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I can honestly say that we had a lovely day today.

Why is that such an odd statement?
We spent the day in Bedford!!

The shopping in Bedford is still shit to be honest BUT with the arrival of a new entertainment complex in town, the possibility of actually having a lovely day has dramatically improved.

When we go out for the day to Milton Keynes or Northampton or St. Neots, we quite often see one or two movies and choose one of the multitude of restaurants attached to them to go and have some dinner.

Bedford has always been a little bland in the restaurant department.
Curry, Chinese or steakhouse were your options.
The new complex has brought us a whole host of new restuarants including a Wagamama’s which is one of our favourites when we are out and about.

So today we decided to try out the brand new Wagamama’s that officially opened on Thursday.

We parked in the multi-storey across the road from the complex and walked over the road to the restaurant. It was fairly empty when we arrived but absolutely buzzing when we left. The food was lush and the service was excellent. We’ll definately be going back.

After lunch, we decided to walk down the embankment where we stopped for a drink at the Embankment Hotel and sat outside enjoying the weather. Murron and her friend Leigh stopped by and added to our bill!!

After that we continued down the embankment and ended up at Cineworld to see Dunkirk which is absolutely amazing!! Brilliant film.

Then we wandered back up the embankment to get the car and headed home.
It was a lovely, leisurly day.

We are happy now knowing that we can get a lift or a taxi to the cinema, walk along the embankment for dinner and then back for another film if we fancy before getting a lift or a taxi home.

Our only concern now is the survival of the Cineworld complex.
It looks like the new Vue only has 3 or 4 screens. Hopefully it won’t impact on Cineworld’s profits and they’ll continue with their refurbishment plans.
As Cineworld card holders, if we lose Cineworld, we’re going to be a bit pissed off!!

Anyway, time for bed. I actually have work tomorrow!!


For anyone wondering whether or not to get a Cineworld Unlimited card…….

I’ve just done some quick calculations for the year so far.

1 card costs £196.80 for the year.
We’ve have seen 55 films in the cinema so far this year.
We see most of them at Bedford or Milton Keynes.
If we take the adult cost of a ticket for both cinemas that would make a total of between £506 and £583.
Taking the cost of the card off of that total means we’ve saved between £309.20 and £386.20.

As a couple we have saved between £618.40 and £772.40!!!!

That doesn’t even take into account all the 3D supplement payments (that are included after 12 months on the card)
Or indeed the 20 – 25% savings at local restaurants and the 25% off food and drink in the cinema.

The cards allow us to see a film at the drop of a hat.
It allows us to go and see whatever we want whenever we want without worrying about the cost.
We have seen films we wouldn’t have ordinarily gone to see.
It doesn’t matter if a film is shit because we’re not losing money if we walk out half way through (not that that’s happened yet)

Financially and personally, getting these cards has been the best decision we’ve made in years!!

So don’t hang about and waste any more time.
Go for it!!


It was my daughter’s birthday on Tuesday. She decided she wanted to have a few friends round on Saturday afternoon but she wanted her best friend to go to the cinema with her in the morning and stay over in the evening.

So, on friday I got lots of nibbles and goodies in and there was £10 left in the budget so she could go to one of the saturday morning £1 kids club movies at the local Cineworld and then go to Macdonalds afterwards.
Or so we thought.

On Friday evening we had a quick look at the Cineworld website for film times.
The film she chose was Marmaduke and it was on at 11am for one showing on saturday.
So, a kids film, one showing on a saturday morning, info at the bottom of the rest of the movie times with all the other Saturday morning films so anyone having just a quick look at the site for times would naturally think that it was a kids club movie.

Anyway, we got to the cinema, I went in to make sure they got their ticket and went in to the screening.
I was a little gobsmacked when they asked me for £9.80!
I questioned the price and was told Marmaduke was NOT a kids club movie.
Great! and all the kids club movies had already started.

The kids decided to go and see the film and forego their Macdonalds but I was not a happy bunny.
I saw the kids safely into the screening and demanded to see the manager.
I explained the situation and that the website was NOT clear and very misleading and that they had ruined my daughter’s birthday treat and what would they do about it?

They were not very simpathetic. They printed off a very pathetic BLACK AND WHITE copy of the website on a printer that clearly needed more ink, to try to show me where it stated that a movie was a ‘movie for juniors’ film. In my eyes that did not clarify anything or change the fact that we did not see it when we looked the previous evening. I argued my point but did not get anywhere. I was so angry I left the cinema and went home intent on having a very good look at the website again.

I eventually found it.
On the main film listing page, if you scroll down to the bottom where all the kids films are, the films are all listed in exactly the same way as every other film on the listing, on a blue background, and just underneath the times for the Movie for Junior listing and in the tiniest GREEN letters it states ‘movies for juniors’


I showed it to a couple of people who looked and they even had to have it pointed out to them because it was so unclear.
Yes, there is a drop down on the left that you have to hunt for where you find a seperate page that explains ‘Movies for Juniors’ but when you’re just looking for a film time you don’t go looking for things like that.

I decided to phone the customer services line where I argued my point with the assistant on the other end of the line until she called her manager. I then argued my point with the manager and basically said that they’d ruined my daughter’s day because their website was so ambiguous.
What kind of designer puts tiny green lettering on a blue background!!?
I told them it wouldn’t take much to put the ‘Movie’s for juniors’ into their own coloured box on the SAME page as the film times and to actually title the box ‘Movies for Juniors’.
This would make it 100 times easier to identify the £1 films and not dissapoint anyone else.

The manager was courtious, said he’d contact the web design people to see if anything could be changed, apologised if we’d been mislead in anyway and offered us two complimentary tickets which I accepted.

However, it doesn’t change the fact that my daughter’s morning was ruined and she felt like she’d been ripped off and there was no apology from the manager of the cinema itself!

Cineworld Bedford, you should be ashamed and I will be keeping an eye on the website to make sure there are changes made.