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We went to see Hansel and Gretel this afternoon.
We saw the 3D version which in hindsight was probably a mistake.
Don’t get me wrong, the film was good but the 3D was VERY overpowering and overall I found it very distracting.

The film itself was good, but not great.
Jeremy Renner is adorable and Gemma Arterton is kick Ass.
It’s just a shame that I was drawn away from the story by the extreme 3D effects.
They tried to cram too much into each action sequence and it all moved so fast that you actually ‘missed’ bits of the action.

I came away wondering if I had enjoyed the film at all.
In truth I think I did.
I will be getting it on BluRay when It’s released in the hope that seeing it in a toned down 2D scenario will make it more enjoyable.


Ian finished nights this morning and decided to stay up.
We had a leisurely morning and did the shopping for the next few days.
Dharma had netball after school until 16:30 and was going to Nan’s afterwards.
We decided that as it was Wednesday we would take a trip to the cinema with our Orange Wednesday BOGOF codes.
We wanted to see Hansel and Gretel.
Mum agreed to keep Dharma for a few hours because she didn’t want to go and see it.

So, after checking the Cineworld website we arrived at the cinema.
As Ian was already flagging he didn’t want to stress his eyes out with a 3D version so we wanted to see the 2D version.
We were told that they weren’t showing a 2D version tonight!! Even though the website clearly stated they were.
As we hadn’t got our 3D glasses with us, we weren’t prepared to pay for new glasses or even the 3D premium so we headed home.

What a total waste of time and a complete disappointment because this is one of the films this year I really want to see!!
The blonde bimbo behind the counter was lucky she didn’t get a slap after the dirty look she gave me when I told her that their website was crap.

I have checked the website since getting home and at no point does it state that the showings tonight and tomorrow night are preview only shows and are 3D only.
Apparantly, according to the bimbo, the 2D showings don’t start until Friday when the film officially opens.
Doesn’t change the fact that we still didn’t get to see it tonight.

hansel and gretel

Yes Jeremy, that’s exactly how I felt!!


As usual, a brilliant, witty and funny introduction by Stephen Fry but that was sadly pood on from a great height by the first (and as it turns out only) musical interlude of the night. An absolutely disastrous rendition of Tear Us Apart by Paloma Faith. She killed it.

So, to the awards.
Introduced by Bradley Cooper and Ben Affleck.
Outstanding British Film – Skyfall.
Yay! and it beat Les Mis…. bonus!

Introduced by Sally Field.
Original Screenplay – Quentin Tarrantino and Django Unchained.
Can’t comment because I haven’t seen the film.

Of course the awards are interspersed with a look at the movies that are nominated for best picture.
The first film nomination to be reviewed is Argo.
A film I really want to see.

Award number 3.
Introduced by Jennifer Lawrence.
Best supporting actor – Christoph Waltz for Django Unchained.
Oh dear, first of the emotional speaches for the night but thankfully a quick one.

Introduced by Billy Connolly.
Outstanding debut by a British Writer, Director or Producer – Bart Layton and Damitri Doganis for The Imposter
Ah, cute! They are so nervous!!

Next film nomination to be reviewed is Life of Pi
Can’t make my up about wanting to see this one or not.
Don’t know if it’s going to be overwhelmed by the special effects.

Award number 5.
Introduced by Chris Tucker.
Special Visual Effects – The Life of Pi.
Nice quick speech.

Introduced by George Clooney.
Best Supporting Actress – Anne Hathaway for Les Miserables
First Les Mis award of the night. Not a surprise. As much as I didn’t personally like the movie she did an incredible job as Fantine.
Ok Ok, spit it out Anne…. enough already!

The third film nomination to be reviewed is Zero Dark Thirty.
Do I really want to go and see a film about a subject that has been plastered all over the news for the last decade?
Do I want to go into that much detail so soon?

Award number 7.
Introduced by Simon Pegg and Jennifer Garner.
Best Adapted screenplay – Silver Linings Playbook.

Introduced by Danny Boyle
Outstanding contribution to British Cinema – Tessa Ross.
From the review of her work she thoroughly deserved it.

The fourth film nomination to be reviewed is Lincoln.
Ah, Steven Spielberg.
Mmm, might just have to see this one. Looks a bit thought provoking.
A Brit playing an American leader is a bonus.

Award number 9.
Introduced by Gemma Arterton and Tim Roth
Film not in the English language – Amour
Yay, no speach

Introduced by John C Reilly and Sarah Silverman
EE Rising Star Award – Juno Temple

Martin Hamlisch
Jake Eberts
Ravi Shankar
Celeste Holm
Michael Winner
Ernest Borgnine
Frank Pierson
Sylvia Krystel
Herbert Lom
Cornel Lucas
Robert Fuest
Dinah Sheriden
Charles Durning
Nora Ephron
Joyce Redman
Richard Zanuck
Patricia Medina
Stuart Freeborn
Richard Rodney Bennett
Bruce Surtees
Michael Clark Duncan
Tony Scott
I’ve probably missed one or two, or spelled a few names wrong so please forgive me, it’s not easy to keep up with live!!!

Award number 11.
Introduced by Henry Cavill and Martin Freeman (lol, little and large)
Best documentary – Searching for Sugarman

The fifth film nomination the be reviewed is Les Miserables
Just see my review from yesterday. Not overly fussed by all the fuss!

Award number 12.
Introduced by Ian McKellen
Best Director – Ben Affleck!!!!!
Yes! Really pleased about that one. I think he’s is much under rated at times.

Introduced by Jeremy Renner. yum yum yum
Best Leading Actress – Emmanuelle Rieva

Introduced by Sarah Jessica Parker
Best Leading Actor – Daniel Day Lewis
A little disappointed.
Wanted to see that award in Hugh Jackman’s hand but then I haven’t seen Lincoln so I can’t comment on Daniel’s performance.

Introduced by Samual L Jackson
The Best Film of 2013 is……..
Drum Roll Please…….
Whoo Hoo. Sorry but I just didn’t want to see Les Mis get it.

The BAFTA Fellowship award introduced by Kevin Spacey.
This award went to Alan Parker.
A lovely simple and humble speech.

So there you have it.
2 hours of awards that went very quickly and ended on time!
Lovely short speeches and no musical interludes.
I’ll bet it’s going to be a far cry from the Oscars in a couple of weeks!


As this year is looking to be quite uneventful I have resigned myself to the fact that my only form of escape this year is going to be through movies.
I’m actually quite excited about that fact.
As a teenager ‘my thing’ was movies.
They have taken a bit of a back seat over the last 15 years and now that my kids are old enough to see a lot of my films or look after themselves when I decide to go to a movie without them, I have decided that movies are going back on the menu.
Orange Wednesdays are going to come in very handy I think!

I’ve been taking a look at what’s coming.
YouTube is a great place to find teasers and trailers!

So! In another week or so we are expecting. Hansel and Gretel – Witch Hunters.
This looks like it’s going to be a fun take on the popular children’s fairy tale.

Then in February we are expecting another take on another popular fairy tale, Jack The Giant Killer

In March there is OZ The Great and Powerful
A prequel to The Wizard of OZ telling the tale of the arrival of the Wizard in OZ and the story of how he became ‘Great’

In April we have the first of My Karl Urban must sees.
The loft = Five friends who share a loft for their extramarital affairs begin to question one another after the body of an unknown woman is found in the property.
I’m really looking forward to this one. From the trailer, Karl looks to be playing a bit of shit! Albeit a very sexy one. It’s the kind of role I haven’t seen him play yet as he seems to be more at home with a bit of action.
Click on the link to take a look at the trailer.

Also in April we have Oblivion.
Tom Cruise’s new movie about a character called ‘Jack Harper’
One of the few remaining drone repairmen assigned to Earth, its surface devastated after decades of war with the alien Scavs, discovers a crashed spacecraft with contents that bring into question everything he believed about the war, and may even put the fate of mankind in his hands.
Looks quite interesting!

In May we have the second of my Karl Urban ‘must sees’ and probably the film that I am looking forward to the most this year.
Star Trek Into Darkness.
I’m still not convinced that ‘John Harrison’ is the villain. Has JJ done a good job of deflecting everyone from the real villain or am I just reading way too much into it all? We’ll just have to wait and see.

In May we also have Iron Man 3
I love Robert Downey Jr. I can even forgive him for the travesty that is Sherlock Holmes.
I enjoyed Iron Man, loved Iron Man 2, was in awe of The Avengers and can’t wait for Iron Man 3.

In June we have another of my eagerly anticipated movies.
The reboot of the Superman franchise, Man of Steel.
I was very surprised when I found out the choice of the actor to play the man himself.
Henry Cavill.
He first came to my attention in The Tudors. He is lovely. He has stunning eyes and a beautiful smile but he has a well spoken English accent.
In The Immortals he certainly proved that he could ‘muscle up’ and in ‘In The Cold Light of Day’ he proved that he could carry an American accent.
From the pictures I’ve seen, not only has he muscled up but he’s bulked up as well. He’s huge! But still gorgeous with stunning eyes and a beautiful smile.
This looks a lot more gritty than Superman movies past and I’m tingling to see where they are taking it.

In June we also have a new Will Smith movie. Another that he stars with his own son in.
After Earth = After a crash landing, a father and son explore a planet that was evacuated by humans 1,000 years earlier.
This looks good but I get the feeling it may actually be quite a dud! Don’t know why really judging by the trailer.

Also in June we have World War Z.
I’m not a zombie fan. Zombies are simply not challenging or frightening. Probably why I love Shawn of the Dead!
However, give a zombie a bit of speed and they become quite freaky! That’s what they’ve done with this.

That’s the first half of the year.
I probably wont get to see all of them and there are probably some films out there that I’ve missed.
They are not brain taxing and they are not Oscar contenders but that’s the way I like my movies.
There are two that I definitely will not be missing. At least there’s going to be plenty of Karl Urban this year.