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Yesterday saw the release of the first teaser trailer for Star Wars Episode IX
They really know how to fan the flames of fandom and get everyone speculating and throwing around theories for the next 8 months while we patiently wait for the release date in December!

So, just in case you missed it last night…….

Short and sweet but definitely not enough.
Of course the internet has been going mental. Lots of speculation and theories already flying around, so here are a few that have caught my attention, with a bit of my own mixed in.

First of all, we FINALLY have a title.

People are already assuming that this is referring to a single person when in fact, I think it reads more like a ‘title’ than a ‘name’.
Could we in fact, be seeing the rise of a new Jedi based order?

The beginning of the trailer sees Rey facing off against Kylo in his Tie Silencer and literally had me hyper-ventilating.
However, the more I watched, the more I thought, ‘he’s not firing at her!’
If it was his intention to annihilate her, and knowing his temper, he’d be all guns blazing on his attack run and he’s not!
This begs the question…. are they working together? Could he be training her?
Also, what planet is this? We see rocky outcrops so, in my mind it can only be one of two places. Tatooine or Jedha.

One of the best shots of the teaser!!
This begs the question, WHO is Kylo impressively body slamming into the ground?
Worryingly in my mind, it looks like one of his Knights of Ren and he is also fighting alongside stormtroopers.
All I know is that Adam has me salivating. He is a powerhouse of a man and this move is strangely exciting!

Who is fixing Kylo’s helmet.
Those are definitely not Kylo’s hands.
Obviously people are assuming that Kylo starts to wear the helmet again now that he has seemingly made his choice between the light and the dark.
What if we have an imposter? A wannabe trying to take on the mantle of the new Supreme Leader?

And here’s where the Disney marketing machine gets involved.
I see Xmas sales of BB8’s new friend rocketing when the toys go on sale before Xmas. I believe his name is D-0. If he is as cute and funny as BB8, the kids are going to go crazy for him.

What is the significance of the medal?
We haven’t seen this medal since the end of ‘A New Hope’ where they were given in the ceremony at the end of the film, to Luke and Han.
Who is holding it? It certainly looks like it could be Leia.

WOW, just WOW.
That is a downed Death Star.
But it begs the question…. which one?
After this scene is immediately followed by the ominous cackling of Emperor Palpatine, it is already assumed to be the second Death Star that was felled in Return of the Jedi and therefore this is the planet of Endor.
We know from a certain Ewok film from the 80’s, that Endor does indeed have seas, it’s not just thick forrest.
But is it actually Palpatine? or is it an old holo-recording? or…… is it a clone?!

And finally……….Leia!!
Looks like JJ is delivering on his promise of not using CGI to re-create Carrie.
He promised faithfully to use footage that had already been shot for The Force Awakens and then to actually write a script around them so that she would actively be a part of this final movie.
A fitting tribute and one that I am sure will have fans in tears!

So there you have it.
No doubt they will keep us waiting a few more months for the full trailer.
We will just have to make do with this for now.

Looks like Kylo sees plenty of battle in this one!

As much a I hate the fact we still have 8 months to go, I really do love the build up to the release date.
And at least I can really enjoy it this year. No Uni worries. I can waste as much time as I want on totally geeking out!!


Exciting Star Wars news!

We are rapidly approaching the release of episode 8, The Last Jedi.
We have been waiting an excruciating 2 years to find out what happens to Rey, Kylo and Finn.

Rian Johnson, the director,  has been teasing us constantly and everyone has high hopes that he has created yet another Star Wars masterpiece.

There has, however, been some drama about episode 9 that was due for release in May 2019.
The director ‘had’ been Colin Trevorrow and this was being taken cautiously by fans. They were a little nervous. So was I, to be honest. I’m not exactly a fan of Colin Trevorrow’s work.

However, Colin and Disney ‘parted ways’ earlier this week and today it was announced that JJ Abrams, who directed Force Awakens, is returning to write and direct episode 9!!
And here’s where I’m going to cry…..

Because he is going to be re-writing the script, the release has been pushed back to December 2019!!!


On the plus side, it’s JJ Abrams and I ABSOLUTELY BLOODY LOVE JJ ABRAMS!!
I now have complete faith that the trilogy will have a satisfactory, if not happy, ending.


Just had to get this down in writing before I forget about it.

I’m sat here, on a break at work, flicking through Tumblr on my phone and I notice lots of posts about ‘ashes’ in relation to Kylo Ren and The Force Awakens.

Looks like JJ Abrams has been quoted as saying that the tray Kylo stores his helmet on in the movie, is actually filled with the ashes of his dead enemies!

Well that’s not creepy at all!
I knew Kylo was unstable but this brings it to a whole new level.
I will have to look into it and blog  further tomorrow.


The disbelief just keeps on coming.

After just 26 days of release, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is now sitting in 3rd place in the All Time Worldwide movie chart.
It’s not going to take much to get it to second place and when the Bluray is released it’s going to be sitting pretty at #1…. if it doesn’t make it there before!

It has now taken a wopping $1,733,834,828 (£1,207,327,295.97)

That’s over $66,000,000 a day!

To give it another perspective, it has already taken 88 million dollars MORE than episodes I and II COMBINED!

It’s just a bit mind boggling how well this film has done.
I can honestly say that ‘I love JJ Abrams!!’


OK, I’ll admit from the start of this one….. I’m a Trekker.
The only reason I have my own family right now is because of Star Trek.
I met my husband when I joined a Star Trek club.
We spent the first ten years of our relationship going to conventions.
We had fun.

So with that said, How Times Have Changed Part 4 is dedicated to Star Trek.
Classic and Re-boot.

So let’s start with the characters.

Captain Kirk played by William Shatner and now Chris Pine.
Everyone remembers Captain Kirk.
He’s handsome, arrogant, heroic, bull headed and adventurous.
With the re-boot, they’ve also added, boyish, falable and even more handsome.
Oh yes, Chris Pine also has ‘the eyes’.


Mr Spock played by Leonard Nimoy and now Zachary Quinto.
Captain Kirk’s right hand man.
He’s alien, intelligent, serious and emotionless. Kirk’s reasoning.
With the re-boot, they’ve played with the emotionless side but he’s still serious and intelligent.
I was very unsure about the casting for this one until I actually saw Zachary Quinto in the role.
He’s brilliant! He worked alongside Nimoy himself to get it right and has kept in touch with him ever since.


Dr McCoy played by Deforest Kelley and now Karl Urban.
The third player in the Kirk, Spock, McCoy triumvirate.
McCoy, is grumpy, argumentative and good at his job.
With the re-boot, McCoy is grumpy, argumentative and good at his job.
He is also played perfectly by Karl Urban who is a huge Star Trek fan.
He literally channels Deforest Kelley and it’s quite spooky to watch just how good he is at times.


Sulu played by George Takei and now John Cho.
Sulu is the pilot of the Enterprise. He is also an excellent swordsman.
In the re-boot, he is still the pilot of the Enterprise. He’s a bit of a novice and is thrown in at the deep end but proves himself worthy of the challenge.
They also keep his swordfighting skills that actually come in very handy.


Chekov played by Walter Koenig and Anton Yelchin.
Chekov is the youngster of the crew.
He’s intelligent and eager.
With the re-boot, he’s even younger and even more eager.


Uhura played by Nichelle Nichols and Zoe Saldana.
Uhura is intelligent, good at her job and sexy with it.
Nichelle Nichols helped break down some barriers at the time of the original series and actually had the first interacial kiss broadcast on TV.
With the re-boot, Uhura is still intelligent, good at her job and sexy but she is also defiant and kick ass.


Scotty played by James Doohan and Simon Pegg.
Scotty quite literally holds the enterprise together.
He is an exceptional engineer and knows the ship from end to end. He also enjoys a drink!
Again I was a little unsure about the casting of Simon Pegg in this role.
I needn’t have worried. In the re-boot he is still an exceptional engineer, gets to know the Enterprise from end to end, he also enjoys a drink.
Simon Pegg also uses his amazing acting skills to bring a bit of humor to the role.


The Enterprise herself has always remained recognisable.
She was groundbreaking in the 60’s. There had never been anything like her on TV before.
She went through various upgrades and redesigns with the movies until we get to the beautiful Abrams re-boot design.
She needed to be similar to the TV Ship but she needed to be tweeked enough to make her work for the modern audiences.
I think they succeeded quite nicely.



The original series was colourful. It tackled modern issues in a completely different way to what had been seen before.
It made people think of the possibilities of our future. Peaceful co-existence, exploration, human potential.


The re-boot has kept all of that. It has just brought it up to modern standards for a modern audience who expect more from their special effects.


As much as we had a lot to thank the original crew for, they did end up a little like geriatrics in space!


The show desperately needed re-envisioning and I think JJ Abrams has done an outstanding job.
He’s kept everything still very much noticeable as Star Trek.


But he’s given us new imagery.
Amazing special effects.
A twist on the whole Star Trek Mythos that means he can re-write everything we know about Star Trek.
A whole new future for a whole new (old) crew.



I love Classic Star Trek.
I love everything it has given us on TV, from Classic Trek through Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise.
I love all the movies prior to the re-boot.
I love the conventions and all the colourful people that attend them.


I love the re-boot Star Trek.
The two movies to date have been exciting.
Every cast member has recreated their respective characters amazingly well.
The whole feel of the movies is lavish. The Abrams lens flare works!
The twist in the story was a stroke of genius.
I can’t wait to see how far they will go.


I can’t actually decide which one I love the most.
I am going to put this one down to a draw.
I have too much respect for the original and what it gave us to just dismiss it.
I love the re-boot too much to ignore it.


As star Trek Into Darkness has yet to be release in the States I am issuing a spoiler warning for this post.
I will be briefly discussing a major spoiler so If you don’t want to know, don’t read any further.


We had an early start today with an academic mentoring meeting with Murron’s form tutor.
Despite Murron’s protestations she is actually doing really well and is on target with just about everything.
We came away with a few tips to hopefully help her out a bit.

Shortly after coming back home I was picked up by my brother and then on our way to Milton Keynes to see Star Trek Into Darkness.
The first time for my brother who hasn’t even seen the first film!! and the 3rd time for me.

What I will say this time round is that the sound was a lot better. Our local cinema needs a serious refurb.
I also noticed a couple of small points.
JJ has always stated that this film was for everyone, even if you haven’t seen the first re-boot film or any of the original series and movies.
For the most part this is correct, however I noticed two points that did need a bit of back history that we simply don’t get with this film.
Firstly, Spock Prime.
It is not explained in this film how Spock Prime is in this time line. You needed to see the first film to understand this.
Secondly, the ‘reveal’ of the villain.
For any fan this was a brilliant moment but for anyone who hasn’t seen the original series or movies, the moment ‘Harrison’ reveals he is actually ‘Khan’ loses all impact if you have no knowledge of Khan from the original series.
There must have been a few people who simple said ‘who?’
That said, this still does not detract from the fact that this film is an exciting roller coaster of a ride from start to finish.

Right, I think I am all Star Trekked out now.
Roll on the BluRay release.

So, came home and settled on the computer for a while to catch up on Tumblr.
Things have gone a little crazy for karl Urban’s new TV series, ‘Almost Human’
After the release of the 4 minute trailer yesterday, we are now inundated with official photos and a behind the scenes look with JJ Abrams.
I think I have found my new obsession!

So here is JJ explaining himself…..

And here are some ‘cherry picked’ images of Karl looking his usual incredible self.








I may fail miserably but I will ‘try’!

It’s due out in the Autumn run of new shows that usually start around the end of September.
I don’t have a date yet but I’ll let you know when I do.


OK, it’s official.
The Star Trek Into Darkness press tour has started with a photo call on Bondi Beach in Sydney.
Look at that sun and beach!!
I really need to win the lottery.

Bondi 01

Bondi 02

They were all presented with promotional surf boards.

Bondi 03

Bondi 4

Bondi 5

Karl looks like a happy bunny!!
He should.
Out of that little crew he’s probably the only one who knows how to use it.
Take a look at Karl having fun!

So, we should be getting plenty of interviews and photos to flood my blog with over the next few weeks.
Going to be good.
For me anyway!

Only 17 days to go!!


JJ Abrams loves to ‘play’ with the fans.
He never gives out too much information, is fiercely protective about script and film leaks onto the internet and drip feeds us just enough to keep us eagerly awaiting the arrival of a film for months and keep us guessing and debating at every turn!

Earlier this morning I posted the link to the new International Trailer.
Take another quick look.

Did you spot it?
No, I didn’t either until it was pointed out to me by my Tumblr friends who have been frantically capping and Giffing images. (Thanks Guys!!)

If you watch closely, at 1:36, the scene with Carol Marcus in her underwear, if you freeze the frame, towards the top of the open door behind her is a sign.
On this sign is written bit.ly/WyJV4F
Follow this link on the internet and you will be rewarded with a beautiful new High Res poster for the UK release of the film on the 9th May!
No Bones but still a nice image.

Just 49 days and counting!!


So, last night was Superbowl Sunday.
Well done Baltimore.

Not that I was all that interested in the game.
Staying up until the early hours to watch it like I used to do in my teens is not really my thing anymore.
No, my attention, sad as it sounds, is to troll Youtube the morning after looking for the featured TV spots!

I found the one I wanted!!!

Doesn’t give much more away than the first couple of teasers but there is one crucial conversation……

Kirk:  Who the hell are you?
? Harrison:  I am better.
Kirk:  At what.
? Harrison:  Everything!

OMG OMG OMG. JJ you are a genious.
This STILL gives nothing away.

I blogged back on Dec 29…..
‘They’ve done an incredible job keeping information about this film under wraps.
Little snippets of info are occasionally given but nothing concrete.
Of course the biggest piece of info everyone wanted to know about was ‘who is the villain?

We know he’s played by Benedict Cumberbatch and we have been told it is a man called ‘John Harrison’
Do I believe that?……. actually….. NO I DON’T!’

This TV spot has done nothing but throw fandom on it’s head yet again.
Go online and you will see the argument still raging.
NO-ONE believes the villain is ‘John Harrison’ but…. and this is crucial….. most of the arguments are for Khan.
I’m sorry but I still believe the villain is Gary Mitchell.

C’mon…., Cumberbatch is still being listed as ‘Khan (rumoured) on IMDB
As soon as a character is confirmed by a studio for any film the IMDB site is updated. Within hours.
Paramount officially announced Cumberbatch’s villain as ‘John Harrison’ WEEKS ago.
So why is the site still not updated for such a high profile film?

Because the villain is NOT John Harrison and Paramount are preventing IMDB from announcing the real villain. Simple.

JJ Abrams is a master of secrecy.
You just have to look at his past record.
Lost – TV
Alcatraz – TV
Fringe – TV
Person of Interest – TV
Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol – Movie
The first Star Trek – Movie

He knows how to tease.
He knows how to whip up lots of free advertising.
What better way than to get the fans talking on forums or blogging their thoughts and arguments.
It all goes to making a brilliant and exciting experience.

I just hope the film doesn’t disappoint!!

Remember, Star Trek Into Darkness is in 101 days.


OK, it’s been a while since I blogged about ‘you know who’
I can’t really justify a fourth ‘Dish of the Week’ on him…… yet.
So I’ve just spent some time organising the photos I’ve been grabbing from the internet over the last couple of months (all 400 of them… how sad)
I noticed some cracking candids of Karl being Karl.
He’s such a dork!
I love him.

It all started just over ten years ago when he became popular playing two characters in Xena Warrior Princess and Hercules The Legendary Journeys.
He started to attend conventions and his inner Geek had chance to play.
He was young, he was scruffy and he just wanted to party!

349  084

A few New Zealand movies later and along came Lord of the Rings. Two Towers and Return of the King.
Karl was thrown into a whole new level of fandom.

176  307

395  389

One short bromance later and he found himself in the USA.
Chronicles of Riddick, Bourne Supremacy, Doom, Pathfinder….. Just a few films later and along comes Star Trek.
Dr Bones McCoy is a role Karl was born to play and he has been in convention and red carpet heaven ever since.

011  043


046  037

050  067

099  104

128  136

234  295

327  350

300  325

170  361

250  314

225  313

275  288


Helen Mirren was clearly very taken with him when they filmed the hilarious ‘RED’

Karl is very animated when he’s interviewed and he absolutely loves conventions.
He always makes time for his fans.

371  396

401  377


Just a thought, but with the news in recent days that JJ Abrams will be directing the new Star Wars film for Disney, and knowing that JJ is ‘fully’ aware of Karl’s inner Geek, could Karl land a role in it?
Would Karl want to take on yet another franchise?


What a stupid question that is!! Can’t believe I even asked it.