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So that’s it then?
Half way through the first season of Outlander and now we’re having a hiatus.
The americans love to have a hiatus.
How long will this break be?

6 MONTHS!!!!

6 MONTHS!!!!

I may just cry.
They can’t do that to me.
I waited 15 years after my first reading of Outlander (Cross Stitch) to see this brought to the screen.
Never in my wildest dreams did I think they would get it as right as they did and now, just as we are really getting into the swing of things, they’re having a break.


Well, with any luck, in that time a UK TV channel will be smart enough to buy it and air it.

So where have they left us?


‘I’ll thank ye,’ said a cool, level voice, ‘to take your hands off my wife.’
Jamie was crouched in the window frame, a large, brass-handled pistol braced across one forearm.

I know what’s coming in the next episode.
It will be interesting to see how far they take it and what kind of a reception it will get.


This has been the longest few days without a post this year so far, I believe.

Anyway, there’s not been much to tell because not a lot has happened.
Marjorie and Dharma went to school with only one minor hiccup from Dharma who was sick for a day.
Murron has had her first three full days at college and is absolutely loving it!
Ian is still doing a ton of overtime.
Work for me has been busy to say the least.

I finished my shift on Friday knowing I had three days off.
However, Friday and Saturday evenings were both invaded by teenagers who were staying over for a double sleepover for Marjorie’s birthday.
I’m now in the middle of a mass cleanup while she’s in town.

I have however, just stopped to take a breather while the house is quiet.
I took my chance to watch last nights episode of Outlander.
I think I now need a cold shower!!!
It was beautifully done.

Claire and Jamie looked amazing!

Claire wedding dress

Jamie wedding outfit

Both in and out of the wedding outfits!!!

It has struck me like a ton of bricks how true to the books the show is being.
They have taken Diana Gabalden’s descriptions of people and surroundings and duplicated it without question.
The show is literally as I had pictured it when I first read it. Her descriptions are THAT good!

Usually when you watch something made from a book you’ve read and loved you will always feel that something was missing.
They didn’t get something you had pictured in your head quite right.
So far, I haven’t felt like that at all.
The show has been perfection.
Here’s hoping it continues in the same way and that UK TV bosses get their heads out of their arses and buy it!!

Right, back to the clean up and then a glass of wine and a movie.

Slàinte Mhath!


Outlander spoilers so please do not read if you don’t want to know anything.

I can’t believe we are already up to episode 6 of Outlander.
It only seems like 5 minutes ago I was waiting for months in anticipation of it starting!
Thankfully, all that waiting has been worth it.

The series so far has been amazing.
I am awestruck at how accurate the characters have been.
My favourite book has quite literally been coming alive.
Now that I am re-reading the second book, I am finding it even more enjoyable now that I can put the faces to the characters.

Last night’s episode was hard to watch.
The entire episode was set around Claire’s meeting with the General of the local Garrison, accompanied by Dougal who was not exactly welcomed warmly.

Outlander 22

Things were going well and Claire was offered escort to Inverness which would mean the chance for her to get back to the standing stones at Craig Na Dun and the possibility of getting back to her own time.
All well that is, until the arrival of Captain Jack Randall!!

Outlander 16

Outlander 17

The Garrison are thrown on alert after an attack and Claire is left alone with Randall who regales her of the story of Jamie’s flogging.
100 lashes, twice in a week!!
We’ve seen the mess Jamie’s back is in in previous epsiodes.

Outlander 25

This episode went into the whole sordid story as told by Black Jack Randall.
This is the moment you learn to hate him with a passion, as does Claire.

Outlander 18

Outlander 20

Outlander 19

Outlander 21

However, this is also where the books take a crucial turning point.
After managing to leave the Garrison with Dougal on the promise that he hand her over to Fort William for more questioning tomorrow, Dougal comes up with a plan to protect her.

Outlander 23

Outlander 24

Yes, next weeks episode is going to be very interesting indeed!!

Although I don’t understand the ‘only two episodes left’ statement.
I know they have made 16 episodes for the first season.
Are we going into a hiatus? I know the americans love their hiatus’
However, I find them very frustrating!!!

I still cannot believe this show hasn’t been picked up by a UK channel.
It’s almost as if they are holding off until after the vote for Scottish independence!
Do they think that a reminder of times past will sway the vote to ‘Yes!!’
Who knows?
All I know is that it will be a crying shame if this show doesn’t make it to UK TV.
For a show based in the UK and filmed in the UK it just seems preposterous that it isn’t shown in the UK!

Anyway, it’s going to be a long week before episode 7!




OK, I succeeded in getting the husband interested in Outlander.
As a Scot himself he was intrigued with how they would be portrayed and I don’t think he was disappointed!

I for one, have just done something I haven’t done in over 5 years!
I’ve grabbed some images.
Oh if only I were still doing the artwork for collector fayres.
I would have given my right arm for a computer package that took grabs like this 10 years ago and now it comes as standard with Windows!!

Oh well, meet James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser and Claire Randall, AKA Sam Heughan and Catriona Balfe.
After Reading the books I had a firm picture in my head about what these characters should look like and interact with each other.
If I had any doubts prior to seeing this episode they were blown away as Jamie and Claire quite literally walked off the pages of the book.

I know what lies ahead for Claire and especially Jamie in this first season and my heart is already breaking!
I just hope the rest of the season is as good, if not better than this first episode.

Outlander 08

Outlander 02

Outlander 03

Outlander 04

Outlander 05

Outlander 07#

Outlander 09


Dish of the Week number 49 was James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser, a character I know very well from some amazing books I’ve read.

At the end of July last year  I found out that these books were being made into a major new TV series.

Bit by bit information started appearing on the internet and then the principle cast were announced.
I have to admit that when I found out Sam Heughan was cast as Jamie I immediately Googled him and found myself a little dissappointed.

Don’t get me wrong, Sam Heughan is a very good looking young man.



Good looking maybe, 6’3 and a Scot. OK
But Jamie was supposed to be a wild haired ‘red’ head and a little more rugged and weather worn.
Sam wasn’t quite there in my mind.

However, they have since completed filming at least the first 4 episodes of series 1 and have started the promotion game.
I have caught a couple of gatherings with the author Diana Gabalden, the Executive Producer Ron Moore and the two principle cast members, Claire and Jamie played by Catriona Balfe and Sam Heughan.


Sam has gone through a bit of a transformation!
He’s grown the hair and dyed it red.
He’s sporting a rough beard. That one must be a pain to keep the right colour!!



Let’s see….

6’3…. check
Scot…. check
Wild red hair…. check
Blue eyes…… check

Sam was merely Jamie in disguise…. he’s perfect!!


As for Sam as an actor, well we’ll just have to see about that one because I have seen him in absolutely nothing!!
But judging by this trailer I have nothing to worry about.
Follow the link and watch it to the end!!


“You’ll no be scared o me or anyone else here, as long as I’m with you”

Oh be still my beating heart!!
Jamie Fraser has quite literally jumped off the pages of the books and onto the screen.
Do I really have to wait until July to see this?!!!!

Diana Gabaldon recently credited the demographics of her readers as identifying with — and wanting to be — Claire, especially because of her steamy relationship with Jamie Fraser: “They sort of want to lick him,” Gabaldon said.

And she was right!!


This blog may have a few small spoilers about the up coming show, so if you don’t want to know, don’t read!!!
You have been warned.

Time to crank up my excitement level a notch!

Back in October my Dish of the Week number 49 was James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser.
There’s a mouthful!!

He is a character in a set of books by Diana Gabalden.
The Outlander Series.

Anyway, I had just found out that they are making these books into a TV series that could potentially be more successful than Game of Thrones and as sumptuous as The Tudors.
The books are told from the viewpoint of a heroin, Claire Randall and starts in post second world war Scotland but quickly lands our heroin in the Scottish Highlands in 1743.

This is an amazing set of books and I’ve only read the first 4!

I also stated ‘Expect me to get very excited as this series looms nearer’
Well….. here goes!!!! because today I saw the first trailer for the series.

Entertainment Weekly has posted an interview with the principle stars, Director  and the author that states……

Showrunner Ron Moore pitched Gabaldon on a different opening, the author revealed at the show’s Television Critics Association press tour panel in Pasadena. Gabaldon said the show will open with Claire Randall (Caitriona Balfe) during World War II. The show will open with a two-minute prologue set in a field hospital with Claire “in her element” as a wartime nurse. “You need to appreciate her immediately,” Gabaldon recalled Moore pitching. “It shows her being the competent and resilient person that she is.”

Another critic asked if a pivotal scene from the book where Claire is harshly physically punished by her lover Jamie (Sam Heughan) will be seen.

“It’s in the book and it’s in the show,” said Moore, who wore a kilt to the panel. “It’s certainly an explosive scene. It hasn’t been shot yet, it’s down the road a bit. It’s a shocking moment, but its an important part of the development of the characters and we’re going to go for it.”

A critic referred to the scene as Jamie “beating the crap” out of Claire, and Gabaldon clarified: “He spanks her bottom with his sword belt and she doesn’t like it.” Moore then added: “Everybody was in mortal danger due to something she did specifically — in Jamie’s world, there’s a cost to that.”

OMG!! They’re going for it!
That scene is going to be a killer to watch.

Judging by this photo, it looks like they are going to show the books in every single detail.


Don’t know If I’m going to want to see Randall beating the crap out of Jamie!!

I can’t wait to see this show!!
Apart from ‘Summer’ I have no idea when it’s going to air.
As soon as I know I’ll let you know.


Over the last few weeks I have been getting more and more excited about a TV show that won’t even air until next year.
I accidentally stumbled across a site that was talking about a new production starting in Scotland.
Then to my astonishment I realised they were bringing some of my favourite books to the small screen.

The Outlander series by Diana Gabalden

Although these books are told from the viewpoint of a heroin, Claire Randall, there is one very important character in her life.
Today I got my first look at how they are portraying this character and I’m actually quite pleased.

So, Dish of the Week number 49 is James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser.
As portrayed by Sam Heughan.
Jamie Fraser

Although the series starts in post second world war Scotland, it quickly lands our heroin in the Scottish Highlands in 1743.
Hence the costume!

This is an amazing set of books and I’ve only read the first 4!
Expect me to get very excited as this series looms nearer.
They are already saying it could be bigger than Game of Thrones.
I certainly hope so.