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For anyone wondering whether or not to get a Cineworld Unlimited card…….

I’ve just done some quick calculations for the year so far.

1 card costs £196.80 for the year.
We’ve have seen 55 films in the cinema so far this year.
We see most of them at Bedford or Milton Keynes.
If we take the adult cost of a ticket for both cinemas that would make a total of between £506 and £583.
Taking the cost of the card off of that total means we’ve saved between £309.20 and £386.20.

As a couple we have saved between £618.40 and £772.40!!!!

That doesn’t even take into account all the 3D supplement payments (that are included after 12 months on the card)
Or indeed the 20 – 25% savings at local restaurants and the 25% off food and drink in the cinema.

The cards allow us to see a film at the drop of a hat.
It allows us to go and see whatever we want whenever we want without worrying about the cost.
We have seen films we wouldn’t have ordinarily gone to see.
It doesn’t matter if a film is shit because we’re not losing money if we walk out half way through (not that that’s happened yet)

Financially and personally, getting these cards has been the best decision we’ve made in years!!

So don’t hang about and waste any more time.
Go for it!!