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I’m going to give this review a spoiler alert.
I don’t go into great detail about things but if you haven’t seen it yet be warned.

I will admit that when I first found out about this film I was disappointed.

I was disappointed that Henry wasn’t getting a chance to individually build on his Superman with another standalone Superman movie.
I was disappointed in the choice of actor to play Batman.
Even though I’m a Ben Affleck fan, I just didn’t see him as Batman material.
I was disappointed about the introduction of Wonder Woman.
I’ve never been a Wonder Woman fan.
I was even more disappointed in the choice of actor to play Lex Luthor.
I’m not a Jesse Eisenberg fan.

However, the more I found out about it and after seeing the trailers, I was seriously warming to the idea of this film.
I made the mistake of reading a few press reviews after it premiered and this made me start to doubt the film all over again, so when I went to see it in the IMAX today I was a little apprehensive.

I needn’t have worried!

I’m still loving the fact that Lois is the only one who knows who Clark Kent really is and that they are now in a full blown relationship.
Henry is looking better than ever as Superman and is still coming to terms with his reveal to the world and how they are perceiving him.
He’s still doubting that he’s done the right thing.


What can I say about Ben Affleck.
He was perfect.
Seriously one of the best takes on Batman yet.
Take Christian Bale’s Batman, put 10 – 15 years on him and you have Ben Affleck’s Batman.
Mean, moody, psychotic and angry.
He is also looking incredibly good and very fit!


Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman was surprisingly good and my interest has now piqued for the Wonder Woman movie.
She was elegant as Diana Prince and Kick Ass as Wonder Woman.
I just hope they steer clear of the insanely tacky invisible jet and I hope she can carry a movie on her own.


I had no idea the film was just short of 3 hours long and it needed to be.
This is a set up film for a lot of future DC movies. Wonder Woman(2017), Flash(2018), Aqua Man(2018), Cyborg(2020), Justice League(2017+2019) and Suicide Squad(August this year) are all springboarding from this movie.

That said, apart from Wonder Woman featuring quite heavily and helping to save the day, the other characters only get a small introduction via computer files found by Bruce Wayne and then shown to Diana Prince.
The discussion at the end of the movie about finding them and bringing them together is a complete set up for the Justice League movies.

Ben Affleck can be seen again as Batman later this year when he appears in Suicide Squad and he has got a lot of hard work ahead of him to stay in shape as he has signed up for Justice League parts 1 and 2 and so has Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot.

Now, Jesse Eisenberg.
Mmmm, I think he was the only real disappointment for me.
I found him just a bit too manic and crazy.


I always picture him as more controlled, still batshit crazy but controlled.
Jesse didn’t quite cut the mustard for me, not to say that he spoiled the film, far from it.
The rest of the film was so good, I can forgive this one little indiscretion.

I can also forgive the abundant use of CGI.
It worked.
It worked where the Star Wars prequels failed.

Overall, Batman vs Superman was a brilliant addition to the DC collection.
It took it’s time to tell the story and was careful not to overshadow Batman and Superman with future characters.
Even Wonder Woman was well placed and not over powering.
She worked well with Bruce Wayne and will be a great team mate or even partner to Bruce Wayne in the Justice League movies.

I may just have to go and see it again.

Right, now bring on the Suicide Squad!!

Suicide Squad 8


As I was writing my dish of the Week #67, I remembered a really funny movie scene that I wanted to share.

It occurred to me that there are many film scenes that pop into my head as I sit working on my computer so I’ve decided to create another blog category, Magic Movie Moments.

When I think of a scene, for whatever reason, if I feel like sharing it I will post it in this category.

So here is the scene that inspired this category.
It comes from Pearl Harbor.
I know this is a serious drama about a serious chapter in Human history but it seriously has one of the funniest scenes in movie memory and I think Ben plays it perfectly.
You really feel his pain!


With the release of Batman vs Superman due for release ¬†in less than two weeks, it’s about time this guy got a mention on my Dish of the Weeks.

He’s been a constant favourite of mine through the years but I have to admit, he’s ageing very nicely!!

I don’t go all out to watch everything he’s done and I’ve only recently watched Good Will Hunting but he crops up in quite a few of my favourites over the years.

A Cheesy save the world disaster movie with Bruce Willis

Ben 1

A hilarious story of two fallen Angels using a loophole in God’s word to get back into heaven and another partnering with Matt Damon.

Ben 2

Pearl Harbor
A love triangle set around the events of Pearl Harbor….. and incidentally, a film that has one of the funniest scenes in film history! It never fails to make me giggle.
I may just have to start another category….. Magic Movie Moments!! Watch this space.

Ben 3

The Sum of all Fears
A Jack Ryan outing. A shame he never got to do another one.

Ben 4

I liked it. Could be something to do with the tight red leather outfit!! Enough said.

Ben 5

Amazing film and has Ben looking rather lush with his beard.

Ben Affleck beard

Gone Girl
Another amazing film but not the satisfying ‘kill the bitch’end I wanted!

Ben 6

Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad
Still to be seen and much anticipated by me.
When I found out he was going to be playing Batman I had my reservations, as did most of the internet!
Anyway, the more clips and photos I see, the more I’m liking the older take on Batman and Ben is looking increasingly more yummy as he gets older!

Ben 7

Ben 8


So today is a day off.
I’m pretty shattered after a very mixed weekend at work.
I’m looking forward to next weekend though as my shifts have fallen really great for the next two weeks.
I’m working Tues, Thurs, Fri this week and Weds, Fri, Sat next week, so I have an extra long weekend this weekend!
Can’t wait.

So, what to do today?
I don’t really have the energy for much to be honest.
I’ll have to do some prep work on my last two college units so I can get cracking on them but other than that, I’ll be doing a quick run to Tesco to have a look at the DVD releases for the day and to get dinner and then I’ll just be pottering around the house doing some cleaning.
I plan to have all that finished by mid afternoon so I can sit down with my feet up recharging the batteries for work tomorrow.

Anyway, I’ve just spent an hour having a flick through all the Comic-con reports and videos that have been springing up this week.
Comic-con is one place we’ll NEVER get to go to.
Even if we do have the finances, Ian is in no shape to be queuing through the night for a seat in Hall ‘H’ and he certainly is in no shape to be sitting in those chairs in Hall ‘H’ for hours on end. He’d be crippled after day 1!!
So, I’ll just have to make do with on-line videos and transcripts and photos.
Am I jealous?!!

Yes, of course I’m bloody jealous!!!!

Anyway, I managed to get my first glimpse of some Suicide Squad material.
From the looks of it, I was pretty lucky to get that!
The trailer that was specifically made to be shown at Comic-con and nowhere else, was leaked onto the internet.
It’s being pulled back again quite quickly!
The copy I saw was watchable and gave me a good idea of what we are in for and may I just say…… Jared Leto is literally going to rock as the Joker!!!

Looks like we already have a catch phrase.
‘I’m not going to kill you. I’m just gonna hurt you, really….. really…. baaad!!’

Anyway, this site’s video was still playable this morning so if you want to take a look just follow the link and click on the player.
You’ll have to sit through an obligatory advert first but you won’t be disappointed!!


This film is not due for release until August NEXT year so we’ll be lucky to see any ‘officially’ release material until January.

So now I know how this film is going to feel.
It’s going to be a lot darker than Marvel and I wouldn’t expect anything less!!

Marvel is all good vs evil but DC as anyone will tell you, has the best villains so it’s going to be bad vs evil!!
And Joel Kinnaman is going to be trying to keep them all under control!!

I do just have to mention a little story I just read about Ben Afleck at Comic-con.
Obviously he was there to promote the new Batman vs Superman movie and he told the story of a surprise meeting with Christian Bale.
He stated…

“Before we started the movie I was getting my kid a Halloween costume. My son is really into Batman,” Affleck explained.

“We went to a costume store in Los Angeles… it was pretty empty. And I was in the aisle and I heard this ‘Oi!’, and I turned around, and it’s Christian Bale!

“And there he and I were, standing in the Batman section.”

“I said, ‘Do you have any tips?’,” Affleck recalled. “‘And he said: ‘Make sure you can piss in that suit.'”

Bale was also in the costume shop to buy his son a Batman suit, Affleck added: “He doesn’t just hang out [in the Batman aisle”.

I have to admit that made me chuckle. I would love to have been a fly on the wall in that store!

So, now I’ve had my fix for the day, I suppose I’d better get some work done!


I’ve kept quiet for a few days.
I haven’t been getting up to much, just enjoying my time off work and having a change of pace.
However, I’ve kept quiet about a couple of things for long enough.

First of all the first ’50 Shades of Grey’ trailer.

Am I excited?
Well….. no actually I’m not.

I got into the books like millions of other people did and I had a picture in my head of Christian Grey and he is supposed to be ‘stunning’.
He is supposed to be sleek and sexy and charming and he has the kind of look that makes ‘all’ women swoon and go gooey and get jealous of any other woman he may be with.

I’m really sorry if this upsets anyone but Jamie Dornan is just NONE of the above!!
OK, he’s a relatively good looking guy BUT he’s not Christian Grey.

Don’t even get me started on Dakota Johnson.
Never has a bigger casting mistake ever been made.
Too old looking, not innocent looking enough. She simply looks like a well groomed hollywood actress trying to play it down and failing miserably.
I’ll leave that one there.

Onto the next subject.
Wonder Woman.

Anyone who knows me, knows I love Superman.
I was very impressed with the recent re-boot of the franchise and I was really hoping that Henry Cavill was going to get a chance to really flourish in the next movie without being overshadowed by other big names and characters like George Clooney was as Batman.

I am getting a little worried about Superman VS Batman. Ooops, sorry…. Batman VS Superman!! He doesn’t even get first billing in the title!!
I know I probably have nothing to worry about but it’s very difficult not to.

I accepted Ben Affleck as Batman.
I like Ben Affleck and after seeing the first images of him as an older Batman I am feeling quite at ease.
When I heard ‘Wonder Woman’ was making an appearance I got extremely worried.

I’ve blogged before that I am not a Wonder Woman fan.
I have always found her character to be very cheesy and the 70’s TV series is to blame.
I began to wonder how they were going to make this look work on film.

Wonder Woman 03

Then this weekend saw the release of the first official images at Comic Con 2014.

Wonder Wooman 04

I like that they’ve dropped the ‘red, white and blue’
The earthy armoured look is much more effective and much more Amazonian.
Why would any woman, particularly one who needs to move freely to fight and defend herself, want to run around in 6 inch heels!!
Why does a sexy, confident, superhero need heel’s?
Why do heel’s have to have anything to do with that costume at all?
Wonder Woman in the comics had ‘no heels’ or ‘low heels’ she never had 6 inch wedges!
I actually feel that putting a strong powerful woman in heels like this is degrading.

Anyway, we’ll see how it works out in 2016.


OK, I’ve now seen Argo as well as Les Mis and I now feel qualified to officially give my opinion.
I’m so glad Ben Affleck got Best Director and Argo won Best picture at the BAFTAS.

I’ve just seen Argo and found it to be an amazing insight into an amazing story.
Human ingenuity, bravery and sheer audacity won the day.

I sincerely hope that Argo does well at the Oscars but I fear the votes will swing towards the more ‘arty’ Les Mis and that will be a crying shame.


As usual, a brilliant, witty and funny introduction by Stephen Fry but that was sadly pood on from a great height by the first (and as it turns out only) musical interlude of the night. An absolutely disastrous rendition of Tear Us Apart by Paloma Faith. She killed it.

So, to the awards.
Introduced by Bradley Cooper and Ben Affleck.
Outstanding British Film – Skyfall.
Yay! and it beat Les Mis…. bonus!

Introduced by Sally Field.
Original Screenplay – Quentin Tarrantino and Django Unchained.
Can’t comment because I haven’t seen the film.

Of course the awards are interspersed with a look at the movies that are nominated for best picture.
The first film nomination to be reviewed is Argo.
A film I really want to see.

Award number 3.
Introduced by Jennifer Lawrence.
Best supporting actor – Christoph Waltz for Django Unchained.
Oh dear, first of the emotional speaches for the night but thankfully a quick one.

Introduced by Billy Connolly.
Outstanding debut by a British Writer, Director or Producer – Bart Layton and Damitri Doganis for The Imposter
Ah, cute! They are so nervous!!

Next film nomination to be reviewed is Life of Pi
Can’t make my up about wanting to see this one or not.
Don’t know if it’s going to be overwhelmed by the special effects.

Award number 5.
Introduced by Chris Tucker.
Special Visual Effects – The Life of Pi.
Nice quick speech.

Introduced by George Clooney.
Best Supporting Actress – Anne Hathaway for Les Miserables
First Les Mis award of the night. Not a surprise. As much as I didn’t personally like the movie she did an incredible job as Fantine.
Ok Ok, spit it out Anne…. enough already!

The third film nomination to be reviewed is Zero Dark Thirty.
Do I really want to go and see a film about a subject that has been plastered all over the news for the last decade?
Do I want to go into that much detail so soon?

Award number 7.
Introduced by Simon Pegg and Jennifer Garner.
Best Adapted screenplay – Silver Linings Playbook.

Introduced by Danny Boyle
Outstanding contribution to British Cinema – Tessa Ross.
From the review of her work she thoroughly deserved it.

The fourth film nomination to be reviewed is Lincoln.
Ah, Steven Spielberg.
Mmm, might just have to see this one. Looks a bit thought provoking.
A Brit playing an American leader is a bonus.

Award number 9.
Introduced by Gemma Arterton and Tim Roth
Film not in the English language – Amour
Yay, no speach

Introduced by John C Reilly and Sarah Silverman
EE Rising Star Award – Juno Temple

Martin Hamlisch
Jake Eberts
Ravi Shankar
Celeste Holm
Michael Winner
Ernest Borgnine
Frank Pierson
Sylvia Krystel
Herbert Lom
Cornel Lucas
Robert Fuest
Dinah Sheriden
Charles Durning
Nora Ephron
Joyce Redman
Richard Zanuck
Patricia Medina
Stuart Freeborn
Richard Rodney Bennett
Bruce Surtees
Michael Clark Duncan
Tony Scott
I’ve probably missed one or two, or spelled a few names wrong so please forgive me, it’s not easy to keep up with live!!!

Award number 11.
Introduced by Henry Cavill and Martin Freeman (lol, little and large)
Best documentary – Searching for Sugarman

The fifth film nomination the be reviewed is Les Miserables
Just see my review from yesterday. Not overly fussed by all the fuss!

Award number 12.
Introduced by Ian McKellen
Best Director – Ben Affleck!!!!!
Yes! Really pleased about that one. I think he’s is much under rated at times.

Introduced by Jeremy Renner. yum yum yum
Best Leading Actress – Emmanuelle Rieva

Introduced by Sarah Jessica Parker
Best Leading Actor – Daniel Day Lewis
A little disappointed.
Wanted to see that award in Hugh Jackman’s hand but then I haven’t seen Lincoln so I can’t comment on Daniel’s performance.

Introduced by Samual L Jackson
The Best Film of 2013 is……..
Drum Roll Please…….
Whoo Hoo. Sorry but I just didn’t want to see Les Mis get it.

The BAFTA Fellowship award introduced by Kevin Spacey.
This award went to Alan Parker.
A lovely simple and humble speech.

So there you have it.
2 hours of awards that went very quickly and ended on time!
Lovely short speeches and no musical interludes.
I’ll bet it’s going to be a far cry from the Oscars in a couple of weeks!