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OK, so I’ve just posted about my number one obsession ‘Joel Kinnaman’ having split from his long term girlfriend, albeit amicably.
It would appear to be a bad news day because I now find out that my number two obsession ‘Karl Urban’ has just had his TV show ‘Almost Human’ cancelled after just one series.


Fox TV have struck again.
They just don’t seem to know when they are onto a good thing!!
John Doe was cancelled on a season one cliffhanger in 2003.
I will NEVER forgive them for that one.

John Doe 2

There have been many more shows cancelled after just one season airing but probably the biggest mistake they ever made was with Firefly!!
Cancelled after just 15 episodes, three of them were actually unaired and only got seen when it was released to DVD.
Fans kicked up such a stink a one off movie was made to round up the whole story.
What an incredible movie it was.


They just don’t give things a chance.
After just 13 episodes (so not even a full 24 ep season) fans are just getting to know the characters.
The actors are just getting into the feel of their characters. The show is only just starting to find it’s feet and where it’s heading.
It needs at least a second series to finally decide if it’s working or not.

Come on Fox.
When will you learn.


It’s been a long couple of days.
My feet are paying for it now though.
I’m so tired I don’t think I could even watch a Joel Kinnaman film or program without falling asleep….

OK, maybe I could!!

Anyway, I’ve just filled up on pancakes.
I’m onto my second humongous glass of wine and I’ve just watched the first season finale of Almost Human with Karl Urban.

What a great show.
We are now on a waiting game to see if it gets the chance of a second season.
Do I think it will get it?
Unfortuantely, no I don’t. This show was brought to you by Fox TV. The Channel with morons that regularly cancel shows like Firefly!
I’m not getting a very good vibe with this one either.
Could be fox’s new Firefly mistake of a decision.
We’ll see.

Anyway, I’m off tomorrow.
Apart from a quick trip tp Tesco, the day is mine.
I’m hoping that a film I’ve ordered shows up in the post but the ‘expected’ delivery time is not until Thurs or Fri.
I’ve just got to learn to have a little more patience.

Right, time to finish this wine with a good film.


OK, first Dish of the year.
There can only be one to kick 2014 off.
It’s Karl Urban.
Looks like this one has staying power and I am just as enamoured now as I was way back in Sept 2012!

This will be his 5th entry on my Dish of the Week list.

In previous posts I have stated…..

From Dish of the Week 36

I’m 43 years old, happily married, have 3 kids, a good job at the local hospital, and yet here I am acting like a school girl with a crush on her first boy band!

Mid life crisis much!!

From Dish of the Week 38

This guy was simply made to wear a suit and long hair or short it doesn’t matter.
It is simply illegal to look this good in a suit.

New year Karl 1

New Year Karl 2

From Dish of the Week 41

Karl is 6’1″
He is 40 years old.
He has a deep commanding voice and an intense stare.
He is happily married with two young sons. One of whom is called Indiana because Karl is geeky enough to name his son after one of his favourite film characters.
He has been a 2000 AD fan since his teens and relished playing Judge Dredd.
He chooses films that he will enjoy filming rather than looking for the next Oscar winner.
He has more than successfully stepped into the shoes of Deforrest Kelly as Dr Bones McCoy in the new Star Trek re-boot.
It has today been reported that there are already talks for a third movie in 2016 to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of Star Trek.
I love him ‘because’ he is a geek! and he’s very pretty to look at.

and now…..

Currently I am enjoying him in ‘Almost Human’
A TV show set in the not too distant future where cops are partnered up with androids.
Karl plays John Kennex who is the sole survivor of an ambush in which all his team were killed and he loses a leg.
After 2 years of coma and rehabilitation he is back to work, not accepting his prosthetic leg and not happy about being partnered with an android.

Karl is looking good!!




and double YUM!!

This year he has one film in production, The Wonder. Not sure when this one is set for release.
The only other project on the go at the moment was actually finished back in 2012!!
The film ‘The Loft’ has changed distributor after some legal wranglings and after having it’s release pushed back a few times it looks like they have settled on August 29th this year.
I really hope so.
This leaves Karl with plenty of time to concentrate on Almost Human and maybe have a break!!
the last two years have been a crazy work schedule for him with Dredd and Star Trek promos.

So there we are.
First Dish of 2014!
Think he was actually first Dish of 2013 as well!!
Could become a tradition….. we’ll see.


I am very relieved to inform you that the TV series I have been banging on about for the last few months, Almost Human, is brilliant!!
OK, I may be little bit biased because Karl Urban is the lead but even if he wasn’t, this is the kind of show I like to get excited about and look forward to each week.
The fact that Karl is in it is just a happy bonus!

When stripped down to it’s basics it’s a buddy cop show.
Nothing new there.
However, it is set about 35 years into the future. Not so far that things are unrecognisable and what the show achieves is a sense that this is the kind of future we are heading into. The technology is not so over the top you can’t see it happening.
Karl Urban and Michael Ealy have a great chemistry together and there are some real laugh out loud moments.
If it can make it past the dreaded first season cut, I can see it being as successful as past JJ Abrams/Bad Robot productions like Fringe and Lost.

It has been given a Monday night prime time slot so they obviously have a lot of faith in this show at the moment.
So this is what my Tuesday evenings will look like for a while.

Almost Human

Yum Yum!




Well, my aim of writing at least one blog a day was going really well until around the end of July.
Then we hit that time of year again and as always happens with anything I get into, my interest seems to wane.
It always seems to coincide with school summer holidays.
My spare time is suddenly taken up with kids, good weather, BBQ’s and gardening.
Everything else takes a back seat and my blogging is no exception.
It trailed off at the end of July, there were only 14 entries in Aug, 8 in September and this is the first so far this month.

I am now in the time of year I hate the most!
The limbo between Summer hols and Xmas.

Having said that, we had a good weekend.
It started on Friday evening when we had a lovely night out celebrating my cousin’s 21st birthday.
My baby pageboy is not so little anymore!!

Shelly Rhys

Saturday was Murron’s 16thn Birthday sleepover and although me and her Dad were confined to our bedroom it was a surprisingly relaxing evening and Murron and her mates behaved but had fun.

So now the worry of paying for Xmas starts in earnest.
Ian’s car is due it’s MOT in a couple of weeks and I am clinging to the hope that it will get through with very little needing to be done.
That could free up a little bit of cash that has been set aside for it which would be helpful.
Xmas itself is going to be a lot tighter than usual this year.
With the house move in January increasing our outgoings by over £350 a month we may be having a slightly smaller budget for the kids this year.

I’m getting tired.
Tired of worrying and struggling for money.
Being able to go out and buy clothes and shoes is quite literally a thing of the past.
The girls rely on birthday money to top up their wardrobes and me and Ian, apart from a few cheap t-shirts on Ebay have not been able to buy anything new in years!!
The only time we get shoes is when we are absolutely desperate for them.
We are going to a wedding in February and I just don’t know where the money is coming from for new outfits for all 5 of us. Especially when the girls are all into adult sizes now.
It’s just so depressing.

Changes are going to have to be made.
I think the first change is going to have to be me.
I’m seriously overweight (which is rubbing off on my kids!!) and I’m seriously unfit.
I need to change gears, stop eating the crisps and cut down on my drinking.
I also need to start walking again.

One change that is taking place next week is my enrolment onto an apprenticeship at work.
I have finally taken the plunge and will be studying Level 3 Health and Social Care with a Paediatric Pathway.
It just seemed the right time.
I was lucky enough to get my job with no relevent qualifications and after 5 years I thought I had better get my experience backed up with a qualification.
I must admit that I am totally daunted by the thought of studying again after 25 years!!

So I now have a 2 year plan.
In just under 2 years I will be celebrating 21 years of marriage, SO!!
After looking at finances, things will be easing off in around 12 months and within 2 years should be a lot easier.
Within the next 24 months, if all goes well, I should have that qualification for work.
So, I have decided that within 2 years I want to take at least 10 years off of the way I look and feel.

It’s going to be a tough 2 years!!
But it will be made easier knowing that from November I will have Karl Urban on my TV every week for at least one series of Almost Human.
But Looking at the pictures and trailers of the show that starts on November the 4th I am clinging to the hope that it will survive for quite a few years to come!
It may be the only TV I have the time for over the next couple of years!



As star Trek Into Darkness has yet to be release in the States I am issuing a spoiler warning for this post.
I will be briefly discussing a major spoiler so If you don’t want to know, don’t read any further.


We had an early start today with an academic mentoring meeting with Murron’s form tutor.
Despite Murron’s protestations she is actually doing really well and is on target with just about everything.
We came away with a few tips to hopefully help her out a bit.

Shortly after coming back home I was picked up by my brother and then on our way to Milton Keynes to see Star Trek Into Darkness.
The first time for my brother who hasn’t even seen the first film!! and the 3rd time for me.

What I will say this time round is that the sound was a lot better. Our local cinema needs a serious refurb.
I also noticed a couple of small points.
JJ has always stated that this film was for everyone, even if you haven’t seen the first re-boot film or any of the original series and movies.
For the most part this is correct, however I noticed two points that did need a bit of back history that we simply don’t get with this film.
Firstly, Spock Prime.
It is not explained in this film how Spock Prime is in this time line. You needed to see the first film to understand this.
Secondly, the ‘reveal’ of the villain.
For any fan this was a brilliant moment but for anyone who hasn’t seen the original series or movies, the moment ‘Harrison’ reveals he is actually ‘Khan’ loses all impact if you have no knowledge of Khan from the original series.
There must have been a few people who simple said ‘who?’
That said, this still does not detract from the fact that this film is an exciting roller coaster of a ride from start to finish.

Right, I think I am all Star Trekked out now.
Roll on the BluRay release.

So, came home and settled on the computer for a while to catch up on Tumblr.
Things have gone a little crazy for karl Urban’s new TV series, ‘Almost Human’
After the release of the 4 minute trailer yesterday, we are now inundated with official photos and a behind the scenes look with JJ Abrams.
I think I have found my new obsession!

So here is JJ explaining himself…..

And here are some ‘cherry picked’ images of Karl looking his usual incredible self.








I may fail miserably but I will ‘try’!

It’s due out in the Autumn run of new shows that usually start around the end of September.
I don’t have a date yet but I’ll let you know when I do.


Apart from a quick trip to the hospital for a follow up appointment with Dharma I have wasted the day sorting out the music on my computer.
It’s amazing how many duplicates you can obtain of various favourite tracks over the years.
I cleared just over 8GB of space just by removing duplicates and crap.

Anyway, I digress.
I have literally just finished and before I turn in for the night I decided to catch up on a few things.
One of those things was my Tumblr dash.
I am so glad I did because I discovered this little beauty.
The first trailer for ‘Almost Human’ the TV Series Karl Urban is doing for Fox Broadcasting.

It looks amazing!!

And you thought I was excited about Star Trek!!

Think again!!

Karl Urban on my screen every week.
I’m hyperventilating.
Oh! I think my ovaries have just exploded.

To top it off, I’m going to see Star Trek again tomorrow with my brother.
I can now go to bed mega happy.

Night Y’all