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Ever since Italy last year, I have been nurturing an old artistic interest.
I absolutely love the human form and if I’m being totally honest, the male form in particular.

Renaissance artwork is a particular favourite, so Italy and Florence were a dream come true. I mean just look at this…..

This is the work of Michelangelo.
Really take a look at it. Look at the detail, the musculature, the folds of skin, the crossed feet. Look at the fingers squeezing into the buttock and this has all been carved out of marble.
Michelangelo, looked at a block of marble and saw this!!

Anyway, back to the reason for this post.
My interest has seen me collecting images. Amazing paintings from modern artists with a plethora of styles.

Zack Zdrale
Love the lighting and the detail in the hands.

Zack Zdrale

Daniel Pernas
Again, look at the detail in the hands. I get very jealous of people who can do hands.

Daniel Pernas 1

Giorgio Dante
His work is very reminiscent of the renaissance period with exaggerated body movement and swathes of material.

David Jester
I love the colour in these images and the fact that he totally makes you feel like you’re under water. They’re amazing!!

So, where was I going with this post…… oh yes….

My Xmas present

One of my favourite forms of expression is photography.
I think that, taken in the right conditions, a photograph can make a human form look like it’s been carved from marble.

One of my favourite photographers is Michael Stokes.
He takes amazing photos of the human form and the photos that initially grabbed my interest were from a collection of work entitled ‘Always Loyal’.
This coffee table book is one I have just received, had a quick flick through and given up to be wrapped for Xmas. So frustrating!!
It consists of very raw and powerful photos of service men and women. Injured in the line of duty. It shows each one before their injury, during their recovery and then Michael’s photo’s almost make it look like they are blooming or transforming into their final form. They’ve gone through hell but they are still here and this book honours what they’ve gone through in an amazing way.

However, I also decided to try some of his earlier work.
I decided to go for his first book entitled, ‘Masculinity’.
The first edition of this book has sold out and can currently be found changing hands for around £800 – £1000!!

I was intrigued.

So when I found the second edition for sale through the artist himself, I jumped at the chance to get it.
My beautifully signed copy arrived with ‘Always Loyal’ and after a very eye opening quick skim through, I have also given this one up to be wrapped for Xmas.

The preface in this book is titled, ‘Art, Porn and the Male Form’.
What I didn’t know about Michael Stokes is that because of the rules and regulations of what can and cannot be posted on social media and the rules of publishers, Michael’s work is all created independently so that he is not bound by those rules and can express himself fully. Because I’ve only seen his work through social media, I hadn’t fully appreciated the extent of his work until I saw this book.
Let’s just say, this book shows the male form in ‘ALL’ it’s glory and is definitely one I won’t be showing my mother at Xmas!!

Here’s a taster…… one’s that I can show anyway!!

I will be keeping my eye open for opportunities to collect his other coffee table books, although, because they are collections of ‘artwork’, they are pretty expensive.

But well and truly worth it!
Can’t wait to get my hands back on them at Xmas.