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OK, so this afternoon we took the opportunity to go and see ‘Manchester by the Sea’
All I can say is, how dull and depressing can a film get?
It was slow and depressing and apart from a couple of small moments of humour with the nephew trying to get his leg over, it simply did nothing for me.
It got to the end and my reaction was “really? you’re leaving it there?”

So that makes 5 out of the 9 Oscar nominated movies we’ve seen so far.
We are watching another one tonight, Hell or High Water, that we purchased on DVD on the way home from the cinema.

The last 3 we should get to see before the awards ceremony.
Fences with Denzel Washington is released on Feb 10th and Moonlight and Hidden Figures are release on Feb 17th just over a week before the awards.

I am really looking forward to Hidden Figures. It appeals to me on so many levels.
Story, humour, cast, true story, space race!
Fences looks like it could be an interesting emotional drama but I am a little unsure about Moonlight. We’ll just have to wait and see.

This will be the first time that I will have, hopefully, seen all the nominated movies before the awards ceremony. I will be able to give an honest opinion and prediction on all the nominated features.
For now, my favourite so far has been ‘Hacksaw Ridge’

When it comes to the actors, my own opinion still stands with Andrew Garfield until I see any of the remaining films.
When it comes to actresses, the only one I’ve see so far is Emma Stone and I wasn’t that impressed with La La land.

Anyway, back to tonight. In the middle of 4 days off and catching up with some movies.
I’ve only watched 17 films so far this year, so I am 8 films behind my 1 a day target.
Having said that, we’ve been to the cinema 6 times, so it’s a good start with the Unlimited cinema cards.


So the nominations have been announced.
To say I am a little disappointed is an understatement.

Not a single nomination for Paterson and Silence is only up for Best Cinamatography.



No nominations for Adam, but in my heart of hearts I new that wouldn’t happen this year.
Andrew Garfield, as I predicted last night, is up for Best Actor for Hacksaw Ridge.

I still can’t see how La La Land has everyone singing it’s praises over the likes of a movie like Silence, but that’s my opinion.
I’m not saying its a bad movie but 14 nominations!!
They obviously see something in the film that I don’t.

Anyway, Andrew is up against some tough competition.
Casey Affleck for Manchester by the Sea
Ryan Gosling for La La Land
Viggo Mortensen for Captain Fantastic
Denzel Washington for Fences

I am predicting an Oscar for Casey but I really hope Andrew gets it.

I also hope that Hacksaw Ridge gets Best Picture but again, I think it will lose out to either La La Land or Manchester by the Sea.

So now we wait until the end of February for the winners.

Better luck next time Adam.


Where do I start!!?

I couldn’t go to bed without blogging about this film.


I’ve just been to see it at an Unlimted screening. It opens here in the UK officially on Friday and OMG!!! You have to go and see it.

Absolutely stunning film.
It tells the story of American Army Medic Desmond Doss, who during WWII, refused to carry a weapon and in an unbelievable act of heroism saved the lives of 75 men at Hacksaw Ridge in Okinawa. He never fired a single shot and won the medal of honor.

The film is astounding. I can’t praise it enough.
The first half of the film tells the story of Desmond’s early life and sets up the man and why he became a conscientious objector. It’s light hearted and funny.

When he enlists, the scenes at the training camp are hilarious but when you finally get to the nitty gritty war scenes, it’s a completely different story.

They have totally succeeded in getting you to feel exactly what it must have been like to fight in close quarters during that war.
It’s heart stopping and gut wrenching and harrowing.
It’s unbelievable that these men actually went over that ridge more than once and what Doss did, all on his own, throughout the night was an absolute miracle.

Now, as much as I’d like to see Andrew Garfield get an Oscar nomination for Silence, I think it’s more likely he’ll get a nomination for this. Amazing performance.


As was the performance of Hugo Weaving as Doss’s Father.


Apart from really bringing home the true nature of war, this film also shows the incredible courage of individuals when facing their own beliefs.

Oh yes, last but not least…..

I had completely forgotten that Ryan Corr made an appearance in this film.

Ryan Corr 1

I nearly choked when he turned up, I was so happy.
Right in the middle of the bloodiest battle I think I’ve witnessed on the big screen, I actually had a smile from ear to ear!!

The smile did not last long.

Truly wonderful film. Do not miss the chance to see it on the big screen.


Nope, not a bit. Not feeling Xmassy at all which is really bizarre for me.
I’m usually hyped right about now and nicknamed the Xmas Nazi.
It just isn’t happening this year.

Not for the love of trying though.

I think the fiasco with the heating and then the complete outage of Internet and TV service has had a lot to do with it. The last month has been dreary and cold and boring.
I also think that I’m so hyped about going to see Rogue One next week, Xmas has taken a bit of a back seat.

The decs are up. The presents are sorted and wrapped. The gammon and beef are cooked and sliced and frozen. The Xmas nibbles are just about sorted with just a few date sensitive items to get and the fresh bits and pieces on Xmas eve.

Tomorrow I plan to make sausage rolls and write Xmas cards.

Anyway, it’s also at this time of year I start to keep an eye open for Oscar predictions.
It won’t be long before they are upon us in February.
I had hoped that ‘Paterson’ would be a little bit more on the forefront of nominations but it’s barely getting a mention which is a crying shame because it is an absolute masterpiece.


I’m not too disheartened because Adam has had two films out within weeks of each other and the second one is looking much more promising when it comes to the Oscar buzz.

Every prediction site I read has it listed as a Best Picture contender with lots of mentions for the possibility of Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Art Direction, Best Cinematography and Best Editing.

Andrew Garfield gets a mention for the possibility of a Best Actor for Silence nomination and even Adam gets several sites placing him as a contender for Best Supporting Actor for Silence!!

I really can’t wait to see this film in January to decide for myself although it looks like it’s going to be quite harrowing!

They say patience is a virtue. When it comes to movies I have no patience whatsoever!!
I want them all NOW!


So, how’s annual leave going so far?

I’m certainly not feeling Xmassy at all yet.
Usually by this time in the year I’m quite chipper about it and looking forward to it.
Even though I’ve got the decs up and I decorated my Aunts tree yesterday, the Xmas spirit is not in my bones yet.

I usually have Xmas movies on while putting the decs up but this year I poured a large glass of wine and put ‘Holding the Man’ on.
By the time I was finishing off the tree, I was a crying puddle of a mess, sobbing into my wine glass as Tim ended the movie with the words “Ci vedremo lassu, angelo”
That line does it to me every time!!

Anyway, I did make a start on some online Xmas shopping yesterday, so at least I feel like I’m starting to get somewhere.

The heating workmen finished off finally on Tuesday and the house has been lovely and toasty. I’m working my way around the house now tidying up and rearranging things.
There are a couple of places that need a spot of paint but I don’t know if I can really be bothered with that this side of Xmas to be honest.

Today I will be decorating my Mum’s tree and doing some Xmas foody shopping. Sweets, nibbles, maybe the turkey, things like that.

At this stage in the game, I can honestly say that I’m more excited about going to see ‘Rogue One’ on 15th than I am about Xmas!!
Maybe having to work Xmas day is putting a bit of a dampener on it this year. Who knows.

Anyway, in other news.
It looks like Adam’s next movie, ‘Silence’, is going to be a bit of a game player next year.
Martin Scorcese’s baby that has taken almost 3 decades to come to fruition is on general release at the beginning of next year but has been shown at special screenings to various film boards and special preview screenings so that it hits awards season.
It’s already picked up a Best Adapted Screenplay award and I’m hoping it will do well at the Oscars.


The more I find out about the film, the more I think it’s going to be the end of me.
Both Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver took their roles very seriously.
Adam lost an incredible 51 pounds, almost a third of his body weight, to play the role of Father Francisco.
The first 30ish pounds were lost before filming and the remainder were lost during filming.
Adam’s character accompanies Garfield’s character for the first part of the movie before disappearing and re-emerging for the end.

In a recent article for New York Times Magazine, Adam is quoted…
By the time Driver filmed his final scene — in which Garrpe, long unseen, staggers into view, starved by his captors — he was hallucinating from hunger. “I did the scene and hopped on a plane to New York to do a table reading for ‘Girls,’ ” he told me, and then began a regimen of triple breakfasts at a diner in Brooklyn.

The full article can be read HERE


Hallucinating from hunger!! That is dedication….. and insanity.
But judging by the above picture, very effective and it is going to kill me!!

Right, back to today.
I’d better get into gear.
Get Mum’s tree done.
Bah Humbug!!


Ok, I got to see Paterson early and I’m going to see it again because it looks like it’s getting a pretty good general release at the end of this week. I won’t have to travel too far to see it.

There is another Adam Driver film I’ve been chomping at the bit to see or even get details for and this week we’ve been given an official poster and the first trailer.

It’s Martin Scorcese’s new baby and, if I have my information correct, has taken him over 20 years to bring to fuition.
It is getting a limited release at the end of December so that it will be in contention for Oscars and then it goes on general release early in the new year.

It’s set in the seventeenth century and tells the story of two Jesuit priests who face violence and persecution when they travel to Japan to locate their mentor and propagate Christianity.

It looks like it’s going to be quite stunning!!


Adam Driver lost an incredible 51 pounds for the role and it painfully shows in this trailer.
It going to be an emotional roller coaster of a film I think.


SILENCE – In the seventeenth century, two Jesuit priests face violence and persecution when they travel to Japan to locate their mentor and propagate Christianity.

The more I find out about this project the more interested I become.
The only reason I found out about this film was because of my recent obsession with Adam Driver who happens to star in it.

…… am I ready to see Adam get the stuffing kicked out of him? mmm

Anyway, it is a Martin Scorsese project and he has had it on the burners since 1991!
It originally started to come together in 2009 with  Daniel Day-Lewis, Benicio del Toro and Gael Garcia Bernal to star but has been put on the back burners several times since as Martin was busy with other projects such as Shutter Island, Hugo and The Wolf of Wall Street.
Silence finally came together in 2013 when Andrew Garfield signed onto the project. He was followed by Adam Driver and Liam Neeson in January 2014.

silence 1

Garfield was cast as Father Rodrigues and Adam was cast as Father Francisco Garrpe, the two Jesuit priests, and Neeson was cast as the priests’ mentor, Father Cristóvão Ferreira.
Garfield lost an incredible 40 pounds to play the role and he wasn’t that big to start with!
Judging by this snap of Adam taken during or just after filming, he too lost some serious weight to play the part and he also grew out his lovely hair!

silence 2

In an interview with Collider, Liam Neeson remarked on the physical preparation for the movie. Neeson dropped twenty pounds for the role. He also said “Martin wanted us all to look a bit more gaunt, which Adam Driver & Andrew Garfield did as well. I know Adam went to the extreme. He’s an ex marine and when he’s given an order, he follows it through. He was like something out of Auschwitz.”!!!

OMG, no…. I don’t think I’m ready for this film. Starved and beaten. NOPE! No and no!!

Sporting the beard is no new thing for Adam and he always wears it well but it looks like Andrew Garfield also grew a healthy beard for the film but he looks a little more like Grizzy Adams!

silence 3

The only official images I can find so far are of Andrew Garfield and Liam Neeson.

silence 4

silence 5

However, Adam and Andrew were snapped on set.

silence 6

There have been predictions that this film could be up for Oscars.
Some go as far as to say, Best Picture, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay.
Liam Neeson has also been given a nod to Best Supporting Actor.
Production, cinematography and costumes are also being given a nod. People seem to be genuinely excited about this film.
What are the chances Adam could be up for his first Oscar nomination?!!!

Oh well, looks like it won’t be released until at least November this year so I’ve got a long time to wait and find out.
Nothing new there then.


OK, here goes.
Part 2 of How Times Have Changed will feature Spiderman and Superman.

Starting with Spiderman.
I’ve never been a huge Spiderman fan but the first Spiderman I can remember watching was the Amazing Spiderman from the 1970’s with Nicholas Hammond as Peter Parker.
I remember enjoying the show back then, but let’s face it, I wasn’t even 10 years old so what did I really know?!
Looking back at pictures now I feel slightly embarrassed about admitting that I watched it.


That costume looks like something that you can now buy at a fancy dress store!
I remember some of the ‘special effects’ where they were trying to get him to walk like a spider up and down walls. They simply built a set on the floor and filmed at an angle while he crawled on all fours!
Oh yes, I remember the Kenny Everett comedy sketch based on the series where Spiderman desperately needs to go to the loo. He finally gets to a toilet and realises he doesn’t have a zipper….. one wet Spiderman.

Anyway, that was my only experience with Spiderman until 2002 when Director Sam Raimi gave us a new Spiderman in the form of Toby Maguire.
A bright red and royal blue outfit is not an easy one to update and make look cool but I think he did a good job.


The colours were a lot deeper and the rubberised webbing effect gave the costume some real depth.
Although at the time I felt that Toby Maguire was a bit of an odd choice for the role, I think he pulled it off quite nicely.


Toby had three outings as Spiderman between 2002 and 2007 and faced adversaries in the form of The Green Goblin, Dr Octopus, The Sandman and Venom.


The film also had one of the sexiest screen kisses in film history!.


In 2012 the Director Marc Webb gave us a complete re-boot of the franchise with Andrew Garfield in the lead role.
It has taken me a little while to warm up to this one.


This Spiderman is leaner and cockier than the Toby Maguire version.
The costume is a lot more streamlined and they’ve lost the heavy rubberised webbing effect but it still works.


However, I wasn’t overly impressed with the choice of villain in the form of ‘The Lizard’


At the minute I am going to say my favourite Spiderman to date has been Toby Maguire.
I loved that costume, liked the choice of villains, loved ‘That Kiss’!!
However, I am seeing the potential in the Andrew Garfield Spiderman and I’m looking forward to seeing the next one later this year.

Right, onto Superman.
I love superhero movies but Superman is quite possibly my favourite.
Unfortunatley for various reasons, after Christopher Reeve, the Superman franchise has always struggled at the movies.

Anyway, I know Superman has had lots of incarnations prior to Christopher Reeve but I am only reviewing the incarnations I know and love so I am starting with Christopher Reeve.
I will also only be doing my movie favourites!! The TV ones are another can of worms altogether.


1978 saw Christopher Reeve don the cape and boots for the first time.
The influence of this film eventually helped establish the superhero concept as a respected film genre.

Christopher Reeve was a virtually unknown actor when he took on the role and beat quite a lot of Holly wood royalty for the role.
Warren Beatty,James Caan, Burt Reynolds, Kris Kristofferson, Nick Nolte, Robert Redford, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ryan O’Neal, Jeff Bridges, Jan-Michael Vincent, David Soul, Robert Wagner and Jon Voight were all considered for the role with the front-runners being Nolte and Voight!
Christopher is widely thought to be the difinitive incarnation. He certainly looked the part. He was beautiful!


Christopher’s villains were predominantly Lex Luthor and General Zod with a later appearance of Nuclear Man but the least said about that one the better.


The first two movies were the best. The third one took a bit of a dip and concentrated more on the comedy than the action and villains and the fourth one is best forgotten about altogether!! It was abysmal!

After the abysmal Superman 4 in 1987 we had a long break before Superman’s next outing.
There were a few attempts to get the franchise going again but there were also legal wranglings to get through and of course the all important question, ‘who’ would take on the role?
Eventually, 19 years later in 2006 we were given ‘Superman Returns’


Again, it was decided to cast a virtual unknown in the role in the form of Brandon Routh.
In my opinion he was brilliant.
However, he did not go down well with the die hard fans who couldn’t get past the fact that he ‘wasn’t’ Christopher Reeve.


Brandon’s portrayal of Clark Kent was very reminicent of Christopher Reeve.
He did a fantastic job.
The costume itself was very similar to Christopher’s. The only real difference was the deepening of the colours and the more 3D chest logo and leather cape.
The film suffered because it was ‘too’ similar to the Christopher Reeve movies and people didn’t accept it.

Brandon’s villain was Lex Luthor who was played brilliantly by Kevin Spacey.


Brandon only made one Superman appearance.
Although Brandon was signed up for at least one more movie, the legal wranglings were still ongoing and his contract ran out.

In 2013, Zack Snyder took hold of the reigns for a complete re-boot of the franchise and was brave enough to say that what was past was past.
He successfully re-envisioned the whole look and feel of Superman.


He started right back at the beginning and told the story from Clarks birth right through to becoming Superman and eventually taking his place as a reporter at the Daily Planet.

The film no longer had the word ‘Superman’ in the title. It was now called ‘Man of Steel’
One of the biggest changes made was to the costume.
To get around some of the legal bits, the red underwear (overwear?) was dropped from the costume.
The colours were deepened yet again and made more metalic.
The suit was now more of an armour and made for some very sexy imagery!!



Of course the one thing that made the movie was the actor chosen to play Superman.
Henry Cavill.
A Brit no less and playing the part of an American icon!!

Henry Cavill 2

Henry was an incredible choice for the role.
He’s tall, classically handsome and bulks up very nicely in the muscle department when needed.

Snyder has also taken some much needed liberties with the Superman mythos.
The biggest decision was letting Lois Lane know who his alter ego is from day one.
She is the only one at the daily planet at the end of the film that knows who he is.
I’ve said it before, this Lois Lane is feisty and intelligent. She was never going to fall for the glasses as a disguise!!

As much as I loved Christopher Reeve in the role, Henry Cavill is fast becoming my ultimate Superman.
I just hope he doesn’t get lost in the sea of big names and villains being brought into his next outing.
Roll on 2016!!

End of part 2.
Part 3 will probably be James Bond and Star Trek.