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I won’t deny I’m a little disappointed, but I knew, deep down, going into these Oscars that the Best Leading Actor Trophy would be going to Joaquin Phoenix.

So, disappointment over….. Adam’s time will come. I have NO doubt about that.

It’s time to look at my predictions and in my last post I said…..

‘My prediction for tomorrow evening is that the ladies will continue to disappoint with their ugly choices, Billy will steal the show with something fabulous and Adam will again be in black!’

Well, I was right about Adam. He’s been recycling this suit all awards season, but that’s Adam. He still looks gorgeous though, and Joanne looked stunning!

Next, Billy Porter.

I have to admit, his red carpet look fell a little flat for me.

BUT…….. His after party look ROCKED!!!

I was pleasantly surprised by the women.
Considering some of the horror creations I’ve seen this season, there were some truly stunning dresses on show last night.
In my opinion, Regina King ruled the evening in this stunning gown.

So there you have it. The movie calendar resets and starts all over again.
Roll on next awards season!


It is a standing joke in my household that I am called a stalker.
But after what I found out today, I’m actually quite uncomfortable being called that because there are lines that even I wouldn’t cross.

I have a tendency to obsess about actors.
I will get an interest in one and then I will endeavour to watch whatever I can lay my hands on. I collect photos, watch interviews, read articles, keep up to date with whatever they may be doing. It’s my hobby.

My current favs are Adam Driver and Domnhall Gleeson, with Adam being absolutely my favourite.

I have had my obsession with Adam for the last four years and yes, I will admit, I got that obsession because of Star Wars. I’m a geek, I grew up with it. But that interest has lead me on to some incredible movies that I probably wouldn’t have seen if I hadn’t had my interest in Adam in the first place.

However, I feel really sorry for Adam.
Star Wars fame has made him ‘uncomfortably’ famous.
Adam doesn’t do well on red carpets and avoids chat shows and is an intensely private man.

Today I found something out that I find quite incredible, in the fact that he managed it for two years and also quite sad, in that he had to go to this extreme in the first place.

In an article written for ‘The New Yorker’ by Michael Shulman, that can be read HERE

In what Adam has described as ‘a military operation’ he’s managed to hide the fact that he and his wife, Joanne Tucker, welcomed a baby boy into their lives TWO YEARS ago!!

My heart leaps at the thought of Adam as a Daddy!

But I also found out about crazy fans who shout ‘Kylo’ during his live stage performances and that his charity ‘Arts in the Armed Forces’ has had to limit who can attend performances to just veterans after Joanne was accosted during an event and then bad mouthed about online. There is even a crazed fan on Twitter who moved to New York to be near him who then went on to post his address online, and they have 20k followers!

It’s frightening to think that he and his wife have to live with that level of fear.

So from now on, I consider myself a ‘super fan’ and not a stalker.
I would never dream of terrorising someone in that way, and now that the Skywalker trilogy is coming to an end, I hope things settle down a little for him and his family.


If Adam was my husband I think I’d be looking at him like that too!!


I’d like to say I’m jealous but I can’t.
These two are completely smitten with each other and she is his rock.
She keeps him grounded at red carpet events and makes him relax and enjoy them.
Without her he seems to be a bundle of nerves.

So I’m not jealous, I’m happy.
Without Joanne I think Adam would have an exceptionally hard time with public events.


The thought of it is exhausting.
Not the places you get to experience but the actual travelling from A to B.

I can’t imagine how exhausting it must be to be working at each stop.

Adam Driver is on a bit of a whirlwind trip at the moment and I’m exhausted for him just thinking about it.

He flew into Belfast for filming on Star Wars VIII on the 13th but has apparently been given a break in filming to travel to Cannes to promote ‘Paterson’ that gets shown in competition today.

Presumably he will be heading back to Belfast to continue his schedule on Star Wars VIII.
I can’t imagine that being there for just two days initially was all that was needed!

Looks like he may be on his own too.
No sign of Joanne in any of the photos but as she’s probably got her own filming schedule to tackle back home it’s not that surprising.

Anyway, he’s looking relaxed and happy.
Just look at this perfect cupcake!!



Looks like Joanne is supporting her man after all.
That would explain why he looks so happy!!



Day 7 of forced rest and relaxation.
What to do? What to do?
All this time on my hands to do what I love the most.
Scour the internet, watch movies and…. oh yes!! all the time I need to obsess.
All this time on my hands has been the perfect oportunity to catch up on all things ‘Adam Driver’.

Adam Driver 10

Back on December 26th, just 7 days after seeing Star Wars: The Force Awakens for the 1st time, I made Adam Driver my ‘Dish of the Week’ #64.
By the time I wrote that blog I had actually seen the film 3 times.

I can tell you almost to the minute, exactly when I fell in love with Adam Driver.
December 19th, and as the moment happens at about 1 hour and 25 minutes into the film, it would have been about 14:25 in the afternoon. How sad is that.
Here is the infamous scene.

At the time of writing this blog I have seen the film 9 times!
I have also seen more of Adam’s work prior to Star Wars and found out a little more about the man himself.
The more I find out or see, the more I crave to find more.

And there’s the magic word.
Crave = to desire intensely, to long for, to need urgently.

It’s true!! I just can’t get enough of the man.
He makes me smile. I love his acting style.
When I see his work prior to Star Wars, I see that being the Star Wars ‘villain’ is quite a new direction for him. I can’t wait to see how his story plays out across the next two movies.

I don’t think I can justify seeing it again in the cinema but I also don’t think I can wait for the Bluray, which I’m hoping, if rumours are true, will be around April time.

In the meantime HBO’s Girls season five started airing on Sunday so I am going to be drip fed Adam driver playing ‘Adam Sackler’ on a weekly basis for the next 10 – 12 weeks!

Next month sees the cinematic release of ‘Midnight Special’
Adam’s first movie release since Star Wars and it looks good.

He has two other movies in post production, Silence and Paterson.
Both are due at some point this year but as yet, there are no trailers for either which is a little frustrating.

So! I’ll just have to make do with re-running Girls on Prime and my quickly aquired DVD/Bluray collection.
I amazingly managed to pick up 5 of Adam’s back catalogue in HMV in their 5 for £30 deal.
I was a very happy bunny!

I can honestly say that next to Star Wars, This is where I leave You  has to be my favourite Adam movie so far.

This movie is one of those gentle, heart warming and funny movies that you can just keep going back to.
The fact that Adam’s character is charming, childish and adorable just makes it even more special.

Anyway, enough about his acting.
How about a little about the man?

Like I said previously, he’s 32 and 6’2.5″
After 9/11 he enlisted as a Marine.
After serving in Afghanistan for 2 years, he had to be medically discharged after shattering his sternum in a mountain biking accident.

After a year of hard work at the University of Indianapolis, he got accepted into Juilliard.
He started TV work in 2009 and worked consistently with occasional roles on TV shows, shorts and TV movies and also worked on Broadway before landing his role on HBO’s Girls in 2012.
Since then, he has become ‘one to watch’.
‘Hungry Hearts’ is probably the film that has ‘showcased’ his talent the most so far.

He has very unconventional looks.
I have found from my internet searches that he’s a bit like Marmite.
People either love him or hate him!
The people who love him, quite literally worship the ground he walks on.
The people who hate him can be a bit mean.

He’s said it himself…..
“I’m like a sight gag, I have this really big face…I don’t totally get it. I mean, when I read for Girls (2012) I was, like, the script says ‘Handsome Carpenter,’ so someone else is going to get the part. They’ll have someone handsome, not me. I mean, I’m not in any danger of getting leading-man parts.

Well I’m sorry to disappoint you Adam, but you’re wrong.
You’re tall, you’re well built, you have an incredible main of thick black hair, you have a beautiful voice.
OK, you have big ears and a long nose but it all comes together to create an awkward, yet endearing and loveable man who seriously needs to have more confidence in himself.

Adam is married.
In 2013 he married actress and best friend Joanne Tucker.


They have been together for years and she knew him before his ‘Girls’ fame and together they set up ‘Arts in the Armed Forces’

As their website says….


To honor, educate, inspire and entertain all active duty and veteran members of the United States Armed Forces and their families by engaging them in the power and social service of the performing arts.

Take a look at some of the work they do here…..

I think he truly is ‘one to watch’
I will certainly be keeping up with everything he does from now on.
I’m happy to declare Adam Driver as Dish of the Week number 66.
This makes it his second appearance on my Dish list but I’m sure there will be more.
Probably around the releases of the next two Star Wars episodes…… Oh who am I kidding…. probably around the release of all his future films!!!