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Yesterday I went to see ‘Ready Player One’ at the request of one of my daughters.

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I can say that I haven’t really been on the ball with this one.
Apart from seeing the trailer, I really haven’t read much about it or researched anything to do with it, so I wasn’t all that fussed about going to see it.
I didn’t even know that Simon Pegg was in it!
I certainly didn’t know that Ben Mendelsohn was in it!!

OK, interest piqued!

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So, what about the film?

It was amazing!!
Loads of action with beautifully imagined and executed scenes.
A strong message about getting noses out of phones and tablets and computers and games and actually living in the real world!

But what actually makes the film great is the nostalgia.

The music in particular was brilliant and I just had to make a Spotify playlist with as many as I could find. If you have spotify, you can check it out here.

Ready Player One Songs.

References to films, games, comics, TV shows, in fact ALL popular multi-media are littered through the entire movie. When the Bluray is released, there are going to be millions of people pausing scenes to catch all the different Avatars used in all the scenes!!
Trust me, there were so many I missed, I would probably have to watch it a dozen times to catch them all.

We’re talking….. big breath……
The Joker and Harley Quinn.
The Delorean from Back to the Future.

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A Rubiks cube renamed ‘The Zemekis’ cube after Robert Zemekis, the Director of Back to the Future and that allows characters to travel back in time by 60 seconds.
A Light Cycle from Tron.
Jurassic Park.
Several references to Star Trek.
King Kong.
The Iron Giant who in turn references Terminator 2.

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The chestburster from Aliens.
Battlestar Galactica and the Sulaco from Aliens.
Superman, Spiderman, the Incredible Hulk.
Star Wars.
War of the Worlds.
Bill and Ted.
Dungeons and Dragons.
The Fly.
The Dark Crystal.
Ferris Bueller.
The Breakfast Club.
Nightmare on Elm Street.
Speed Racer.
Citizen Kane.
Mad Max.
Duran Duran.
Buckaroo Banzai!!
The Shining, with some of the funniest refs and scenes.
Loads of Atari 2600 games like Centipede, Swordquest, Pitfall, Motorcross and Adventure.
Saturday Night Fever.
Jason and the Argonauts.
The Spaceship Serenity.

I could go on forever. There are literally hundreds of references, mostly in mentions and seen as avatars that are literally only going to be noticed on multiple viewings or bluray pauses.

The whole film is a visual feast and I think I could quite happilly go and see it in the cinema again.


So what’s been happening over the last week?

Aside from relaxing, nothing much!!

We went to see Star Trek Beyond last weekend and it was AMAZING!!
I wouldn’t have expected anything less. I think another showing during this annual leave is a must.
I loved the fact that Sabotage by the Beastie Boys is used in one of the key scenes!
Not just as music for the scene but as a track that is specifically picked  by the team to achieve a certain objective!! Classic!

I managed to get out into the back garden before the weather got a little too wet. I can now sit in it and not fret about it.
It’s never going to be great. I simply don’t have the time to look after it enough but at least it’s now tidy again.
I now have to tackle the 10 foot hedge in the front garden when the weather dries up!

Anyway, with the rain over the last few days, it gave me a great excuse to sit at my computer and chill a little.
I’ve been getting into a series on Netflix called Bloodline. Here’s a first. I got into this because of an actor in a film I haven’t even seen yet!!
Ben Mendelsohn, who happens to be this cool looking dude in Rogue One this Xmas.

Krennic 2

Bloodline is a steady paced show with a big dark secret that I’m desperate to find out about!!

All this time on my hands gave me a great excuse to write another fic!!
My husband came up with a bit of an idea and I ran with it.
Angel on my Shoulder.
3 chapters this time.
Another Kylux fic but no smut this time. Just lots of fluff and angst and mutual worry and a decidedly big decision to make on Kylo’s part.
I loved writing it.
If you’re interested you can read it HERE.

Tonight I may curl up with a book. A real book.
Star Wars: Aftermath, Life Debt.
Set immediately after Return of the Jedi.
Interesting start. I want to see where it goes.

What have I still to look forward to?
Batman vs Superman on Bluray on Monday
Suicide Squad – midnight showing on Thursday
Anniversary – 22 years on Saturday
Midnight Special – Bluray on  the 8th – ADAM DRIVER!!!
Tons more time on the PC chilling. Might just have time for another fic if I can come up with another story idea.

OK, time to get back to this bottle of wine and some more Bloodline.


I’ve just finished watching the live stream of the Rogue One panel at Star Wars Celebration.
OMG! I didn’t think I could get any more excited for a film.

The first official post was revealed and is absolutely stunning!

Rogue One Poster

But for me, the star of the panel was Ben Mendelsohn who absolutely owned his entrance onto the stage dressed in full movie costume flanked by his Death Troopers!!

Krennic 04

Krennic 05

Unfortunately as Krennic doesn’t appear in New Hope, Empire or Jedi, I think there could only be one ending for him in Rogue One.

Anyway, a wonderful short film was shown of scenes during filming along with a beautiful shot of the Cardington Sheds.
I had no idea any filming for this had been done there!!
These Sheds are virtually within walking distance and I grew up with them as a major part of my landscape. Totally unmissable and dominating.


Now I’m going to go and have a little melt down as I wait for the new trailer!!


I think I can safely say that I am a Star Wars fan.
Not that that is much of a surprise to ‘anyone’ who knows me.

As much as I hate having to wait so long for certain films to arrive, I also love the build up that comes with it.

I love all the internet hype and I absolutely love reading the theories that fans come up with.

However, I have noticed a change in my particular area of interest.
There seems to have been a definate swing to the dark side.

As a kid/teenager my interest was ALWAYS Han Solo.
Forget Luke Skywalker, I went with the scoundrel.

Han Solo 4

Growing up my loyalty was with the rebels and the Jedi’s.
Then when the prequels came along, I slowly began to lose myself to the dark side.
Hayden Christensen couldn’t act his way out of a paper bag (IMO…sorry) but boy did he look good as Anakin Skywalker!!!

Anakin 1

Anakin 2

Anakin 3

I wasn’t exactly disappointed with the prequels, well actually maybe I was.
They simply didn’t feel like Star Wars.
They were bloated and arrogant and relied way to heavily on CGI specials effects.
They are OK as films but I can’t go back to them time and time again like I can with New Hope, Empire and Jedi.

Then we had a bit of a dry period before Disney took over.
Along came the first part in a new trilogy that promised so much.
And it delivered!!!

I completely lost myself to the dark side with this bad boy!! Kylo Ren.

Kylo Ren 4


and a smattering of this bad boy…. General Hux, who became the most prolific killer in Star Wars history when he ordered the firing of Starkiller Base and took out 5 planets in the Hosnian System!!


The Force Awakens. Set exactly 30 years after Return of the Jedi brought every fan to their knees!!
It was amazing.
They got it sooooo right. The whole feel was definately Star Wars. It felt like it ran smoothly from Return of the Jedi. They used practical special effects and enhanced them with CGI. It was sleek and beautiful.
Original fans were gobsmacked but ultimately pissed off when their ultimate hero from the original trilogy, Han Solo, was killed off by Kylo….. his own son!!

Kylo Han
As we eagerly await the next episode in the story I have been gently ‘pushed’ into reading some Star Wars fanfiction.
However, that push landed me right in the middle of the Kylux trash compactor!!

My two favourite bad boys being very BAAAD BOYS!!!!

Artwork by idksomestff.tumblr.com

Anyway!! Not only are Disney delivering the new trilogy episode by episode every two years, they are giving us some stand alone movies.
The first of which is Rogue One due out this Xmas.
A Star Wars film every year for the foreseable future!!!

Rogue One is set directly before A New Hope and tells the story of the team that steals the plans for the first Death.
Entertainment Weekly released lots of new images and information this week.
They confirmed that Darth Vader does indeed appear in this movie, with James Earl Jones reprising his role as the commanding voice of Vader.

They also released more images of Director Krennic. The character that caught my eye in the first trailer played by Ben Mendelsohn.

Krennic 3

Krennic 2

This smooth looking dude apparantly doesn’t get on particularly well with Darth Vader!!
I simply can’t wait to find out more about him.

They also released some stunning images of Stormtroopers and Deathtroopers.

Stormtroopers Sea 2

Stormtroopers Sea 1

Deathtroopers 1

Deathtroopers 2

This film is looking more and more incredible by the day.
With the Star Wars Celebration event next month I’m desperately hoping they release a new trailer.
I am definately losing myself to the dark side and I really don’t care!!


I seem to have a thing for the bad guys.
Can’t help myself.

After seeing the Rogue One Trailer, one character stood out of the crowd.

Forget the heroes, forget the rebellion.
The guy in the white uniform and cloak was who caught my eye.
This rather cool looking dude.

Rogue One 2

OMG!! Are we actually getting a Grand Admiral?
Turns out his character is called ‘Director Krennic’ and today, Entertainment Weekly announced a little more information about him.


Director Orson Krennic (Ben Mendelsohn)

On the opposing side, this villain is an ambitious Imperial apparatchik who intends to use his squad of Deathtroopers to pulverize the Rebel uprising and ascend into the Emperor’s graces – while hopefully avoiding the wrath of his enforcer, Darth Vader. “The bad guy is a lot more terrifying when he’s really smart, and really effective,” says Knoll. “There is a lot of palace intrigue going on in the Empire, with people conspiring to move up the ranks and sabotaging each other. There’s not a lot of loyalty there.”

So! He’s going to be one cool customer and hopefully a villain to get your teeth into!!

And we’ve still got 5 months to wait!!! ARRGH!!!