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So I’ve actually had a request!

This is new to me and actually quite flattering.
The request came from a fellow Joel Kinnaman fan who has been enjoying reading my blog and wants me to write about Suicide Squad.
This is something I’m more than happy to do as I haven’t blogged about Joel for some time. He tends to be quite elusive between projects but as we are now within spitting distance of the release of Suicide Squad we are beginning to see him and the rest of the gang doing the rounds of press gatherings and red carpets.

So, where to begin?

I’ve always stated in past blogs about movies based on comic books that …. I don’t read comics! I never have.
I’ve picked them up ocassionally to have a look but I just don’t like reading them and I find the way characters are drawn just makes them totally ridiculous.
I love comic book characters and what they can do and what they stand for and for me, those characters work better when they are taken out of the comic books and put onto film.

Over the last few years I have thoroughly enjoyed the escalation of the Marvel Universe.
Captain America, Thor, Avengers, X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, I could go on forever naming everything that’s been done or is planned and with the exception of the recent Fantastic Four shambles, every single one of them has been amazing!
Deep down I enjoy the darker side of comic movie heroes.
2000AD’s Dredd…. NOT the Stallone one but the Karl Urban one!! was amazing. Shame it had the shittiest marketing campaign in history that single handedly killed the possibility of a franchise.
Christian Bale’s DC Batman trilogy……..

OMG! Just got totally distracted by the post arriving and my copy of Star Wars: The Force Awakens has arrived 2 days before its UK release date!!  That’s my day sorted then!


Christian Bale’s DC Batman trilogy was, for me, the defining Batman.
I was a little dubious about Ben Affleck taking on the role but I needen’t have worried. His older and more world weary Batman is amazing and I can’t wait to see him in Suicide Squad.
Don’t get me started about Superman!!
As much as I loved growing up with the Christopher Reeve Superman and was happy with the Brandon Routh attempt at keeping the feel of Christopher’s Superman alive, I am so much happier that they’ve taken the re-boot of the franchise in a darker direction.

OK, so the next few months sees the release of more Marvel goodies with Captain America: Civil War and X-Men: Apocalypse but it’s DC’s release of Suicide Squad on August 5th that I’m really looking forward to.

IMDB states simply: A secret government agency recruits imprisoned supervillains to execute dangerous black ops missions in exchange for clemency.

Basically they unleash supervillains to control suppervillains!!
But, one character is thrown in to keep things under control.
Rick Flagg.
And Rick Flagg is being played by another one of my obsessions, Joel Kinnaman.

When I first found out about this I needed to find out just ‘who’ Rick Flagg was and came across another blog site, Moviecomicswhoswho.wordpress.com, who gave a detailed description as follows…..

Rick Flag is, essentially, a man of honor, a soldier born who follows the footsteps of his legendary father and who tries his best to keep the name up. Flag is extremely selfless, always ready to sacrifice himself for his teammates or for the cause they’re fighting for, but this virtuous behavior often becomes some sort of self-destructive tendency that ruined also his private life. As the on-field leader of the Suicide Squad, he’s an extremely charismatic commander, able to gain the respect of some of the most fearful and dangerous psychopaths in the world; he’s also one of the best living pilots, and an extremely well-trained armed and unarmed combatant, able to fight to a standstill even martial artists like Batman; he’s also a fine strategist and a keen investigator, able to accomplish nearly any kind of mission, from assaults to intelligence. Rick Flag is extremely loyal to his country, but he’s even more loyal to his men: he will obey any order, even the ones he doesn’t agree upon, except for the ones going against his own team.

Rick Flagg 4

And like I’ve also stated in the past, I seriously hope this film is a success.
I would love to see Joel Kinnaman stand toe to toe with Batman in a future movie!

The film’s ultimate villain is The Joker being played by Jared Leto.

Jared Leto Joker

This man has some big shoes to fill!
Everyone will be comparing him to Heath Ledger’s portrayal in The Dark Knight.
From the photos I’ve seen and from the snippets in the trailers and from his crazy antics on set, I’d say he’s going to be batshit crazy and looks like he’s doing an amazing job.

I can’t mention Joker without mentioning Harley Quinn.
The two tend to go hand in hand after all, as the Joker ‘created’ Harley Quinn.

Harley Quinn
This makes Suicide Squad more interesting as The Joker is the bad guy of the movie and Harley Quinn is on the team sent out to stop him!

But we can’t forget the rest of the team.
As Rick Flag states in Trailer number one, while flicking through some photos with June Moone/Enchantress…

Deadshot – Guy who shoots people…..


He’s a Crocodile and he eats people…..

Killer Croc

Burns people……

El Diablo

You’re possessed by a witch…..


and she’s just crazy!….

Harley Quinn 2

He doesn’t even mention Captain Boomerang and Katana!

Captain Boomerang Katana

So, as you can see it’s an absolutely crazy team going after an absolutely crazy villain.
I’m so excited to see how Rick Flagg keeps them in their place!

This gentle giant of a man….

Joel Smiles

Playing Rick Flagg. A man who is able to gain the respect of some of the most fearful and dangerous psychopaths in the world, one of the best living pilots, and an extremely well-trained armed and unarmed combatant, able to fight to a standstill even against martial artists like Batman.

And let’s not forget.. Batman is in this movie too!!

Ben 7
For now, that’s all I can really say.
As I’m not a comic fan, I don’t know the ins and outs of all the characters but I look forward to finding out about them in the movie.

And now I’m afraid my excitement for what just came through the front door is getting the better of me.
I’ve got a few chores to do before I can sit down and go through all the Star Wars extras!!


So today is a day off.
I’m pretty shattered after a very mixed weekend at work.
I’m looking forward to next weekend though as my shifts have fallen really great for the next two weeks.
I’m working Tues, Thurs, Fri this week and Weds, Fri, Sat next week, so I have an extra long weekend this weekend!
Can’t wait.

So, what to do today?
I don’t really have the energy for much to be honest.
I’ll have to do some prep work on my last two college units so I can get cracking on them but other than that, I’ll be doing a quick run to Tesco to have a look at the DVD releases for the day and to get dinner and then I’ll just be pottering around the house doing some cleaning.
I plan to have all that finished by mid afternoon so I can sit down with my feet up recharging the batteries for work tomorrow.

Anyway, I’ve just spent an hour having a flick through all the Comic-con reports and videos that have been springing up this week.
Comic-con is one place we’ll NEVER get to go to.
Even if we do have the finances, Ian is in no shape to be queuing through the night for a seat in Hall ‘H’ and he certainly is in no shape to be sitting in those chairs in Hall ‘H’ for hours on end. He’d be crippled after day 1!!
So, I’ll just have to make do with on-line videos and transcripts and photos.
Am I jealous?!!

Yes, of course I’m bloody jealous!!!!

Anyway, I managed to get my first glimpse of some Suicide Squad material.
From the looks of it, I was pretty lucky to get that!
The trailer that was specifically made to be shown at Comic-con and nowhere else, was leaked onto the internet.
It’s being pulled back again quite quickly!
The copy I saw was watchable and gave me a good idea of what we are in for and may I just say…… Jared Leto is literally going to rock as the Joker!!!

Looks like we already have a catch phrase.
‘I’m not going to kill you. I’m just gonna hurt you, really….. really…. baaad!!’

Anyway, this site’s video was still playable this morning so if you want to take a look just follow the link and click on the player.
You’ll have to sit through an obligatory advert first but you won’t be disappointed!!


This film is not due for release until August NEXT year so we’ll be lucky to see any ‘officially’ release material until January.

So now I know how this film is going to feel.
It’s going to be a lot darker than Marvel and I wouldn’t expect anything less!!

Marvel is all good vs evil but DC as anyone will tell you, has the best villains so it’s going to be bad vs evil!!
And Joel Kinnaman is going to be trying to keep them all under control!!

I do just have to mention a little story I just read about Ben Afleck at Comic-con.
Obviously he was there to promote the new Batman vs Superman movie and he told the story of a surprise meeting with Christian Bale.
He stated…

“Before we started the movie I was getting my kid a Halloween costume. My son is really into Batman,” Affleck explained.

“We went to a costume store in Los Angeles… it was pretty empty. And I was in the aisle and I heard this ‘Oi!’, and I turned around, and it’s Christian Bale!

“And there he and I were, standing in the Batman section.”

“I said, ‘Do you have any tips?’,” Affleck recalled. “‘And he said: ‘Make sure you can piss in that suit.'”

Bale was also in the costume shop to buy his son a Batman suit, Affleck added: “He doesn’t just hang out [in the Batman aisle”.

I have to admit that made me chuckle. I would love to have been a fly on the wall in that store!

So, now I’ve had my fix for the day, I suppose I’d better get some work done!


I can’t deny it.
I’m getting a tad excited about some upcoming movies from the DC Universe.

With the recent Marvel storming of cinemas some fans have been left wondering if DC have been left behind a little.
OK, we’ve had a fantastic Batman trilogy with Christian Bale and the recent complete re-boot of Superman with the perfectly cast Henry Cavill.
Red was hilarious and V for Vendetta was successful but not one of my favourites and Watchmen is turning into a bit of a cult but again, not one of my favourites and Green Lantern was a bit of a travesty!

Anyway, we have Superman vs Batman due out next year.
Henry Cavill again dons the red cape but we have an older Batman being played by Ben Afleck!!
I must admit I was very dubious when I first heard about this but, after seeing this trailer, it has dispelled any fears and I’m now chomping on the bit to see it.

We have a Wonder Woman movie due in 2017 and an Aquaman and Flash movies due in 2018, S.H.A.Z.A.M (Captain Marvel) planned in 2019 and Cyborg and a Re-booted Green Lantern planned for 2020
I just hope they stay away from the camp 70’s styling of Wonder Woman and steer clear of that ridiculous invisible jet!!
Aquaman is popping up in Batman vs Superman to give us a taste of things to come and if this first image of Jason Momoa is anything to go by, we are in for quite a ride!!


Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman and Aquaman are all teaming up for Two Justice League movies in 2017 and 2019 with the likelyhood of more characters being added to the lineup.

But without a doubt, the DC movie I am absolutely dying to see at the moment is Suicide Squad!
I can’t deny it, I’m a tad biased when it comes to this movie as my current favourite actor is leading the Squad!!
Joel Kinnaman is playing Rick Flagg and he will be keeping characters like Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Boomerang, Katana, Killer Croc, Slipknot and Joker under control and it looks like Ben Afleck’s Batman gets in on the action too!!

Suicide Squad in costume


DC characters are going to be roaming freely through all the films forming links throughout the whole DC Universe.
So it looks like the next few years is going to be a battle between Marvel and DC.



I’ve kept quiet for a few days.
I haven’t been getting up to much, just enjoying my time off work and having a change of pace.
However, I’ve kept quiet about a couple of things for long enough.

First of all the first ’50 Shades of Grey’ trailer.

Am I excited?
Well….. no actually I’m not.

I got into the books like millions of other people did and I had a picture in my head of Christian Grey and he is supposed to be ‘stunning’.
He is supposed to be sleek and sexy and charming and he has the kind of look that makes ‘all’ women swoon and go gooey and get jealous of any other woman he may be with.

I’m really sorry if this upsets anyone but Jamie Dornan is just NONE of the above!!
OK, he’s a relatively good looking guy BUT he’s not Christian Grey.

Don’t even get me started on Dakota Johnson.
Never has a bigger casting mistake ever been made.
Too old looking, not innocent looking enough. She simply looks like a well groomed hollywood actress trying to play it down and failing miserably.
I’ll leave that one there.

Onto the next subject.
Wonder Woman.

Anyone who knows me, knows I love Superman.
I was very impressed with the recent re-boot of the franchise and I was really hoping that Henry Cavill was going to get a chance to really flourish in the next movie without being overshadowed by other big names and characters like George Clooney was as Batman.

I am getting a little worried about Superman VS Batman. Ooops, sorry…. Batman VS Superman!! He doesn’t even get first billing in the title!!
I know I probably have nothing to worry about but it’s very difficult not to.

I accepted Ben Affleck as Batman.
I like Ben Affleck and after seeing the first images of him as an older Batman I am feeling quite at ease.
When I heard ‘Wonder Woman’ was making an appearance I got extremely worried.

I’ve blogged before that I am not a Wonder Woman fan.
I have always found her character to be very cheesy and the 70’s TV series is to blame.
I began to wonder how they were going to make this look work on film.

Wonder Woman 03

Then this weekend saw the release of the first official images at Comic Con 2014.

Wonder Wooman 04

I like that they’ve dropped the ‘red, white and blue’
The earthy armoured look is much more effective and much more Amazonian.
Why would any woman, particularly one who needs to move freely to fight and defend herself, want to run around in 6 inch heels!!
Why does a sexy, confident, superhero need heel’s?
Why do heel’s have to have anything to do with that costume at all?
Wonder Woman in the comics had ‘no heels’ or ‘low heels’ she never had 6 inch wedges!
I actually feel that putting a strong powerful woman in heels like this is degrading.

Anyway, we’ll see how it works out in 2016.


Right, time to get cracking on the blog I wanted to spend some time on.
After seeing the remake of Robocop the other day and after all the recent reboots making it to the big screen, I felt inspired to see how some of my favourite characters have changed over the years.
Starting with the catalyst for the blog, Robocop.

Back in 1987 Robocop was a cool film.


Even back then the humour was very tongue in cheek.
It didn’t take itself too seriously and it was actually pretty gruesome and brutal in places, particularly when Murphy is attacked.
Limbs being blown off by shotguns, people being shot to pieces by a malfuntioning ED209 and even a bad guy literally melting after getting covered in acid.


What made the film though was Peter Weller as Robocop.



He was brilliant.
We hadn’t seen anything like him before.

It stood the test of time quite nicely for a while and has even become a bit of a cult.
However, since computer animation and special effects have started to dramtically improve, Robocop has sadly been one of the casualties that just doesn’t stand up to that test of time anymore.

So! When it was announced that they were rebooting the franchise I was more than a little interested.
I limited myself to just a few images and the trailer before I went to see it so that nothing was spoiled.
I wasn’t dissapointed!


The new Robocop is a brilliant homage to the the original.
Right down to the soundtrack.

Joel Kinnaman is fabulous as Alex Murphy/Robocop


Although Robocop himself is brought a bit more up to date with a more tactical black look, there is the homage to the original silver suit at points throughout the movie.

Robo_03 Robocop_09

The new Robocop rides around on a sleek black bike.

Robocop_06 Robo 02

The new Robocop is not quite as ‘dark’ as the original and apart from ‘Samuel L Jacksons’ TV News show, they’ve dropped all the tongue in cheek humour as well.
The gore factor has been dropped but the violence is still there.
They’ve managed to get a little more shock factor into how far they go with turning Alex Murphy into Robocop and they’ve managed to get more of a sympathy vote for Alex Murphy this time round which actually gets you more on his side.
I’m glad that they dropped the ‘cops’ turning on him in this one too.

Final verdict.
Love both Robocops but the new film gets my vote and a hope that it does well enough to get a sequel.
I took my daughter to see it again this evening and her response was ‘Frickin Awesome!!’

Next on my hit list is Batman.

Forget the camp 60’s rubbish with Adam West, I’m talking movies.
It started in 1989 with the oddly cast Michael Keaton in the lead directed by Tim Burton.


At the time, Michael Keaton was best known as a comedy actor and putting him into an action hero role was a bit of a surprise to most people but, surprisingly, he actually worked.
He had two outings as the caped crusader and he tackled ‘The Joker, The Penguin and Cat Woman’ until he hung the cape up.


Keaton also had his Batmobile.


It wasn’t until 1995 that we saw another incarnation of Batman.
Val Kilmer donned the cape and this time it was directed by Joel Shumacher.


At the time, Val Kilmer was hot! Very hot!
He was a perfect Bruce Wayne but I always felt he was ‘trying too hard’ when it came to Batman himself.
He just didn’t look comfortable in the role.
He only had one outing as the caped crusader and tackled ‘The Riddler and Two Face’


Jim Carrey was a perfect choice to play the Riddler but I’m afraid, as much as I like him, Tommy Lee Jones fell short of the mark as Two Face for me.
Batman also picked up a side kick in this one in the form of Robin,  played by Chris O’Donnell.


He also had a Batmobile.


The next outing was in 1997.
This time the always gorgeous George Clooney donned the cape and was also directed by Joel Shumacher.


George was an effortless Bruce Wayne and if he’d been given the chance I believe his Batman could have been great.
Unfortunately he was buried under the immense over acting of both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Uma Thurman as Mr Freeze and  Poison Ivy.


He kept his sidekick, Robin, but he also picked up another sidekick in the form of Batgirl played by  Alicia Silverstone.


By this time, they were getting very good with the moulded rubber suits but I think they went a step too far with the nipples!!
Clooney also only lasted for one outing but he too had a Batmobile.


Up until now, all the movies kept their ‘Tim Burton’ esque feel.
They always had to have bigger and more colourful bad guys and way over the top story lines.
There was a long hiatus before anyone else took on the reigns.

In 2005, Christopher Nolan took on the project.
However, he made the decision to forget about all that came before and completely re-boot the franchise.
He took Batman back to his dark comic book days where Batman was actually a complete psycho!!
He had to be because the bad guys were completely schizo too!


Christian Bale’s Bruce Wayne was very suave and actually quite ruthless when it came down to decisions.
His Batman was perfect because we see him develop from the first bumbling outing, through all the uniform improvements right through to the final tactical look.


Come to think of it, the new tactical Robocop looks very similar!!
It would seem I have a bit of a thing for moulded rubber suits!

Anyway, getting back on track.
Bale’s Batman was taken right back to the roots.
We see how he becomes Batman.
What happened in his past to make him the way he is.
He also had some awesome bad guys in the form of ‘The Joker, Two Face and Bane’


Heath Ledger will forever be remembered for this role.
He never got to see how well the film did and what aclaim his portrayal of The Joker actually got.
Aaron Eckhart got a really grisly makeup job for Two Face and Tom Hardy ‘really’ bulked up to play Bane.

Of course, Bale also got a Batmobile, only now it was called ‘The Tumbler’!!


Bale had three outings as the caped crusader.
They were a complete story arc and have, so far, been what most fans would class as ‘the difinitive’ Batman.

Bales Batman wins hands down.
If you’re going to have a Batmobile, have a Tumbler, ALWAYS have a Tumbler!!

I’m breaking this down into smaller blogs, I’ll be here until Xmas trying to do it all in one blog!!
The next blog will be Spiderman and Superman, when I have the time, so check back in.


With more casting news this week for Superman Vs Batman in 2016, I am getting more than a little worried.

When they announced  the new movie as Superman Vs Batman I was OK.
When I found out Ben Afleck was taking on the role of Batman, far from all the negative repercussions on the internet, I was actually quite excited by the casting.
I think that Ben Afleck will be a great, more mature, Bruce Wayne/Batman.

However, since that revelation we have had another superhero thrown into the mix.
Wonder Woman.
Please!! There’s a reason they’ve never attempted a big budget Wonder Woman film.
She’s just too cheesy a character to make seriously.

Wonder Woman is supposed to be strong and Kick Ass, so who do they choose?


Gal Gadot…. I’ve seen more fat on a chip.
She looks like she’d break if you sneezed in her direction.

I think the only reason they chose her is because they want her to look like this….

Wonder Woman 03

How sexist and totally degrading is this?
I was never a fan of Wonder Woman… can you tell?
I really hope they are SERIOUSLY updating and rethinking this costume and please, please, PLEASE tell me they are not going to attempt the rediculous invisible plane!!

Wonder Woman 01

Anyway, now that the Wonder Woman rant is out of my system I’ll go onto the next 2 bits of casting news.
The first one is they have picked Jeremy Irons to play Alfred!

Jeremy Irons

The perfect Brit stiff upper lip. I think he will be an amazing Alfred.

Then they go and spoil it with the casting of Jessie Eisenberg as Lex Luthor!!
Excuse me?!!!


This is as far from my vision of Lex Luthor as they could possibly get.
For a start, when you think about Lex Luthor you think… bald.
I can’t imagine what a bald Jessie Eisenberg would look like but it sure isn’t a pretty thought.
That said, Luthor was originally depicted as a mad scientist who wreaks havoc on the world with his futuristic weaponry. He also had a full head of red hair!
So, if they are continuing with the completely updating of mythos and characters then Jessie could possibly work.

My main worry is that we are, yet again, overshadowing Superman himself.
George Clooney’s Batman was completely lost by the over acting of both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Uma Thurman which is a shame because I actually liked his Batman!
Here again, we have Ben Afleck’s Batman with the potential to diminish Superman’s presence on screen.
When you then add Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor to the list it’s starting to become a little overcrowded.

I worry for the future of Henry Cavill’s Superman.
His first outing in Man of Steel was perfect.
A brilliant re-booting of the Franchise.
A few tweeks to the mythos but the important parts still in tact.
A real Kick Ass Lois Lane with the heavenly twist that she actually knows his real identity. This woman has a brain, she was never going to fall for the glasses as a disguise.
An amazing re-design of the suit with more muted colours without detracting from the fact that it is a ‘Superman’ suit.

What he needs now is an amazing follow up to get his teeth into.
I just hope that they balance it all out and continue to re-write the Mythos and re-design the characters to drag them up to date and continue where Man of Steel left off.


Time for another Brit.

This Dish has been bubbling on the back burner for quite some time.
It wasn’t until I saw him in ‘This Means War’ that he really hit the right spot with me.

He’s an actor that likes to transform himself for his roles.
He actually beefs up quite nicely but I like him best when he looks like this.

Tom Hardy 1

Tom Hardy.

He didn’t really come to my attention until his recent performances in This Means War with Chris Pine and also The Dark Knight Rises with Christian Bale.
However, in The Dark Knight Rises, you never get to see his face. This seems to be a theme with my Dish of the Weeks over the last year. Dredd has a lot to answer for!!

Tom Hardy 2

He’s very good at transforming himself physically.
This is how he looked for the film ‘Warrior’ that I still haven’t seen.

Tom Hardy 3

Compare that to the first thing I ever saw him in.
Star Trek – Nemesis

Tom Hardy 4

I think I am happy now that he has beefed up a little.
I am really looking forward to seeing him as the new Mad Max!!

Tom Hardy 5


After the success of Man of Steel it has been announced that a long awaited fan wish is being fulfilled with a Superman vs Batman movie in 2015.

Henry Cavill will of course be reprising his well earned role as Superman but after Christian Bale gave up his role as Batman when his trilogy had finished, fans where left to wonder who would be re-cast in the role.

Today I have found out that Bale is rumoured to have been offered 32 million pounds to reprise the role he made his own!!!
I think he would be stupid to turn that down.

Anyway, if he doesn’t bite their hands off I know who would be a perfect Batman….. Karl Urban!

Frighteningly though, another name that has been thrown into the mix is Orlando Bloom.
God I hope not.
I couldn’t think of anyone worse!