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Way back on February 7th 2012 I posted a blog entitled ‘Is it the Costumes or the Muscles’

Anyway, I thought it was about time that was updated because there have been some amazing films since I posted that blog and I have come to the conclusion that it is most definitely the costumes that grab my attention before complete obsession of the actor takes over!!

The first mid life crisis obsession was Dredd with Karl Urban.
I really don’t know why I became so obsessed with this character.
I never read the comics and didn’t know much about him apart from what my husband had told me.
However, in Sept 2012, along came Dredd.
I went to the cinema with my husband and……

Dredd 1

Mid life crisis obsession number one had started.
For the next 17 months, Karl Urban was my number one obsession.

I watched everything I could lay my hands on and added to my film collection with 18 of his films!

I’ve got to know him and who he is as a person.
How he’s a complete geek himself and loves his job and his fans.
He’s even named one of his sons Indiana after one of his favourite film characters.
He’s only 3 years younger than me.
He loves surfing.
He loves Star Trek and idolised his nemesis, DeForest Kelley, who played Dr McCoy in Star Trek, a role he has now made his own in the re-boot.



I love him and I still love him.

February 7th 2014 and a trip to the cinema to see a re-boot of a childhood favourite has bumped poor Karl down a peg.


I loved the original Robocop with Peter Weller and I was intrigued to see how it could be brought up to date.
I did not expect to love it as much as I did and I certainly didn’t expect to become quite so obsessed with the actor taking on the role.


Joel Kinnaman is beautiful.
He is absolutely adorable in ‘In Your Veins’, heartbreaking in Johan Falk and completely naive in Easy Money.

Joel 06

I cannot get enough of him!!
He’s added to my film collection by 7 films and Robocop is due out on Bluray in 18 days!!
Frustrating thing is that he’s only just really taking off so I’ve already seen all I can see and am on the edge of my seat waiting to see what he does next!!
I can’t wait to see the last series of The Killing on Netflix in August.
Steven Holder is probably his best character to date.

Ex drug addict, streetwise and cocky Detective.

Holder 02

I have just realised I’m getting completely off topic!!

The whole reason for this blog is costumes.
My past 2 obsessions have kicked off because of costumes.
Costumes that virtually cover the actors faces!!

Superheroes in general have become a lot hotter in recent years.
Gone is the spandex, camp and comic book look.
In is the pumped, tough and leather ‘new’ comic book look.

Superheroes 3

Is it any wonder I love superhero movies?
I can’t wait to see the new X-Men movie tonight when Ian gets home.

Let’s not forget that there are some extremely gifted actors under all those costumes who put a lot of work into looking that good just so that we can enjoy the characters.
Thank you guys and gals!!
Keep it up.




For some reason this posted really weirdly so I’m posting it again!!
Sorry if it’s duplicated for you. I just wanted to make sure it was OK.

Anyway, Last day of three days off and I couldn’t lay in!!
I appear to be developing a problem with my right hip.
It starts to ache at stupid o’clock in the morning and wakes me up.
At the end of the day I can barely get up the stairs.
Coupled with the Ortho problems in my left foot I feel like I’m falling apart and I’m only 44!!

I have been sat here now for over two hours.
Think I had better get something done.

I was hoping to get the back garden weeded today but it’s raining again.
At least I got the front garden done yesterday.
Suppose I had better get some cleaning done in the house instead.

Anyway, trawling the internet this morning I came across some cover artwork for the new Robocop Bluray release in June.
I’ve seen two different covers now.

The first one looks like this…..

Robocop cover 2

It’s just the Bluray and the artwork’s good but we’ve seen it already in the movie posters.
Then I spotted this one……

Robocop cover

That’s more like it!!!
I’m hoping this pack with the Bluray, DVD and Digital copy with this artwork, will be available in the UK.
I’m just going to have to be patient to find out.

48 days and counting!!

It is this film I have to blame for my current obsession with Joel Kinnaman.
I have already seen as much as I can with him in.
I now have to be patient for anything new.
There’s the final 6 episodes of The Killing coming up, but no date yet.
He also has a few films in post production, so fairly long waits for any of those too!

My previous (and currently back seat) obsession, is Karl Urban.
The strange thing is that the film that got me hook on him was Dredd!!


Robocop and Dredd!!
You see my dilemma?
I got hooked on both men from characters that spend half or even all of the film with their faces covered by a helmet!
At least Joel does get to show us his doe eyes occasionally!!



Right, let’s get some work done so I can spend the afternoon watching movies!!
Dredd may be on the list!!


Oh dear!!

I have known for some time now that I am classed as a ‘Fangirl’
I’m not ashamed to admit it either!

The Urban Dictionary definition of a Fangirl is as follows….

A rabid breed of human female who is obesessed with either a fictional character or an actor.
Fangirls congregate at anime conventions and livejournal.
Have been known to glomp, grope, and tackle when encountering said obesessions.Well if the anime conventions are replace with multi media conventions and Livejournal is replaced with WordPress and Tumblr then that definition is spot on!
I love the use of the word ‘rabid’.
My husband has stated that we are never visiting New Zealand because I would be arrested for stalking Karl Urban!
Anyway, I suppose I have always been a Fangirl to some degree.
Starting with The Bay City Rollers in the 70’s and then Adam and the Ants and Duran Duran back in the 80’s.
All through those years however, movies played a bigger part in my life.
I lived and breathed movies.
I was the person everyone came to for answers to movie questions.
I would drag my poor old Dad out to a movie he really didn’t want to see because my friends wouldn’t go.
I even made a deal with a friend to go to a George Michael concert if she came to see Robocop with me.
I definately got the better end of the deal. George was amazing!

As I got older my tastes matured but my Fangirling was always on the back burner.
That is until the early 1990’s when my inner Geek found it’s ‘out’ in the form of Star Trek.
This was a show I had always loved and watched…. on my own.
None of my friends and family were ever into it, but as I was now earning money and it was the 25th anniversary, I decided to join a club of like minded people and go to my first convention.
This is how I met my husband and we spent the best part of 10 years going to conventions and multi media events until it was just too much with family commitments.

Now that my kids are of an age where they can be left on their own for a few hours we have decided to regain some of our shared interests.
I suppose it really started for me back on September 21st 2012.
My Fangirling really stepped up a gear when I became completely besotted with Karl Urban.
It is actually quite frightening how something so simple can completely take over your life.

For the last year and a half Karl has been my everything when it came to movies and recently TV too!!
However, he doesn’t really have anything new for me to see until ‘hopefully’ the end of August if ‘The Loft’ finally gets the release we’ve all been waiting for.
So there’s been a bit of a lull in what’s been available for Fangirling.
Just enough time for another suiter to weazle his way into my heart.

February 7th was the date to be exact.
The arrival of Robocop and subsequently Joel Kinnaman.
I can’t explain what it is that attracts me really. He’s not your usual kind of handsome.
He has a wonderful smile but trying to find a phot of him really smiling is not easy. He likes to smoulder more than smile.
I immediately started working my way through ‘The Killing’ on Netflix, the only other thing to date that I’ve seen him in.
He has a vulnerability to his acting. He doesn’t have to speak to show his anquish, you see it in his eyes and written all over his face.
The fact that he is just over 6’2″ and ‘built’ doesn’t hurt either. (6’7″ in his Robocop suit!)


He is simply amazing looking…. and as Stephen Holder (The Killing) would say ‘Oh Snap!!’

But I have a problem.
Joel Kinnaman started his acting career in Sweden.
So the bulk of his early work to date is in Swedish and totally unavailable on DVD with English subtitles.
A Fangirls nightmare!

Doesn’t mean that there’s absolutely nothing however.
I am taking a chance on ‘Easy Money’, a Swedish film with English subs that looks really good and should be arriving on my doorstep by Weds.
If it’s any good and I can deal with the subs, Easy Money 2 is out on DVD in april.
I have literally just found ‘Lola Versus’ which is thankfully an English speaking film and that should also been on my doorstep before Weds.
It’s a comedy and after the depressing seriousness of ‘The Killing’ and the mentally traumatic Robocop, it’s going to be great to see him in a comedy.
I’m going to have a great day off on Weds!


At a recent Star Trek event in Franfurt, Germany, Karl Urban had an opening question that was not related to Star Trek at all.
He was asked if there had been any news about a possible sequel to Dredd.

Karl has always been pretty cagey about answers to this question in the past.
He has always made it clear that he would jump at the chance to play Dredd again but has never gone much further that spurring the fans into action when it came to showing their support for it.
His answer at this convention changed however.

Karl Urban Says “Conversations are happening”

The possibility is not dead yet!


I should be worried.
Apparantly I have an obsessive nature that could lead to hoarding in later life!!

Yeah right.

I tend to latch onto things like films or TV shows and that leads onto latching onto people.
Collecting information, photos, films and TV shows are all part of the symptoms apparantly.

I have always categorised my obsessions as ‘hobbies’
Things like Star Trek, Highlander, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Stargate.
All of these shows have been a big part of my life.
I wouldn’t have met my husband without Star Trek.
We wouldn’t have spent the first 10 years of our relationship enjoying conventions without all four of these shows in particular.
Movies and TV shows were ‘our thing’.

We lost a lot of that when the kids came along.
We had to enjoy them in totally different ways.
Now that the kids are old enough to spend a little time at home alone, we’re taking it back.
It’s time to start thinking about us again.
Movies and TV shows are going to be ‘our thing’ for a long time to come.

Is it any wonder then, that I latch onto things occasionally.
I suppose my biggest obsession in recent years has got to be Karl Urban!
With the exception of a couple of hilarious New Zealand films, I have most of his movies on DVD and Bluray.
I have a collection of 800 photos… now that ‘is’ obsession.
He has remained my biggest obsession to date and I can’t wait to see what he does next.
It doesn’t hurt that he’s one of the biggest geeks out there himself and takes on film roles in the kind of movies I just love.

However, in the last couple of weeks a new obsession is rearing it’s ugly little head.
An obsession in the form of a robot and the actor that has taken on the role.
Robocop and Joel Kinnaman.

If you read my blog regularly you’ll be heaving a really big sigh about now.
I know, I know…. I keep going on about Robocop.

I can’t help it.
It’s another one of those obsessions that gives me a lot of pleasure.
However, looking at some pictures this morning I am a little concerned about something I’ve just noticed.

I got hooked on Karl Urban because of ‘Dredd’

Karl Urban Dredd

I got hooked on Joel Kinnaman because of ‘Robocop’


Notice anything?

They both spend a good part of both movies with their eyes covered!!
Strange because eyes are usually the one thing I notice first.

Taking a closer look, they both have the same hair and same colour eyes!!


Otherwise they couldn’t be anymore different.

Anyway, this year will be a battle between obsessions I think.
Karl has a long overdue movie coming out in August. One that I’ve been waiting an awfully long time to see as the date keeps getting pushed back!
He is also still working on and promoting the TV series ‘Almost Human’ and has a film called ‘The Wonder’ in production.
Joel is still riding high as robocop but has three films in post production!
Knight of Cups with Christian Bale, Child 44 with Tom Hardy and Run All Night with Liam Neeson and Vincent D’onofrio.
He’s a busy boy!

So there we are.
In my old age, I am going to be surrounded by films, spending my time at the cinema, possibly tackling the odd multi media convention again, collecting photos and keeping them organised on my computer and writing my blog!
Doesn’t sound so bad to me.

Oh, did I mention, My eldest daughter, Murron has just announced she wants to see Robocop!!
Great excuse to go see again tonight I think… for the fourth time!!


OK, first Dish of the year.
There can only be one to kick 2014 off.
It’s Karl Urban.
Looks like this one has staying power and I am just as enamoured now as I was way back in Sept 2012!

This will be his 5th entry on my Dish of the Week list.

In previous posts I have stated…..

From Dish of the Week 36

I’m 43 years old, happily married, have 3 kids, a good job at the local hospital, and yet here I am acting like a school girl with a crush on her first boy band!

Mid life crisis much!!

From Dish of the Week 38

This guy was simply made to wear a suit and long hair or short it doesn’t matter.
It is simply illegal to look this good in a suit.

New year Karl 1

New Year Karl 2

From Dish of the Week 41

Karl is 6’1″
He is 40 years old.
He has a deep commanding voice and an intense stare.
He is happily married with two young sons. One of whom is called Indiana because Karl is geeky enough to name his son after one of his favourite film characters.
He has been a 2000 AD fan since his teens and relished playing Judge Dredd.
He chooses films that he will enjoy filming rather than looking for the next Oscar winner.
He has more than successfully stepped into the shoes of Deforrest Kelly as Dr Bones McCoy in the new Star Trek re-boot.
It has today been reported that there are already talks for a third movie in 2016 to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of Star Trek.
I love him ‘because’ he is a geek! and he’s very pretty to look at.

and now…..

Currently I am enjoying him in ‘Almost Human’
A TV show set in the not too distant future where cops are partnered up with androids.
Karl plays John Kennex who is the sole survivor of an ambush in which all his team were killed and he loses a leg.
After 2 years of coma and rehabilitation he is back to work, not accepting his prosthetic leg and not happy about being partnered with an android.

Karl is looking good!!




and double YUM!!

This year he has one film in production, The Wonder. Not sure when this one is set for release.
The only other project on the go at the moment was actually finished back in 2012!!
The film ‘The Loft’ has changed distributor after some legal wranglings and after having it’s release pushed back a few times it looks like they have settled on August 29th this year.
I really hope so.
This leaves Karl with plenty of time to concentrate on Almost Human and maybe have a break!!
the last two years have been a crazy work schedule for him with Dredd and Star Trek promos.

So there we are.
First Dish of 2014!
Think he was actually first Dish of 2013 as well!!
Could become a tradition….. we’ll see.


I have an anniversary tomorrow.
A one year anniversary to be precise.
It will be one year to the day that I became totally obsessed with Karl Urban!
It’s sad isn’t it.

One year ago tomorrow we went to see Dredd 3D and even though I had seen him in other things for nearly 10 years it was only after Dredd 3D that I became obsessed.
It really has been an obsession too.
There is barely a blog of mine over the last year that doesn’t mention him. Even fleetingly.
He’s made it to my Dish of the Weeks 3 times!!

So I owe a big thank you to my husband.
If he wasn’t such a big 2000 AD fan I wouldn’t have even have known who Dredd was.

Dredd visor flames

In the last year, apart from his very early TV roles in New Zealand, I have seen and collected everything he has been in.
Being a Trekker I am over the moon that he plays Dr ‘Bones’ McCoy in the JJ Abrams reboot of the Star Trek franchise.

McCoy 02

He is a franchise kind of guy because he was also Eomer in Lord of the rings.


He is one sexy vampire in Priest.


He was Bourne’s greatest adversary in The Bourne Supremacy.


He kicks ass and gets his ass seriously kicked in RED with Bruce Willis.


Just a few of my favourites.
The more I find out about Karl the more I love him.
He is living his dream.
He makes movies that feed his inner Geek and he is one of the biggest Geeks going!!
He is a Star Trek fan.
He loves Sci-fi.
He is obsessed with Judge Dredd.
It’s not surprising then that JJ Abrams managed to get him to star in his new TV series ‘Almost Human’ that starts on November 4th.
I really can’t wait to get this one.
Karl Urban on my TV every week for a whole series!!

But Karl as just Karl is simply the best.

483 789

Great excuse to watch Dredd again tomorrow and follow it with a few more Urban movies.
Doom, Priest, Pathfinder, Riddick, Price of Milk, RED, Ghost Ship, Lord of the Rings 2 and 3, Out of the Blue, And Soon the Darkness, The Truth About Demons, Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness….. there just aren’t enough hours in the day!!


All my regular blog readers will know that my pre Star Trek obsession was Dredd.
An amazing film that got rave reviews by everyone who saw it.
Unfortunately it was one of the worst marketed films of all time and ended up bombing at the box office.
It was a paradox.
All magazine and paper reviews were really hailing the movie.
The preview show at a convention 6 months before it’s release just went ballistic about it.
Anyone writing reviews after it’s release in September didn’t have a bad word to say about it.

The marketing was abysmal.
You had to hunt high and low for a cinema showing a 2D copy which seriously impacted bums in seats.
In America there was little to no pre-marketing and Americans just didn’t know who Dredd was or what the film would be like so they just didn’t show up.
There was little hope for a much wanted sequel.

Blu ray and DVD sales are off the chart and out of this world.
I think the producers have been a little stunned by this.
The Blu ray is actually still in the top ten Blu ray sales and for a film that was released in January this is astounding!
The day it was released, shops were overwhelmed and actually ran out of stock.

So…… imagine my excitement on reading the following…

“Interestingly enough, I did have breakfast with Alex Garland (writer of Dredd screenplay) this morning. It’s not off the agenda. Clearly everyone has woken up to the fact that an audience has found this movie and loves it. It’s entirely possible, and if people want to see another installment then they should be vocal about that, because, it can happen. The power of fandom can resurrect projects. In fact, that’s what happened with Star Trek. They weren’t going to do a third season until fans did a letter writing campaign and they continued that series.”
— Karl Urban on the possibility of a Dredd sequel

Not quite dead yet then.
I know the power of fandom.
If they kick up enough of a storm it could get a sequel.
So there is the slightest glimmer of hope.
I just hope that if it does get a sequel they change their marketing company!!


OK, it’s been a while since I blogged about ‘you know who’
I can’t really justify a fourth ‘Dish of the Week’ on him…… yet.
So I’ve just spent some time organising the photos I’ve been grabbing from the internet over the last couple of months (all 400 of them… how sad)
I noticed some cracking candids of Karl being Karl.
He’s such a dork!
I love him.

It all started just over ten years ago when he became popular playing two characters in Xena Warrior Princess and Hercules The Legendary Journeys.
He started to attend conventions and his inner Geek had chance to play.
He was young, he was scruffy and he just wanted to party!

349  084

A few New Zealand movies later and along came Lord of the Rings. Two Towers and Return of the King.
Karl was thrown into a whole new level of fandom.

176  307

395  389

One short bromance later and he found himself in the USA.
Chronicles of Riddick, Bourne Supremacy, Doom, Pathfinder….. Just a few films later and along comes Star Trek.
Dr Bones McCoy is a role Karl was born to play and he has been in convention and red carpet heaven ever since.

011  043


046  037

050  067

099  104

128  136

234  295

327  350

300  325

170  361

250  314

225  313

275  288


Helen Mirren was clearly very taken with him when they filmed the hilarious ‘RED’

Karl is very animated when he’s interviewed and he absolutely loves conventions.
He always makes time for his fans.

371  396

401  377


Just a thought, but with the news in recent days that JJ Abrams will be directing the new Star Wars film for Disney, and knowing that JJ is ‘fully’ aware of Karl’s inner Geek, could Karl land a role in it?
Would Karl want to take on yet another franchise?


What a stupid question that is!! Can’t believe I even asked it.