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So, I’ve done something I haven’t done in years.

I bought a magazine!!

Not that big a deal really until you see the front cover and understand WHY I bought this magazine.

GQ cover

The December issue of GQ magazine has a wonderful interview with Adam Driver and it’s chocked full of some wonderful images.

I think that this smouldering little beauty is my favourite!!


Anyway, the interview is interesting. It does cover a lot of what I already know about Adam and how he got to where he is today but it also gives some insight into his life now that Star Wars has made him very recognisable.

How Carrie Fisher told him “Just pretend you’re down to earth. People love that shit.”

How Rian Johnson “had heard about Adam’s intensity before I worked with him, but he’s also really fun and funny.” and then goes on to reveal some of his antics between takes on set.

There’s a moment during the interview that he seemingly let’s slip quite a major plot point in the new movie when he talks about “the hidden identity of this princess who’s hiding who she really is”
But it goes on to say “in passionately holding forth, Driver is simply unaware he’s revealed anything, much less a major spoiler. In any case, he doesn’t skip a beat…..”

Was Adam just trying to put into words how he sees the whole saga or did he just reveal Rey as Kylo’s sister!!
We’ll just have to wait until December to find out.

I still snicker when I think that Adam is ‘technically’ a Disney Prince!!
But I digress…….

I think my favourite part of the interview comes when he’s describing his reaction to the premier of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
As an Adam fan, I know how much he hates publicity.
He struggles with anxiety and he’s incredibly uncomfortable singing his own praises and red carpets are an absolute nightmare for him.
When it comes to premieres and screenings of his films, he will do the red carpet bit, say ‘hi’ to the fans and disappear into the cinema. He will then head out the back door and return when the credits roll. He absolutely hates to watch his own performances.
The last two years have seen him becoming more and more comfortable with this however, and I hold out much hope that he will be seen a lot more in the marketing interviews et al, for The Last Jedi, but in this interview he recalls….

“When I watched the premier, I felt sick to my stomach. The people behind me, when the scroll started, were like ‘Oh my god. Oh my god. It’s happening.’ Immediately I thought I was going to puke. I was holding my wife’s hand, and she’s like, ‘You’re really cold. Are you OK?’ Because I just knew what was coming – I kill Harrison – and I didn’t know how this audience of 2,000 people was going to respond to it, you know?”

Poor baby thought he was going to be lynched!!

Anyway, time to put the magazine away and get some work done.
We’ve got one of our yearly inspections on the house we rent on Monday, so I am going into major cleaning mode for a couple of days.

Oh the joy.