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It’s been 10 days since my last post.

10 days patiently waiting for Ian’s operation and hoping it won’t be cancelled again.
6 days left!!…..So far, so good.

10 days of finally getting my NMC pin number and working ‘officially’ as a Nurse Associate. It has been a little daunting. It has been extremely busy and I’m still on a steep learning curve and in at the deep end.

10 days of trying to get on top of things in the house and in the garden.
So far, the garden is winning. I’m just not feeling it!

10 days of saying ‘fuck it’ to the diet.
Life’s too short.

Followed by 10 days of saying ‘fuck it’, only 5 months until my 50th and I promised myself I would be slimmer and fitter!!

So! It’s a day off today.
The house is quiet as Dharma and Marjorie are house sitting for Mum and Dad for a few days. Ian is working upstairs and Murron is keeping herself to herself and will be off out shortly anyway.

The house is tidy. The garden is calling…… but not loud enough yet.
I’m debating getting my sketchbooks out. I keep toying with the idea and half heartedly doing some drawing before giving up.
I also have a book I want to start reading. ‘Mama’s Boy’ by Dustin Lance Black. The only problem with that is that it takes me forever to pick up a book in the first place, and then I’m a really slow reader, so it may be one that waits until I’m on annual leave with time to waste.

Not long to wait. I have two weeks of annual leave planned for the end of June. I’m going away with my eldest daughter for 4 of those days to London. We’ll be seeing P!nk in concert while we’re there. I’m just hoping the weather is good and we can do lots of wandering, drinking, eating and people watching. Actually really looking forward to it.

I have 2 x 12.5 hour shifts ahead of me before a weekend off.
I really should spend at least one day at the weekend tackling the gardens.

Today then……. will be spent with my movies and my computer.
Decision made.


After the excitement of the Men’s Artistic Gymnastics, I was steeling myself for a weekend of Diving with Tom Daley.

Commonwealth 13

Unfortunately, he’s had to withdraw from his individual 10m platform event due to injury.
I am absolutely gutted.


He will still be competing in the synchronized 10m platform event with Daniel Goodfellow.

Commonwealth 12


The only problem with this is that it means the only time I will get to see Tom diving is at 3am on Friday morning here in the UK.
I’m so glad I’m not working. I’m just going to have to set my alarm.

Image result for tired coffee cartoon

Anyway, poor Tom.
All the hard work he’s been putting into defending his Commonwealth title for the third time!! I can only imagine how he’s feeling.

Team England have quoted….

“The technical dives in the individual event put enormous physical strain on Tom’s body. Due to prior illness and with his hips being the determining factor, some of the dives Tom was due to demonstrate in the individual event would be too dangerous and impactful on his body.”

I just hope he does well in the synchro and doesn’t hurt himself too much.
Permanent Hip problems could mean the end of his diving career and that would be a disaster.
I really want to see him at the next Olympics. So 2 more years of hard work ahead of him. Dealing with a major injury could make it even harder.

At least Lance is there to support him!!

Tom and Lance 1


First of all…. GUNS!!

Come on America.
Enough is enough!!
Time to get rid of them don’t you think?

”’But you can’t do that. It’s in our constitution. It’s our right to have them””

It’s not impossible (just go and read about Article V) and let’s face it, it’s in need of an update, don’t you think?
Or have I stepped on a few million toes and spoken out of line.
I don’t give a f##k really.

And I’m sorry…. for all the people out there that are saying about this latest school shooting, that the person was mentally ill, we need to address the mental health service, it’s not the guns.

YES IT IS THE BLOODY GUNS!! and how easy it is for a mentally ill person to get hold of one.

There’s too many of them and they are way too easy to get hold of.
Apparantly there are 101 guns for every 100 Americans.
That’s more guns than people in America. WTF!!

I think P!nk summed up the situation perfectly in this Instagram.


And breath!!!
OK, I’ve said my piece on that one.
It’ll just be another rant that gets ignored and disappears into the ether.
No doubt, there will be another shooting before long and the whole debacle will start again.

OK, rant number two.

Richard Littlejohn of the Daily Mail is a biggot!!
Anyone who knows me, knows that biggots get right up my nose.

I follow 2 people on Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.
Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black.

Gymnastics, swimming and diving have always been my favourite Olympic sports. Forget all the athletics. So the baby Tom Daley has been wonderful to watch as his career unfolds.

I love films and ‘Milk’ is an incredible film garnering a much deserved Oscar for writer Dustin Lance Black.

Over the last couple of years, their Tweets and Instagrams and Youtube collaborations regularly bring a smile to my face. They have hundreds of thousands of devoted followers who were all ecstatic when they both announced that they were going to become parents by posting this on Valentines day.

Tom and Lance

Wonderful news.

Sadly, we still got people poo pooing all over it.
Most noticeably from Richard Littlejohn of the Daily Mail.
C’mon guys!! I thought we were past all this, especially in the press!!

Even though he tries to wriggle out of his biggotry by saying that ‘I supported civil partnerships long before it was fassionable’ Richard Littlejohn states in his article titled ‘Please don’t pretend two dads is the new normal’

That said, and despite the fact that countless single parents do a fantastic job, I still cling to the belief that children benefit most from being brought up by a man and a woman.

Which is precisely what worries me most about the Daley publicity stunt. Here we have two men drawing attention to the fact that ‘they’ are having a baby.

But where’s the mum, the possessor of the womb which features in this photograph? She appears to have been written out of the script entirely’

OK, this has me angry on several levels.

1 – All a child needs is a loving and stable family environment. It doesn’t matter whether they are brought up by a man and a woman, a man and a man, a woman and a woman or just a single parent of either sex. As long as they are loved it doesn’t matter!

2 – It was not a publicity stunt! They were announcing their news to their fans. Something Richard Littlejohn obviously doesn’t know about.

3 – They haven’t announce who the Mum is because they are obviously trying to protect her privacy and health. The last thing the poor woman needs is to be pestered for the next nine months by paparazzi and press!!

He then goes on to state….

‘What I also find slightly disconcerting is that this story was reported virtually everywhere without so much as a raised eyebrow, as if it would be impolite even to ask any questions about the parentage’

Yes Richard, that’s exactly how it should be!!
It’s normal for a loving couple to announce their happy baby news.
I seriously hope this article comes back to bite you in the arse you pathetic man!!

It saddens me that we still have to put up with biggots.
I still have to bite my tongue, even with family members I’m sad to say, but I have seen huge changes in public opinions in my lifetime and I hold out much hope that all of this will become just plain old ‘normal’ in the future.
Hetero, gay, lesbian, bi, trans…whatever!! It’s what makes the world so colourful.