OK, you have no idea how happy this news makes me.
There’s a buzz on Tumblr tonight.
I can’t find any hard confirmation though.

It looks like one of my favourite characters from the 2012 ‘Dredd’ movie has finally, officially, been given a name in the comics.

In the movie, he was played my Domhnall Gleeson and was only ever know as ‘Clan Techie’
Poor Techie had his eyes replaced by bionic ones after Ma-Ma tortured him by gouging his original eyeballs out with her thumbs. Lovely.


He proved to be a popular character.
I won’t go into details about how he has become extremely popular in Kylux fandom.
Needless to say, Kylux fans are very happy with the choice of name.

It is an amalgamation of two much loved characters played by Domhnall.
Bill Weasley from the Harry Potter movies and General Hux from the Star Wars movies.


Clan Techie is now officially named ‘Bill Huxley’!!

Love it!!!


Countdown has well and truly started for ‘The Last Jedi’ in December.

Today, Disney revealed a sizzle real from the filming.

Bedsides a very quick glimpse of General Hux looking very sleek with his mullet, Kylo is looking incredibly hot!!

Daisy rehearing to fight who? The Knights of Ren maybe?


Adam rehearsing to fight who? His own Knights maybe? Actually I don’t really care. He just looks really hot!!


John Boyega in an Imperial uniform!


This is what I love about a build up to a movie like this.
We just don’t know anything. It’s all hearsay and rumour.
Just so long as Adam keeps looking pretty, I’ll keep eating it all up until I see it!

Can’t wait!!


OK, so life keeps on going.

Sleep, work, bills, appointments.
Most of the time it’s pretty monotonous and normal and for want of a better word… boring!!


I like to escape occasionally and that’s where movies step in followed by fandoms and obsessions.
For the most part, the hubby feels the same way.
We would never have met without Fandoms and obsessions.
We pretty much have the same taste in movies with few exceptions.

Every week in films, fandoms and fiction brings something new and this week I was given a particularly exciting thing to obsess about and it had an immediate knock on effect.

Recently I have become part of a fandom my husband does not share and cannot understand and I totally understand why.
It just makes my personal hobby a little lonely as, apart from my ‘online’ friends’, I have no-one to share this hobby with.

My husband has been reading fan-fiction for years and I used to laugh at him for it but then something happened last Xmas that changed my perspective.

Disney delivered a film fanboys had been dreaming of for years.
When Star Wars The Force Awakens hit our screens I was a little dubious because of the vain attempt at the prequels.
I was soon well and truly back into Star Wars fandom.
Where George Lucas misjudged what fans wanted…. Disney delivered…. and then some!!

Then around April/May I got fed up with the hubby telling me I really should try some fan-fiction. So I did a little digging.

I was blessed.

The first piece I had ever read in my entire life was called ‘Devour’ by ‘Solohux’ on a site called AO3.

It was Star Wars Force Awakens fan-fiction BUT with a little twist.
The wonderful thing about fan-fic is that existing places and characters and stories can be taken in totally different directions.
Questions can be asked like what if that event hadn’t happened? How would the story have diverted from what we know?
What if characters ended up in different relationships?
What if we dropped the characters we know into completely different universes?
What if?

Well, I found myself neck deep in what is affectionately known as ‘The Kylux Trash Compactor’.

Stories relating to the relationship between Kylo Ren and General Hux.
Now, given that General Hux only had about 3 or 4 minutes of screen time in the movie, the seemingly ‘seething’ hate and animosity he feels for Kylo Ren has been snatched by fandom and taken to the nth degree.

I cannot get enough.

Love/hate, hate/hate, slow burn to full on relationship, alternate universes, force sensitive Hux, Alpha/Omega, dom and sub – either way.

I have been completely anamoured by the Kylo/Hux relationship to the point where I actually started to write my own fan-fiction, encouraged by Solohux who is now one of the aforementioned ‘online’ friends on a site called Tumblr.

Then this week, something came across my dashboard on Tumblr that completely took my breath away.

This is absolutely stunning and I was completely mezmerised by it. I don’t think I have ever seen anything so sensual in my entire life.

Shortly after seeing this my mind started to wander and I had a thought.
I wanted Kylo belly dancing for Hux.
So I took a look on AO3 for any existing fiction and I found some!!
They were fun to read but they all had Kylo as a slave or working as a belly dancer and I had envisioned something a little different.

So I sat down one morning and wrote my own ficlet. I couldn’t stop!
2000 words later I had it and I absolutely love it!!

I can’t believe I’m actually going to do this but for any friends or family that may be interested in my writing, here is a link to my fic on AO3.
Please please please remember that this is based on a male/male relationship and if you are not open to that then please don’t read.
It’s safe, there’s no physical intimacy in this fic but the relationship is well established and physicality is heavily implied.

It’s called ‘The Gift’ Click HERE to follow the link.

If you read it, I would love to know what you think.
I have really enjoyed writing in the last few months and I’m seriously thinking about writing something original. Coming away from fandom and writing something of my own.
The only issue is coming up with an idea.
At least with fandom you have a baseline to start from!

Right, time to chillax and binge watch some ‘Queer as Folk’


Oh heaven!!

Ian at work.
Murron at work.
Marjorie gone for induction day at college.
Dharma at school.
Mum has already been and gone.


I literally cannot remember the last time that happened.


Music on as loud as I want while doing some cleaning.
I can even watch a naughty film without worrying about kids walking in!

What I’ll probably end up doing is continue writing a fiction I’m part way through.
It’s a little bit angsty and emotional at the moment and I have absolutely no idea where it’s going or how it’s going to end.
But hey! It’s fun writing it.

Here’s a taster from chapter one…..

Kylo himself looked like he’d been to hell and back but he was used to this kind of treatment from his Master. He’d learnt to protect himself from Snoke’s onslaughts long ago but they still took an awful toll on him both physically and mentally. Snoke was not averse to snapping the odd bone to make a point and this time it had been a few ribs.

Kylo was beginning to feel something he had never felt before. Hatred. A deep enmity directed solely at Snoke. This kind of treatment he was used to personally. He’d been told time and time again it would make him stronger but Hux wasn’t force sensitive. To treat Hux this way was beyond barbaric and had almost killed the one good thing in Kylo’s life.

Dun dun dun!!!!
Yeah, I like to put my boys through the wringer.

Deep breath…… time to chill!!!



So, a little blogging this morning followed by some pampering at the hairdressers followed by some lunch and an overly large glass of wine.

I’ve been playing around on the internet ever since, mainly Tumblr and Youtube and in doing so I found a couple of videos i’d book marked a while ago.

Anyone who reads my blog will know I currently have quite a thing for Domhnall Gleeson (second to Adam Driver) and that General Hux gets me quite hot under the collar.

I also have a thing for Panic at the Disco. My current favourite car sounds that I loved to rock out to, especially when I’m on my own.

Now, one of my favourite Panic at the Disco tracks is Emperor’s New Clothes.
Every word uttered in this track makes me think of General Hux because you just know he has the title of ‘Emperor’ in his sights.
It has become his theme song in my head, so imagine how I felt when I discovered this on Youtube!!!

Holy shit!!
Thank you ‘All-Things-Geeky‘ on Youtube.

I also book marked this a while back which just sums up Domhnall Gleeson.

That scowel, knee high boots and leather gloves will never be boring. Unfortunately I think that the good General will be going down with his ship in the next movie. If he survives VIII he certainly won’t make it to the end of Episode IX.

Right, time for a long walk to make up for that glass of wine.

Side note…
I’ve just realised I’ve done it again…. Panic at the Disco in the same post as One Direction!!! My daughter’s are going to kill me!!


So this just happened.

Hux hat 1

My Hux hat arrived and it’s perfect.
It now sits happilly next to Kylo on top of one of our display cases.

Hux hat 2

It’s a little spooky though when watching the TV. I feel like I have eyes on me.

Hux hat 3


Initial worry over Dharma’s finger has now subsided.
It does look nicely swollen but she’s not in agony. I’ve splinted it and taped it and she’s happy to give it another 24 hours.
We’ll re-evaluate the situation after school tomorrow.

Right, back to enjoying my day off.
I got some tidying and shopping done before Dharma came home and now I know we’re not going to the hospital, I have cracked open a cold pint of lager and I’m going to make a start on chapter 3 of my third piece of fanfiction.

My first piece was a quick one shot of about 1000 words and my second piece got me up to just over 1300 words.

I have been bitten by a bug and when a little idea came to me the other night I decided to start writing.
It’s a planned 3-4 chapter piece although at this point I have absolutely no idea how it’s going to end!!
It’s called Balance and Power. Again it’s set in the Star Wars TFA universe BUT the events of TFA have never happened and Kylo has a twin called Ben.

I have become a little braver with the whole relationship side of things between Hux and Kylo and there is even a little kissing but apart from ‘suggesting’ anything else I haven’t been brave enough to write a full on love scene.
Watch this space.

I have posted the first 2 chapters on AO3 and I’m currently up to just over 5400 words.
Click HERE if you would like to take a peek and please, if you read it, leave a comment.
I really want to know if people are enjoying my style. Be honest. I need all the encouragement and advice I can get at the moment.

Chapter three is going to be exceptionally difficult to write.
I have a vague idea of where I want to take it but I now have Hux, Kylo and Ben thrown into the mix. How far should I take it?
Only time will tell. Give me a few more beers and I may just throw caution to the wind!