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Absolute silence.

Everyone is out to work or at college/school.
Even my Mum has said she won’t be round today.

All I can hear is the hum of my computer….. and it’s calling!!!

I do have to gut the kitchen at some point today but for now……
I’m enjoying the quiet and I’m going to read/edit a 4 chapter fic I’ve just written and then post it.

I think I’ve learnt a lot with this one.
I need to work on story development and fleshing out details.
I think I get from place to place too quickly and I think that stems from having no idea where the story is going to start with!
I’ll just have to see what kind of response it gets when I post it.

Anyway, I’m in the middles of 4 days off. I’ve been loving my shifts just lately.
I actually got to the cinema twice over the weekend.

We finally went to see ‘Pete’s Dragon’


I’ve been wanting to see it for a while as one of my celebrity obsessions is in it.
Karl Urban.


The highlight was seeing him sneezed on by a fluffy green dragon!
I enjoyed the film a lot more than I thought I would and it will definately be getting added to my Karl collection when it arrives on Bluray.

The second film was ‘Ben Hur’
I have to be honest from the start. It doesn’t hold a candle to William Wylers astounding Epic from 1959 starring Charlton Heston and I didn’t expect it to.
Hollywood seems to have lost the ability to make epics quite like that anymore without succumbing to masses of CGI and foregoing a script and story.

With that said I found myself really enjoying it.
It felt a little rushed because apart from a few minor scenarios from the 1959 version, they kept to the same story, tweaking it here and there. This meant cramming a 3.5 hour story into 2 hours!
The acting was OK but could have done with a better script in places.
I felt that Morgan Freeman was actually the disappointment. Unusually wooden and he felt out of place.
The sea battle was amazing. Love the addition of the poor sucker strapped to the front of a ship as it rams another one.

The scene I was waiting for was the chariot race! It did not disappoint.
The 1959 films chariot race is something to behold. No CGI, just man and beast and practical stunts.
Horses died making that film and it actually helped to get laws changed to protect animals being used for film and TV.
That said, that scene is cinematic history and will never be achieved again.

The new Ben Hur also has an amazing chariot race.
Beautiful horses, actors and stunt men actually racing around an arena. It was exhilarating. The only noticeable differences were with the use of CGI for crash scenes and horses escaping into the crowds in the arena.
They could do much more with the devastation of a crash than they could in 1959.


I’m a bit of a sucker for Roman/Gladiatorial dramas. Could be something to do with the costumes and muscles but when one of your favourite actors is fleshing them out it’s irresistable!!
Toby Kebbell played Messala. Mmm Mmm Mmmmm.

While I won’t rush to the cinema to see it again (I would actually kill to see the 1959 one in the cinema!!) I will be adding it to my collection when it arrives on Bluray.

So, fiction, kitchen, and?…….
We’ll have to see what I’m in the mood for later!!


Oh heaven!!

Ian at work.
Murron at work.
Marjorie gone for induction day at college.
Dharma at school.
Mum has already been and gone.


I literally cannot remember the last time that happened.


Music on as loud as I want while doing some cleaning.
I can even watch a naughty film without worrying about kids walking in!

What I’ll probably end up doing is continue writing a fiction I’m part way through.
It’s a little bit angsty and emotional at the moment and I have absolutely no idea where it’s going or how it’s going to end.
But hey! It’s fun writing it.

Here’s a taster from chapter one…..

Kylo himself looked like he’d been to hell and back but he was used to this kind of treatment from his Master. He’d learnt to protect himself from Snoke’s onslaughts long ago but they still took an awful toll on him both physically and mentally. Snoke was not averse to snapping the odd bone to make a point and this time it had been a few ribs.

Kylo was beginning to feel something he had never felt before. Hatred. A deep enmity directed solely at Snoke. This kind of treatment he was used to personally. He’d been told time and time again it would make him stronger but Hux wasn’t force sensitive. To treat Hux this way was beyond barbaric and had almost killed the one good thing in Kylo’s life.

Dun dun dun!!!!
Yeah, I like to put my boys through the wringer.

Deep breath…… time to chill!!!



So, I’m in the middle of three days off.
So far very relaxing although it wasn’t meant to be.
The two main jobs I had to do were hack down the jungle in the front garden and clean both of the cars.
However, the weather has had other ideas and put paid to both plans.

Yesterday I sorted my mop of hair our with a good scalping followed by a discreet covering of the greys. It’s shorter than I’ve been for a long time. The hairdresser couldn’t get much shorter without using clippers!!
It’s great for early mornings. Literally wash and go. No need to style dry.
That evening we went to the cinema and watched Independence Day: Resurgence which was actually a lot more fun than I thought it would be.

Today I was dragged into town by Dharma who wanted to spend her birthday money.
We had a quick visit from an old friend and took delivery of a new fridge freezer after the old one died a long and painful death over the previous week.
That on top of my car failing it’s MOT put the final nail in the coffin of any hope of anyone other than myself going to Italy for my Brother’s wedding next year.

After having a bit of a chat with a friend on Tumblr yesterday who suggested I should try some writing, I had an idea rattle around in my head over night and I decided to get it put into words.
I ended up writing a 1000 word piece of Kylux fluff and completely surprised myself.

For anyone interested you can follow THIS LINK to read it.
Don’t worry, it’s purely fluff. There isn’t even a kiss involved.
It’s called ‘Proximity Alert’ and it’s set in the week immediately after the destruction of Starkiller Base in Star Wars the Force Awakens.
It’s only been up for a few hours and has already had 66 hits, 11 Kudos and a couple of very encouraging comments, one of them from Solohux who is the author of the very first piece of Kylux fiction I ever read and who encouraged me to write this.
I just need to have another idea now!!!

Tomorrow I will be watching the next installment of Outlander on Prime before taking my Mum up to the cemetary to see Nan and Uncle Richard and Aunty Lesley.
Hopefully the weather will have improved enough to at least get the cars cleaned in the afternoon so my three days off won’t have been a total wash out.