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I’ve been avoiding trying any new TV series for a long time.
The only new programmes I’ve let myself into in the last year have been Almost Human with one of my obsessions, Karl Urban, and The Killing with my current number one obsession, Joel Kinnaman.

Tumblr is not helping my abstinence!!

I keep seeing posts for Hannibal with Mads Mikkelsen, who has been one of my Dish of the Weeks in the past and I also keep seeing post for The Vikings with Gustav Skarsgard.
So today, I actually gave into temptation and started watching Hannibal.
I would say mmmm yum! but I don’t think that’s appropriate on this occasion!
I have just finished watching the first episode and will be going straight onto episode two.


Looking good!!


While having my morning coffee and catching up on what’s been tumbled overnight, I came across a post informing all Gustav Skarsgard fans of a film that is going to be streamed on Monday evening.
It turns out it also happens to be Joel Kinnaman’s very first film!!

Unfortunately it will be airing at about 1 am UK time and after working a 12.5 hour shift, there’s just no way I’ll be awake for it.

Anyway, I’ve managed to find a few clips and photos this morning and I have come to realise…… I’VE ALREADY SEEN IT!!!

I think it may have been one of those late night, Channel Four, foreign films.
I normally just keep on channel hopping, but in this case I watched the whole film so it must have been good!!

It was long before I became a Joel Kinnaman fan but from the images I’ve seen, I remember him being part of the gang that beats the main character to oblivion.
He’s a skinhead and a coward.


He would only have been about 22 when he made it.
He’s still cute but I hope he never shaves his head like that again!!
It’s a bit too extreme for those ears!!


I’ve just spent the afternoon doing college work.
A health and safety module and a talk with statistics!
My head is swimming.

Time to relax a bit.
Do a bit of trolling for info and photos of Joel.
Hey! it’s good practice for trolling the internet for information in general so it will help with my college work.

That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

Anyway, I’ve just found a quote from Joel that goes as follows….

“My best friend, Gustaf Skarsgard had just gotten into acting school. He was talking so passionately about it, and I was completely sucked in. Our colleges are free, but the acting program is the second most expensive education, second only to fighter pilot school. They only accept 10 people a year out of about 1,500 people and I got in!

I hadn’t cried since I was 12, and it wasn’t until I started acting again that I started to find those emotions. Now I’m a total crybaby.”

Joel Kinnaman, Hollywood Reporter, June 21 2012

All I can say is that was money well spent!!
He certainly knows how to cry on cue and has put it to great use in Snabba Cash, I Skuggan Av Varmen and Johan Falk: Kodnam Lisa in particular.
He knows how to use his puppy dog eyes and posture to look totally vulnerable and when he turns the water works on, he melts your heart and has you… hook, line and sinker!!

I suppose a huge thank you has to go to Gustav Skarsgard.

Joel 05

If he hadn’t inspired Joel to go to college in the first place we wouldn’t have had the pleasure of his work so far.

Right, time for a warm bath and a book.
Still catching up on The Outlander series.