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So, we’re now home after almost 4 days in London.
Have to admit, if we hadn’t got tickets to see Imagine Dragons on Thursday evening, the trip would have been called off.
With the Beast from the East and Storm Emma creating havoc with drifting snow and consistently below zero temperatures, we had to have a serious think about making the trip.

After a millisecond of thought, we decided to go ahead…. IT’S WAS IMAGINE DRAGONS!!!

Anyway, the drive down was easier than anticipated. Visibility wasn’t great and the snow was a virtual blizzard but the roads were thankfully quite clear.
Our only issue was the temperature. It was -4 when we set out and the wind chill over the bonnet of the car made the anti-freeze freeze!!
The washer bottle just would not work. We had to stop several times to clear the windscreen and had to tailgate lorries to pick up enough spray to clear the screen.
The annoying thing is that 5 minutes after parking the car, now out of the wind chill, the washer bottle started working!! Typical.

Anyway, we couldn’t have picked a better hotel to stay in. For a start it was outside the congestion zone charge area and had plenty of free parking. The Premier Inn in Beckton was very friendly and attached to a Brewers Fayre. We were given a room that was meant for someone with mobility issues and I have to say, it was lovely. It had a Queen sized bed with a very comfortable quilt. Plenty of space for anyone in a wheelchair. Everything at lower levels making access for people in wheelchairs very good. The bathroom was HUGE!! It was a wet room with a folding seat and plenty of hand rails in the shower area and around the toilet and again, the sink was set at a lower level. The door into the bathroom was a sliding door so that it didn’t get in the way. Speaking from an abled persons perspective, I would recommend it for anyone with mobility issues.

The DLR was literally on the Hotel’s doorstep. A one minute walk had us on the station platform with easy access to the O2 and Central London. There was also an Asda over the road.

We arrived at noon and although check-in wasn’t officially until 14:00, they had a room available and we settled ourselves in before heading off on our adventure.

We arrived at the O2 and had a mooch around before having dinner at Zizzi’s.
Then, as it was still over 3 hours before the doors opened for the concert, we decided to make use of the Cineworld inside the O2.
I had forgotten to bring my Cineworld card with me so we thought I’d have to pay, however the staff were really friendly and said that if I used the online booking system, they would let me in anyway, without asking to view my card!!
So we went to see Black Panther.

Don’t hate me, not a huge fan.
Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed it, I’m glad I went to see it in the cinema, I can see why it’s important to a lot of people, I just found it a little bit too much for my tastes!
I’m sorry, don’t hate me.

After the cinema, it was time for the main event and the whole reason for the trip to London.


We made our way through all the security to our seats and patiently waited for the show to start.
The opening act was K.Flay.
She was good. A little too banging for my usual tastes but ‘High Enough’ was brilliant!

The show was amazing!!
What more can I say. I’ve sat here this afternoon going through the videos I managed to catch on my phone and my kids now want to go and see them. Looks like a family trip next year when they are (hopefully) back in the UK.
I can’t possibly load all my videos here, it would take forever!!
Choosing a few to show has been a nightmare. They’re all good!!
Loved the pop at the press by singer Dan just before they did ‘Demons’.
Loved the balloons.
Loved the confetti guns.
Just loved, loved, loved it all.

Getting back to the tube and the DLR after the show was a bit slow going but the crowds were well managed.


It was absolutely freezing and snowing and we were shattered when we made it back to the hotel.

Really have got to go and see them again. They were amazing.

Now I have to get a couple of hours sleep. I want to watch the Oscars tonight and the show doesn’t start until around 01:30 UK time!!
Gonna be a long night.

Part 2 coming tomorrow.


I can honestly say that we had a lovely day today.

Why is that such an odd statement?
We spent the day in Bedford!!

The shopping in Bedford is still shit to be honest BUT with the arrival of a new entertainment complex in town, the possibility of actually having a lovely day has dramatically improved.

When we go out for the day to Milton Keynes or Northampton or St. Neots, we quite often see one or two movies and choose one of the multitude of restaurants attached to them to go and have some dinner.

Bedford has always been a little bland in the restaurant department.
Curry, Chinese or steakhouse were your options.
The new complex has brought us a whole host of new restuarants including a Wagamama’s which is one of our favourites when we are out and about.

So today we decided to try out the brand new Wagamama’s that officially opened on Thursday.

We parked in the multi-storey across the road from the complex and walked over the road to the restaurant. It was fairly empty when we arrived but absolutely buzzing when we left. The food was lush and the service was excellent. We’ll definately be going back.

After lunch, we decided to walk down the embankment where we stopped for a drink at the Embankment Hotel and sat outside enjoying the weather. Murron and her friend Leigh stopped by and added to our bill!!

After that we continued down the embankment and ended up at Cineworld to see Dunkirk which is absolutely amazing!! Brilliant film.

Then we wandered back up the embankment to get the car and headed home.
It was a lovely, leisurly day.

We are happy now knowing that we can get a lift or a taxi to the cinema, walk along the embankment for dinner and then back for another film if we fancy before getting a lift or a taxi home.

Our only concern now is the survival of the Cineworld complex.
It looks like the new Vue only has 3 or 4 screens. Hopefully it won’t impact on Cineworld’s profits and they’ll continue with their refurbishment plans.
As Cineworld card holders, if we lose Cineworld, we’re going to be a bit pissed off!!

Anyway, time for bed. I actually have work tomorrow!!


For anyone wondering whether or not to get a Cineworld Unlimited card…….

I’ve just done some quick calculations for the year so far.

1 card costs £196.80 for the year.
We’ve have seen 55 films in the cinema so far this year.
We see most of them at Bedford or Milton Keynes.
If we take the adult cost of a ticket for both cinemas that would make a total of between £506 and £583.
Taking the cost of the card off of that total means we’ve saved between £309.20 and £386.20.

As a couple we have saved between £618.40 and £772.40!!!!

That doesn’t even take into account all the 3D supplement payments (that are included after 12 months on the card)
Or indeed the 20 – 25% savings at local restaurants and the 25% off food and drink in the cinema.

The cards allow us to see a film at the drop of a hat.
It allows us to go and see whatever we want whenever we want without worrying about the cost.
We have seen films we wouldn’t have ordinarily gone to see.
It doesn’t matter if a film is shit because we’re not losing money if we walk out half way through (not that that’s happened yet)

Financially and personally, getting these cards has been the best decision we’ve made in years!!

So don’t hang about and waste any more time.
Go for it!!