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Right , here it is.
First ‘Dish of the Week’ for 2018.

As I have just watched him in a beautiful film that I would highly recommend watching, Call Me By Your Name, and, as this is not the first film I’ve seen and liked him in, I thought it was about time that Armie Hammer got a ‘Dish of the Week’ mention.

Armie Hammer 3

Look at those eyes!

Armie was born in 1986 (how depressing) and is a staggering 6 foot 5 inches tall.
He is a stunningly beautiful work of natural art.

He first hit my radar when he appeared in Mirror Mirror as Prince Alcott and when he took the lead role in The Lone Ranger with Johnny Depp.

Neither film left me ‘wanting’ to see them again unfortunately, but then he starred alongside ‘Henry Cavill’ (Dish of the week #20 #25 AND #39…. tough competition!!) in The Man From U.N.C.L.E!!

Armie Hammer 8

It doesn’t show in the poster but Armie is a whopping 4 inches taller than Henry!!
It certainly shows in the film.

Armie Hammer 9

I liked the original TV show and  I loved this film, I hope to see a sequel but unfortunately I’m not holding out much hope at this point.

I’ve seen him in Nocturnal Animals that he appears in alongside Jake Gyllenhaal who is Dish of the Week #62.

Armie Hammer 10

I don’t think I was in the right frame of mind however, and can barely remember anything about it. I will have to try it again.

Before ‘Call Me By Your Name’ I saw him in ‘Mine’

Armie Hammer 11

He plays a soldier who is on an assassination attempt that goes wrong.
He ends up triggering a land mine. He’s on his own, in the middle of the desert, exposed to the elements and he must survive the psychological and physical strain if he is to see his rescue!
It is literally Armie, standing on a landmine, in the middle of the desert and tackling every demon imaginable.
It is a brilliant film!!

But ‘Call Me By Your Name’ is an absolute masterpiece.
I hate to jinx it by saying ‘Oscar’ worthy as we are just a couple of weeks away from nominations, but I really think this stands a chance of a few nominations.

So there it is.
The first Dish of 2018.
What a tasty dish he is.


OK, there may be some spoilers so if you haven’t seen the film yet don’t go any further.






You’ve been warned!





Ok, if you’ve got this far and want to continue, I am not to blame if you feel the film has been spoiled for you.

Anyway, for the most part, I enjoyed Justice League.
The film was fast paced and never dull.
The dry one-liners from Alfred were amusing.
I have just got to say that Ben Afleck is looking FINE!

bruce wayne

I love Barry Allen! Ezra Miller is adorable as the Flash and I can’t wait to see his standalone movie in 2020! (WHY SO LONG?!!!)
When he told Bruce Wayne that ‘he needed friends’, I just wanted to hug him.


Arthur Curry is HOT! Aquaman is going to be an interesting one to see in his standalone movie next year.
Jason Momoa has gone from gorgeous to STEAMING!!


What more can a girl ask for in a movie?
A kick Ass female.
I know I was a bit dubious about Gal Gadot when I first found out she was going to be playing the role of Wonder Woman, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.


wonder woman

What about Superman? I hear you ask.

Here’s the sticking point of the movie for me.
As regular followers of my blog will know, I love Henry Cavill.
What’s not to like?

However, Warner Bros have messed up royally.

This summer, Justice League had some re-shoots and for some reason there was a decision to change the story and the look of the final film and it looks like a lot of cool scenes were cut and some rushed scenes added.
By the time they needed to do this filming, Henry had grown an impressive moustache for his upcoming role in M:I 6 – Mission Impossible and paramount would not let him shave it.
So some bright spark, or should I say ‘complete twat’ at Warner Bros decided that, instead of going with what they had, and would probably have been an even more incredible movie, their only option was to CGI the lower half of Henry’s face which is probably about 90% of his scenes in Justice League!!
To say it made Henry look ridiculous is an understatement and it was really distracting from the movie, right from the very first scene.

superman wierd

If I was Henry, I would be thinking twice about signing anymore contracts with Warner Bros. The CGI was terrible!! and made him the laughing stock of the movie.

So there you have it, a bit of a love hate review for this one. If it hadn’t been for that ludicrous decision to CGI Henry’s face, it probably would have been a love love review.


I’m going to give this review a spoiler alert.
I don’t go into great detail about things but if you haven’t seen it yet be warned.

I will admit that when I first found out about this film I was disappointed.

I was disappointed that Henry wasn’t getting a chance to individually build on his Superman with another standalone Superman movie.
I was disappointed in the choice of actor to play Batman.
Even though I’m a Ben Affleck fan, I just didn’t see him as Batman material.
I was disappointed about the introduction of Wonder Woman.
I’ve never been a Wonder Woman fan.
I was even more disappointed in the choice of actor to play Lex Luthor.
I’m not a Jesse Eisenberg fan.

However, the more I found out about it and after seeing the trailers, I was seriously warming to the idea of this film.
I made the mistake of reading a few press reviews after it premiered and this made me start to doubt the film all over again, so when I went to see it in the IMAX today I was a little apprehensive.

I needn’t have worried!

I’m still loving the fact that Lois is the only one who knows who Clark Kent really is and that they are now in a full blown relationship.
Henry is looking better than ever as Superman and is still coming to terms with his reveal to the world and how they are perceiving him.
He’s still doubting that he’s done the right thing.


What can I say about Ben Affleck.
He was perfect.
Seriously one of the best takes on Batman yet.
Take Christian Bale’s Batman, put 10 – 15 years on him and you have Ben Affleck’s Batman.
Mean, moody, psychotic and angry.
He is also looking incredibly good and very fit!


Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman was surprisingly good and my interest has now piqued for the Wonder Woman movie.
She was elegant as Diana Prince and Kick Ass as Wonder Woman.
I just hope they steer clear of the insanely tacky invisible jet and I hope she can carry a movie on her own.


I had no idea the film was just short of 3 hours long and it needed to be.
This is a set up film for a lot of future DC movies. Wonder Woman(2017), Flash(2018), Aqua Man(2018), Cyborg(2020), Justice League(2017+2019) and Suicide Squad(August this year) are all springboarding from this movie.

That said, apart from Wonder Woman featuring quite heavily and helping to save the day, the other characters only get a small introduction via computer files found by Bruce Wayne and then shown to Diana Prince.
The discussion at the end of the movie about finding them and bringing them together is a complete set up for the Justice League movies.

Ben Affleck can be seen again as Batman later this year when he appears in Suicide Squad and he has got a lot of hard work ahead of him to stay in shape as he has signed up for Justice League parts 1 and 2 and so has Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot.

Now, Jesse Eisenberg.
Mmmm, I think he was the only real disappointment for me.
I found him just a bit too manic and crazy.


I always picture him as more controlled, still batshit crazy but controlled.
Jesse didn’t quite cut the mustard for me, not to say that he spoiled the film, far from it.
The rest of the film was so good, I can forgive this one little indiscretion.

I can also forgive the abundant use of CGI.
It worked.
It worked where the Star Wars prequels failed.

Overall, Batman vs Superman was a brilliant addition to the DC collection.
It took it’s time to tell the story and was careful not to overshadow Batman and Superman with future characters.
Even Wonder Woman was well placed and not over powering.
She worked well with Bruce Wayne and will be a great team mate or even partner to Bruce Wayne in the Justice League movies.

I may just have to go and see it again.

Right, now bring on the Suicide Squad!!

Suicide Squad 8


Day 3 – Henry Cavill

Henry has made it to my Dish of the weeks on several occasions so it’s not surprising he’s made it into the last 25.

He first came to my attention when he played Charles Brandon in ‘The Tudors’ but has recently made quite a name for himself as the new Superman.

Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill 5


I took some time out this afternoon to go and see The Man From Uncle with Ian.
I’ve been wanting to see this film for weeks and simply haven’t been able to find the right time.
Either I had work commitments, or Ian had work commitments, or there was simply another movie that took priority.
Anyway, today was the day.

I went into it with some trepidation as I was never a huge fan of the original series.
I was, however, a fan of Henry Cavill. I’ve loved him ever since he was King Henry’s right hand man in the Tudors, Charles Brandon and I am so happy he is the new Superman.

Henry Cavill

At 6 foot 1 inches, he is tall and smouldering and has beautiful eyes and a wicked smile and knows how to pile on the muscle when needed.

However, watching The Man From Uncle, I found my attention being pulled away from the smouldering Henry by Armie Hammer.
I’ve never really seen him in anything.
The Lone Ranger just looked so bad I’ve never gone near it.
I may rectify that.
Armie hammer stands a clear 4 inches taller than Superman himself and this kept steeling my attention.
He’s quite a handsome man.

Armie Hammer

On closer inspection of his IMDB profile however, it turns out that I’m old enough to be his mother!!!

I’ll end this blog by saying that I thoroughly enjoyed The Man From Uncle.
I would like to see a sequel but I don’t think it’s been doing very well and may not make it to another outing.
Time will tell.


I’ve had a lovely week off work.
I’ve spent time just pottering around the house, watching movies, going out to breakfast and having a lovely meal out to celebrate my birthday.
I’ve done a tiny amount of college work and absolutely no work in my garden what so ever!!
I may just regret that but… hey ho!!

Anyway, I’ve just taken a look at some of the films I’ve watched over the last week.

Edge of Tomorrow
Day After Tomorrow
Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome
Prince of Persia
Red Dawn
The Ten Commandments
Man of Steel
Avengers Assemble
Captain America: The First Avenger

I wanted to see what attracted me to them.
There are 2 films starring Tom Cruise and these films I would put down to great stories and effects, as I have never found Tom Cruise himself to be very appealing.
There is one Karl Urban movie and it is also a great action/comedy.
There are surprisingly no Joel Kinnaman movies in there but that may be rectified tonight as I fancy a little Robocop!
There is a young Mel Gibson movie in there. Blue eyes and incredible looks.
There is a classic movie in there with one of my very first hollywood crushes, Charlton Heston.
The bulk of the movies consist of heroes.
Superman, Prince of Persia, Captain America, The Avengers (Thor, Iron Man, Cap America, Hawkeye)

It’s when I look at those hero movies that I begin to notice a pattern.
The shoulder to waist ratio of most of the actors…. particualarly Chris Evans…… is something I find very appealing.
So does my daughter Marjorie apparantly as I found her giggling to herself everytime there was a close up shot of Chris Evans’ butt walking into shot in The Avengers!

Let’s start with Chris Evans.
He has played 2 superheroes on the big screen, Johnny Storm in Fantastic four and Steve Rogers (Captain America) in both Captain America movies and Avengers Assemble.
He was amazing looking with a cocky attitude in Fantastic four but has built on his physique for Captain America and now he has a shoulder to waist ratio to absolutely die for!

chris evans 01 chris evans 02

Chris Hemsworth as Thor also has a physique with and incredible shoulder to waist ratio.

Chris Hemsworth 04

Chris Hemsworth 05

Henry Cavill has been a bit of a surprise over the last few years.
He caught my attention in The Tudors but when this show finished he picked up work in Hollywood.
He started working on his physique for Immortals and then won the role of Superman in Man of Steel.
For Superman he expanded his physique even more until he was virtually unrecognisable from his role in The Tudors.

Henry Cavill 4

Shoulder to waist!

Henry Cavill 5

As a movie goer, I am in fangirl heaven at the moment.
There are countless superhero movies on the go.
Marvel and DC are battling it out for supremacy and so are the actors!!
It’s wonderful!

Where does poor old Joel stand in all of this?
He’s still my number one actor and it looks like he’s working on that shoulder to waist ratio.
Heaven on a stick would be him landing a superhero role with Marvel!!



Before I end the day with a bit of Joel, I managed to squeeze in a bit of Henry!

Henry - 1

Henry - 2

There’s always room for Henry!

Captain America: The Winter Soldier
The Chronicles of Riddick
Cold Light of Day

Now I just need to choose which Joel film I’m in the mood for to end the day.
That could take the rest of the evening!!
I think I will flip a coin between ‘Easy Money’ and ‘In Your Veins’

Night Y’all


Well, I didn’t get out to the cinema this afternoon because Ian needed some sleep after coming off of night shift this morning and before we go out tonight.
So what I did do was watch a film I picked up at Tescos instead.
It’s a film I didn’t actually get to see in the cinema.

It’s just finished and I can honestly say, I think?…I enjoyed it but for all the wrong reasons!!

The film?

The Legend of Hercules


I love these Greek/Roman themed movies!!
I love the look.
The togas, the cloaks, the leather….oh the leather!!!, the armour, the sandals.
Of course the actors wearing the costumes don’t hurt one little bit!

Gerard Butler in 300


Henry Cavill in Immortals

Immortals 3

Russell Crowe in Gladiator


You get the idea.
So when I watched this film, I found myself quite mesmerized by images like this…..


and this…..


and this….


oh, they added water too!!!…..


Anyway, as you can see I was quite taken with this film.

The acting was, in most cases, diabolical and although the overall look of the film was beautiful, it had some wobbly moments.
Most notably with the most atrocious computer rendition of a lion I have ever seen!
They can bring dragons and dinosaurs to life and make them look convincing but they still can’t get a lion right!

There were also a couple of quick shots early on in the film where the characters are on the run on horseback and there are a couple of quick shots of them riding directly at the screen and the green screen of the scene behind them is laughably bad.
It reminded me of 80’s car shots where the actors are sat in a stationary car being rocked from side to side by assistants and then a truly bad moving background being added after the fact!

By todays standards…. it really was that bad!!
That really is a shame because it DID have some really stunning shots.
The opening scene in particular was very well done with it’s one long camera shot through all the action.

Anyway, like I said, I loved this movie for all the wrong reasons.
As a film I wouldn’t recommend it but if you love the togas and sandals look you’ll love it!!


I’ve kept quiet for a few days.
I haven’t been getting up to much, just enjoying my time off work and having a change of pace.
However, I’ve kept quiet about a couple of things for long enough.

First of all the first ’50 Shades of Grey’ trailer.

Am I excited?
Well….. no actually I’m not.

I got into the books like millions of other people did and I had a picture in my head of Christian Grey and he is supposed to be ‘stunning’.
He is supposed to be sleek and sexy and charming and he has the kind of look that makes ‘all’ women swoon and go gooey and get jealous of any other woman he may be with.

I’m really sorry if this upsets anyone but Jamie Dornan is just NONE of the above!!
OK, he’s a relatively good looking guy BUT he’s not Christian Grey.

Don’t even get me started on Dakota Johnson.
Never has a bigger casting mistake ever been made.
Too old looking, not innocent looking enough. She simply looks like a well groomed hollywood actress trying to play it down and failing miserably.
I’ll leave that one there.

Onto the next subject.
Wonder Woman.

Anyone who knows me, knows I love Superman.
I was very impressed with the recent re-boot of the franchise and I was really hoping that Henry Cavill was going to get a chance to really flourish in the next movie without being overshadowed by other big names and characters like George Clooney was as Batman.

I am getting a little worried about Superman VS Batman. Ooops, sorry…. Batman VS Superman!! He doesn’t even get first billing in the title!!
I know I probably have nothing to worry about but it’s very difficult not to.

I accepted Ben Affleck as Batman.
I like Ben Affleck and after seeing the first images of him as an older Batman I am feeling quite at ease.
When I heard ‘Wonder Woman’ was making an appearance I got extremely worried.

I’ve blogged before that I am not a Wonder Woman fan.
I have always found her character to be very cheesy and the 70’s TV series is to blame.
I began to wonder how they were going to make this look work on film.

Wonder Woman 03

Then this weekend saw the release of the first official images at Comic Con 2014.

Wonder Wooman 04

I like that they’ve dropped the ‘red, white and blue’
The earthy armoured look is much more effective and much more Amazonian.
Why would any woman, particularly one who needs to move freely to fight and defend herself, want to run around in 6 inch heels!!
Why does a sexy, confident, superhero need heel’s?
Why do heel’s have to have anything to do with that costume at all?
Wonder Woman in the comics had ‘no heels’ or ‘low heels’ she never had 6 inch wedges!
I actually feel that putting a strong powerful woman in heels like this is degrading.

Anyway, we’ll see how it works out in 2016.


OK, here goes.
Part 2 of How Times Have Changed will feature Spiderman and Superman.

Starting with Spiderman.
I’ve never been a huge Spiderman fan but the first Spiderman I can remember watching was the Amazing Spiderman from the 1970’s with Nicholas Hammond as Peter Parker.
I remember enjoying the show back then, but let’s face it, I wasn’t even 10 years old so what did I really know?!
Looking back at pictures now I feel slightly embarrassed about admitting that I watched it.


That costume looks like something that you can now buy at a fancy dress store!
I remember some of the ‘special effects’ where they were trying to get him to walk like a spider up and down walls. They simply built a set on the floor and filmed at an angle while he crawled on all fours!
Oh yes, I remember the Kenny Everett comedy sketch based on the series where Spiderman desperately needs to go to the loo. He finally gets to a toilet and realises he doesn’t have a zipper….. one wet Spiderman.

Anyway, that was my only experience with Spiderman until 2002 when Director Sam Raimi gave us a new Spiderman in the form of Toby Maguire.
A bright red and royal blue outfit is not an easy one to update and make look cool but I think he did a good job.


The colours were a lot deeper and the rubberised webbing effect gave the costume some real depth.
Although at the time I felt that Toby Maguire was a bit of an odd choice for the role, I think he pulled it off quite nicely.


Toby had three outings as Spiderman between 2002 and 2007 and faced adversaries in the form of The Green Goblin, Dr Octopus, The Sandman and Venom.


The film also had one of the sexiest screen kisses in film history!.


In 2012 the Director Marc Webb gave us a complete re-boot of the franchise with Andrew Garfield in the lead role.
It has taken me a little while to warm up to this one.


This Spiderman is leaner and cockier than the Toby Maguire version.
The costume is a lot more streamlined and they’ve lost the heavy rubberised webbing effect but it still works.


However, I wasn’t overly impressed with the choice of villain in the form of ‘The Lizard’


At the minute I am going to say my favourite Spiderman to date has been Toby Maguire.
I loved that costume, liked the choice of villains, loved ‘That Kiss’!!
However, I am seeing the potential in the Andrew Garfield Spiderman and I’m looking forward to seeing the next one later this year.

Right, onto Superman.
I love superhero movies but Superman is quite possibly my favourite.
Unfortunatley for various reasons, after Christopher Reeve, the Superman franchise has always struggled at the movies.

Anyway, I know Superman has had lots of incarnations prior to Christopher Reeve but I am only reviewing the incarnations I know and love so I am starting with Christopher Reeve.
I will also only be doing my movie favourites!! The TV ones are another can of worms altogether.


1978 saw Christopher Reeve don the cape and boots for the first time.
The influence of this film eventually helped establish the superhero concept as a respected film genre.

Christopher Reeve was a virtually unknown actor when he took on the role and beat quite a lot of Holly wood royalty for the role.
Warren Beatty,James Caan, Burt Reynolds, Kris Kristofferson, Nick Nolte, Robert Redford, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ryan O’Neal, Jeff Bridges, Jan-Michael Vincent, David Soul, Robert Wagner and Jon Voight were all considered for the role with the front-runners being Nolte and Voight!
Christopher is widely thought to be the difinitive incarnation. He certainly looked the part. He was beautiful!


Christopher’s villains were predominantly Lex Luthor and General Zod with a later appearance of Nuclear Man but the least said about that one the better.


The first two movies were the best. The third one took a bit of a dip and concentrated more on the comedy than the action and villains and the fourth one is best forgotten about altogether!! It was abysmal!

After the abysmal Superman 4 in 1987 we had a long break before Superman’s next outing.
There were a few attempts to get the franchise going again but there were also legal wranglings to get through and of course the all important question, ‘who’ would take on the role?
Eventually, 19 years later in 2006 we were given ‘Superman Returns’


Again, it was decided to cast a virtual unknown in the role in the form of Brandon Routh.
In my opinion he was brilliant.
However, he did not go down well with the die hard fans who couldn’t get past the fact that he ‘wasn’t’ Christopher Reeve.


Brandon’s portrayal of Clark Kent was very reminicent of Christopher Reeve.
He did a fantastic job.
The costume itself was very similar to Christopher’s. The only real difference was the deepening of the colours and the more 3D chest logo and leather cape.
The film suffered because it was ‘too’ similar to the Christopher Reeve movies and people didn’t accept it.

Brandon’s villain was Lex Luthor who was played brilliantly by Kevin Spacey.


Brandon only made one Superman appearance.
Although Brandon was signed up for at least one more movie, the legal wranglings were still ongoing and his contract ran out.

In 2013, Zack Snyder took hold of the reigns for a complete re-boot of the franchise and was brave enough to say that what was past was past.
He successfully re-envisioned the whole look and feel of Superman.


He started right back at the beginning and told the story from Clarks birth right through to becoming Superman and eventually taking his place as a reporter at the Daily Planet.

The film no longer had the word ‘Superman’ in the title. It was now called ‘Man of Steel’
One of the biggest changes made was to the costume.
To get around some of the legal bits, the red underwear (overwear?) was dropped from the costume.
The colours were deepened yet again and made more metalic.
The suit was now more of an armour and made for some very sexy imagery!!



Of course the one thing that made the movie was the actor chosen to play Superman.
Henry Cavill.
A Brit no less and playing the part of an American icon!!

Henry Cavill 2

Henry was an incredible choice for the role.
He’s tall, classically handsome and bulks up very nicely in the muscle department when needed.

Snyder has also taken some much needed liberties with the Superman mythos.
The biggest decision was letting Lois Lane know who his alter ego is from day one.
She is the only one at the daily planet at the end of the film that knows who he is.
I’ve said it before, this Lois Lane is feisty and intelligent. She was never going to fall for the glasses as a disguise!!

As much as I loved Christopher Reeve in the role, Henry Cavill is fast becoming my ultimate Superman.
I just hope he doesn’t get lost in the sea of big names and villains being brought into his next outing.
Roll on 2016!!

End of part 2.
Part 3 will probably be James Bond and Star Trek.