tidy up and spent the afternoon curled up on the sofa.
I decided to watch ‘The Darkest Hour’
It’s an OK Sci-fi movie.
Joel Kinnaman is in it and he plays a backstabbing coward who gets what’s coming to him.
He does it in style too.
He goes out shooting and gets attacked by not one, but two of the aliens and does a pretty nasty headslam into a parked car before being vaporised!

After that, I did some catching up with ‘The Sons of Anarchy’
I’ve just made  it into series 4.

After Ian got in from work we decided to go to a late, pre-screen showing of Transcendence with Johnny Depp.


I have some mixed feelings about this one.
On the one hand, It’s a good film, with a good premise and some great actors.
It was good to see Johnny Depp as a normal person and not a way out character for a change.
On the other hand, it was a bit long and drawn out.
In hindsight, 9pm in the evening is not a good time to go and see this film.
I wouldn’t go to the cinema again to see it and it’s one I will probably wait to get from the bargain DVD rack in a year or two.

So, back to today.
I need to do a quick trip to Tesco if we want to eat today and I need to take Marjorie to go and get some trainers for school.
She can’t wear proper shoes all day anymore.
Looks like it may be something she will have to live with until she is at least 18 years old.
We have got to inform the school now that she won’t be doing sports or PE again, ever!
We need to see if they can allocate her somewhere to go during the 2 PE lessons a week she’ll be missing so she’s not wasting her time on the sidelines.
Up until now, even though she can’t take part, she still has to get changed into PE kit and just watch!! It’s ridiculous!
I’m not having that for the next two years.
She’s just chosen her options so it would make more sense for her to go to a class or somewhere to do revision or homework.

If the rain holds off, I might have a quick go at the weeds in the front garden at least.
We’ll see.


I’ve just been enjoying my morning ritual of milky coffee after an unusually long lay in.
I’ve been having a little trawl around the internet and came across a BBC Newsbeat feature talking about Glamour Magazine’s top 20 sexiest men of 2013 poll.

I was very happy with Number 1 and for the whole, it’s not a bad line up but for the life of me I cannot understand why Robert Pattinson in still  making the list, especially ahead of such hotties as Liam and Chris Hemsworth and Benedict Cumberbatch!
The only saving grace is that he’s been number 1 for the previous 4 years and Henry has knocked him off his thrown!!

I am absolutely gobsmacked that Justin Bieber is even on the list along with Harry Styles and the fact that they are both ahead of Channing Tatum and Ian Somerhalder is mindblowing.
I can only assume that the 95,000 people polled were under the age of 18 because young ladies and more mature women wouldn’t look twice at the little twerps.

So here it is.
I’ve added photos because that was fun!
There maybe some little comments too. Let me know your thoughts!
If you are a Justin Bieber fan and hate me for my comments…… good!! I really don’t care.

1. Henry Cavill
Number 01
Absolutely perfect choice for number 1.

2. Robert Pattinson
Can I just vomit now?
I have NEVER been able to understand how this man has become as popular as he is, how he always makes it to the top of polls, is one of the most miserable people going and still keeps getting leading roles.
Come on girls, just because he’s a sparkly vampire doesn’t make him God!

3. Liam Hemsworth
Number 03
OK, I can understand this one. He comes from a very good looking family but he should never have been ahead of Chris!

4. Tom Hiddleston
Number 04
A Brit who is successfully taking over Hollywood.
Loki is a brilliant character and he is a fun and charismatic man to boot!

5. Benedict Cumberbatch
Number 05
What can I say, he’s been on my Dish of the Week in the past.
He may be a very odd looking person but there’s something very attractive about him.
Love him!

6. Harry Styles
Number 06
Really? and ahead of Chris Hemsworth too! Shocking.

7. Chris Hemsworth
Number 07
Yum, yum and yum!

8. Idris Elba
Number 08
Never really hit my radar but I can see how he made the list.

9. Jamie Campbell Bower
Totally not my cup of tea.
Murron likes him though and I can understand why.

10. Justin Bieber
Number 10
This is the one that makes me totally incredulous.
I can’t believe how he made it into the top 20 let alone the top 10!!
What a complete Dickhead. Just look at that photo. The over the top tattoos, that rediculous cap and that pose.
Is that supposed to be an ‘I look really cool’ pose? Because it’s actually a ‘wave goodbye to my career’ pose.
Trying to look cool and grown up and like a rapper when in actuality there is nothing cool about him and he sings like a girl.
This young man had everything going for him and he is simply pissing it all down the crapper!
He is surrounded by ‘yes’ men who haven’t got the balls to say no to him.
His advisers need to be shot or if they are giving him the right advise and he’s simply ignoring them, then he deserves everything he gets.

11. Charlie Hunnam
Number 11
Not my cup of tea but I can see why he’s made it to the list.

12. Ian Somerhalder
Regular readers will know about my thoughts on this one.
He should have been in the top 5! and definately should have been ahead of Bieber.

13. Matt Bomer
Number 13
Mmm, mm, mmmmm

14. Johnny Depp
Number 14
Always good to see on the list.

15. Olly Murs
Number 15
I’m having a little problem with this one.
OK, he’s cute and cheeky but in the same league as Henry Cavill, Chris Hemsworth, Ian Somerhalder and Channing Tatum?
I don’t think so.

16. Michael Fassbender
Number 16
Another one I can understand being on the list but again, not really my cup of tea.

17. Channing Tatum
Number 17
Should really be in the top 5

18. Rafael Nadal
Nope, don’t understand this one at all.

19. Matt Smith
Number 19
Another odd looking chap who is strangely attractive
Only on the list because he’s (was) Dr Who!

20. Robert Downey Jnr
Number 20
Should always make it to any list!

So there you have it.
It will be interesting to compare it to this years list in December.
Hopefully JB would have screwed up so badly he drops out of existence but that’s just my opinion.
I just need to remember to take a look.
Think I’ll pop it onto my calendar.

Right, time to spend the afternoon cleaning and readying the house for me getting back to work tomorrow.
Oh happy days.


I’ve just been doing a bit of trolling on the internet to find out about movie releases in 2014.
I’ve decided to make movie going a bit more of a regular thing.
Movies were my hobby growing up and I miss not getting to the cinema more often.
Blurays are great on a big TV but it just isn’t the same as seeing them on the BIG screen and sharing the experience with lots of people.

So here are a few I’ve picked out that have tweaked my interest for one reason or another.
I’m sure there are lots more on the way that are more thought provoking and oscar worthy but when I go to the movies I want a bit of fun and escapism.
Thought provoking and oscar worthy can wait for my On Demand service.

So, starting with releases in January……

This first one has tweaked my interest for all the wrong reasons.
The story is dubious.
The acting looks a bit shaky.
Overall it looks a bit cheesy……… but
Kellan Lutz is Hercules.
The costumes and the muscles look jaw dropping.
The Legend of Hercules.

The next one is The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box.
This time we have some great British talent. Sam Neill, Michael Sheen and Ioan Gruffudd.
Unfortunately, judging by the trailer, the story itself looks a bit weak.
Worth a try though.

Next is ‘Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit’
I love the past Jack Ryan movies,  The Hunt for Red October with Alec Baldwin, Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger  with Harrison Ford and The Sum of All Fears with Ben Affleck.
I think my favourite to date has been the first one.
However, this time around they have gone right back to a very young Jack Ryan, just starting out in his career and much to little Dharma’s delight they have chosen Chris Pine to play Ryan.
The film is a PG 13…. mmmmm I might just be able to smuggle Dharma in to see it!!

In February we have the re-make of Robocop.
I loved the original but it has become very dated and camp.
This one looks like they have gone for the serious look and it actually looks good.

We have ‘Non-Stop’
Who’d have thought that Liam Neeson would be an action hero at this point in his life!

We also have ‘The Monuments Men’
I discovered this one completely by accident but it looks like it could be quite fun.

In March we have ‘Stretch’.
This is another Chris Pine movie but judging by the storyline I won’t be taking Dharma to see this one.
Considering it’s due for release in March, I can’t find a damned trailer for it!!

A chauffeur takes on a job for a billionaire who makes his life hell.

Patrick Wilson plays a limo driver who discovers he only has one shift left to pay off a big debt, and he rolls the dice. When the chauffeur picks up a reclusive billionaire (Chris Pine) with some deviant appetites, the driver vows to fulfill the guy’s every request, no matter how weird, to score the big tip that could square him. But as the night grows stranger and the driver is pushed into some very dangerous encounters, he worries that the freak in his back seat might just be his final fare.

There is a new biblical blockbuster on the way in the form of ‘Noah’

Moving into April we have ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’
This is the second solo outing for Captian America and it looks like it’s going to be incredible.

We also have an interesting looking film starring Johnny Depp. Not his usual over the top character in this one but some more down to earth acting with a frightening look into a possible future if technology keeps developing at the speed it already is.

‘Draft Day’ is another sports film from Kevin Costner. It also stars Tom Welling. It will be interesting to see him get his teeth into a good role. Haven’t seen much of him since Smallville ended.

In May things start to heat up a little.
Starting with ‘The Amazing Spiderman 2

Followed by ‘Godzilla’

Followed by another installment in the X-Men franchise with ‘X-Men: Days of future Past’

We finish the month with ‘Maleficent’
Continuing the recent glut of fairy stories we have a re-working of Sleeping Beauty with Angelina Joli playing Maleficent who has been fashioned on Disney’s 1950’s version of the character and she looks amazing!!

In June we have ‘ Edge of Tomorrow’
Stright off the back of Oblivion, we have another Tom Cruise adventure.

Followed by 22 Jump Street.
21 Jump Street wasn’t the greatest movie in history but any movie with Channing Tatum has got to be worth a look.

This month we also have ‘How To Train Your Dragon 2.
The first one was amazing and in this one, Hiccup is all grown up.

We also have ‘Transformers 4: Age of Extinction’
There is not trailer for this one yet and any information that has been leaked onto the internet has been taken down so quickly, I can’t keep up.
Just watch this space.

In July we start with ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’
As a fan of the original movies I am interested to see where they are taking this series and how they are going to get there.

We also have ‘Jupiter Ascending’
I caught this one on a trailer on TV the other night.
Another Channing Tatum but in this one it looks like he really gets to flex hi muscles and moves!

This months also see another Hercules movie!!
Hercules: The Thracian Wars.
There’s no trailer yet but they have cast another favourite of mine in the title role. Dwayne Johnson.
Oh yes… tall, well built and perfect for the role of Hercules.
Again, watch this space.

We are now into August and it’s getting harder to find trailers for up coming movies because they are still filming or in post production.
For me, there is only one film I want to see in August.
I have been waiting 2 bloody years for this thing to be released!
It was filmed in the summer of 2011 for a release in 2012 however, after lots of wrangling and a change in distributor, the date kept getting pushed back until they have finally settled on August 29th 2014.
If it doesn’t get released next year I am simply going to burst!!
Can’t wait to see Karl Urban playing a complete shit!
I ‘still’ cannot find this on Youtube for a direct link so you’ll have to click on the following link to see the trailer.


After that things look pretty thin on the ground until Dec when we get the third in the Hobbit trilogy ‘There and Back Again’
There’s also another instalment to the Night at the Museum movies and this time it’s set in London.

There’s got to be more on the way, I’m just tuckered out looking for them.
I’m going to look at getting me and Ian movie cards. That way there’s no arguments about going to the movies a lot and get to see some of the films I wouldn’t normally get to see because I finances.
As long as we see a couple of films each, a month, then the rest is a bonus.


Right, healthy breakfast, Viennese Whirls and a milky coffee!! YUM!

Time to kick it up a gear today.
By the time we go to bed tonight this house has to be ready to move.
Ian is picking up the van at about 7am tomorrow.
We sign and get keys at 09:30 and then it’s all hands on deck.
We aim to sleep at the new house tomorrow night.

I fell asleep on the sofa ‘again’ last night.
Not good. Ian will think I’ve left him.
Better not get his hopes up too much!!

OH yes, we watched ‘Dark Shadows’ with Johnny Depp last night.
What a yawn fest!
We were thoroughly disappointed with it.
I don’t think I even cracked a smile and all I could think was ‘The trailer was funnier than the film’
So bad it’s not going to get a dedicated review on my blog.
I love Johnny Depp. I think he’s a great ‘character’ actor but he really gets some duffers.
I’m more than a little dubious about his new character ‘Tonto’
We’ll just have to wait and see about that one although there are loads of films coming out this year that I want to see before I even think about ‘The Lone Ranger’

Speaking of which……
Star Trek 2 is in 134 days, 9 hours
and Dredd is out on BluRay in just 11 days!!!
I’m not excited at all really!! Whoo hoo!!