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While having my morning coffee and catching up on what’s been tumbled overnight, I came across a post informing all Gustav Skarsgard fans of a film that is going to be streamed on Monday evening.
It turns out it also happens to be Joel Kinnaman’s very first film!!

Unfortunately it will be airing at about 1 am UK time and after working a 12.5 hour shift, there’s just no way I’ll be awake for it.

Anyway, I’ve managed to find a few clips and photos this morning and I have come to realise…… I’VE ALREADY SEEN IT!!!

I think it may have been one of those late night, Channel Four, foreign films.
I normally just keep on channel hopping, but in this case I watched the whole film so it must have been good!!

It was long before I became a Joel Kinnaman fan but from the images I’ve seen, I remember him being part of the gang that beats the main character to oblivion.
He’s a skinhead and a coward.


He would only have been about 22 when he made it.
He’s still cute but I hope he never shaves his head like that again!!
It’s a bit too extreme for those ears!!