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The day I pick to start my diet for the new year I receive a gift of candy!!
Oh well, looks like that will have to wait until Monday.

Anyway, I received this little gift box of American candy as a thank you.

It was a £5 Mystery Box from Cloud City Candy and it was filled with a lovely little selection of things that I’ve always wanted to try.
Not that I had much of a chance as the Airheads, Nerds and Tootsie Rolls have all been nabbed by the rest of the family!!
I managed to save the Hershey’s chocolate, which I already know I like, but most importantly, I saved the Baby Ruth bar. I have ALWAYS wanted to try one of these and I think it will go down nicely with my coffee in the morning.

I have to say, if you are looking for an unusual gift, for whatever reason, this would be perfect.
If you head on over to cloudcitygaming.com and the check out their Cloud City Candy page, you will find all of these and much more. They have variously priced mystery boxes and they sell all the candy individually too. They have just started and are hoping to expand the range, so keep checking back to see what’s new.
Oh, and spread the word!!

Now, I’m going to hide my Baby Ruth before it gets nabbed!

(P.S. The Baby Ruth bar was lovely and did indeed go well with my coffee this morning!)