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It was back to Uni today after a few days off where I’ve been lucky enough to watch all of the Men’s artistic gymnastics at the Commonwealth Games…… well, almost all.

This morning was the last of the individual apparatus events with England taking another 5 medals!!

I was up at the crack of dawn….again…. showered, dressed and ready for Uni so that I could sit and watch as much of the last three events as I could.

Uni starts at 09:30 which means I have to leave home at around 08:20 to make sure I arrive on time if the traffic is heavy. The last of the events wasn’t scheduled to finish until 08:40!! So frustrating!!


Courtney Tulloch got a silver to add to his 2 golds for team and rings and Dominic Cunningham got Bronze to add to his team gold.

Commonwealth 8

Then my favourite, Nile Wilson took Silver on the Parallel bars, taking his medal hall to 2 golds and two silvers! He was in gold position for a while until Marios Giorgiou from Cyprus, gave an amazing performance and snatched it away. Marios has had an unbelievable games, taking a bronze in the all around event and gold in the floor and parallel bars.

Commonwealth 9

Finally, it was time for the final piece of aparatus and Nile’s strongest piece. He was also the defending Commonwealth champion. I had enough time to see Nile give his performance and see him take 1st position and then I had to leave for Uni.
I left instructions with daughter number 2 to text me the final result.

I arrived at Uni just after 09:00 and looked at my phone.

Commonwealth 11

I knew that there were another 4 gymnasts after Nile, with Frank Baines of Scotland right at the end, so what she’d messaged was quite possible.

I had a heart stopping few minutes in the car as I tried to confirm what she’d told me.
Let’s just say, the continuation of that converstion was not for delicate ears!!

Of course Nile got the gold!!! and James Hall took joint Silver with Cory Paterson from Canada.

Commonwealth 10

So!! Nile’s total medal haul is 3 golds and 2 silvers!! and he continues to amaze me with his talent, his dedication and his absolute love and enthusiasm for his sport.
His Youtube Vlogs are hilarious. His Youtube Vlogs with his dad are even funnier.

All in all, the home nations haul of medals in the gymnastics wasn’t too shabby!!
9 Golds.
6 Silvers.
8 Bronze.
If my calculations are correct.

I think my favourite win has to go to Rhys McClenaghan who snatched the Gold away from his idol, Max Whitlock on the Pommel.
Every time I watch him finishing his routine, when the emotion of realising what he’s just done hits him, the quivering bottom lip!! I just want to give him the biggest hug!

Right, time for the diving!!




What a competition that was. Talk about heart pounding stuff!
Again, the boys did good in the all-around competition.
Nile took the gold and James took the silver.

Commonwealth 6

It’s now 3am and I’m off to bed, although I’m so pumped full of adrenaline I don’t think I’ll be sleeping much!