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It will come as no surprise to anyone that I am a HUGE Star Wars fan.

The Force Awakens was a breath of life into a fandom that has never truly died.
Since 1977 Star Wars has been a part of me. Han Solo was always my hero. Princess Leia was my heroine who showed me that I didn’t actually need a man to stand up for myself.

The fandom may have gone quiet for a few years and the prequels (although not bad) didn’t quite hit the mark but Christmas 2015 was the turning point.
Fandom got a slap in the face, was told to wake up and smell the roses. Star Wars was back and is set to be an even bigger part of our lives for the foreseable future.

We all had an Awakening. For me, in more ways than one.

With the Force Awakens came an obsession that has only gone from strength to strength over the last year and a half.
Kylo Ren…… or more precisely….. Adam Driver.

The more I found out about him, the more I watched him in things, the more I fell in love with him.
He’s amazing. There simply is no other word for him.

Such a humble and giving man and I continue to love him from the ears that are fighting for dominance on his head right down to his big feet!

The reason for this post is to apologise in advance for the spewing forth of everything Adam related over the next few months.

This past weekend saw the release of the teaser trailer for The Last Jedi that is due this December.
We finally got a glimpse of what Kylo’s scar is going to look like.

The Kylo snippets from the teaser were so tantalisingly quick it was frustrating.

So it’s now official, It’s out of the starting gate and all the hype leading up to the actual movie has officially started. There will be one, if not two more full trailers coming over the next few months followed by the press tours which mean a lot of new photos and interviews to enjoy!!


Adam also has another film due around the end of August.
Logan Lucky with Daniel Craig. In which, two brothers played by Adam Driver and Channing Tatum, attempt to pull off a heist during a NASCAR race in North Carolina.


Adam Driver, Channing Tatum, Daniel Craig, Sebastian Stan and even Domhnall Gleeson’s little brother Brian Gleeson… all in one movie.

I’m hoping a trailer will be dropping for this one very soon!!
Along with interviews and press tour and photos.

So my apologies (although I’m not actually sorry) are for not shutting up about Adam for the foreseable future.
I will be posting interview snippets and every photo I can lay my hands on alongside trailers and film clips.

BRING…. IT…. ON!!!

And just so I can hopefully convert some of you to the god that is Adam, I also want to leave this here for you to look at.
This is what makes adam so special.
Forget Star Wars.
This is Adam’s first love. His charity, Arts in the Armed Forces.
His short lived experience as a Marine was their loss but our gain!!



So, after getting some unusual pictures from the set of ‘Logan Lucky’ yesterday showing us that Adam Driver’s character has only got one arm, this morning I wake up to these amazing shots of Adam and Daniel Craig.





Adam looks so happy!!!


Although what his character has to be so happy about is a mytery.
He is apparantly missing an arm AND he’s a convict!!
It’s a little frustrating to know that this film is not set for release until October next year!!
Still, that means 2 films in 2 months of Adam and his lustrous hair and hopefully, in at least one we get to see that amazing smile!!

Today is going to be a good day.
After thoroughly depressing myself over the last few days with the ‘Holding The Man’ movie and memoir, I seriously needed something to cheer me up.
Adam smiling and happy is my new happy pill.


OK, this Dish of the Week has been overlooked for far too long.
After seeing Spectre for the first time yesterday I’m now going to put that right.

Daniel Craig.

Daniel Craig 1

YUM, YUM and YUM!!!!

James Bond has NEVER looked this good.
A little rough around the edges but smooth as silk.
This man knows how to rock a suit.

Daniel Craig 3
He has a swagger that makes you go weak at the knees.


The best thing about this bond is he’s like a pitbull!
If he gets his sights on you, you don’t stand a chance.
The opening sequences to all of his films proove this.
If you try and escape through a window…. bond will just go through the wall!!


And of course…… just look at him!!

Daniel Craig 2


Daniel Craig 4

Daniel Craig 5

Daniel Craig 6


I finally got around to watching ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ yesterday.


Why did I wait so long?
What a brilliant film, I love a good mystery.

Rooney Mara is amazing as Lisbeth Salander and Daniel Craig can do no wrong as Mikael Blomkvist.


The reason I got around to watching it….. finally…… is because my current obsession, Joel Kinnaman makes and appearance.
2 appearances totalling around 30 seconds I think it was!!
Anyway, he did look rather dapper.


He was supposedly brought in as a cameo appearance and set up for a bigger part in the next film.
His character ‘Christer Malm’ is  Millennium Magazine’s art director and designer, “an exhibitionist gay celebrity”

An exhibitionist gay celebrity!!!
I hope this is correct because they have ‘announced’ the next film.
It’s still early days. Only Rooney Mara is confirmed and there is no release date set.

Joel as an exhibitionist gay celebrity!!
That’s actually quite spooky because when I was watching Lola Versus the other night with my husband, there is a scene at the beginning of the film where Joel is busy cooking up a storm for Lola while talking on the phone to a wedding cake designer and my husband turned to me and said…. ‘you know, he’d play a really good gay bloke’ and he’s absolutely right!!
I just hope they keep the character in the next film and bring back Joel in the role.

Anyway, getting off topic now.
Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is brilliant.
The first of a trilogy that they are taking their time making!
I may actually try the three Swedish versions as comparison.


I’m sticking to just one choice for this one.
But there are actually 6 actors to compare.

James Bond.

The first Bond movie aired in 1962 and there have consistantly been Bond movies made ever since.
There have been 23 Bond movies to date with 6 actors in the lead role.
I am not including the David Niven outing or any others for that matter.

So, the first Bond was Sean Connery.

James Bond 01

He appeared in 6 Bond movies in total.
Dr. No in 1962
From Russia With Love in 1963
Goldfinger in 1964
Thunderball in 1965
You Only Live Twice in 1967
and then he had a break with Lazenby taking on the role and came back for
Diamonds are Forever in 1971

He was a very suave and tough Bond and to most fans of the series, he is the difinitive Bond.
He faced villains like Dr. Julius No, Rosa Klebb, Goldfinger, Largo and Blofeld.


Like I’ve just mentioned, Connery took a small break while George Lazenby took on the role in
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service in 1969
I liked Lazenby’s Bond.
He was suave, handsome, rugged, romantic and he actually made me cry!
He only had one outing as Bond and before the film was released he announced he would not be carrying on the role due to his conflict with the producers.


His villain was also Blofeld but that part was played by a different actor.


After another outing by Connery the role landed in Roger Moore’s lap.


Roger Moore had 7 outings as Bond but I’m afraid this is where Bond took a bit of a nose dive for me.
They started to play Bond for the comedy and the rough and rugged was lost.
That’s not to say he didn’t have some good films, they just weren’t ‘Bond’

Live and Let Die in 1973
The Man With The Golden Gun in 1974
The Spy Who Loved Me in 1977
Moonraker in 1979
For Your Eyes Only in 1981
Octopussy in 1983
A View to a Kill in 1985

His villains included Mr Big, Scaramanga, Stromberg, Jaws, Hugo Drax and Max Zorin.


After Moore, there was a big debate as to who would play the role next.
On top of everyone’s list was a very handsome and suave actor called Pierce Brosnan.
Unfortunately he was tied to a series called Remington Steele and couldn’t be freed up for Bond so he missed out on the part to Timothy Dalton.


Timothy Dalton brought the tough Bond back but he was still suave.
He had 2 outings as Bond.

The Living Daylights in 1987
Licence To Kill in 1989

His villains included General Koskov and Franz Sanchez.


After Dalton the role finally fell to Pierce Brosnan!


Next to Connery he was the perfect Bond.
Rough, tough, suave and handsome and worth the wait.
He had four outings as Bond.

Goldeneye in 1995
Tomorrow Never Dies in 1997
The World is Not Enough in 1999
Die Another Day in 2002

His villains included Travelyan, Elliot Carver, Victor Renard and Gustav Graves.


It was 4 years before we got another Bond.
One of the biggest breaks between films so far.
This time however, the whole feel of the Bond films needed a change.
They needed to be brought up to date and they needed to be a lot tougher.
Along came Daniel Craig.


This Bond was definately the toughest yet.
So far he has had three outings with

Casino Royale in 2006
Quantum of Solace in 2008
Skyfall in 2012

All three films have opened with some of the greatest chase scenes in film history.
Bond really shows his ruthless side in all three.
And where the past Bonds have catered for the male audience, Daniel Craig’s Bond is definately more appealing to the female audience.

His villains have included Le Chiffre, Dominic Green and Raoul Silva.


The Bond films are usually entertaining but they all started dating quite badly right up to Brosnan.
Daniel Craig’s Bond is for me, by far the best.
Casino Royale and Skyfall are films I keep returning to and I don’t do that with any other Bond movies.
So for me modernised and kick ass Craig Daniel’s Bond is my ultimate Bond.

Who will be next?
Daniel has at least one more outing to go, so who would I like to see in the role next.
Well my dream choice at the moment would be Henry Cavill!
Unfortunately with his current commitment to Superman I’m not sure he could do the part.
My next choice would be Benedict Cumberbatch, however, as much as I think he could be a great bond, I don’t think he could be quite as ruthless as Daniel Craig.
But that choice is years away at the moment with the announcement of Bond number 24 in 2015 on Daniel Craig’s IMDB listing.

How Times Have Changed Pt 4 will probably be Star Trek.