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I can’t remember the last time I blogged about attending a Collector Fayre.
It must be literally years!

Well, a last minute decision has been made to attend MCM Comic Con in London on Sunday.
At least one of the kids has decided she wants to go with us so we haven’t completely failed in our attempt to drag the kids to the dark side!

I’m actually getting quite excited about it although it’s going to hit the credit cards HARD!!

I can’t believe how expensive things have got since we last did a show.
They are asking £40 – 50 per autograph and £50 – 60 per photo opportunity on average.

I can safely say we’ll be steering clear of autographs and photo ops and sticking to wandering around the dealers tables and enjoying all the cosplayers.

I want to have a nose around for some nice movie memorabilia display pieces.
We could do with some Star Wars helmets to finish off the cabinet displays in the dining room. Kylo, Stormtroopers maybe even a Darth Vader.

I would seriously love to get a look at a black series lightsabre although I don’t think I can justify buying one!

No, I’ll be looking for some fun things.
Maybe even a General Hux cap so I can cosplay with Ian…. in private!!

I don’t think he’d go for the knee high boots though.

Bring it on!!



I really must stop torturing myself.

I have 2 painfully slow counters on my blog that keep reminding me we still have 18 months until Ep VIII and 6 months until Rogue One.

I’m looking forward to both for different reasons.

Rogue one just looks like it’s going to be stunning.

Just look at that shot of the Star Destroyer as that shadow moves across the Death Star.

Rogue One 1

That scene with the AT-AT’s on the beach!! OMG!!

Rogue One 4

This trailer throws up so many questions that I want answered NOW!!
Is the guy in white a Grand Admiral? And is he going to be seriously badass?

Rogue One 2

Who is in that Bacta tank? He’s certainly important enough to be protected by imperial guards seen flanking the tank and who is kneeling before the Bacta tank?

Rogue One 3

Who is Jyn Erso and where does she come from?
Is Jyn Erso her real name?
Look at the insignia on her arm in that last shot…. It’s Imperial!

Rogue One 5

And who is this guy?

Rogue One 6

We know that none of these characters appear in IV, V or VI so do they all die in this film?!

Anyway, onto Episode VIII

Where do I start?
So many questions left to answer.
Who is Rey?
Who are Rey’s parents and how/why did she get left behind on Jakku?
Who is Snoke?
Kylo did not get the release he was looking for after killing Han, does he regret his actions?
Will Kylo start a long hard faught for redemption?
Will Kylo still wear a mask or will he show off his new battle scar?
Will Leia ever get to confront her son again?

Leia Kylo

Who are the Knights of Ren?

Knights of Ren

Will Hux become something more? He certainly has balls. After all, he’s certainly not afraid of Kylo Ren and with just one shot in EpVII he became the most prolific killer in Star Wars history when he took out the Hosnian System!! Could he have his eye on the Throne?…..I BLOODY HOPE SO!!!

Emperor Hux 2
Original image source unlikelymilliner.tumblr.com

Is Luke teaching Rey? Some recent reports from filming suggests that there may be trouble brewing on Ach-to after a visit from Kylo!
How extensive is the First Order? Starkiller Base exploded with a good chunk of personel on board. What kind of an impact does that have?
Come to think of it…did Lieutenant Mitaka make it off the planet? Little nervous cutie that he is.

In my mind I have a scenario I would love to see.
Kylo redeemed (although he has to go through hell to get it). If he ever gets to hug his Mum as she forgives him I think I will just melt into a puddle and be done with life!
Hux on the throne but peace in the Galaxy as the rise of the Grey Jedi brings balance to EVERYTHING!
Kylo and Rey are the start of the Grey Jedi. They need each other to bring that balance to everything.

It’s all pie in the sky.
It’s never going to happen that way but it’s so exciting thinking about it.

I love reading all the theories people are having.
All the reports from the sets with snatched photos giving hints but nothing rock solid.
At this rate I’m going to give myself a stroke just thinking about it all which will be no good as I actually want to make it to Ep VIII!!!


Chillaxing and trawling the internet and I came across this little beauty.

Admiral Hux


I’m not sure who manipulated the images, I think it may have been unlikelymilliner on Tumblr. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Needless to say, whoever did it…. I F@@@ING LOVE YOU!!
This is exactly where I want to see the Genocidal General in Episode IX!


Frank is a totally BATSHIT CRAZY movie!!

Frank 1

That really does sum the film up.

IMDB states….

Jon, a young wanna-be musician, discovers he’s bitten off more than he can chew when he joins an eccentric pop band led by the mysterious and enigmatic Frank.

Domhnall Gleeson plays Jon and Michael Fassbender plays Frank.

Frank 2

Michael Fassbender gives a stella performance, totally unihibited by the fact that he wears that head through 99% of the film.
The truth about Frank is quite heartbreaking!!

Domhnall is also good and delivers a very naive and heartfelt performance of a man with a dream but at the end of the day he has no real talent to back it up.

I’ve spent the last few weeks now working my way through a back catalogue of Domhnall’s work and I still can’t get over the fact that someone looked at his work and thought…
‘YEAH!! This guy would be an AMAZING Genocidal General’ when casting for Star Wars.

However, I’ve very glad they did!!
I just hope they develop his character and not kill him off in Episode VIII.


The thing about obsessing is the wonderful things that are discovered because of it.

I believe I’ve mentioned before about the knock on effect that obsessing can have.
You’ll start to like an actor, for whatever reason, and then you just have to see more and more of their work.
You end up watching some out of this world films you may have passed on when they went through the cinema simply because something about them didn’t ‘click’ with you enough to make you want to see it or you simply didn’t even know the film existed.

Some of my favourite films of the last couple of years have come from digging into an actors back catalogue of films.

Before Karl Urban became known for Lord of the Rings, Star Trek and Dredd, he made some wonderful New Zealand movies.
The Price of Milk is a beautiful, if a little strange, movie that really tickles me.


Without my initial interest in Karl Urban I would never have know about this film.

Joel Kinnaman was a difficult one as his back catalogue of work is predominantly in Swedish!!
Finding his films with subtitles that are well translated was a bit of a challenge.
Even so, ‘In Your Veins’ has become one of my favourite films.


Jake Gyllenhaal is more of a case of finding a film I didn’t like!!
Bubble Boy springs to mind…. what a piece of shit. I couldn’t even get half way through the film before giving up.
Anyway, as much as I love him doing his action movies like Prince of Persia and Source Code, I also love his recent serious films, Nightcrawler, Southpaw and Demolition.
But after all that it still falls to the obligatory chick flick, rom com to become my favourite.
Love and Other Drugs is a beautiful film that has a bit of everything and one that I missed in the cinema because it didn’t catch my attention at the time.
Romance, comedy, drama and an absolutely adorable Jake.

Love and other drugs 2

Oscar Isaac, what can I say?
After Ex-Machina and Star Wars TFA, I dipped into his back catalogue too.
Revenge for Jolly has become a firm favourite. What an absolutely INSANE film!

Revenge for Jolly

But again, this is a film I’d never even heard of and would never have seen had I not been looking into Oscar’s back catalogue.

So now we get onto to the current KINGS!
My absolute number one Prince is of course Adam Driver.
It’s difficult to pinpoint my favourite film from his back catalogue because there are quite a few but if I was pressed I would have to go with Hungry Hearts which is an incredibly heart wrenching film and This is Where I Leave you, another rom com and family drama.

hungry hearts

this is where i leave you

And of course, my prince has a ‘would be’ Emperor in Domhnall Gleeson.
I am currently working my way through his back catalogue of work and as it stands, About Time is fast becoming a favourite!!
I seem to be a bit of a sucker for rom coms!!

About time

What I have noticed about Domhnall is that he’s at his best playing the awkward, gangly, bumbling type and he has the most incredible smile!
None of which comes into play as Emperor…. oops sorry… General Hux!!

It is my current batch of Domhnall movies that brings me onto old memories.
While watching Unbroken, set in a Japanese prisoner of war camp, I was reminded of an old movie I haven’t even thought about in years. Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence!!

Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence

What an amazing film with a stunning soundtrack. It’s one film that has never made it to my DVD collection after the move from VHS tapes….. until now. I think it is now even more poignant as it stars the ‘all too missed’ David Bowie.
It will be arriving in the post tomorrow!

So, now onto the naughty secret.
Go on, admit it, you read through this post just to get to the ‘Naughty Secret’!!

Anyway, I don’t shy away from my obsessions when it comes to my blogging but recent obsessions have taken me into a world I never thought I’d venture into.

Fan fiction.
The thing about fan fiction is that it can take you anywhere.
You start with the foundations from a film. The characters, the places, the feel of the universe they are set in and then you can literally write what you want.
You can take stories in any direction. You can ask the ‘what if’ question all the time and completely re-write what we already know into something completely different.

The last couple of weeks have seen my falling into an abyss of naughtyness.

I have always seen myself as a very open minded person when it comes to different kinds of relationships and this is something I hope I’m passing onto my kids.
However, when it comes to relationships I have always stayed with the ‘boy meets girl’ scenario.
Just look at the rom com movies I love. They make me feel all squishy and lovely.

So when I started looking at some fan fiction a few weeks ago, I kind of fell into a well and couldn’t get out.
I found myself reading about ‘boy meets boy’. Kylo Ren and General Hux to be precise and I found it incredibly…… erotic!
It certainly didn’t leave me feeling squishy and lovely. In fact I can’t tell you how it left me feeling but I’m sure you can imagine.
Forget 50 Shades of Grey!! This stuff is amazing and I am completely smitten with the idea of Kylo Ren and General Hux falling in love.

Then this morning I stumbled across this absolutely stunning piece of artwork by a fellow Tumblr.


It sums up the Kylux fandom in one, sweet, kiss.
I can’t stop reading the stuff and I’m not ashamed to admit it!

I must sincerely thank solohux and hollycomb for introducing me to this world and Holly…… I await your updates on ‘Under the Ruins of a Walled City’ with baited breath.


So I’m sitting here with my morning cuppa with not much to do, as the house is tidier than it’s been in weeks due to our inspection today. I can’t go anywhere because I’m expecting a delivery (more about that one in a minute) and the rental agency could turn up at anytime over the next 3 hours.

So, I’ve been thinking about what to do in the meantime and it has literally just hit me.
I suppose it was inevitable really, especially after all the major feels I’ve been having over one of his characters in a fan-fiction this past week.

Time for another Dish of the Week.
Domhnall Gleeson – The General himself!


Another slow burner that’s been on the radar for a few years.
Looking at his filmography, it’s surprising the amount of things I’ve seen him in already.

Let’s start off with the man himself.
Born in Dublin, Ireland on May 12th 1983 -HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR TOMORROW!!!
So, 33 years old and 13 years my junior, how depressing.

At 6’1, he’s still 2 inches shorter than his Star Wars counterpart Adam Driver.
His father is the wonderful actor Brendan Gleeson who was also in the Harry Potter movies as Mad Eye Moody.

Brendan Gleeson 2

So, let’s see, on the radar in the following movies…..

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows parts 1 + 2


Dredd alongside another Dish, Karl Urban but in this one, his beautiful green eyes had been removed and replaced with tech ones.


About Time, a comedy romance that I will be seeing again today when my delivery arrives.


This is a very strange one! I couldn’t really get my head around it although it does showcase Domhnall’s acting really well.


Unbroken – which I haven’t seen yet but will be watching later when my delivery arrives along with About Time!!!


Then things started to become a little more interesting.
I was noticing this man and his talent a bit more than I had done previously and these next three movies slapped me in the face and woke me up to his potential.

Ex-Machina alongside Oscar Isaac who is Poe Dameron in Star Wars VII
This is a favourite of mine at the moment. One of the best films of the last couple of years.


Star Wars VII
No need to tell you how I feel about this one!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it to pieces.
Love the animosity between Kylo and Hux. Can’t wait to see how it plays out in VIII
Obviously my current fan-fiction fettish has helped this one along just a tad but I think it’s safe to say that the relationship I’m reading about will definately NOT be making it anywhere near the big screen.


Finally, The Revenant
Major Oscar winning movie and Domhnall was amazing in it.


The thing about Domhnall that always catches me out is the accent.
In everything I’ve seen him in he’s either got an American accent or a very British accent.
Like this….

Then when you go and look at interviews and behind the scenes stuff he has a thick Irish accent. It’s lovely!! I wish he could get to use it more.
Like this!!……

One thing I’ve really come to notice about him more than anything is that he has very soulful looking eyes.
He conveys concern, empathy, panic, and longing incredibly well just through his eyes.


I look forward to seeing where his career takes him.
For now, I’m just getting exceptionally excited about Star Wars VIII.
Not one, not two, but three Dish of the Weeks all in one movie!!! with one of them being my absolute number one obsession.

1 2 3

I don’t think I’m going to be able to contain myself when I finally get to see it.

Finally, I just have to end this post with this little beauty I discovered through Tumblr.
One of my favourite songs at the moment and then I discovered someone had made a General Hux compilation to it and it’s perfect!!!
My General has just become an Emperor!


This morning I finished getting the house ready for our 6 monthly inspection tomorrow and by mid afternoon I was done.

So I decided to carry on reading the fan-fiction I’ve recently become hooked on.

I’ve been reading a series of stories called ‘Children Wake Up’ by Hollycomb.
They are set in my current favourite fandom. Star Wars.
They involve Kylo Ren and General Hux.
They are very adult reading material and are not for the faint hearted.

I never in my wildest dreams thought I would ever be reading anything like this.
As I stated in a previous blog, I always thought of myself as a traditionalist when it came to relationships but I have been thrown a complete curve ball with this particular pairing.

I don’t think I have ever been as invested in characters in a story as much as I have with Ren and Hux.
It’s been difficult reading at times and often gut wrenching.
This writer certainly likes to put her characters through the wringer!

I am now feeling a little shredded as I have come to the end of what is currently avaialble.

There are three stories to this series.
The first part is ‘Life Sentence, No Cellmate’ and it is set directly after the events of Force Awakens and in this story we discover the start of a relationship between Kylo Ren and General Hux.
Yes you read that right.
It is relatively short at just 3 chapters and 30,000 words but OMG!! It’s good stuff.

I can see the faces of my friends and family now and it’s a picture!!

Part 2 is ‘Ceasefire’ and this part continues the story but now things are beginning to fall apart and Ren and Hux find themselves in hiding while the First Order crumbles and Snoke becomes a real threat to Hux.
The writer is now getting into her stride as this part is 5 chapters long and 100,000 words.

Part three is ‘Under the Ruins of a Walled City’ and this part is still being written.
So far Hux has been on trial for his life, Ren has been reunited with his mother and has now taken the Millenium Falcon and is off to face Snoke alone and for what he hopes is the last time as it’s the only way he can have a future with and keep Hux safe.
I’ve just come to the end of chapter 12 of a planned 28!!
The gut wrenching realisation has now sunk in that there is currently no more to read.
I must wait for the author to update her fiction but thankfully she seems to do this quite regularly.
So instead of waiting for a favourite TV show to air on a weekly basis, I am now waiting with baited breath for the next chapter in this heart pounding and heart achingly beautiful story.
It’s currently at almost 190,000 words and she still has 16 chapters to go!!

I have no doubt it’s going to be a roller coaster the whole way!

These stories have a huge following and many fans of the work like to create artwork inspired by it.
Let me tell you there is some beautiful work out there.

Like this one by Lucy – Littleststarfighter.tumblr.com
AMAZING!! Captures Ceasefire beautifully.
Ceasefire 1

To be honest, the bulk of the artwork I’ve fallen in love with is by this artist but unfortunately I won’t be posting it here as My Dad reads my blog and I don’t want to give him a heart attack!!

So there we have it.
My journey into a whole new side of fandoms.
I honestly don’t know what took me so long to try it.
My husband has been reading fan-fiction for years and I’ve always scoffed at him for doing it.
Now I understand.


So, this week has seen me get thrown completely off guard.

I blame Tumblr.
In fact I blame Tumblr completely for feeding my obsessions and getting me hooked on new ones.

The fact that I’m 46 years old with 3 teenage daughters, a hard working hubby  and a respectable job doesn’t even seem to enter my head as I fall headlong into my movies, fandoms and obsessions.

It’s just so irresistible, sitting here with my morning cuppa and scanning the overnight Tumbling on my dashboard.
Every now and again an image will catch my attention. A photo, a piece of artwork, a nicely edited piece of film, a GIF.

However, something happened this week that caught me completely off guard.
After seeing various beautiful and intriguing pieces of artwork and mentions of pieces of fiction, I found myself on a fan-fiction site called ‘Archive Of Our Own’reading a piece of fiction called ‘Devour’ by Solohux.

It took my breath away.
I have always seen myself as a ‘traditionalist’ when it comes to relationships. You know… boy meets girl, lots of problems ensue whether it’s funny or serious, problems are solved and boy and girl have a happy ending…. blah blah blah…..

This story took me through a relationship I was completely not ready for and found myself completely blown away by the depth of feeling I had for the protagonists.
Boy meets boy. They go through complete hell together and come out at the end with a happy if uncertain future.
The fact that the protagonists are Kylo Ren and General Hux from my current favourite Star Wars fandom just ripped at my heartstrings even more!

After some messaging with the author of the piece, they recommended another piece of work that concentrated on the same coupling. A trilogy of pieces to be precise. ‘Children Wake Up’ by Hollycomb consisting of ‘Life Sentence, No Cellmate’, ‘Ceasefire’ and ‘Under the Ruins of a Walled City’.
I have to say I’ve been a little carried away.
I’ve already read the first two parts and had my heart completely ripped out!!
I have just started part three but have come to the realisation that this part is not yet finished. I’m crashing headlong into a story I don’t know when I’ll be able to finish.

The intensity with which I have been rooting for this relationship to have a happy ending has completely floored me.
The frustrating thing is that I have no-one to discuss it with.
I’m itching to have a face to face conversation with someone who is in the same boat.

My husband reads fan-fiction but he’s very ‘traditional’ when it comes to relationships (or so he says) and he certainly doesn’t want to talk about Kylo and Hux!!
My 19 year old is just not interested in any of it and the other two are just too young to even contemplate talking to them about it.

So, Tumblr is my melting pot.
I will continue to trawl through the photos, the artwork, the nicely edited pieces of film, the GIFs… I will continue to enjoy the fanfiction, even if I have to keep it bottled up to myself which is the most frustrating thing I think I’ve ever had to do!

And now, as much as I want to sit here all day and work my way through ‘Under the Ruins of the Walled City’, I actually have to do some work.
The damned 6 monthly house inspection is due and this weekend is the only chance I have at getting things presentable.
I will just have to wait until this evening to snuggle up and find out what happens when Kylo meets his mother again and will Hux make it out of that prison and will he ever be able to look Kylo in the eyes again?